tagLoving WivesAlicia's Adventures

Alicia's Adventures


It all started innocently enough. My wife and I had been watching a dirty movie one evening while we messed around. The scene had started out with a sexy blonde woman sitting at a bar. She was approached by two men who flirted with her and, in short order, began pulling her clothes off. I noticed that my wife began to squirm as she watched the blonde massage the men's hardening cocks through their pants. Her attention really seemed to pick up when the blonde unfastened their pants and pulled both thick pieces of meat out and began caressing them. "You like that?" I asked with a smile on my face.

"Mmm, yeah, it's really hot," she purred as her own fingers danced around my swollen cockhead.

We kept watching as the blonde in the movie removed their clothes, dropped to her knees, and began servicing the two hung studs. My wife seemed transfixed as the two men fucked the actress in a variety of positions, finishing with a double penetration, one cock in her pussy, the other in her ass. "Wow," she remarked, "I wonder what that must feel like."

"Maybe you'd like to find out," I responded playfully.

"Mmmm, I don't know," she moaned as I plunged my own cock into her tight pussy, "but it's so hot to see it in a movie."

My wife, Alicia, is a sexy, professional, 33-year old Chinese-American woman. While she isn't exactly a knockout, she turns a lot of heads when we go out. Alicia is just over five feet tall, with medium size breasts, a flat stomach, a nice round ass, and a fantastic smile. We met several years before and hit it off immediately. We had been honest about our pasts I knew she'd been with quite a few men before me, a fact that was apparent as soon as her skilled hands and mouth had found my cock. Her past experience had made me a little jealous at first, but soon became a source of fantasy. By my count she'd slept with about twenty men and messed around with about half a dozen more. As I became more secure in our relationship, the thought of my wife exploring so many male bodies, being so free in her sexuality, and so many men satiating themselves with her had become a major turn on. I'd never met a woman who was so sexually confident, so willing to take what she wanted, and able to get herself off so quickly.

We were still fucking as the scene in the movie came to an end. The blonde was straddling one guy as the other fucked her from behind. Their thick dicks pumped in and out of her at the same time, stretching both holes. Alicia and I watched as they pulled out and began to cum. The guy on top began shooting over the blonde's ass and thighs while the one on bottom shot up into her pussy. The actress's pussy, thighs, and ass were soon bathed in a mess of cunt juice and cum that seemed to cover all three of the performers. "That's really hot," my wife gasped, sending me over the edge, and I emptied my cock into her hot pussy.

The movie and the sex stuck with me through the next day, distracting me from work. By the time I got home, I was good and horny, hoping to fuck my wife as soon as I walked in the door. Unfortunately, Alicia had made dinner plans with another couple, Steve and Mary, and she told me that we had to leave in ten minutes. I ran upstairs change (cramming my half-erect cock into a new pair of pants) and we headed to the restaurant to meet the other couple. Making my situation worse, Alicia was wearing a short black dress that shows off her tight ass and her perfect round tits. Through the thin fabric, I could clearly make out the shape of her nipples, which were almost always hard.

We made it to the restaurant on time, but it was very full. Alicia and I headed to the bar to order a drink and wait for Steve and Mary to show up. The place was packed but Alicia managed to find a stool at the bar while we sipped our drinks and waited. About twenty minutes later her phone rang, Steve and Mary were having car trouble and wouldn't be able to make it. My wife and I decided to stay and have a couple more drinks before going back home. Alicia is a bit of a lightweight and after a few minutes, our conversation turned to sex. It turned out that she too had been thinking about last night's movie and had been turned on all day. We ordered two more drinks and she excused herself to use the restroom. When she came back, she gave me a kiss on the cheek and a naughty smile. She then opened her purse, lifting it so I could see the wadded up pair of underwear inside. She giggled and crossed her legs. My tipsy wife was now sitting panty-less in a short skirt in the middle of a crowded bar. "Oh boy," I thought, and excused myself to the restroom.

