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Alien v Predator: Insemination Ch. 02


Part 2 of the AvP series. In terms of time, this chapter takes place simultaneously to what occurred in chapter 1. Just on a quick note, I realize that the whole concept of this story is a bit over the top in some regards. The characters having sex while there are xenos running around the colony trying to kill them and such. That was part of the enjoyment while writing this though; makes the whole thing kinda comical in a way. Also, for those of you "routing" for the aliens, don't worry, there will be xenomorph sex later on for sure. Anyways, enjoy!


Private John Taylor scrambled frantically to get to the residential D-sector building that his marine companion, Alicia Jackson, was holed up in. He had promised her via radio that he would make his way back to her. He knew that the xenomorphs which had slaughtered or taken every member of their marine squad had infested the whole compound and that trying to get through to her was near-suicide. But Taylor knew that Alicia could very well be the last one left besides himself and he could not bring himself to leave the colony knowing that she is still alive.

Since he had reestablished radio contact with Alicia, his three remaining marine squadmates had been taken by the menacing xenomorphs along the way. If they hadn't been simply killed on the spot, then they had surely been turned into breeding hosts for the monsters like the rest of their sixteen member squad and the colonists that they had been sent in to find.

Now he was alone on one side of the compound just as Alicia was alone on the other side. All he had on him was his single radio, flashlight and small satchel of other random supplies. Unlike Alicia, Taylor didn't have the luxury of a motion tracker or weapons; they had all been lost during the previous encounters with the xenos, this made it even more crucial for him to not lower his guard while traversing the compound. As he ran as quickly as he could through the desolate streets of the abandoned colony complex, he hefted the pack over his shoulder and kept his flashlight in hand and ready.

He stopped briefly, scanning his eyes around him for xenos but deducted that he was alone for the time being. He quickly drew up the complex schematics from his PDA, using his fingers to quickly cycle through the various structure designs. Finally, he surmised that he had to pass through a large motor pool directly to his north in order to make his way back to the residential district that Alicia resided in. He pocketed his PDA and took a deep, exasperated breath, before moving forward to the motor pool.

He tapped a bypass code onto the nearby door mechanism and clicked on his flashlight as the garage door drew open noisily. He stepped his way inside and quickly directed the beam of his light in every direction of the motor pool, anticipating seeing the swishing tail of one of the xenomorphs or a hive of facehuggers waiting for him in the garage. Fortunately, there appeared to be neither of the two that he could see; just a long line of transport trucks and tractors stretching to the far end of the room.

Taylor took another breath and began walking along the outer edge of the motor pool, hearing the eerie echo of his own footsteps resonating through the room. After moments of walking alongside the line of parked vehicles, shining his light across all random areas of the room, his heart suddenly missed a beat when a loud shriek filled the chamber. He stood as still as a statue and frantically pointed his light all over the room and readied himself. Suddenly a lone xeno bolted out from under the tractor straight ahead, skittering at lightning fast speed away from him.

Taylor kept walking, slower this time, through the seemingly endless motor pool, awaiting the untimely arrival of another terrifying xenomorph. Ahead of him, another ear-piercing screech resonated throughout the entire room again, followed by the sounds of exchanged blows and hand-to-hand combat. He quickened his pace, running to the end of the line of vehicles as the sounds of fighting and noises got louder. When he got to the last vehicle and was about to round the corner, he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks, nearly dropping his light in shock.

There, around the corner was a xenomorph, presumably the one that Taylor had seen minutes before, engaged in viscous melee combat with someone...or something. The taller, more humanoid figure, was slashing at the xenomorph with a wristblade of some kind, grunting through its mask as it sank blow after blow into the flailing xeno. Taylor drew himself back a few feet, looking on hesitantly in the direction of the two figures but not intervening. As he looked on, his eyes were fixed on the new figure slashing at the xeno; it was clearly not human but obviously no friend to the xenos either. It was tall, about half a foot taller than Taylor, and had an exotic skin color to it; a mix of brown and olive.

