tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAfroza Gets Punished

Afroza Gets Punished


Afroza sat in the sparsely occupied hotel lounge talking to an older man who introduced himself as Jerry. He appeared to be in his mid thirties, a little overweight and average looking. He wasn't the type of guy Afroza would be attracted to. But he had the three things she was looking for in a guy tonight: He was wearing a wedding band, he was from out of town, and he was obviously interested in her.

The 19-year-old college student looked sexy in her tight black jeans and white blouse. Her winter coat hanging on the back of her chair covering her purse.

Afroza had been born in Bangladesh, but her family moved to America when she was five. Her father divorced her mother when she was thirteen after having an affair. Since then Afroza had only her mother to contend with as she grew up a westernized teenager.

She was a beautiful girl. Light brown skin, characteristic of her Middle Eastern race. A flawless round face with pretty black eyes and a radiant smile. She had long black hair hanging midway down her back. Afroza stood only 5'2" and weighed only 97 pounds, with a slender body and tits that just boarded between 'a' and 'b' cups. She looked more like a high school girl than a second year college student did.

She was accustomed to being carded wherever she went. But fortunately for her, the lounges of the many hotels in town were usually low in attendance during the middle of the week, and it was not uncommon to see teenagers with their traveling parents. So as long as she drank her soda it was okay for her to hang out.

Afroza was a clever deceiver and manipulator. Her mother and older sister thought she was a great daughter, albeit a little too much like the local kids. She kept her Moslem faith, at least at home. But in reality she only paid it lip service, practicing on holy days or when it benefited her most. Otherwise she would rather be out having a good time with her friends.

Now that she had her own efficiency apartment she was able to break free more than before.

She had a boyfriend that her mother didn't know about. Afroza's mother had always been concerned about her dating. She attracted boys easily enough with her natural good looks. And Afroza wasn't a virgin. She had only had intercourse with four boyfriends, including her current one. But was careful to always use protection. She had sucked off a couple more, although it wasn't her favorite thing to do. Afroza enjoyed giving hand jobs, and had done that to several dates during her last year of high school and first year of college in order to satisfy her dates without going any farther.

Afroza had learned early on that she could use her looks to get what she wanted. And by making herself hard to get she could get much more.

Which is why Afroza was in the lounge tonight.

Nearly a year earlier she had found herself in serious financial trouble. Money was tight in her family and she had to cover most of her own college expenses. She had a car, with a small loan, and worked various jobs. But Afroza was somewhat lazy and had a diva attitude, and tried to use her charms to make work easier, which often led to her coworkers, especially female ones, to dislike her. Resulting in a lot of job changes.

Afroza had been out of work and fell behind on both her college and car payment. She needed money bad but her mother and sister were only able to help her a little.

One evening she had coasted into a gas station after running out of fuel. She had no money and her credit card was rejected due to being maxed out. The attendant had offered to give her ten dollars worth of gas for a quick handjob in the office (He had tried to get more that that for a full take), and Afroza reluctantly agreed.

After getting the gas and leaving she remembered hearing about a couple girls at college who supposedly worked as prostitutes at hotel bars to pay their tuition. Supposedly there were plenty of men traveling through town on business who were looking for a quick score while staying overnight. She wasn't willing to go that far, but Afroza bet that she could probably get a few bucks by jerking a few of them off.

She went to one lounge and entered. It didn't take long before men were hitting on her. She nervously worked her way through the crowd until she happened upon a man who she felt comfortably with. And before long she was stroking his cock under the table for a twenty-dollar bill.

She ran into another man who just wouldn't leave her alone. He was pretty drunk, and had guessed her scheme correctly. He balked at the hand job, and surprised her by offering a significant amount of money for a blowjob. He even agreed to wear a rubber. Afroza was desperate, and thought that the man was decent enough looking that she could stomach it for the money.

They went upstairs to his room, but to her advantage, he laid on the bed asking her to undress, and passed out cold. Afroza stood looking at him for a few moments. Then saw his wallet sitting on the dresser beside the bed. She opened it up and found over three hundred dollars in cash. She took the money and quietly left the room, rushing to her car and heading home.

