tagIncest/TabooAfter School Special

After School Special


Ben sat at his desk with his head down in the middle of an empty classroom. He was in trouble and didn't know why. It was already half an hour after school had been let out and he was still in his last period class. He just sighed tiredly and waited. He was waiting for when Mrs. Darien would allow him to go. He didn't understand why she gave him detention. It was the last day of his senior year and at the last second before the bell rang, she said to him, "Ben? Please stay in your seat."

He did what she asked but was very confused. She explained to him that he had a detention that still needed to be done before he could leave for the year. As the other students were leaving he heard the usual 'oooohhhs' and 'uummmms' as if he were in deep shit. But Ben was a good student, he never did anything inappropriate that warranted a detention. He hardly ever spoke, being as shy as he was. He had asked Mrs. Darien what this was for, but she dismissed it like he should've remembered. Ben slowly dropped his backpack down to the floor and sat back down. He had wanted to say goodbye to those friends on his bus route before graduation. After all, not all of those riding were seniors.

Ben's head was resting on his arms, which were folded, across his desk. He quietly peeked up at the front of the classroom. There at the head of the class was Mrs. Darien. Her thirty-five year old body was sitting at her desk typing on her laptop. Her soft brown eyes darted across the screen above the rim of her glasses. The sound of her fingers pecking away at the keyboard was the only sound that echoed throughout the room.

Ben put his head back down and breathed a sigh of irritation. He started tapping his foot on the tile floor. The tapping started softly, then began to increase.

Mrs. Darien eyes wandered up from her computer screen and landed on the young man.

Tap, tap, tap, TAP, TAP, TAP.

She stopped her typing and addressed her student.


Ben's head snapped to attention. His tapping ceased.

"Yeah?" Ben asked.

"Your foot."

"Sorry." He said after a short hesitation.

She looked at him for a moment, then put her face back down to the computer screen. Her finger pecking began again.

"Your mom's on her way isn't she?"

"Uh-huh. I called her."

"Good." Mrs. Darien said with a hidden irk to her voice.

Ben just stared back at the young teacher. Her long brown hair was rolled up on the back of her head, with a few loose strands hanging around. She was a woman who didn't need to work hard to look good. Her hair could be a mess when she woke up and still be sexy. The glasses she wore added a brainy taboo to the mix that always had the guys in her class talking.

He took a moment to look down below the desk and watched as her long legs crossed. She was really something to look at. It was too bad she was his teacher and -

"Is your mom still mad at me Ben?" Mrs. Darien asked not looking up from the screen.

And his mom's best friend. Well, sort of. They had sort of a falling out a couple of weeks ago and she hadn't been around much. Her first name was Stephanie, but since she was his teacher, both her and his mother discouraged first name reference. So to Ben, she was Mrs. Darien. Much like referring to his mom. He would never call his mom by her first name, which was Ashley. The titles were not up for negotiation, so Ben never brought it up.

Ben finally answered her question, "I...I don't know. I don't even know what you two were upset about."

Mrs. Darien rolled her pretty eyes, "Oh. Phuh. It's the same old stuff Ben. Rehashed melodrama from our old high school days. That's all. Your mother just overreacts."

Sarcastically Ben replied, "Tell me about it."

His mom and Mrs. Darien were former cheerleaders together at this very school, and very close friends. They were thirteen, or something like that, when they first met. They had a lot in common, such as their unwitting ability to attract the opposite sex. They're both in peak physical condition, and still love to dance. Some of the differences were that Mrs. Darien was a brunette, and his mother was a blonde. Another difference was that Mrs. Darien was the book smart one who ended up with a teaching degree, while his mother was more of a party girl who ended up pregnant at age sixteen.

Ben stared down at her legs again. He really liked it when she rubbed her calves together. She rubbed them so steady, Ben expected to see a fire start. She was extremely enticing to look at, and Ben loved looking. His mother's best friend had always been one of his fantasies growing up.

In mid sentence, Mrs. Darien stopped typing to rub her eyes. She was getting tired and was about ready to tell Ben that his detention could have an early ending. She yawned. Her mouth opened wide and her eyes shut briefly. As her eyelids opened she focused in on the eighteen-year-old senior in the middle of the classroom.

His head was still down but his eyes peered over his arms and were blatantly staring down at her legs.