The humanoid alien suddenly won the battle, swinging its wristblade around in a swift arc, completely severing the xeno's eyeless head from his black, skeleton-like body. The decapitated xeno slumped to the floor and the hunter let out a noise similar to a snort through its mask. It knelt down and examined its fallen prey before running its fingers gently over the wires that held its mask on, and pulling them out. Taking both of its clawed hands, the creature drew off its mask and dropped it to the floor with a slight clang. As Taylor watched, the creature grabbed on to one of the fingers of its fallen prey and broke it off with an audible snap and squeezed out a few droplets of acidic blood from its limb. It then brought it up its face, still out of sight of Taylor, and drew it in a line across its forehead.

Taylor watched with curiosity and a slight twinge of fear as the creature branded itself with the superficial line of acidic blood, marking itself with the killing of the xeno. It hissed slightly from the stinging of being touched with acidic blood but continued to run the line across its forehead regardless. After it finished, it dropped the limb and turned slightly to the side, looking up at the ceiling for any sign of more xenos.

It was then that the watchful Taylor realized that this alien creature was actually female. During the fight with the xeno, the creature's back had been turned and Taylor had been so terrified and fascinated by the conflict that he didn't even think about the creature's gender. The creature was clearly larger than the average human and stronger of course, the broad shoulders and muscles were an indication of that. However, right there on her chest was a rather large, plump pair of breasts. They, like the rest of its body, had an exotic color mix to them, their olive coating highlighted by the black nipples in the center. The thrashing xeno had apparently ripped off the creature's breastplate during the fight. And now her hidden feminine features were on display for the watchful human male.

To Taylor's utter shock, he suddenly felt himself sprouting an erection as he gazed, captivated by this creature's huge breasts. The voice of reason in the back of his head told him that this was insane as the creature was clearly another species and a natural-born killer at that. And yet, all he could think about in that moment was thrusting his penis up in between those two exotic jugs and erupting all over them.

He directed his flashlight down to his crotch and fumbled with his pants uncomfortably with his erect penis trapped inside them. Suddenly, as he was returning his gaze upwards, he was met with a full view of the body of the alien female right in front of him.

"Oh fuck-," Taylor gasped before his cry was suddenly interrupted by the huge alien female grabbing him by the neck, hissing. She hoisted the thrashing human marine by his neck and slammed him up against the wall of the garage, letting out a garbled noise full of malice that sent shivers through Taylor. He dropped his flashlight and thrashed on the wall as she tightened her grip, staring intently at the human's face.

As Taylor stared back into the alien face before him, he realized that although her womanly assets were certainly appealing, her face was rather terrifying. Her eyes were brown but seemed alight with deadly malice and the outer edges of her mouth were surrounded by large mandibles. The female Predator unsheathed her wristblade and raised it up menacingly as if she were about to slice at him as she did the xeno.

"Shit," Taylor thought to himself, "She obviously wasn't pleased that I was voyeuring her. Now she's gonna kill me and add my skull to the others." His eyes scanned over the terrifying ensemble of bones and trophies from previous hunts across her belt and on her shoulder plates.

He grabbed onto her clawed hand wrapped around his throat and struggled out, "Go...on then...do it," he croaked.

The alien didn't kill him or immediately respond. She brought her face close to his as if she were intently studying him. She could easily detect that the human didn't have any weapons on him, which was the first purpose for her observations. However, through her enhanced senses, she could tell that this human's heartrate was greatly accelerated and there was an unusual warmth that spread through his skin that she was curious about.

She turned her gaze downward to the obvious bulge in his pants and cocked her head to one side, baring her mandibles in obvious curiosity. The alien then realized that this human male was sexually aroused although she couldn't figure out why. She loosened her grip on his neck slightly and glanced down at herself, seeing the shredded breastplate that had come off during her fight with the xenomorph, and saw her own full breasts standing out proudly.

Glancing back to the human's face, she looked at him with a knowing gaze, letting out a satisfied hiss as it sank in that the human was sexually aroused at seeing her breasts. She moved her gaze back and forth between his hardened erection within his pants and his face, the latter of which had contorted into a look of clear confusion when he noticed that she hadn't yet killed him and was now looking up and down his body intently. The fact that this male, regardless of him being a weaker, lesser organism, was sexually aroused by her awakened a carnal passion within the female Predator that she was not used to.