That night was the beginning of her newest money making venture. She continued to work odd jobs, and got enough money to get her small apartment and move out on her own. But she supplemented her income by preying on men she thought deserving of being robbed.

Afroza would check out the hotels seeing which ones were hosting conventions or other out of town business meetings. There were so many to choose from that she wasn't worried about frequenting the same one too often. She would visit the lounge only during the middle of the week when it wasn't too crowded. That way there was less chance of running into anyone she might know.

Afroza targeted married men. Knowing that they were willing to cheat on their wives made her more willing to rob them. Plus, it would prevent them from reporting the robbery to the police for fear of their wives finding out what was going on.

She also enjoyed the fact that many of these men were interested in her because she looked so young. Another reason to stick it to them she thought.

Her plan was always the same. Hang around drinking sodas and waiting for someone to try to pick her up. She often rejected several men while waiting for the right one. The wedding ring, or a tan line where a ring should be, was always her first clue.

She was careful not to ask for money. The last thing she needed was to be busted for prostitution. She was going to have sex for the fun of it, not for money. So if the topic came up she would become offended and tell the man to leave before she notified the bartender. If he was sincere enough in his apology she would let him stay, otherwise she would wait for the next opportunity.

When offered a drink she always refused, informing them that she was only 19 and could only have soft drinks. She almost always used the name "Kali", informing them men that it was the name of a Hindu goddess, making them believe she was from India just in case they would notify the authorities later.

When the topic of sex came up, which it almost always did with these men after several drinks, she would show interest in them. Often acting like she was impressed with their age and money. She would casually get around to the use of protection, insisting that she never did anything without it.

Then she would agree that it might be possible that she would join him in his room for a drink, just to see what else would happen.

Afroza would then get around to the ring, or work out his marriage. This usually made the man uncomfortable. And it was when she would strike.

"Well, I guess you can't do anything to cheat on your wife now, could you?" She would start off. "But of course, if you were too drunk, and I took advantage of your condition, perhaps tying your hands up, then there would really be nothing you could do about it until I untied you in the morning when we woke up now would there?"

Almost to a man they would fall for this. The thought of this beautiful, young woman taking control and doing all the work in satisfying them, for free, was something they would not turn down.

Once in the room Afroza would begin by making out. She'd usually take her shirt and bra off while helping them strip. She would take a rubber out of her purse if they didn't already have one, then play with their cock while leading them to the bed.

She would get on the bed with them, and use their belt or something they had in the room, to tie their hands behind their back. This never concerned the men, as it wouldn't be too difficult to get out of.

Then she would slide down between their legs and play with their cock, getting it nice and hard, before putting the rubber on them. She would then slide up and kiss them, rolling them on their side and removing a large zip tie that she would already have prepared in her purse. She would tell them that the belt needed tightened just a little more, then slip the zip tie over their wrist and pull it tight.

Now the man would be securely fastened. Before he became alarmed she would return her attention to his cock. This would relax him. But her intent was to get him as close to climax as possible before stopping.

She would then get up and grab her camera phone and take a picture of him. Sometimes, if she had been especially satisfied with his looks and/or the size of his cock, she would jack him off to completion, leaving his condom on afterwards. But usually she chose to leave her victim hard and horny.

She would then grab his wallet, remove the case and claim to get his address off his license with another picture. Tell him that if he called the cops that he would have to explain to his wife about how he got tied up naked with a rubber on, and that a picture of him might just show up in the mail. Then she would put on her shirt and rush out leaving him struggling on the bed, knowing that she would be long gone before he was free.

Afroza attempted this once, and sometimes twice, a month. Often she would not find a good target, but usually she found someone. She had only visited the same lounge on a couple of occasions during the past year, and only after several months had past.

Leaving a married man tied up and rock hard, with his cash gone, always left her feeling satisfied. She often masturbated looking at the picture on her cell phone before deleting it. Unless the man involved was someone she found revolting. She kept her actions secret from everyone. Not even letting her newest boyfriend know. Fortunately he worked evenings which gave her the opportunity to continue.