I wanted to hurry back but there was a line for the mens room. It was about ten minutes before I returned and the bar seemed to have emptied out a little. Even so, the spots next to my wife were still taken. I could see her reflection in the mirror behind the bar as approached and I saw that Alicia was talking to two men who seemed very interested in her. I paused to watch as these two guys hit on my wife. I was about to go break it up when she saw me in the mirror as well. Her mischievous grin returned and she gave me a wink. I responded with a shrug and moved a couple spots down the bar to watch the scene. Really, what could be the harm in letting my wife have a little fun? It would make her feel sexy and I would get the benefits in bed when we went home. To be honest, the thought of these two men trying to score with my wife turned me on a bit too.

Both guys were good looking. The one on her right was being pretty forward, encouraging Alicia to finish her drink (which she did), buying her another one, and putting his hand on the small of her back. I ordered another drink as the show continued. Soon, the second guy gave up, said goodbye, and left Alicia alone to flirt with this stranger. She periodically made eye contact with me in the mirror, giggled, and continued chatting with the guy. It was fascinating to watch her operate with this other man, something I'd only ever seen her do with me. It was a bit like looking back in time to her past when she'd been sexually free. My wife was now drunk and getting touchy with the stranger at the bar. He had moved his hand to her bare leg and she was touching his shoulder. Alicia was shooting me glances every few minutes and smiling, so I knew she was enjoying herself.

I had become extremely horny by this point, and decided to move back to sit beside my wife. As I walked over to them, I noticed that Alicia had her hand in the stranger's lap and she appeared to be rubbing the front of his jeans. As I sat down, the stranger excused himself to go to the restroom. As he walked away, Alicia turned to me and gave me a kiss. "That was Jack," she said, noticeably tipsy, "he likes me."

"You seemed to be getting pretty friendly," I replied, "should I be worried."

"No honey, I was just telling him about the movie we saw yesterday," she laughed. "Seriously?" I asked.

"Sure," she smiled, "I'm so fucking horny and he's cute and nice."

"Well where do you want this to go?" I asked her.

Alicia laughed again, devilishly this time, "Why don't we find out? Can I take him home?"

"I don't know," I hesitated, "I'm not sure that..."

My wife interrupted me, "Well if we go ahead with this, I'll owe you one." "You mean...?" I asked.

Alicia nodded as Jack returned from the bar. "Hi Jack," she said, "this is my husband."

Jack looked surprised for a moment, then shook my hand. "You have a lovely wife," he said.

I was thanking him when Alicia interrupted again, "I think we're going to call it a night, Jack," she said, "I've had a little too much to drink and now I need to get laid... want to come back to our place?"

"Seriously?" Jack asked. He and Alicia then turned to me.

"Umm...," I stammered for a minute as Alicia began running her hand up the inside of my thigh. "Well... I guess... sure, what the hell."

Alicia let out a little cheer and Jack stood there, looking as shocked as me. Not to be deterred, Alicia grabbed our hands and led us out of the restaurant and into the parking lot. She told Jack to follow us back to our house, which was only about five minutes away. On the ride home my wife couldn't keep her hands off of me or herself as she fingered her bare pussy and my hard dick through the front of my pants. Once we got home Alicia told us to pour her another drink and said she'd be right back. Jack and I each got drinks as well and sat down at either end of the couch. We made small talk for the next few minutes, waiting for my wife to come back downstairs. It turned out that Jack and his girlfriend had been fighting for the last couple weeks, and the poor guy hadn't been laid in at least a month. Like Alicia and me, he had never done anything like this before and seemed at least a little nervous. After about three minutes we heard my wife coming back downstairs and both looked up.

My wife had changed out of her dress and was now wearing some lingerie that I had brought her for her last birthday. It was a black corset with a matching thong and thigh-highs. Her hard nipples poked out through the thin fabric and her breasts jiggled as she stepped down the stairs. She looked stunning as she sauntered over to the two of us. Jack's mouth hung open as he took the sight of my half naked wife in. Alicia slid down on the couch between us and placed a hand on each of our thighs.

