tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAgainst Her Will

Against Her Will


The man had been observing the girl for several days. He had first seen her at the restaurant where she worked and had begun planning for her, planning very carefully. He had followed her car home that first night just to see exactly where she lived. The next night he was waiting in the shadows of her apartment complex and made note of which unit she entered. He had repeated this observation for several days just to be certain.

He knew her name was April Stevens and that she would be arriving home in just minutes. Most importantly, he knew that, tonight, she would be alone. He absentmindedly squeezed his cigarette out between his fingers as he watched her pull up into her parking spot. He was so focused on what was to come that he felt no pain even as the embers seared his fingertips.

April was 23 years old, about 5'6" tall and no more than 115 lbs. She was wearing the tight black top and hip hugging blue jeans that her employer required of it service staff. Her long blond hair was pulled back into a pony tail, highlighting her exquisite facial features. Her breasts were pleasantly large and seemed very firm. She possessed a perfectly heart shaped ass that swayed wonderfully as she walked to the door of her lower floor apartment. She excited him immensely. He wanted her, and he knew she would want him to take her.

April opened the door to her place and locked it behind her. She turned on the lights to chase away the feeling of emptiness that she always felt there. April hated living by herself, but she didn't have a boyfriend and her family was far away. Until she finished school, living alone was her only choice.

She had barely taken a few steps inside when she heard the knock at the door. It was 11:30 at night so it was surprising to her that anyone would be there this late. She looked through the peep hole and saw an attractive man standing outside.

"It's late, what do you want?" She said through the closed door.

"I'm sorry to disturb you Miss, but I was just leaving and I noticed that you left the parking lights on in your car."

"Damn, I've so been scatter brained lately" she thought to herself.

Embarrassed, April opened the door to thank him and to check her car. As soon as the door opened however, the man hit it hard. The door flew open and she was thrown backward several feet into her apartment. He was on her before she could react, grabbing her by the throat and lifting her effortlessly to her feet.

"Don't make a sound and don't you dare fight me. I won't hurt you if you behave."

He pushed her against the wall and leaned in close.

"Do what you're told and you'll get this through this, understand?"

April's head was spinning and a paralyzing fear was spreading rapidly through her body. He closed the door with his foot and as she heard it slam, she knew she was trapped inside with him.

"Oh God, what are you doing! Let go of me!"

She grabbed his arm with both hands and tried to pry his strong hand loose from her neck but his grip on her throat only tightened, threatening to cut off her air.

"If you keep struggling you're going to get hurt."

April froze at his threat. He was far too strong for her to fight off and it began to sink in to her that she was in very real danger from this man.

"Please, I'll give you whatever you want...just don't do anything to me."

The man looked at her intently. She was barely holding back her tears and her fear was palpable. It was absolutely delicious.

An evil smile crossed his face as he forced his knee between her thighs and pressed his leg against her crotch.

"I don't want to hurt you, but I will if you make me. It would be a real shame if I had to bloody your pretty face."

He pressed his body against hers and ran his free hand down her side as he spoke, caressing her gently until his hand moved up to her breast and found the hardening nipple through her clothing. The intimacy of his touch was electric and she was both surprised and ashamed at herself that it felt so good. It also left no doubt in her mind as to what he wanted. She was about to be raped, and that realization sent bolts of terror coursing through her.

"No...Please don't do this to me! Let me go, I won't tell anyone...I promise I won't!"

Her voice was choked with fear and she was trembling noticeably. When he unbuttoned her jeans her tears start to flow freely.

"Go ahead and beg, but we both know you've wanted this for a long time."

He forced his hand roughly into her tight pants, making her wince. He felt the smooth skin of her pelvis right above her clit and his evil smile returned.

"You shave yourself down there...I like that. Now, if I let go of your pretty neck, are you going to behave?"

Aprils' was mind was reeling from the quickness of his assault. A cold sweat poured from her body as her heart pounded in her chest. This man had frightened her in a way no one ever had before and thoughts of what he might do to her filled her with icy terror.