Jerry had been just like so many others. And now he was offering to take Afroza up to his room for a private drink.

As they headed toward the door another man watched her every move.

Steve had recognized Afroza the moment he saw her. Just over six months ago she had tricked him in this same lounge. He had been one of the few fortunate ones, having been jacked off to orgasm by the girl. Afroza had liked the size of his eight-inch long, thick cock, although he did not know that.

She left him with a condom full of cum on his cock; his hands bound behind his back and his wallet $245 dollars empty.

This was the second time that Steve had been back to this town since that night. He stayed at another hotel just up the street, but drove his rental car over to this lounge each time because the economy place he was staying in didn't have one.

When he first saw Afroza, or Kali as he remembered her, talking to the man he almost walked over to expose her. But then he thought that perhaps he could find a way to get back some, or all, of his money. As he watched his thoughts changed from recovering his loss to getting even with her.

When they left the bar Steve followed, remaining a discreet distance behind. Fortunately they were the only ones on the elevator and her saw from the control panel that it stopped on the second floor.

Steve rushed up the steps, and peaked through the door to watch them go down the hall, Afroza/Kali hanging all over the drunken man. Steve saw which room they went to, and as they entered the door he rushed back down the stairs and out to his car.

At his car he grabbed his brief case, opened it and removed his small camcorder. He found his gloves and ski mask. He put on the ski mask, folding it up so as it left his face uncovered, but could be quickly pulled down to cover his face while allowing him to see through the wide opening for his eyes and nose.

Steve tossed his gloves back in the car, put the camcorder under his jacket and rushed back inside. He ran up the stairs then stepped into the hallway and walked to the door of the room that they had entered.

When satisfied that no one was around, he leaned his head against the door to see if he could tell what was going on.

He could hear Afroza/Kali mocking the man. Her voice coming closer to the door. And he knew that she was about to leave.

When he heard the sound of the door unlatching Steve pulled his ski mask down over his face and stepped in front of the doorway.

Afroza opened the door and was startled at the sight of the masked man.

Steve used his free right hand to push Afroza back into the room as he rushed in behind her, slamming the door closed as he stepped inside.

"You're not going anywhere, bitch!" He said as he tossed the camcorder onto the chair against the wall and grabbed her.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Jerry, lying bound on the bed with his hard cock wrapped inside a rubber, demanded, trying to struggle free.

"Let me go!" Afroza insisted as she struggled against the man. But she was no match for the tall, muscular man who easily lifted her off her feet and tossed her onto the bed.

"So, you're still robbing men by promising to fuck 'em." It was a statement, not a question.

Afroza realized that this must have been one of her victims.

Steve grabbed her purse off the floor where she had dropped it, along with her jacket.

"Go ahead, take your money back. But please don't hurt me." Afroza said.

"That's my fucking money!" Jerry said from the bed.

"Relax, I won't steal your money." Steve told Jerry. He pulled a bundle of bills out of her purse and sat it on the counter. "Here's your money. Now let me see what she has in her billfold."

He opened it up and began rummaging through it. "Shit, you only have seventy bucks in here." He said, pulling the money out and shoving it in his pocket. "That's not as much as you stole from me. Let's see what else you have."

He pulled out her driver's license and college ID. "Shit, you're name isn't Kali. It's Afroza." Steve said, putting her license back but slipping her college ID in his pocket. "Now I know where you live."

The emphasis was not lost on Afroza.

"Well, since you don't have all of my money I guess I'll just have to take it out in trade." Steve informed her.

"Fuck you!" Afroza spat. "If you try to do anything to me I'll scream."

"Go ahead," Steve said. "All I did was come in and catch you robbing this man. I'm sure he'll testify to that."

"Fuck yeah I will!" Jerry agreed.

Afroza took off, hoping to run past Steve. But he quickly grabbed her and through her back onto the bed.

