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Allie T - Valentine Virgin Violated


Feb 5, 2009 3:35 p.m.: This is my official entry in the LITEROTICA VALENTINES CONTEST for 2009. Except I may not finish it in time. I'm not sure. We'll see. I wasn't going to enter a story this year but two days ago this story popped into my head and I put everything aside and tried to write it. In fact it probably wouldn't have been finished except that I woke up to 38 degree weather this morning. In MIAMI of all places. Which meant that the beach and all the topless babes were out for today.

It's a Non Consent category story so you should be warned it's not a typical Valentines Day story.

All sexual descriptions in the story only involve people 18 years old and older in conformance with LITEROTICA rules.

It's just under 2 LITEROTICA pages long. Please let me know how you find it.

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

"Ohhh Joey," I moan softly as my three month old son's lips close hungrily on my left nipple and start to suck. It had amazed me when after having Joey I realized how enjoyable it was to be milked. I'd always imagined beforehand that it would be an uncomfortable chore.

"He's hungry today."

"He's always hungry," I answer as I look up and see my mother standing in the doorway.

"Well, you're certainly full of milk," mom says as she walks into the den and then sits next to me on the couch.

"I know, they're huge," I complain as I lift my right breast in my free hand and test its weight.

"They're perfect," mom compliments.

"I'm fat... look," I grumble as I let the breast fall free and then pinch the roll of fat at my waist.

"Stop complaining, it's only been three months and you've already lost ninety percent of the weight you gained. You're stomachs flatter than mine."

I spit out a "yeah right" as I move my baby to my other nipple. But I can't help letting out another gasp of pleasure as Joey latches on again.

"You enjoy it don't you? Being milked." mom asks.

As I nod my head yes I ask back, "Did you?"

"Yes," my mother answers softly as she runs her fingers caressingly through my hair. Her love for her daughter shines through her smile. We sit silently as my child suckles. My mother loves her grandchild but also wishes her nineteen year old daughter was away studying at university. I know it's time to tell her.


"It was one year ago exactly," I start.

"Valentines Day?" I can see the interest in her eyes. The hunger she has to know the truth, to know the name of the boy who impregnated her daughter.

"Do you really want to know?" I ask. I can see her trying to control her eagerness as she nods her head.

"You don't have to if you don't want to," she finally says.

"I don't think it's going to be what you and daddy imagined," I caution. I'm still not sure if I should tell her.

"I didn't ever imagine you were going to go out and get pregnant," she answers, the anger that she's just managed to keep simmering under the surface for the last ten months obvious in her voice. The disappointment in me she's unsuccessfully tried to conceal.

"Neither did I," I answer.

"You should be at Harvard instead of--" she starts before she chokes off her reply.

There's no point beating about the bush. "I was raped," I whisper.

"WHAAAAAAAAT!" I can see immediately that it's something she's never considered. Then I watch as a hundred emotions flash across her face. "But--" she starts, then stammers out a string of words. A "fuck" followed by "bastard ... I'll kill him ... who is he? ... why didn't you say something? ...you mean this baby is the--"

"Don't say it mom," I warn as I cup my child's head in my hand and pull him even tighter against me.

She somehow manages to swallow the words.


"You woke me up that morning," I finally say, starting again. I shake my head no to still her as I see a question forming on her lips. "I'd slept in and you were late ... you were in the middle of that big murder trial," I say as the memories of that day, never far from the surface, flood into my brain.

Mom says nothing as she waits for me to continue.

"I'd decided the Sunday before that it was going to be the big day." I can see the question in mom's eyes. "I'd decided to let Jeffrey have my virginity," I finally add.

My mother can't contain herself another second longer. "That little, fucking prick ... I'll kill him," mom promises. She's literally shaking in anger.

"It wasn't him."


"Do you want to hear the story or not?" I ask as I capture her eyes with mine. I can see Mother, a woman who can terrorize witnesses in the courtroom, fight to control her anger. She finally lowers her eyes and nods yes.

"It was an accident, an improbable, serendipitous occurrence of events that caused this wonderful child to be born," I start. I see mom wince at the use of the word serendipitous.

"First of all I slept in that morning...

... I forget about mom as I start to relive that fateful day...

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

"Allison ... Allison..."

"Mum?" I mumble as I slowly come awake.

