tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAfter Dinner Exposure

After Dinner Exposure


We walk back to the hotel hand in hand. Dinner had been wonderful and you have been a vision sitting across the table from me. Your thin blouse had been unbuttoned so as to be revealing but not indecent, as was obvious when the waiter kept returning to fill your water glass throughout the evening and his eyes never once met yours but kept wandering into your cleavage. The lacy bra you wore was just dark enough to reveal itself through the material of your blouse and did nothing to hide your hard nipples from view. Your dress was at mid thigh and when you sat down in your chair you flashed the top of your thigh high nylons and the clips from your garter belt at me and smiled. I thought the greeter who showed us to our table was going to pull the chair out from under you he was staring at your legs for so long.

We hadn't rushed through dinner but were anxious to get back to the room and be together again as we had been all afternoon. It probably was a good thing we went out to get some nourishment as we had made love to what would probably have been the point of exhaustion otherwise. It was only a short walk back to the room but I had stopped us a few times to hold you in my arms and kiss you as other people walked by. Your tongue danced in my mouth and told me that you were ready for us to be alone once again.

We walked through the lobby hand in hand and caught the elevator to the 12th floor. On the elevator ride I had pressed your back against the wall and kissed you deeply while my hand slipped under your dress and fondled you through you lace panties. I could feel them fold up inside your lips and could feel the warmth and wetness that I knew awaited me. I kissed that special spot on your neck and heard you moan, knowing that I could make you cum if I lingered there too long. Your hips moved to push my fingers and the thin material of your panties inside you. Before I could move my fingers deeper or push your panties to the side, the elevator ringer went off and we quickly arranged ourselves before the doors opened on our floor. As we stepped by the couple waiting to get on, they grinned at us. I wonder if they could hear you moaning through the door.

I swiped the key in the lock and held the door for you to enter. As you walked in the room you pulled at your skirt, raising it to uncover your ass. I could see the back side of your panties and your garter belt holding your thigh high stocking as well as the bare skin at the top of your thighs where they form your shapely behind. As you continued to walk you continued to pull until the dress had slipped over your head and ended up on the unmade bed. You stopped and looked over your shoulder, still facing away from me. It was THAT look, the one you had given me right before we had made love for the first time.

You were turning toward the bed when I came up behind you and steered you toward the tall glass window that faced out into the city. I could feel you pushing back against me, unsure of what I had in mind but obviously shy about the idea of your lingerie clad body being so open and exposed through the window.

I pressed harder against you and you relented and moved to the window. I reached around you and cupped your ample breasts through your thin bra. Even through the material, I could feel the hardness of your nipples against my palms. I moved my hips forward and I knew you could feel my hard cock pressed between your cheeks through the material of my slacks. I released your breasts and slid my hands onto your hips, sliding your panties down first with my hands and then my foot as the moved toward the floor. You raised first one leg, then the other as you kicked off your shoes and let your panties slide completely off. As you turned your head to protest, I covered your mouth with mine and returned my hands to your breasts, this time lifting your bra to expose them to the coolness of the room and the warmth of my palms.

You feel my hands release your breasts and hear a rustling of clothing behind you. The obvious sound of a zipper and the thud of my slack hitting the floor follow and then the hardness of my cock returns between your ass cheeks. You reach around to feel my cock but my hands catch yours and raise them over your head until they are both pressed against the window glass. I use my weight to press you forward and you feel the cold glass against the flesh of your breasts.

You are not sure if you should protest or not. Our lovemaking has been romantic and passionate up to now but my aggressive is a new side that you have not sent as yet. But the overwhelming passion and the excitement of the moment overtake any fear you have as you press your hips back against mine. I bend my knees slightly and can feel your warm, wet and willing pussy and the soft hair that surrounds it against the head of my cock. With a small step forward and a push of my hips, I slowly fill you completely. You moan loudly and your weight shits forward, pressing you more firmly against the glass.

All morning and afternoon, our sex has been making love. We have been passionate and romantic with each other as we learned what our bodies wanted and needed to be satisfied. But, with you against the window exposed to the city below, now we are just fucking. The pure animal instincts we either have concealed or at least repressed are now out in the open as my cock slides forcefully in and out of you. Your moans become cries of passion and lust and my hips slap loudly against your ass. My hands still hold yours against the window as our motions continue to drive my cock deeply inside you with every thrust. With each motion against you, your breasts press fuller against the glass then release as I withdraw.

It is a low growl that builds within you that tells me your orgasm is coming. I removed my hands from yours and grab your hips. My pace increases. You hips respond to mine. I can feel you body warming against my skin and know you are moments from release. It is almost a howl that leaves your throat as I feel your pussy tighten around my cock. I press harder with each thrust, wanting you to feel filled with me as your body shudders once.. twice .. three times before pressing hard against me. It is all I can do not to cum with you.

As I press one long, hard stroke inside you your body releases its orgasm and I can feel your juices run along the base of my cock to my scrotum and then onto my thighs. You moan a long, low moan as your orgasms washes through you. I hold your hips tightly and pull you against mine; not wanting to let you go but wanting my cock to fill every inch of you while you cum for me.

As your orgasm subsides, you lean forward against the glass. Your eyes start to focus again and you can see the couple standing on the balcony across the courtyard of the hotel directly across from our room. She has her hands down the front of her sweats and you can see him stroking his cock. Your voice finally recovers and you whisper.

"Looks like they enjoyed that almost as much as I did, Nick."

"There's a lot more to come Jeanie," I reply as I finally allow you to turn from the window and kiss you hard on the mouth.

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