She struggled briefly but having felt his strength, she became certain that he could snap her neck with ease if she angered him. When she was finally able to speak, her voice trembled with fear and defeat.

"Okay, please...I'll do whatever you want. Just don't hurt me."

"Good girl."

He leaned back from her but kept his arms on the wall, blocking any escape.

"Slide your jeans off."

The tone of his voice had suddenly become soft and comforting. He sounded almost conspiratorial, as if he were speaking to a loving partner instead of his victim. She hesitated for a moment, trying to get a grip on herself and to her horror, his darker side instantly resurfaced.

"Do it now!"

The sudden return of the threat in his voice caused her to jump. She kicked off her shoes and quickly dropped her pants to the floor, leaving only her red panties to keep her evaporating modesty intact. Before she could even stand up again, he grabbed her by her pony tail and dragged her across the room to the couch, throwing her head first into the cushions.

He pulled her head up and put what felt like a dog collar around her neck. He then pulled her arms up behind her head and slapped a pair of hand cuffs on her wrists. Finally, he secured the middle chain of the cuffs to the collar, trapping her hands behind her head.

"There, that should make you more manageable."

Grabbing her by the ankles he spun her body so that her knees were on the floor. She tried to raise her head off the couch, but he knelt behind her and pushed her face back down into the couch.

"Don't move!"

She felt his hand caress her hip and she almost cried out in fear at his touch. When he slipped his fingers into the waistband of her panties and tore them off her hips, she winced at the sudden, stinging pain.

April couldn't believe this was happening to her. She had fantasized about being taken forcefully by a man many times, but never really thought that it might actually happen. Now, everything was all happening so fast that she didn't have time to get her head around it. She found herself in a totally helpless position and she was still afraid that he might seriously hurt her. She realized that she had no choice but to take his word that he wouldn't and that her only choice was to submit herself to him. She concentrated on calming her breathing and relaxing so that she would be able to think.

It seemed plain that he was going to fuck her and she knew that she was going to have to go along with it. She wasn't a virgin by any means and she knew that she could survive that.

She could almost feel him moving behind her and the sound of him removing his clothes was unmistakable. She felt his hand touch her hip and thought this was it.

"Look, I'm not fighting, do what you want. I'll even try to make it as good for you as I can. Just promise to leave me in peace when you're done with me, Okay?"

Much to her relief, she sounded more confident then she felt. Risking a glance back at him she saw a long knife in his hand. Alarm bells sounded in her mind and terror instantly gripped her.

"Oh my God, don't! Please..."

April almost passed out as he brought the knife close to her back.

"Calm down! I told you I wasn't going to hurt you, now hold still. If you move, I might cut you accidentally."

Despite his assurances, April still didn't quite believe him. Her life was totally in his hands and she felt that he was certainly capable of ending it at any moment. The fact that he did nothing to hide his face made her sick with fear.

He lifted the back of her top and began cutting the fabric from the small of her back all the way up to her neckline. He went about it slowly and methodically, being very careful not to cut his victim's flesh as he went. Halfway up, he stopped and caressed her smooth ass.

"You have a beautiful body. I'm going to do things to you that none of the pathetic boys you've allowed in your bed could have ever imagined. It's a shame you wasted your virginity on any of them."

"You don't know anything about me. I might still be a virgin for all you know!"

Her voice was a whisper, but the defiance in it was clear to him. He found that he liked her spirit.

"I know more about you then you think, enough to know that somewhere deep down inside, you're enjoying this. You've been craving a real man your entire life. Now it's your chance to be had by one. Accept it and you'll find greater satisfaction then you've ever dreamed possible."

As he leaned to sever the shirt's collar, April felt his cock brush against her inner thigh. It felt very hard and very warm to her. As he started to cut the short sleeves away, April was stunned at realization that her body was beginning to respond to him. She felt the warm wetness of arousal stirring between her legs. She hated him for his arrogance, but she was forced to admit to herself that something inside her was indeed willing him on.