"Hi guys, did you miss me?" she asked.

"Wow..." Jack said.

Alicia giggled and leaned over to me. She began kissing my neck and unbuttoning my shirt. A she reached down to unbuckle my belt she turned back to Jack, "My husband fucks me really well Jack, do you want to see?" she asked him.

"Yes," was his one-word response.

"Do you think you can help him take care of me," my wife asked, lifting her stocking-clad leg over to rest on his knee as she continued unfastening my pants. She was giving him a clear view of her moist pussy lips through the tiny strip of cloth that covered her crotch.

"Yeah, I can do that," Jack replied, his right hand stroking my wife's leg and his left rubbing his erection, which snaked down the left leg of his jeans.

Alicia and I made out for a few more minutes as Jack continued stroking his restrained hard on. She had her hands down my pants and was stroking my leaking dick. I had reached over to massage her soaking pussy through her thong.

"I think our guest is getting lonely," Alicia said to me, looking into my eyes for approval. This was it. I nodded and she released my throbbing meat, and then leaned over to Jack.

"Hi," she said as she turned his lips to hers and began kissing him. She threw her right leg over mine and I reached for her wet snatch, massaging her clit through her soaked panties. Alicia's hands unbuttoned Jack's shirt and then moved to loosen his jeans. She fumbled with the thick fabric for a moment, then ordered him to take them off. He complied, sliding them down to the floor. His engorged member was now clearly visible through his briefs. I watched as my wife's small hands moved down to tease the thick bulge as Jack groaned.

I then watched as Alicia pulled the waistband slowly down over Jack's broad shaft and tucked it beneath his heavy balls. His entire package was shaved except for a small patch of dark brown hair on his pubic bone. His cock stood hard and angry in my wife's gentle hands, the helmet flaring. A trickle of precum ran down from the tip as Alicia continued teasing his generous meat. She continued kissing him as her hand, now wet with his juices, began caressing his veiny shaft. I watched her skilled fingers controlling his cock, the diamonds in her wedding ring sparkling as she moved up and down his length. Jack moaned again as my wife reached down to tickle his balls.

"Oh fuck," he gasped as she kept pumping his huge phallus, his precum lubricating her hand. Jack groaned that he was about to cum and began bucking his hips. Alicia moved closer to him, still kissing his lips as her hands coaxed his jism up from his balls. He let out one more groan as his dick erupted in my wife's hands. Thick spurts of cum poured out of his bulging cockhead and over my wife's chest, arms and hands. He hadn't been kidding, it really had been a long time since the poor guy got off. Alicia kept milking him as his orgasm subsided. After she had squeezed the last drops of jizz from his burning cock she leaned back against the couch, half covered in his sperm.

"Yummmm," she giggled as she licked his warm seed from her fingers. The corset I'd given her was now covered with this stranger's cum.

As Jack regained his breath Alicia crawled back over to me. The strange taste of another man's cum was on her lips as we kissed. My wife quickly removed my remaining clothes and climbed into my lap, my straining cock pressing against her thighs and crotch, coating them with a shiny layer of precum. I pushed the strap of her cum-stained corset off and it fell over her shoulder to reveal one supple breast. Her smooth light-brown skin was capped with a dark nipple that poked out half an inch from her soft bosom. I took it in my mouth hungrily as my wife moaned and began to grind against my throbbing erection.

Alicia has always had an extremely sensitive clitoris and she was an expert (having learned the trick in high school) at grinding it against a man's cock to get herself off. She began to rub herself up and down my thick manhood as I continued sucking on her breasts, neck, and shoulders. Jack moved over to help and slid my wife's thong down over her round ass and down her thighs. Her shaved pussy now lay bare before this stranger's eyes. Alicia has the most beautiful pussy I've ever seen. It's lips pucker when she's aroused, showing just a hint of the wet folds inside. As Jack watched, my wife began to rub her cream against my hard shaft. In just a few minutes she began to cum, gasping for breath as her juices flowed down on my waiting cock.