"Allie, are you up," I hear shouted through my bedroom as my mom's knuckles rap angrily against it. Then I hear the door opening as I attempt to open my eyes.

"You're late," she chastises when she sees that my eyes are open and that I'm watching her. She has her best trial lawyer clothes on.

"I'm tired," I grumble as I stretch my body.

"It's seven thirty; your dad's already left," she says impatiently. Then I remember.

"It's Valentines Day," I say happily. Today's the day!

"C'mon young lady, we've gotta go, I have to be out of here in ten minutes."

"How's it going anyway?" I ask, referring to the trial that she's the lead defense counsel for, the trial that's been taking up almost all her time for the last month.

"It's almost finished... maybe another week. Now hurry-"

"Are you going to win?"

"Of course I am! What, do you think your mom's some loser who's going to get beaten by some wet behind the ears, geek prosecutor? Now c'mon."

"You go ... I'll walk or get a ride."

"You sure?' she asks. I nod. "You won't just go back to sleep?"


"Well okay, but if I hear-"

"Mother!" We both know that there's no need to argue about school, I've already been accepted into next falls freshman Harvard class.

As she turns to go we're both smiling, but then, instead of rushing out of the room she turns back and says, "I love you Allie."

"Me too mom ... I mean I love you too," I answer as she walks back toward the bed.

"Is everything okay? We haven't talked much since the trial started." She grabs my hands as she says the words.

For a second I want to tell her. Tell her that today's the day. Then almost immediately know that I can't. That if I did tell her we'd be talking all morning and then she'd miss her trial and I'd not lose my virginity.

"Everything's good," I say instead.

"When this is over you and I are going to get some girl time in," she promises.

"We will?"

"A mother and daughter trip... no daddy," she adds with a smile.

"Shopping?" I encourage.

"Of course shopping! Maybe New York for a long weekend."


"Well we have to start getting you ready for next fall. We'll take all of daddy's credit cards."

"And yours too," I tease back as she leans over to hug me. Then a second later she's up and ready to go. "I'll be late tonight," she says as she retreats but I already know that. Since the trial had started she's never gotten home much before midnight. "And your father's going to be late too. He's flying up to Washington... won't be back til around midnight."

"I know."

"Are you sure you'll be all right alone?"


"Are you going out with Jeffrey tonight?"

Again I'm tempted to tell her. But I don't. "Annie's having a Valentines Day party," I say instead. Not a lie but not the truth.

"Don't be too late. And don't do anything-" she starts to add but then stops as she sees my frown and instead she smiles and then bends over and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek. And then she's gone. I'll be a woman when you see me next I promise the empty doorway.

And as I fall back into bed I immediately start to wonder what it will feel like. Jeff's penis! His cock! I wonder for the thousandth time if it will hurt. And how much it will hurt. What his semen will feel like when it spurts up inside me.

Will he want me to lick it before he does it? Yuck! Then I wonder what a penis tastes like as I lift my cami pj top up over my head. I know he likes my breasts. My eyes follow my hands as they move across my stomach and then up until they've cupped them. For the last six months I've been fighting to keep his hands at bay. Tonight I'm going to let him do whatever he wants.

But there's still doubts rumbling around in my brain. "Shut up," I say aloud to the empty room, trying to quiet them.

"Cock-a-doodle-Allie," I yell when I finally jump out of bed and move toward the full length mirror that hangs on the back of my door. Quickly I bend and shuck the thin white panties, baring myself completely. I take my time as I examine the body that faces me. A girls body. Not for much longer I promise my reflection, then turn to grab my camera.

I'd already decided last night that I'd need a photographic record of this most fateful of days and so I'd prepared my camcorder, a 60 Gig hard drive HD Sony. I grab it from the desk where I'd left it and then pick up the tripod, extend its legs, then mount the camcorder and position it next to the mirror. I quickly connect it to the television so I'll be able to watch as I film. Then I turn to the window and open wide the drapes. The sun floods into my boudoir, my film studio, I think happily as I dance back to the camera. I push the start button.

"My name is Allison ... Allie... Allison Rebecca Townsend," I announce into the microphone as I let the rolling camera capture my nudity. "It's February 12th, 2008, Valentines Day, and I've decided that today is the day I'm going to surrender my virginity. For the first time a boy is going to go here," I add as I walk toward the camera until my small, trimmed triangle of pubic hair is within six inches of the lens. I look over and check the TV to make sure everything is being captured perfectly. It is.

