tagLoving WivesAfternoon by the Pool

Afternoon by the Pool


Steve and I have been members of a local health club for a few years. Steve plays tennis regularly and we both go to the gym. Tennis nights involve Steve playing men's and mixed doubles and through the latter he met Elaine. Elaine was quite tall with long athletic legs and large breasts. When Steve introduced me to Elaine I almost decided to take up tennis myself just to watch her move around the court in her short tennis skirt and skimpy top.

Steve confessed that one of the bonuses of playing with her was the occasional glimpse of her cleavage or panty-covered bum when she bent down to pick up a ball. He also said that he enjoyed playing against her because of the sight of her cleavage when she bent over when getting ready to receive service. All in all, it was obvious that Steve thought Elaine a very sexy lady.

Elaine was married but her husband, Grant, worked long hours and travelled around the country regularly. As consequence he very rarely made it to the club and, although we became good friends with Elaine, we hadn't met her husband.

During the summer I would regularly go to Elaine's house and we would sunbathe by her pool. Initially we would only apply our own sun tan lotion but we eventually became sufficiently familiar to apply lotion to each other's backs. On some days I would feel myself becoming aroused as I massaged the lotion into her back but I did not take it any further. On those days I've got no doubt that Steve was pleasantly surprised when I arrived home.

Being intelligent he realised that something was happening to me at Elaine's and we talked about it. As he stroked my breasts and teased my nipples I would tease him in turn by pretending that I had rubbed suntan lotion into Elaine's breasts. Of course this also served to make me even more aroused and I would sometimes orgasm having only had Steve working on my breasts, something that had not happened in the past.

I would ask Steve whether he would like to be stroking Elaine's breasts and would then proceed to describe how they looked and fantasise about how they would feel in my hands. Talking like that also affected Steve because I would take hold of his cock and feel it jerk as I described my fantasy to him. I would say how gorgeous and firm her breasts were and how her nipples would become erect very quickly. We had some great mutual stimulation sessions as a consequence of my fantasies. I assume that he thought that it was actually happening and that made it even hotter for him.

I would say how I wished my breasts were like hers but Steve always reassured me that he loved my pert breasts. He would also mention how he had seen men checking me out in the gym and the looks he'd seen in the eyes of his men's doubles partners when I was by the court watching him play.

The thought of all those men lusting after me was arousing and one time I decided to take it further by teasing Steve that he should point them out to me next time I was at the club for one of their dances. I told Steve I would chose one of them and take him into the changing rooms and see what happened. Steve called me a horny so-and-so, placed a leg between my knees to open my legs slightly and then gently stroked his fingers across my labia. I moaned at the thrills that went through my body, grabbed Steve and pulled him towards me. As I pulled him against my breasts he reached down to place his cock at my entrance and in one smooth motion drove all the way in. I was so wet he had no trouble. After only half a dozen thrusts I was coming for the second time and I wrapped my legs around him. I then worked his cock with my vaginal muscles and before long he was pumping his come into me.

Late in the summer Elaine and Grant went on holiday and I agreed to keep an eye on their house. While they were away we would both go across to use their pool and sauna. About two days before they were due to return, Steve and I were sunbathing nude in their garden when Elaine walked out of the house. Grant had been called back for some work related emergency and had gone straight there to sort it out but Sue had come home. It was funny to see Steve scrambling around to find his trunks and shorts. I just draped a towel across myself when I saw Elaine and then when Elaine explained that Grant was not here I just let the towel drop off me.

I was sure I saw Elaine's eyes light up when she saw myself and Steve (briefly) naked, but it was only a fleeting glimpse. Steve seemed to be a bit uncomfortable so we packed up and headed home. As we were leaving I arranged with Elaine that I would be back at the weekend and she suggested that Steve should come too so that he could have a swim and a sauna.

All the way home Steve kept saying how embarrassed he was at Elaine walking in on us (him) nude but he had a permanent erection tenting his shorts. When we got home I teased about his erection and he finally admitted that once he had gotten over the embarrassment he had found it exciting. As he was telling me this I took him into my mouth and gave him one of my best blowjobs. As I was working on him I would periodically stop and tell him to imagine that it was Elaine working on him. It only took about five minutes for him to come and then he recovered surprisingly quickly. Before I knew what was happening he had leant me against the kitchen table, lifted my skirt, moved my panties to one side and was thrusting into me. This was definitely a very aroused Steve. As it was his second wind, he lasted longer this time but, even then, he finished quicker than I would have expected and I had no chance to get anywhere near an orgasm. He was a bit shame-faced at what had happened but I reassured him that everything was okay whilst inwardly smiling at the effect Elaine had had on him.

