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Airiel's Anal Party


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a work of fantasy and fiction. No characters represented are real, nor are the situations based on any facts. The story is the property of the author, and all rights are exclusively owned by the author.

Airiel's Anal Party

Her lips and tongue worked on the cudgel of man meat without any requirement for participation by her brain, leaving that organ to consider her world. It wasn't such a bad life out here in the wilderness, operating a business her family had built so relentlessly before the untimely demise of her parents and sister in a freak accident. Sure, she was the only female for hundreds of miles and the only outlet for nine pilots and other crew at the tiny outpost; but that was just sex - and she had her needs too. She felt Vern's dick twitch, then his spasms came and she sucked and swallowed as he emptied his balls down her throat. Seconds later he yanked his rapidly softening penis from her mouth, tucked it away, and zipped up his pants. "Thanks babe" he would say, patting the top of her head as he left. It was just another blow job. One of three or more, along with other forms of sex, that she would perform during an average day. Although she was on birth control, she preferred to give the men oral satisfaction rather than risking a pregnancy that would surely have raised plenty of eyebrows. All the sexual activity they seemed to keep under the radar; but a baby was another thing entirely. So Airiel sucked a lot of cock and swallowed a lot of semen. She would occasionally take a load in her cunt - she was no virgin - and once (or was it twice?) she'd taken it in the butt. She splashed her face with cold water and headed back out to the front office.

Josh and Mark seldom flew together; but this particular job mandated a qualified backup so they found themselves in the cockpit talking as men often did. "So hey man, you had our girl this week?" Mark chuckled, referring to Airiel.

"Oh yeah, but just head." Josh replied, sounding somewhat disappointed. "I mean blowing a load in her mouth is okay and all; but I sure wouldn't mind a little sumthin' else once in a while, ya know?" he added.

"I hear you man." Mark responded. "She does have a nice set of lips though. Gotta give her that."

A few minutes of silence followed that exchange before Mark spoke again. "Ever do her pussy?" he asked.

"Yeah, couple times. Nice and tight." Josh replied.

"Speakin' of tight, ever do her ass?" Mark queried with a chuckle.

"Well... not with my dick; but I've had a finger in there a few times." Josh laughed.

"Man... I gotta do that some time. Bet that's a sweet little hole, eh?" Mark suggested, his cock twitching in his pants.

"Aw hell, I bet you catch her after hours, pour a little lightnin' down her gullet, and you could do that little browneye for real." Josh suggested.

Mark laughed. "That girl has such a tiny little butt, that hole has to be so fuckin' tight... holy crap... oh man..."

More silence as the two men made their preparations for an instrument approach to the airfield at Analaklit. The current weather didn't require they use the complicated procedure; but practice made sense with winter approaching. Twenty minutes later they taxied up to the small terminal building, parking the twin-engined turboprop bird and going through the tiedown procedure before heading inside.

"Hey boys. Good flight?" Airiel greeted them with her usual enthusiasm.

"Yeah babe. No problems with the cargo, no problems with the weather, and we landed without a scratch, so yeah. Good flight." Josh replied with a chuckle. "You have a good day all by yourself?" he asked her.

"Oh.... I wasn't alone the whole day." Airiel replied. "I had a couple visitors." she added.

"Only a couple, huh?" Mark queried.

"mmmmYeah I could use a couple more..." Airiel said suggestively. "Just give me a minute to log your manifest and I'll let you gentlemen buy a girl a drink." she giggled, tapping away at the keyboard. It was after six and no more arrivals were expected, so she could queue up the automated tower attendant and have a little fun. Hmmm... two of them... wonder if they'll share... she thought, finishing up the log and closing out the program. She reached over to bring up the attendant, choosing a greeting message before tying the system into the weather station. Then she turned around, slapping her hands together. "Okay then, what am I drinkin'?" she laughed, walking out from behind the counter.

"A little sumthin' special for the little lady." Josh said, setting a bottle of Jack Daniels on the table. "Got some soda? We can make those fancy cock tails you love so much." he laughed.

"COCK tails, huh?" Airiel giggled, going to the cupboard to grab three glasses. "Check the fridge, I think there might be some cokes in there." she added, wriggling away from Mark's groping fingers on her backside. "Drink first, fondle later, you know the rules baby." she chuckled, although she had to admit it felt good.