After he finished with her shirt, he cut her bra strap with one deft turn of his knife, leaving April naked in front of him. She felt humiliated by her treatment and more so by her own reaction to it. His rough hands were roaming slowly over her back, sending unwanted shivers of excitement up and down her spine. He lifted her body slightly and pulled the remains of her clothing out from under her.

April felt his hand lay flat on her back as he moved himself closer. When the head of his cock nudged against her, she instinctively rotated her hips to accept his intrusion. He pulled her back and pressed forward, sliding himself easily into her and making her gasp against her will.

April had not expected him to penetrate her so smoothly. Until then she hadn't been willing to admit to herself just how wet she had become. While she was thankful that it hadn't been painful, the reality of his intrusion was not lost on her. Somewhere in her mind she screamed "Oh my god no! This is really happening. I'm being raped!"

Just as her mind screamed in rebellion at his touch, her body began responding in its own way. He felt long and thick and his movements set off pleasurable sensations within her that she couldn't control. "This is wrong," she thought. "I can't possibly be enjoying this!"

Everything she had ever learned about sex said that she should be fighting the feelings that had begun to wash over her. April tried. God knew she tried, but the feeling caused by his slow, grinding movements in and out of her body could not be ignored.

He held her hips in both hands and guided her into an incredible rhythm that her body reacted to against her will. She heard the sound of female moaning and was horrified to find that she was giving in to the pleasure of being fucked. That is what it was, she knew. Not love making, not even sex. She was just being used for his satisfaction. She should have been horrified and angry, but something about it was actually turning her on!

She hoped desperately that he would cum quickly and be done with her before he found out how excited she was getting. She waited for that moment, expecting his pace to quicken and for his control to falter, but his motions only seemed to become more and more confident, as if he could already sense that she was giving in to him. It didn't take long before she understood that she wasn't getting off that easily. He stroked himself into her moistened sex with skill, changing speed and angle just enough to set her nerves on fire.

It was strangely liberating. All her inhibitions, the worries about how people might feel about her were sliding away with every stroke into her. Always before she was forced to balance her own carnal desires with the thought that, if she seemed too eager, if she enjoyed it too much, her partner would consider her a slut. She had been raised to be a 'good girl' and good girls were never 'easy.' With this man fucking her against her will, she was, in a very strange way, free. No one could judge her harshly, she was the victim here. In that instant, she gave herself over to it and accepted the pleasure of his intrusion.

He took hold of her pony tail and pulled her back onto him. He was moving faster and it seemed, more deeply. He felt deliciously hard as he repeatedly filled her. Then he slammed himself forward and held himself against her ass. For a moment, she thought he was finally going too cum, but instead, he reached behind her head and released her hands from their restraints.

Thankfully, she stretched her arms out in front of her to sooth her cramping muscles. The mixture of relief and of lingering pain created sensations within her that she could barely comprehend.

Just as her body started to relax he picked up his pace once more, pounding again and again into her abused pussy. His shaft slid wonderfully over her g-spot as he moved, giving her the constant, repetitive motion that she needed to start her body on the way to bliss.

Every time he thrust inside her he filled her completely, gently stretching the walls of her tiny pussy. He was finding spots within her that she herself had never known existed, and still he continued his exquisite torture of her body.

April was reaching the point of ultimate surrender. She was approaching orgasm at an incredible pace. It roared up inside her in an unstoppable wave and washed away all pretense of resistance, making her scream out in pleasure.

"Oh yes. Don't stop...don't stop! Oh fuuuck!"

He continued his powerful thrusts throughout her spasms until her body relaxed and her screams faded into soft moans. Her pussy was filled with the liquid fire of her own fluids and every stroke into her made her whole body quiver.