When Steve and I arrived at Elaine's early in the afternoon the following Sunday there was another man and woman there. We were introduced to Grant and Elaine's sister Fiona. Grant was about the same height as Steve but he was a bit out of shape. Fiona was very similar to Elaine but with slightly smaller breasts.

Grant and Steve seemed to get on okay standing over the barbecue grilling the meat while Elaine prepared some salad. Meanwhile Fiona and I just lay in the sun. After lunch and a few drinks we all just lay back to make to most of the good late summer weather.

All three of us women decided to be brave and stripped down to our bikini bottoms. As I took my top off I felt certain that Grant was staring at me but it was difficult to tell because he was wearing sunglasses. I couldn't complain because I was sure that Steve was checking out Elaine and Fiona and I'd been checking Grant out anyway, trying to see what he had tucked away in his shorts.

After an hour or so Elaine said that she needed to go and get some more drinks and Steve agreed to go with her. At the same time I decided that the food and wine were getting to me and to avoid burning I asked Grant if I could lie down on one of their beds. Grant showed me to the second bedroom, where I laid down and in minutes I was asleep.

I woke to the murmur of voices and I was a bit confused about where I was. I got up off the bed and walked to the window from which I could see the patio. I was surprised to see that Grant was naked. Fiona was in the pool and Elaine and Steve were nowhere to be seen. I checked the clock in the room and realised that I had only been asleep for ten minutes.

Before long Fiona climbed out of the pool and I was not surprised to see that she was also naked. She walked towards Grant and stood directly in front of him. She picked up a towel and drew it across her shoulders and back, moving her body as she dried herself. I could see her breasts jiggling as she moved and my eyes moved down her body to she that she had no pubic hair. I assumed that she had shaved it off and was a bit surprised at her brazen-ness. I then turned my attention to Grant and his cock. As I watched, the blood started flowing into his member and I could see it pulse as it lay on his leg.

As Fiona continued to dry herself, Grant's cock became erect and when it reached its full size I was a bit disappointed to see that it was quite small, probably about five inches in length. Strangely, though, he had a pair of heavy testicles. I had never seen such a combination. I then realised that he, too, was completely bald around the pubis region.

I could tell from his expression that he wanted to fuck Fiona. I suspected that the only thing holding him back was concern about whether I would hear them.

As I watched Fiona moved her lounger and lay down on it so that her head was towards the pool and her vagina was towards both Grant and me. As she was bald I had no trouble making out her outer labia and I could just about make out the pink of her opening. Grant reached over to take a drink from his wine glass then he looked over at Fiona and caught her eye. He motioned with his head for her to join him on the mattress. Fiona only briefly hesitated then swung her legs off her lounger and joined Grant on his.

I could sense the sexual tension and as Fiona moved position and lay down I couldn't take my eyes away from the scene below me. Grant leaned towards Fiona resting on his elbow. I watched as his hand casually touched her leg, just above the knee, then feathered upward along her inner thigh. She was lying on her back, her thighs slightly parted. Grant's hand trailed back and forward along her thigh, then gently cupped her pubic bone, his middle finger dipping down into the open slit.

As I watched one of my hands moved to my breasts while the other dropped to my bikini bottoms. As Grant moved his finger across Fiona's slit her tongue ran round her lips and I realised I was mimicking her. Grant's cock was pointing towards Fiona and she reached across to take hold of it. She held it lightly, in her finger-ends, manipulating it very slowly and gently.

Grant moved his face towards Fiona's and their mouths met. Grant's hand left her vagina and closed over her left breast, squeezing it, hard. Then he got on to his knees and Fiona spread her legs wide and he knelt between them. Fiona had released his cock to let him move between her legs but he didn't seem to mind. Grant leaned forward and placed his mouth over Fiona's vagina. I couldn't make out exactly what he was doing but judging by Fiona's reaction he was good at it. In a short while she was lifting her hips off the lounger and holding his head forcing him against her.

I brushed my nipples with the hand that was across my breasts and my other hand drifted into my bikini bottoms, through my pubic hair and onto my clitoris. I heard myself moan and briefly worried that they might have heard me. Then I realised that they were too wrapped in what they were doing to be able to hear a moan from the room I was in.

As I watched Grant lifted his head from between Fiona's legs and I could see juices glistening on his face. He then took hold of his cocked, edged forward and placed it at her entrance. He then moved his cock up and down her slit. As he did that Fiona's hip started moving more urgently and I could hear her moans as they got louder. It was impressive the way Grant could continue to tease her as she became more desperate to feel him inside her.

Fiona's pleadings got louder and I think Grant decided she was making too much noise because he moved forward, burying himself inside her. He then set up a decent rhythm and periodically ground his pubic bone against hers, obviously stimulating her clitoris. As I watched, first one then two fingers made their way inside my own vagina. I temporarily stopped stimulating myself and removed my bikini bottoms. Once they were off I used one hand to rub my clitoris and open my lips while the other hand stroked my lips and teased my entrance.