The female Predator retracted her blade and suddenly dropped Taylor to his feet, who let out an exasperated breath in response. He wondered why she had released him but was suddenly caught off guard when she roughly kicked him onto his back so that he was laying on the ground of the garage. He gasped as the wind was knocked out of him and hit the cold floor. Before he could comprehend what she was about to do to him, the alien reached down and gripped her clawed hands at the edges of his pants and tugged hard, practically ripping them off of his legs. Taylor grunted in surprise; how the alien female managed to get the pants off so quick without severing his penis was beyond him, although he was fortunate that she hadn't.

His hardened nine-inch erection stood up shamelessly, the head glistening with a drop of precum. The alien tossed his grey pants off to the side and looked at the thick, veiny texture of the pole before her. She bared her mandibles again and let out a hiss that equated to intrigue; the alien female clearly liking what she saw.

She dropped down onto her knees before the near-comatose, spread-eagle form of Taylor. She wrapped her clawed hand around his penis, delighting in the feel of its silky smooth texture in comparison to her thicker exotic skin. She gave it a quick squeeze, bringing a pleasurable and surprised shock from Taylor. She hissed a final time before, without further ado, lowering her head and sucking the erection into her mouth like a vacuum.

"Holy shit," Taylor moaned, instinctively thrusting his hips up into the sucking void that was this alien female's wet mouth. He had initially been deterred away from the menacing appearance of her mouth, but now, he quite frankly didn't care anymore. Only moments into it and he already concluded that this was far better than any semblance of a blowjob that he had received from human women in the past. Despite her intimidating outer mandibles and fangs, the alien didn't seem to have any inner teeth or fangs and could therefore suck his erection in and out with ease. He stared up at the ceiling and grunted and moaned as she went to work on him; the exquisite feeling of her mouth feeling much like the vagina of a human female, the only difference being the increased moistness of this alien's mouth.

His head swam in the feeling of this alien's head pistoning up and down his glistening penis. The open garage echoed with the noises of her slurping and sucking along with the satisfied hisses that she occasionally made. After about five minutes, he was beginning to feel his resilient willpower beginning to fade as this ravenous female alien was intent on literally drinking the semen right out of him.

As if she knew this were about to happen, she suddenly stopped her sucking all at once and retracted her fanged mouth from his groin, strands of her saliva falling from the open hole of her mouth and landing on his pelvis and erection. She scooted herself forward and lowered her chest down to his erection.

Taylor's eyes popped open as he felt his slickened penis slide up inside a firm yet cushiony valley. He looked down at what she was doing and saw his penis encased between the alien's full, exotic breasts. Her gaze met his and her fangs contorted into an expression that could universally be interpreted as mischievous, regardless of species. She let a few more globs of saliva drop from her mouth and in between the inviting crevice of her breasts, dripping down onto the inflamed head of his penis and around it.

Then, Taylor let out an astonished gasp as the alien woman began to raise and lower her chest, his erect penis fucking upwards in between the two massive jugs. Thanks to the lubrication, his hardened pole slid up in between the giant olive orbs with amazing regularity. Taylor had never had the pleasure of a titfuck before this but he surmised that, if he had something to compare it to, it would have dwindled in comparison to this. He felt like his penis was being suffocated by the proportions of this alien predator's massive squishy breasts. As she slid her chest down his penis, he added to her efforts by adding an upward thrust, sending his pole slipping in between the slickened valley of her breasts quicker.

Taylor reached his arm down and took hold of one of the boobs bouncing around his erection and squeezed at one of the dark, erect nipples. The alien hissed happily as the human pinched her nipples and she took hold of her breasts, squeezing them together around his penis tighter and quickening her downward movements.

Taylor sighed and moaned in awe at the wonderful feeling of slipping his dick in and out between these two huge, soft breasts. And the way that she was adding her own thrusting movements and tightened her grip on it was bringing him to impending climax rapidly. She sensed the orgasm approaching through Taylor's even more rapid heartrate and trapped the erection between her breasts as tight as she could, adding more friction to her rapid thrusts.