In the back of her mind she knew he had finally reached his limit. She could sense his need from his ragged breath and tensed muscles. When he thrust one last time, burying himself in as far as his ample size would go April heard him grunt and felt the hot wetness of his seed flow into her womb. He jabbed himself into her with several more quick strokes until, finally, he was totally spent.

He leaned over onto her back and gently kissed her shoulder.

"Oh yea April, that was amazing. I knew you had it within you. I never had any doubt."

His use of her name shocked her more then she could have guessed. "Oh my God," she thought to herself, "He knows my name! What else does he know about me? Who is he anyway?"

The whole experience had just become far more personal. She thought that he had come upon her randomly, but now it was apparent to her that she had been chosen. Chosen to be Raped by a man she didn't know. Somehow, to her, this fact had given him a greater power over her. His possession of her name crushed the last light of resistance she could muster. She felt now that he had totally defeated her.

He had forced himself upon her and had shattered all pretenses' she had about herself, exposing them for the lies that they were. He had made her body crave and long for his abuse and it had responded to him with the most intense orgasm she had ever known. He had left her totally confused. Confused and ashamed that she could have actually enjoyed it.

She fingered the collar around her neck. She was tempted to remove it, but she knew that it was as much a symbol of his dominance as it was a practical tool to control her. He had put it on her, and there it would it would stay until he decided to remove it.

April crawled up, naked, into the corner of the couch and drew her knees up to cover herself as best she could. She wasn't sure what would happen next, but sensed that he wasn't done with her yet. She watched as he stood and slid his pants back on. He then pulled a cigarette from his pack and lit it.

April didn't smoke and would never have allowed a guest to light up in her apartment, but he didn't seem to care if she minded or not. He acted as if they were in his home, as if he were the one who made the rules. She said nothing as he took a long drag from it and blew it into the room. He picked up his shirt and threw it to her.

"Put it on before you get cold."

As she slipped the large shirt over her slim body, he went into her kitchen. After opening a few cabinets, he returned with a small saucer to use as an ashtray. Only when he sat in a chair across the small room from her did it occur to her that she could have made a run for the door. She would have only had a moment, but the opportunity was there. She wondered to herself why she hadn't thought of it when she had the chance. The obvious answer was one that she wasn't yet ready to face. She shivered at the thought, she wasn't ready to admit to herself how bound by his will she had become.

April had avoided looking at him while he smoked, but finally forced herself to meet his gaze. He was watching her. His eyes were dark and intense but there was no threat there any longer. If anything he looked mildly amused. She was no longer worried about what he planned for her. Whatever he wanted, she didn't believe he would cause her pain or injury.

"How do you know me, My name, where I live? Why did you choose me?"

April felt her anger rise and it came out in her tone. Part of her worried that he would react to her challenge, but she needed to know, she deserved an answer.

"Will you at least tell me your fucking name? I've seen your face. Your fingerprints are all over the room. You came inside me so even your DNA is here. You can't get away with this."

"All true" he said. "My name is Ethan, and I didn't choose you. You asked for this yourself."

"No, you're wrong...I've never even seen you before!"

"Do you remember Trisha Collins?"

April felt her anger fade into shame at the mention of that name.

"Yes, I remember her..."

"She told you about me, didn't she?"

"She told me she knew a guy who liked to...do things to her"

April remembered that Trisha had said it was the most exciting sex she ever had. April had listened to her stories about this Ethan. About how he would show up at her home or workplace and take her at his whim. It had sounded incredibly exciting to her. Still, to April, it had just been a fantasy. Just silly girl talk...

"You told her that you would love to try it if you ever got the chance, didn't you?"

"Yes, but..."

"But nothing. You asked her for this. You wanted it."

He had a smug smile on his face.

"You sure seemed to enjoy it while it was happening."

"You came after me without so much as asking, without even letting me know!"

"Asking you? That would have defeated to whole purpose don't you think?"

He stood and came over to her. Reaching down he took her face in his hand.

"You can call the police, but Trisha will swear that you asked her to set this up, and if your neighbors heard anything, it will have only been you screaming for more."

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