Grant's rhythm gradually increased but Fiona came first, her body shaking wildly and her legs clamped around Grant. Grant withdrew then rolled over onto his back and his shiny penis sticking up in the air revealed that he had not yet come. I was impressed by his restraint. Fiona moved down and leaned over Grant's cock. She ran her tongue from the base to the tip then took it into her mouth, fully engulfing it with ease. She then concentrated on stimulating the tip whilst using her hand to stroke it and to massage Grants balls. Grant's hips started to desperately lift off the lounger and her he came in her mouth.

Grant might have only had a small tool but it seemed that he was very productive semen-wise because Fiona could not swallow all of his orgasm. Fiona released Grant's cock and then, as it softened proceeded to lick him clean. I was surprised to see that as she was cleaning him, his erection returned. Once she had him stiff again she moved up his body, positioned his cock at her entrance and then dropped down on him.

Fiona then proceeded to grind her clitoris against his pubic bone as he reached up and took hold of her breasts. She looked over to one side and hesitated then I a naked Steve walking towards her with a very prominent erection. As I watched she took hold of his erection, pulled him towards and then took him into her mouth.

I was broken from my reverie by hands reaching round and stroking my breasts. At the same time I felt two breasts against my back. I glanced over my shoulder to see Elaine. As I leaned back into her body, her lips nuzzled against my neck and she whispered how hot the scene below was. I couldn't disagree.

I took one of my hands away from my vagina and reached back and down to her pubic area. As soon as I touched her she took hold of my shoulders, turned me around and kissed me on the lips. There was no hesitation as our mouths opened and as my tongue made its way into her mouth she took it between her teeth and started nibbling on it.

I forgot about the scene on the patio as Elaine took my hand and led me to the bed. We both lay down on it and started kissing and stroking each other again. After a short while she rearranged her body so that her vagina was poised over my face and her mouth had access to me. The stimulation I had already had watching Grant and Fiona meant that I was on the verge of my orgasm. As soon as Elaine nibbled on my clit and inserted her fingers I started thrashing in my orgasm, which was so intense I passed out.

When I came to, Elaine was sitting on a chair opposite the bed, her legs splayed wide apart, the fingers of one hand flying across her clitoris, the other squeezing a breast. I could just make out a vibrator wedged in her vagina and could hear the slight sound that indicated that it was switched on. I slowly moved off the bed, gently took hold of the vibrator then slowly with drew it. As I started to re-insert it Elaine's body went into spasm as her orgasm took hold of her. Her body seemed to be in convulsions for at least a minute and then she went limp.

After Elaine recovered I helped her to her feet and we both went downstairs and back out onto the patio. Fiona was back on her lounger but now Steve was pounding away between her legs. Grant was watching with a somewhat shrivelled cock lying against his groin.

Elaine and I lay approached Grant. We started at his feet and stroked his legs, gradually working our way up to his groin. Once we got there we leaned over at took turns to lick his balls and his cock. Between us we managed to breathe some life back into it, whereupon Elaine insisted that I make use of it. I turned so that my back was to Grant and slowly impaled myself on him. I could then continue to watch Steve and Fiona while riding Grant. I felt Grant move and it turned out that was sitting up so that he could reach around and play with my breasts. After a short while however he laid back down, forcing me to lie back on him. Elaine took the opportunity to move between his legs. While I was moving up and down Grant's cock, Fiona would take one of his balls into her mouth. She would then lick her way up his tool and as I moved back down her tongue would run up my lips and come up against my clitoris. The sensations were amazing. In no time at all I was worked up into another frenzy and I orgasmed at the same time as Steve emptied his balls into Fiona.

Once I had come I climbed off Grant and Elaine took my place. I then returned the favour, combining stimulation of Grant with stimulation of Elaine. As I was leaning forward working on Grant and Elaine I felt hands rub my buttocks. I looked over my shoulder to see Steve kneeling behind me. His hand drifted down to my pussy and started to gently stroke me. I was feeling very sensitive though and couldn't stop myself from jumping as his finger made their way inside me. He manage to work three fingers inside me. He started moving his fingers in and out and I was finding it difficult to concentrate on Grant and Elaine. Eventually I left them to it while I lay down and let Steve sink is head between my legs. With all the stimulation I had previously had, the touch of his tongue on my clitoris while he was moving his fingers in and out of me sent me over the edge again.

When I recovered from this latest orgasm Grant and Elaine had also reached their orgasms. The four of us then laid back on our loungers whilst Fiona got us some more drinks. We all rested for a while then Steve and I had showers and headed home.

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