Josh came back with a six-pack of Pepsi and a bowl of ice cubes, putting three in each glass before opening and pouring soda into each of them. Mark grabbed the bottle of whiskey and topped up the three glasses, then picked one up and held it high. "To alcohol and sex." he chuckled.

Mark laughed. "And plenty of both."

Airiel clinked her glass to theirs. "In that order." she added, taking a long swallow of the powerful drink. She wanted to be nice and relaxed when things got started, to make it more fun for the boys. Airiel killed three glasses of the strong mix before either of the men broached the topic, and she was feeling pretty good at that point.

"So girl, what are you up for?" Mark asked, his own fingers massaging the bulge in his pants. "I mean... you know... you want two at once?" he chuckled.

Airiel giggled. "Ohhhh... I dunno... you mean like one in my mouth and the other in my cunt?" she queried. "I guess if you're really nice I might be okay with that." she laughed.

"Nice as in..." Josh pursued the suggestion.

"As in one of you boys gets to munch my box first." Airiel replied.

Josh patted the table in front of him with both hands. "Bring that thang up here girl, I'd be glad to have a snack." he chuckled, licking his lips.

Airiel stood up and walked over to Josh, her fingers unfastening the waist snap of her pants and tugging down the zipper. "A little help?" she suggested, waiting as Josh's hands pulled down her jeans and panties. When the garments were around her ankles she hopped up onto the table and let him pull them over her feet.

Mark watched from his seat as Airiel's taut little tush came into view. Damn that's a tight little ass... he thought, his dick responding to the sight of naked female flesh as it twitched in his pants. Then her little rear was on the table, and shortly after that happened, his buddy's head went down between her wide spread thighs and out of sight.

Josh hadn't ever been 'up close and personal' with Airiel's pussy, in spite of the fact that he'd fucked her twice. He took in a deep breath and smiled. "Mmmmm... smells sweet." he chuckled, sticking his tongue out to lap the length of her soft folds.

Airiel giggled. "Peppermint pussy" she said. "ahhhhhhmmmmm..." she moaned as the man's tongue licked the length of her slit. She let his hands guide her legs up and back, splaying open the plane of her cunt as his oral digit pushed inside her wetness. Her loins sizzled as he encircled her clit with his lips and sucked hard. "ohhhGAWDDDD.... EAT MEEEEEEE" she growled, reaching down to pull his face to her crotch.

Mark reached over to pull at her shirt, finally getting it up over her tiny little titties as she squirmed on the table. May as well work on these little nuggets... he thought, leaning down to take a stiff nipple between his lips. "Mmmph"

Josh backed off for a moment, using his thumbs to spread her tiny anus so he could push his tongue into the niggardly little hole. Airiel squirmed and squealed at the lewd intrusion; but he insisted on worrying her nasty little rear for a few moments before returning to her seething pussy.

Airiel had to admit it - that tongue felt pretty good pushing into her asshole; but she hoped they weren't going to insist on THAT! She wasn't an anal virgin; but it wasn't her favorite thing to do. "AHHHHmmmm YESSSSS..." she squealed as her clit was again the subject of the man's ministrations. She felt his finger sliding into her cunt, reaching deep inside her before being joined by a second digit while he continued to suck on her sensitive little nubbin. His tongue flicked at her clit as two fingers skewered her hot pussy, then the digits eased out of her and she sensed him rising between her legs.

Josh unzipped his jeans to free his fully erect manhood, pulling her hips to the edge of the table and pressing his cockhead against her damp opening. His fingers grasped her lithe hips as he pushed inside her. "ahhhHHHhhhyeah... so nice.... so hot..." he grunted, gently easing his full length into her willing cunt. His body established a rhythm, sliding his cock in and out of her receptive vaginal chute as her body writhed gently on the table. Josh watched his buddy as Mark freed his penis and gently pressed it against Airiel's face. Mark used his strong hands to scoot her shoulders over until her head was draped over the edge of the table and he could press the head of his meat against her lips. "Yeah baby... suck his cock while I fuck you.." he told her.

Mark gently eased his penis into Airiel's willing mouth as he watched Josh penetrating her cunt. He'd not had this experience before, and had to admit it was really exciting to be a part of a threesome; but he really wanted to fuck Airiel's pussy before they were finished. He'd emptied his load in her sexy little face at least a dozen times, and while it was certainly pleasurable it had become a little common to him. He looked down to watch as he pushed his shaft all the way into the back of her throat, enjoying her gurgle as she suppressed her reflex as always. The girl could deep throat with the best of them - in fact Airiel was the only woman he'd ever done it with; but she was good.