Steve pounced on her and began tearing her shirt open. He ripped the thin material from her body as she struggled beneath him. Then he tore off her bra. Once she was completely topless he slid down and began opening her pants. He stood up, grabbed her legs and pulled off her shoes, then tugged on the legs of her jeans until he had pulled them free.

"Please stop!" Afroza begged as he grabbed her panties and began pulling them down her thin but sexy legs.

Steve straddled her and began pinching her nipples and fondling her small breast.

"You are one hot little bitch." He said. "But now it's time to fulfill your promise to let me fuck you."

"No, please don't. Let me suck you off instead."

"Oh, you'll suck some cock too." Steve said as he undid his pants.

Afroza saw his large thick cock and thought she recognized it. It wasn't the biggest one she had seen since starting this, but it was close. And it was bigger than any she had fucked before. But without seeing his face she couldn't be sure.

"Take that rubber off of him!" Steve ordered as he adjusted the camcorder on the dresser to catch the action.

"Don't film me!" Jerry demanded.

"Relax, it's only getting you from the belly down." Steve said.

He grabbed Afroza as she pulled the condom off the other man's dick.

"On your knees and start sucking his cock!"

"Please don't make me do this." She pleaded one more time.

"Maybe this will teach you not to fuck around with men like you've been doing. Now suck!"

"Yeah, suck my dick, bitch!" Jerry chimed in.

"You're not filming this are you?" She asked.

"Sure the fuck am." Steve said. "That way if you tell anyone what happened here, or if I hear of you pulling this shit again, I'll send a dvd of it to everyone at your fucking school."

Steve pushed her head into Jerry's lap. Afroza slowly opened her mouth and began sucking his cock.

Steve got behind her and pressed his cock between her legs.

Afroza pulled her mouth off of Jerry's prick. "Please, use a condom."

"There will be no rubbers tonight." Steve replied as he thrust his cock into her tight pussy.

Afroza groaned as his rod impaled her, filling her like she had never been filled before. Worse, she panicked over the lack of protection. Other than her first time, she had always insisted on her partner wearing a rubber. Now she was being fucked by a stranger with nothing to prevent his seed from filling her insides.

Steve shoved her head back down. "Keep sucking him!"

Afroza began sucking the cock before her once more. Steve pounded her pussy from behind as she bobbed her head up and down on Jerry's shaft.

Jerry watched as the pretty face bounced on his cock. Enjoying the thought that she was being forced to do so after trying to rob him. This was even more satisfying that what he had anticipated. And his hands being bound behind him only added to the stimulation.

Steve couldn't believe how tight Afroza's pussy was. She was a tiny woman, but he had expected her pussy to be more broken in than this. The way she grunted with her mouth full of cock each time he rammed his rod deep inside her only intensified the sensation. He held on to her tiny hips and slammed his cock into her over and over again.

Afroza lurched forward each time Steve's belly banged her ass. The head of his cock slammed into her cervix, causing her to cry out. She could feel her pussy begin to respond with lubrication and hoped that it would make the stretching of her inner walls loosen up more for his cock.

"Oh god damn!" Jerry cried out, feeling his balls tighten and his orgasm begin.

Afroza felt his jiz blast into the back of her throat as she continued pumping his cock with her mouth.

"Swallow it all, bitch!" Jerry yelled as his hips thrust his cock deeper into her mouth.

Afroza gulped down his cum, afraid to pull her mouth away from his cock as Steve continued to fuck her.

"Does his cum taste good?" Steve mockingly asked her as he reached forward with his right hand, grabbing her hair and making her head bob up and down on Jerry's cock faster.

"I'm gonna cum in your pussy!" Steve proclaimed as he let go of her hair and grabbed both hips again.

Afroza raised her head. "Please, don't cum in me!"

"Too late!" Steve exclaimed as his pace quickened.

His cock slammed into her harder than before. Steve moaned with delight as her tight pussy began milking his cock.

Afroza groaned in dismay as she felt his cum spraying inside her.

"Yes, oh yes." Steve continued as he banged her tight box, blasting his load inside her.

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