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All These Years!


Much of what is here is fiction. It is set in an alternate universe where the laws are slightly different. If any of you is a lawyer and would like to correct on legal facts, please go ahead. Just remember, this story is not about reality. This story is for the enjoyment to those who have been duped and plundered by cheating bitches and honorable courts.

She got down from her car and walked towards the house. She is not as beautiful as she was once. She is not as young as she was once either. She, however, is still the same bitch who played around on me and turned me into a laughing stock. We were divorced over 15 years ago. Some would say 15 years is a long time to carry a grudge, I am not one of them.

"I have heard that you are getting married." She said as I walked out to the porch.

"Yes, I was getting tired of postponing the marriage date. 14 years is long enough a time for an engagement. Besides, my children are insisting that I marry Sondra." I smiled as I spoke that.

"You do realize that Annie will be turning 18 next month." She spoke as she sat down. "Does this have anything to do with your decision to get married?"

"Why would you think so?" I knew that she knew. This was the first time in 15 years that I was talking to her. The only conversations that we've had in the last 15 years have been through our lawyers. My lawyer stopped bleeding me dry when she became my lover. Her lawyer, kept right at it and I loved it.

"You are a bastard of the highest order. You knew about the affair and you cornered me such that I relinquished custody to you. I ended up paying child support. The child support ends next month. That was not enough for you, was it?" She was spitting venom. "You were even able to extract an alimony for yourself by showing that you were self employed and had to leave a career to follow me around the country as I advanced in your career." She said

"You were not advancing in your career. You were following him and I was following you. I was the only one losing out on a life. Do you actually think the alimony was unfair?" I stated the facts as I knew them. "I could have left Annie with you. I could have stated that I was not earning enough to take care of her and wanted her to be with you. That would have destroyed your relationship with Richard. He did not want any responsibilities. All he wanted was your ass. He did leave you in just 5 years despite that."

She stood up and lighted a cigarette, "You know why he left. He did not want to pay alimony to you with HIS MONEY! I ended up having to pay MORE alimony once I got married to him! He had a high paying job and the alimony was subject to modification once you filed for more money. The court looked at TOTAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME and base alimony on that!!!"

Well, it was true. I was getting an alimony that was slightly higher than her sole income at one point. For every dollar that she earned he earned 100, do the maths.

"And since then you have bled me dry. At every juncture you have sent Annie to me asking for money. I had to contribute to the money for her car, for her collage, each of her Europe trip and what not. And where have you been all this time? I sometimes wonder how Annie stands you after seeing how dependent you have been on me for even her smallest needs." She was steadily getting more angry.

"All those trips to you were her idea not mine. I could have easily provided for all of that. I was working all the time for Sondra's company drawing minimum wages while Sondra's income tax returns were ten times yours. Sondra was bringing all that money back into our lives, just not in my life in the eyes of the law. I drive a sports car that is owned by my girlfriend Sondra." I paused for effect, "Annie was the one who wanted to keep you riding the guilt horse. So long as you would not have a semblance of a chance to stop and think about how your life was going, her purpose was served. You are not aware but Annie was in therapy for some time. It was the first year of your marriage, when all your time was spent in some villa in Spain sunbathing nude. She has nothing but hate and disgust for what you have done to her life. Do you know that she told your parents that if they kept any relations with you she would not speak with them. I tried to talk her out of it but she was hell bent. That is the reason why your parents went to their graves without so much a look in your direction." I had some information to dispense and like a good ex-husband I was making sure I missed nothing. All the time that I was speaking, she was looking at me as if she was seeing me for the first time. Her eyes had a sense of disbelief in them.

"Well, next month the final alimony will be paid and then you are free to start your life. I have just one request from Annie. Provided you do this for her, she will never ask for anything else as long as she lives." I said.

"What does the brat want now?" She asked.

"Her final request to you is - Drop Dead, please!"

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by penneydog5512/31/17


YUK The only thing that this Story does for me is that it gives me the Shits ★☆☆

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by Anonymous08/06/17

Really not a good story. It doesn't go anywhere. Way overrated.

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by Anonymous08/03/17

A really outstanding short story.

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