Mrs. Darien noticed and her breath caught in her throat. She knew that men found her attractive and the fact that a guy would be staring at her body was no big shocker. But the fact that her best friend's son was staring sort of caught her off guard. She knew Ben. Ben didn't just come right out and stare at women's bodies. He was too shy. He was just a kid at heart. She didn't think that Ben had ever been with a girl. 'Poor kid' she thought to herself.

He didn't realize that she was aware of his staring. She decided to just give him a little taste of what his eyes so very much wanted to see. She figured this was the last day of his high school career, and after he leaves here he'll be entering the world of adulthood, so why not just tease the boy a little. She won't get into any trouble for "accidentally" exposing herself a little bit. Mrs. Darien was pretty sure Ben wouldn't tell. Besides, it was something that she had always fantasized about. Playing around with a student without actually playing was kind of kinky. She missed the old days when she was in high school. She and Ashley would delight in torturing the high school boys together. It was their special gift to the school. They were the school cock teasers, and they loved the title.

Mrs. Darien continued to type, only now she uncrossed her legs and re-crossed them towards the unsuspecting kid. Her face never came up from the computer screen as she slowly started to rub her legs together. She flexed her leg muscles slightly, just enough to cause the curves to gain in dimension.

Ben gulped as his teacher's legs rubbed back and forth seductively.

She then uncrossed her legs and opened them. Her thighs were open so he could see up her skirt all the way to her black panties.

Ben's eyelids stretched open and he scooted around nervously in his seat. He couldn't believe his luck. Mrs. Darien was unknowingly showing him her panties. He felt the arousal start to build. The stirring in his pants made him dizzy. This was his mom's friend. His teacher. He didn't know how to react. He was having a hard time relaxing.

"So what are your plans this summer Ben?" She asked without looking up.

His eyes went to her beautiful face.

"Umm…I don't know yet." He said timidly.

"You gonna pick up chicks? Party? That sort of thing?" She smirked.

Ben's face drooped.


She looked up at him and gave him a sympathetic look, "Awwwe."

Ben grimaced.

Mrs. Darien backed away from her desk and stood. She walked over to the chalkboard. There were several chemistry notes on the board. She picked up an eraser and began to wipe it clean. Her back was turned to Ben and she continued to talk to him.

Ben watched the lovely creature at the board as she made tiny circles with the eraser.

Mrs. Darien made it a point to spend as much time at the board as possible. She wanted her captive audience to enjoy her backside. The short black skirt hugged her hips tightly and she spread her legs shoulder width apart. The skirt came down to mid thigh and she swayed slightly. She put the other hand on her butt in a nonchalant way, as if resting her shoulder.

"Soooo, Ben. What do you plan to do with your life now that you're graduating?" Her fingers dug into her bottom.

Ben's legs pressed up and together. He slid one of his books down into his lap in order to hide the erection that was forming. Again he gulped and stared at the tight fabric that engulfed her round form. She lightly scratched the thin material with her painted fingernails. Ben's stomach did somersaults.

"I…was thinking about college. I don't know." Ben couldn't think straight.

"College is good. What do you plan to study?" She moved down the board closer to where Ben was sitting.

"Uh…I want to be a…a…"

"An…astronaut?" She turned her head to him and smiled. It was one of those groin-numbing smiles where she bit her bottom teeth. Those perfect brown, doe eyes shined through the lens of her glasses and captivated Ben. The loose strands of brown hair fell down in her face and she blew on them softly.


She giggled, "Well…good. I'm glad you have ambitions."

She was almost finished when the eraser dropped out of her hand. It fell down in front of her. Mrs. Darien took a deep breath and faced forward. This is what she had been waiting for. The ultimate craving for a young man. She started to lean over at the waist.

Ben pressed the book hard into his lap as his teacher bent down to pick up the eraser.

She purposely kept her legs straight and extended her arm. Her other hand gently rubbed down her bottom and caressed the back of her thigh. She stayed in that position a little longer than was necessary, but she didn't care. She enjoyed teasing young Ben. It was something she had never done to him before. In all the years she had known him, it never even crossed her mind. Finally she slowly stood up and went back to erasing the board.

Ben shivered with excitement as Mrs. Darien's exquisite body slid back up into a standing position. He noticed her small hand never left her rearend.