This alien's breasts just felt too damn good for him to resist. With a convulse and a grunt, he pushed his cock up in between the jugs one last time and thick white strands of his seed exploded from the tip, coating the alien's breasts, neck and face with it. She stopped her thrusting but continued squeezing the erupting penis with her jugs tighter, milking the semen out of him in compressed ropes. She opened her mouth and caught a couple of the shots that came her way, swallowing the salty fluid greedily. Finally, Taylor came down from his climactic high and his breathing regulated as his cock stopped thrusting and shooting seed.

He looked up with a foggy gaze at the alien woman who was hungrily using her fingers to collect the remnants of his messy cum from her breasts and neck and drinking it in. She looked over at him and, without waiting for his permission, took two of her clawed fingers and scraped a glob of cum from her breast and shoved them into Taylor's mouth. Taylor coughed but drank down his own seed that she had forced into his mouth. He swallowed the bitter, salty fluid and looked over at the alien who had finally removed her breasts from the slick erection which had gone flaccid after his climax.

Taylor slumped his head back onto the hard floor and let out a relaxed sigh. If this alien did decide to kill him, he would certainly die a happy man after that display. He never would have known after seeing this alien hack and slash that xeno that she could be such a cock-hungry minx.

"You know, your face aint incredibly beautiful," Taylor laughed, "But those lovely tits of yours have me sold."

Taylor had his eyes shut dreamily and he didn't hear a response from the alien. However after a moment he did hear her fumbling around with an article of her clothing. He opened his eyes and looked up at her; the alien was removing the clasps that held up her lower garments covering her hidden genitalia. Finally with a last tug, the simple covering fell from her legs. Her bald, glistening alien vagina was now in plain sight of the human, who was caught in a dumbstruck stare.

The alien bared her fangs in anticipation and quickly stimulated herself by shoving a clawed finger up into her slit, bringing a grunt from her. Obviously the titjob that she had just given the human had aroused her greatly and now she craved her own release. She walked up to the prostrated form of Taylor until she was standing over his head, the glistening pink slit now directly above his face. She lowered herself down so she was squatting, her slit narrowing in on its target; Taylor's mouth.

Taylor's eyes widened as he realized what the alien woman was attempting and struggled to wiggle himself free or move his mouth away from her slit. The alien wasn't too pleased with this; she reached down with one of her hands and gripped him by the cheeks, holding his head firmly in place, before continuing her downward descent. Finally the glistening slit brushed across his lips which were clamped shut and swept up and down between his mouth and nose. Despite lack of oral stimulation, the female Predator didn't seem to mind merely gyrating her slit across her human's face.

Taylor laid there helplessly as the hulking alien used his face to stimulate her vagina; she ran her slit in circles across his chin, lips and nose while continuing to grip onto his cheek with her claws to hold him still. A musky scent filled Taylor's nostrils from the close proximity to her aroused pussy. At first he was slightly repulsed and squirmed under her grasp even more as soon as the smell brushed his senses, but then he relaxed when he realized that it was really not very different from the musky scent of an aroused human female.

He sniffed at the scent of her arousal and he grew dizzy in a foggy haze of lust. He got so lost in the musky smell being forced on him that he didn't realize that the Predator stopped her experimentations of his face and decided that she wanted some real stimulation now. She momentarily retracted her slit from his dazed face and kept her hand holding his head in place. She hissed and slammed her hips downward, forcing her desperate pussy down onto Taylor's open mouth.

Taylor's yelps were muffled by the rowdy alien woman bucking her hips forcefully into his mouth, desperate for some much-needed stimulation. Taylor finally realized now that this alien female would surely fuck his face to death if he didn't give her what she wanted soon. She was much stronger than him and could surely kill him if she wanted to, but she hadn't done so yet. If some oral stimulation would spare his life than he would comply, Taylor decided. Eating out this hulking alien woman was better than her face fucking his dead corpse any day.

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