The two men used her openings for a good fifteen minutes before Mark and Josh agreed to a switch and withdrew their organs from Airiel's body. Mark went around the table and pulled at her body to drape her over the edge of the table with her cute little rear pointed at him. He and Josh moved her slightly so that Josh had access to her mouth and they plugged in, Mark sliding into her gushing pussy as Josh enjoyed the softness of her lips and her flicking tongue.

Mark looked down at Airiel's little derriere, gently tugging the cheeks apart to expose her little brown wrinkle. He took his thumb into his mouth to coat it with saliva and gently worked at her tightest opening as his cock moved in and out of her cunt. She wriggled and let out a muffled squeal.

Airiel felt the man's thumb at her anal port and pushed Josh's hips back to pull his cock from her mouth. "nnnNO... don't get any ideas... one finger is okay; but go EASY back there... NO BUTTFUCKING!" she growled, resuming her fellatio.

Hey... no problem girl... I just wanted to finger your ass anyway... Mark thought, chuckling to himself. He slipped his dick halfway out of her pussy and gathered some of her juices with his thumb, then gently teased at her tiny wrinkle as he resumed his thrusts in her vagina. His thick digit worked at her ring until he felt it relax just a little, then applied enough pressure to push past her sphincter to the first knuckle. Her slender hips shuddered at the intrusion into her tight rear; wriggling as his penis resumed its strokes in her cunt. Mark let the movement of her body work his thumb up her ass until it was all the way in, then enjoyed the sensations as he fucked her. "Yeah baby... hot fucking pussy... tight little ass..." he groaned, looking down to enjoy the view.

Josh let his cock soak in her hot mouth as he watched the action, wondering what might happen He caught Mark's eye and grinned. "How's that little butt feel?" he asked with a chuckle.

"Mmm... nice and tight... and really smooth..." Mark laughed, pausing his hips while he fucked her anus with his thumb. "and hot" he added. "I dunno baby, you sure you don't want a little cock back here?" he laughed.

Airiel pushed Josh's hips back again. "N-not tonight boys... not in my ass..." she responded, then resumed sucking on Josh's thick dick. "mmMMMMGLPHhhh" came her muffled squeal as the thumb in her bottom was shoved all the way into her bottom. They just can't do that... not this time...

Mark picked up the pace of his thrusts into Airiel's hot pussy, sliding his thumb in and out of her snug pooper as he got close to his peak. "Ohhhhfuck baby... so hot... ohyeah... ohYEAH.... OH...FUCK...YEAHHHHHH" he growled as his cock began to convulse in her seething tunnel.

Mark's thrusts were pushing her mouth down on Josh's dick and he, too, began to cum. His hands grasped her head as he fucked into her willing face, his semen splashing into her throat as she gurgled and swallowed. "Yes baby... that's it... SUCK IT... SUCK MY COCK... OHFUCKYESSSSSS..." he growled, emptying his balls into her suckling mouth.

Both cocks unloaded into her receptive holes, then pulled out somewhat abruptly. The thumb up her butt was the last intruder to withdraw, and she felt Mark's wet tongue on her tender ring before he finally backed off and gave her a playful slap on her bottom. "Mmmmmm.... nice fuck boys..." she said softly, pushing herself up to climb from the table. She bent over to retrieve her jeans and panties from the floor and immediately felt hands on her backside. She giggled and wiggled away, pulling on her garments as she stood up. "Now now boys... you've had your fun... that's enough for now..." she scolded them. She glanced down, noticing Mark's still-erect penis as he stroked it. "What... you're not done?" she laughed.

"He sure would like to take a drive on a little dirt road..." Mark taunted her.

"Oh no... I told you guys... no ass... not tonight..." Airiel said.

Not TONIGHT eh? Maybe another time then... Mark thought, pulling on his shorts and jeans.

"Okay boys, I'm done for the day." Airiel told them. "Guess I gotta take care of myself... again." she said, disappointed that she hadn't achieved orgasm with the men. No biggie... I have a nice big vibe to deal with that... she thought.

Josh and Mark got their act together and headed out to the only other building available to them, bringing the booze with them and quickly lighting the wood stove to get some heat in the small bungalow that served as 'quarters' for pilots and crew staying overnight. They pulled two frozen 'dinners' from the freezer and lit the cook stove, then poured another drink and waited for the food to be warm enough to eat.