Mrs. Darien could feel his eyes burning holes into her skirt. It was like she could feel the heat emanating from his teenage hormones. It was making her hot and she started to perspire. Casually she reached up and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse. This exposed part of her black bra and enough cleavage to make a grown man cry. She turned towards Ben and put her hands on her hips.

She smiled, "You have any questions for me Ben?"

Ben raised an eyebrow, "About what?"

"About anything silly. College?" Her smile was hypnotic.

Ben shrugged, "I don't know. What do you know about college?"

This made Mrs. Darien laugh. She walked over to Ben, pulled out a chair, and sat in front of him. Once again she crossed her legs for the young boy. She also crossed her arms underneath her tits which caused them to lift, exposing more of her cleavage.

Ben felt the lump form in his throat as Mrs. Darien's nipples pressed against her blouse. He was becoming nervous, especially now with her hot body sitting so close to him. He adjusted the book in his lap so she couldn't see the tent in his shorts.

"You know Ben, I am a teacher. I did go to college. I think I know a few things." She smirked at the obvious tension in his body. She laughed on the inside as she watched his roaming eyes jump back and forth between her legs to her chest. It was evident that he was having some trouble controlling their activity. They wouldn't stay locked in their sockets.

"Socializing." Ben stated.

"What?" Mrs. Darien asked confused.

"I want to know about socializing with people in college. Tell me about it."

Mrs. Darien paused for a minute. Her brain was obviously processing what Ben had asked her.

"You mean like…frats or something? How to make friends?" She looked at quizzically, "Is that what you mean Ben?"

Ben shrugged, "Sure. I don't know. I'm just not very good at it."

She smiled coyly at his honesty. She thought it was a cute and endearing quality.

"Jeez Ben, I thought you were going to ask something difficult. I am Mrs. Socialite. I know how to talk to people."


"Well sure. You know me Ben. Have you ever seen me shy with people?"


"No. It comes naturally to me." She uncrossed her legs, alternated, then crossed them again. She made sure to open them enough to give Ben a close up shot of her panty-covered pussy.

"So…I…" Ben stuttered and then fell silent. He could see every thing between her thighs. Her smooth skin, firm and tan. And the black lingerie that covered up her most intimate area. She was driving him crazy. And to Ben, she didn't realize she was doing it.

His stuttering made Mrs. Darien giggle, "You okay Ben? Cat got your tongue?"

"Naw…I mean…I'm fine." Again he adjusted his legs so he could relieve the increasing pressure in his crotch. That was the power women had over men. Embarrassment. An erection is like an alarm system announcing a guy's arousal to the world. And women like Mrs. Darien knew exactly how to trigger them.

"You seem a little uncomfortable Ben. Why don't you stand up and stretch?" She smirked knew full well what she wanted him to do.

"No!" He blurted out, "I mean…I'm fine." Ben struggled for the right words. He couldn't talk. The only thing on his mind was Mrs. Darien's extraordinary body sitting two feet in front of him.

She took the game to the next level, "Oh come on Ben. Stand up."

Mrs. Darien stood up before the nervous teenager and grabbed his arms. She pulled him up out of the desk. Frightened that he was about to expose himself to her, he held the book in place in front of him as he stood.

"There you go Ben. Just because you have detention doesn't mean you have to be uncomfortable." She stood directly in front of the scared boy and looked down at the chemistry book he was holding.

"What are you doing Ben?"

His eyes shot open and his arms tensed. He followed her beautiful eyes down to the book.

"Nothing…I…nothing…" Ben stammered.

Mrs. Darien looked at Ben's face. She smiled at him. Ben smiled back and did his best to keep eye contact with her. It was difficult because now her cleavage was just inches away from him.

The two of them stood facing each other for about a minute not saying anything. Ben studied every inch of the pretty woman's face. Every curve and dimple of her cheeks made Ben want to cry. She was just too perfect and he wanted to stare at her until the end of time.

Without warning the book slipped out of his hands and fell on the floor. It's spine crashed against the tile and bounced back behind Mrs. Darien.

Ben closed his eyes and breathed heavily. He couldn't move.

"Oh!" Mrs. Darien exclaimed as the book smacked the ground. She looked down behind her and turned around slowly, "I'll get it Ben."

And for the second time in the past twenty minutes, Mrs. Darien did what all males ache for. She bent her deliciously perfect form over at the waist, and didn't bend her knees. Only this time, this sizzling body was directly in front of him.