"Only six inches," I giggle aloud as I wonder just how big Jeff really is. Six? Or seven? Or maybe even eight? I should know, I mean I have felt it before. Through his pants when we close danced. Even once when we were making out. I ran my fingers up and down him as our tongues dueled.

I even touched it once. We were in his car necking when he pulled it out and put my hand on it. But it was dark. I think he's pretty big. Of course he's not going to be as big as the ones they show in the porn movies but who wants one of those monsters inside themselves? I move my hands down onto my hips and then slowly towards my sex.

"I'm eighteen years old," I announce to the camera, "a senior at Worthington Academy. I've been thinking about doing it for a long time. Most of my friends have already done it," I say to the microphone as I pull the lips of my sex apart.

"As you can see my hymen is still intact. By tomorrow it will be gone. Maybe you're wondering why I waited so long? I mean my bodies been ready for years. And I've wanted it. I think I've waited this long because I wasn't sure. Not about the sex but about the boy. Shouldn't the first one be special?" I ask the camera.

"There was a boy in my sophomore year, Danny, who I almost did it with but then didn't. And I've been going with Jeff since October and he's been trying to talk me into it ever since. But I just wasn't sure. I'm not sure why. I love him and everything. He's good looking... kisses really good. Makes me tingle."

"But I didn't. I wasn't sure for some reason. But I'm through with all that ... the doubts," I say even as more spring into my mind. "I've decided! This is it. I'm serious. Jeff's the one," I announce defiantly to the mirror.

I watch myself in the mirror for second after second, laughing at my image as I pose myself in a series of playmate type poses. "But this has to go first," I announce to the room as I lightly brush the triangle of hair at the base of my stomach. "Jeff is going to get a bald pussy," I promise the camera.

I let the camera run while I shave myself. It watches silently as I spread the shaving cream over my mound. It watches as my razor slides smoothly through my pubic hair, decapitating every strand it touches. It watches when I present my cleanly shaven cleft to its eye. "You slut," I whisper to my image before turning toward my ensuite bathroom and my shower.

An hour later, after a full breakfast, and wearing my official Worthington Academy uniform of white long sleeve blouse, knee socks, black oxfords and the famous plaid skirt, and with my school knapsack over my shoulder, I left my house. I didn't call one of my friends to pick me up; instead, in honor of the occasion, I'd decided to walk to school. My camera was hanging from my arm.


"Hey, hey you!"

Hey me? The voice is deep, coming from somewhere over my shoulder. I ignore it as I continue down the alley, the short cut that will save me ten minutes on my trip to school. A horn honks. Turning I see that a cop car has turned into the alley.

"Hey, I'm talking to you." The anger in the voice is clear.

A cop! Just what I need I think as I stop and face the still moving car. What's his problem?

"Have you ever heard of jaywalking ma'am?"

"Ma'am?" Is this guy cracked I ask myself as I unsuccessfully try to stifle a giggle. Why isn't he shaved I wonder when I notice the two or three day stubble on his cheek. Standards are really going down!

"You find something funny miss?"

Fuck him I think. They have no right to hassle us just because we go to a private school. My mother's profession as criminal defense lawyer has continually exposed me to a certain contempt for the police force over the years. It comes out in my next words, heavily sarcastic ones, even as I try to swallow them. "Is mister big, bad policeman on jaywalking patrol today?" Shut up I order myself even as I sneer at the cop. I put my hand on my hip while holding the camera up with other. I press play as the patrol cars coasts to a stop next to me. "Arresting dangerous teenage jaywalking girls? Saving our wonderful city from--"

"Shut the fuck up lady."

"Fuck you too," I answer, unable to stop the words from slipping from my lips.

"Whore!" he hisses as he throws open the car door. A second later he's in my face, his body six inches from mine as he forces me back against the alley wall.

"What did you say? Did you call me a whore? Do you know who I am?" I'm now too far gone to obey the warning voice in my head.

"Put the camera down ma'am. Then put your hands on top of the police car," he orders, an evil softness now in his voice.

"Why?" I'm still holding the camera and filming as I face him.

"Please miss ... NOW!"