"I'm thinkin' we need to set her up for a little backdoor bang, what you think?" Josh said.

"Sure man, got something in mind?" Mark agreed. "I mean, she sure didn't mind my thumb all the way up her little butt, so...."

"Exactly. And I know she ain't no anal virgin. She's taken cock up her ass for sure." Josh said. "I think we get a couple more guys, get her tipsy, and just do it." he added. "Once we get her goin', she ain't gonna want to stop."

Mark nodded his agreement. "Yeah, she is a horny little babe for sure. And that asshole is so fuckin' nice... holy crap... so damn smooth and hot" he chuckled. "So who do we get for the party?" he asked.

"Well we gotta pick a couple of guys we know we can trust, and have a backup just in case scheduling gets fucked up." Josh replied. "Can't be obvious we're planning something, so the 'coincidence' factor is a biggie." he added.

They ate their dinners, making notes about the planned event, what supplies they would want on hand, how to get it and store it where Airiel wouldn't know. They'd decided their first choices for accomplices would be Rob McKutcheon and Kev Lions, both pilots who frequented Airiel's services as they did. The backup would be Rich Harmon, a young crewman who wanted to get some of that but had not had the opportunity. After the meal and a few more drinks they made a list of actions for each of them and hit the sack.

A few weeks went by, business as usual, and the planned day arrived. The four pilots were in touch during the day using a 'secret' VHF frequency on their airborne radios and a set of code phrases to keep things private. As it turned out, Rob's flights would keep him away from Analiklit that evening, so Josh contacted Rich - the backup player - to let him know he was 'in'. As the day's activities wound down the men closed in. Mark, Josh, and Kev landed within a thirty minute window with Josh bringing Rich along to 'help unload the cargo'. Airiel seemed oblivious, although she'd taken care of two men earlier in the day with oral service.

Airiel was in her office closing out the day's logs when the four men came through the door. "What's up guys?" she asked with a giggle. She had an idea they wanted to celebrate a significant milestone, which was partly true...

Josh spoke up. "Hey doll, we were just thinking you might want to have a drink with us for the shipments milestone, so..."

"Heck yeah!" Airiel replied. "I'm done, so lemme setup the auto stuff and let's do it!" she exclaimed happily.

The five of them went through the first bottle in thirty minutes, Mark making sure Airiel got doubles for each of their singles. Forty-five minutes in and the jokes and conversation were getting pretty bawdy. At the hour mark the men had convinced Airiel that she owed Rich a blow job for his role in making the milestone, and she was on her knees paying homage to the young man's organ. As she did that Kev deftly unfastened her jeans and had them off of her, then he pulled her panties aside and began lapping at her sweet cunt while her head bobbed in Rich's lap. Kev's expertise at cunnilingus had Airiel moaning and writhing in heat by the time the young crewman unloaded down her throat.

Airiel swallowed the boy's semen and lifted her head from his lap, looking around at the small crowd. "So... you guys all gonna have a piece of me, or what?" she giggled. "nnnYAHHHHH... gawd.... eat me baby... make me CUMMMMMM" she squealed. Josh took Rich's place and presented his dick to her lips. "Mmmmgllphh" she grunted, wolfing his meat down as her orgasm approached.

Kev finished her, then freed his cock and pushed it into the seething wetness of her vagina, stroking into her with long thrusts as he gazed down at the tiny port of her anus. They'd agreed that Mark would go for that first, and it would be an oral approach to get her ready. but DAMN that little hole looks good! he thought, pumping into her hot pussy as she sucked Josh's cock. "Yeah baby... let's party... fucking hot pussy baby... fucking hot..." he grunted. He used his thumbs to spread her butt cheeks wide, just watching as her little wrinkle clenched and puckered with his strokes into her cunt.

Mark stood close enough that he could clearly see Airiel's asshole winking at them between her firm buttocks. FUCK that's hot... such a tight little butthole... gonna be a fun time tonight... he thought, rubbing at his throbbing shaft through his pants. Josh roared as he started pumping his meat into Airiel's face, his semen oozing past her lips as she sucked and swallowed frantically. He saw her body shudder as the simultaneous penetration drove her to another climax, then Josh pulled her head up as Kev yanked his dick from her clenching pussy and took his place. Won't be long now....

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