Mrs. Darien took great delight in her venomous teasing of her young student. She bent down slower than she did to pick up the eraser. She wanted to give Ben ample time to stare at her round butt. She was proud of her firm ass. She had spent lots of time working out, sculpting her ass to a perfect shape. The best part was that she was already blessed with a flawless figure. Not much exercising was needed to improve on an already desirable body.

Ben's breathing quickened and he hiccuped. He opened his eyes to absolute heaven. Mrs. Darien's ass right under his nose only inches from his shorts. If she backed up just slightly her skirt would bump into his cock. Or if he moved in slightly he'd press into her. This was becoming more than he could take. The stimulation was unlike anything he'd ever experienced before.

Mrs. Darien grabbed onto the book and smiled. She didn't want to stand up yet. This was too exciting. Instead she turned her head to see what her little friend was doing. Her head went to the side and looked up at Ben's face.

Ben tore his eyes away from her tight behind and looked down at her.

Mrs. Darien bit her bottom lip and Ben's jaw dropped. His eyes were struggling to stay open. It looked as though he could pass out at any moment.

She didn't say anything. Instead she took one step backwards and pressed her skirt-covered ass into his throbbing erection. It was just a small bump, but it sent jolts of electricity through his body.

"Sorry Ben." As she said this she started to rub her ass into his straining cock ever so lightly. She didn't want to make this a hardcore situation. Just a small massage that would drive Ben wild. Just something that would encourage Ben to tell stories to his teenage friends. Yet not enough to get her into trouble.

"Uh…Uh…Mrs. Darien…" Ben sighed. His hands trembled at his sides. He wanted to grab hold of her lovely cheeks and hold her there at his cock. He was sweating now as her ass gently brushed against his hardon.

She bit harder on her lower lip and closed her eyes. She knew she had to stand up now, otherwise the situation was going to get out of hand and it would be all her fault. Instead of listening to her morals she pressed back into him a little harder.

"I've got your book here, Ben…" She stated the obvious with a breathless voice.

"Uh-huh…" Ben agreed. Carefully he nudged his cock into the skirt, applying a tiny pressure.

"Ah-HEM!!" A Voice came from the doorway of the classroom.

Faster than lightning, Mrs. Darien was upright and five feet away from the student. Her heart was racing like wild fire through the Arizona Forrest. Goosebumps cascaded her shoulders and forearms. She composed herself and made it look as if everything was perfectly normal, with little success. She had been caught teasing her student, and she knew it. As calmly and as professional as possible, she turned to the doorway.

Ben was still standing there with his legs shaking. His arms continued to shiver at his sides. The boy's heart was pounding, and the anxiety of the whole situation was unbearable. Ben couldn't move. His tented jean shorts continued to jut out from his body, causing a hurtful pressure in his balls. Cautiously he turned to the voice in the doorway. When he saw the woman standing there he whispered apprehensively. "Mom."

"Ashley…I…" Mrs. Darien was at a loss for words. Her best friend had just walked in and witnessed her ass rubbing Ben. She didn't know how to react, or what the hell to say. She was stunned. She could feel the red filling her tanned cheeks and her teeth began rattling fearfully. Clenching her jaw tightly, she inconspicuously reached up and flipped the opening of her blouse shut.

Mrs. Darien tried breaking the uncomfortable silence, "Ash…what…what's going on? You have a nice day at work?"

"I did." Ben's mother stood in the doorway with one hand on her hip. She looked like the typical mother who had caught her kids playing with matches. The anger was painted across her face and it was obvious she wanted answers.

Ben's Mom continued, "You know it would've been better if I didn't have to leave early to pick up my son from detention. Detention? What the fuck Stephanie?"

"What do you mean?" Mrs. Darien played the innocent. "He had to stay for a detention before graduation. Otherwise he won't graduate. I don't make the rules Ashley. I just enforce them."

"Ha!" Ben's Mom cracked up. "And what rule were you enforcing just now? Huh?"

Mrs. Darien opened her mouth to speak, but fell short. She just stood there and kept her mouth shut.

"And what exactly do you teach Steph? ASSademics?" Ashley chided.

Mrs. Darien looked away. She was embarrassed and didn't want to give Ashley the satisfaction that she got to her. Unfortunately Ben's Mom had succeeded. So Mrs. Darien crossed her arms to her chest and pouted.

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