"My mother's a defense attorney. You are going to be in such shit," I promise as I try to face him down.

"Miss, if you don't put your hands on top of the car immediately and assume the position I'll have to use force."

"I'm filming this," I threaten.

"So am I ma'am," he says agreeably as he points to a red light blinking inside his car. But there's a hardness in his eyes.

Should I obey him I wonder as I try to weigh my choices. Go along with the idiot I finally decide as I move towards the car. Mom will have this guy's ass on a platter two seconds after she hears.

"Spread your legs ma'am."

"I'm a student at Worthington Academy." The sneer is clear in my voice.

"Yeah right," he says contemptuously as he kicks my left foot out wider.

"I suppose you don't recognize the school uniform mister observant policeman." My voice, which I'd meant to drip with sarcasm, but instead, I can hear that a tinny, unsure quality has crept into it.

"Where's your pimp?"

"My whaaaaat?" The what turning into a squeal as I feel his meaty hands slide up my legs. "What do you think your doing?" I ask as I try to turn. His fingers dig into my hamstrings, holding me immobile.

"Keep your hands on the car," he orders as his hands continue up the back of my legs and then under my skirt and onto my bum.

"You can't!"

"Standard operating procedure ma'am," he answers calmly as his fingers slip around my legs and then linger on my inner thighs.

"It's not standard procedure to feel up high school girls you pervert," I hiss. "My mother is going put you in so much shit--"

"So your mom helps the bad guys does she ... helps the perverts and killers get off? Well, why not tell the bitch my names Joe Spagnola and that she's raised a slut for a daughter."

"Slut! I've been accepted into Harvard for next fall you moron."

"If you're out of jail by then," he answers as his hands move up and capture my breasts. He presses his body into my back.

"Are you crazy?" I can't believe what this jerk is doing. In fact I'm so outraged and surprised by his actions that so far it hasn't occurred to me to be scared. "Let me go," I order.

"Looking for concealed weapons miss," he says with a laugh, he mouth just inches from my ear. "Nice little titties," he adds as he continues to maul me. "Wait til some bull dyke inmate gets a hold of these beauties."

"You are fucked... so fucked," I answer.

"Put your hands behind your back miss."


He, doesn't answer, instead simply pulls my hands off the car roof and holds them in one of his huge hands behind my back. The handcuffs are quickly snapped on my wrists. This guys a fucking lunatic I think even as he opens the back door of the cruiser.

"What are you doing?"

"Mind your head ma'am," he instructs pleasantly as he forces me towards the open door.

"You're arresting me?"

"Yes ma'am."

"For jaywalking? You'll be kicked off the force you idiot," I promise as I duck my head as he propels me through the door.

"Lewd and lascivious behavior ma'am. Solicitation."

"You're arresting me for prostitution?" I'm ready to completely lose it.

"We've been on the lookout for you miss. Prostitutes hanging about the Academy, offering blowjobs to any comer. Wearing the official academy uniform. Did you think we'd let you people get away with this for ever?"

"I'm a student you asshole."

"Are you?" he asks as he starts to close the door.

"My camera ... get it, it's on the roof," I demand, not yet having grasped the reality of what's happening to me.

He reappears a second later, the still recording camera extended in his hand, aiming at me.

"Smile my little student," he orders as he brings the lens towards me. Then suddenly he reaches out and grabs my legs and lifts them up so I'm forced onto my back on the seat. Then I feel the camera between my legs. I hear him laugh.

"Let me up."

"Are these the standard uniform panties for girls at Worthington now?" he asks as he pulls me up into a sitting position.

"Bastard," I hiss as he slams the door shut.


He simply starts to drive. And then begins to talk. About women. About his wife. For minutes, lost in my own world, I hear nothing.

"The bitch got my daughters. Half my salary for support. The judge was a cunt. A lesbo cunt."

"What? Your wife's a what?" I ask when I finally come out of my funk and hear his almost shouted words.

"You're all alike ... cunts," he spits out angrily as his eyes catch mine in the rearview mirror.

"You're wacko," I mutter back.

"I worked my ass off for her ... six years I slaved for her ...bought her a house ... gave her every fucking thing she wanted ... it was never enough ..."

"I'm surprised she lasted six weeks with you let alone six years."

"Whore," he mutters and I'm not sure if he's referring to his ex-wife or me.

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