She kissed me again as she reached around and grasped my thick member, aiming it directly at the lips of her snatch. Alicia slowly slid down along the first few inches of my erection. Her pussy was as wet and hot as I'd ever felt it, the walls clinging to my bulging cock. She let out a soft whimper as I filled her and she began to rotate her hips, grinding her clit against the base of my hard on. By this point, Jack's cock had begun to re-inflate and he was ready to join the fun again. As she continued fucking me, my wife turned to grab our guests dick. I watched as she pulled him to her by his heavy tool and took him in her mouth. Jack's girth filled my wife's wet lips and she was only able to take him an inch or so past his head.

The sight of my wife servicing this strange cock and the deep massage that she was doing on my own member was more than I could take. My cock began to throb, pumping cum up my shaft. Alicia felt as I began to spasm inside her tight folds and she too began to cum. Her breathing was quick and shallow as she struggled to keep Jack's cock in her mouth and take the force of my own orgasm in her hot pussy. My hot seed erupted deep inside her and she came around my shooting cock. Jack held her up as she nearly collapsed from her own orgasm. He then helped her as she climbed off my spent meat and lay down on the couch, covered in semen and perspiration. I kissed my wife as she reached down to take Jack's hard cock in her hands and pull him towards her cum filled pussy. Her soft hands guided his large member up and down her wet folds and over her clit before he plunged his full length into her burning cunt.

Alicia gasped as he filled her with his powerful tool. My own cock was again standing at full attention as I watched our guest fucking my wife. She reached out to grab my balls and pulled my swinging cock to her mouth, devouring me as Jack buried himself in her hot pussy. Her breasts shook with each thrust as she lavished my bulging dick with her tongue and lips. Jack groaned, again on the brink of orgasm.

"Wait," my wife gasped, and pushed him back.

His raging member slid out of her soaking pussy as she pulled herself up. She grabbed Jack's shoulders and pushed him down onto the couch, kissing him seductively as she crawled onto his lap. My wife ran her pussy up and down the length of his shaft, teasing him for a moment before sliding down upon him, slowly. She began a methodical grind on him as they kissed. Alicia then turned to me and beckoned, tilting her ass upward in an invitation. Her round cheeks were spread to reveal Jack's thick tool filling her vagina, his large balls spilling down between her legs.

I moved in behind her, stroking the head of my cock over the mixture of pussy juice and cum that covered her ass. There was no need for any more lube as I carefully pushed my cock into her ass. I slid into from behind, she was hot, wet, and tight. I could feel Jack's powerful dick sliding in and out of Alicia's pussy through the skin that separated her two holes. We both began pumping into my wife, filling her with more cock than she'd ever had. She moaned as we took her to new heights of ecstasy. I couldn't believe that my wife could take all of this.

It wasn't long before Alicia started to spasm and her body was gripped by an intense orgasm. She clamped down even harder on our throbbing cocks. I could feel as Jack began to cum inside my wife's tight pussy. I began shooting immediately. The three of us groaned as we all came together. Jack and I each erupted inside my wife, filling her with our steaming loads. I could feel as my cum spilled out of her, mixing with her cream and Jack's seed as Alicia continued squeezing our dicks, milking as much cum out of them as she could get.

The three of us were spent. We offered Jack a bedroom but he said that the couch would be fine. Alicia gave him a soft kiss before we went upstairs to bed and collapsed ourselves. The next morning, we woke up to find Jack gone with a short thank you note with his phone number on the coffee table. I then took my wife into the shower and we gently washed the dried sweat and cum from the last night's festivities from our bodies.

"Did you have fun?" I asked her as I held my wife's wet body in my arms.

"It was wonderful," she smiled as she lathered up my cock in her hands. "I guess I owe you one."

"I guess so," I laughed, wondering what adventures next weekend might hold.

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