The session was different, for one thing Sherry didn't talk much. But she did have some idea of what she was doing, that was clear.

When she got down to my lower body, she flipped the sheet back and began to work out my butt. I had expected her to be bashful about that but she wasn't. Then she rubbed out my legs nicely, moved over and did the same thing to the other side.

This was actually a surprise, Sherry's hands felt really good. I have had lots of massages over the years, many when I was very young, and my wife Dotty gave me many of them when we were married.

After meeting Debra, massage again became a regular part of our lives. When we finally settled on July on a regular basis, that was great.

Now with a new set of hands that felt good, I was thinking perhaps I had lucked out.

By the time she had me turn over, I was starting to respond. That did worry me a little bit, this gal had seemed somewhat shy and I didn't want to offend her.

I was getting very comfortable as she began to do the front of my legs. When her fingers drifted up and over my pelvis right alongside my pubic hair line she bumped me slightly. Then she reached under the sheet, pushed me gently over and out of the way and went right back to work.

OK. That was not really professional.

She actually just took hold of my partial erection to move it over, normal would be using the drape to shove on me.

Of course that caused a twitch which she had to have felt but there was no reaction from her at all.

I glanced up at her, other than a small smile Sherry just continued with her work.

She did exactly the same thing on the other side, then moved up to my chest and belly. That part felt wonderful, I let myself relax and go with it.

I was close to dozing off again when I realized she was standing on my right side with her hand on my hip.

"Your wife said this part would be all right." She whispered to me, letting her fingertips barely tickle my half hard erection under the sheet.

"She did?" I came fully alert.

"Yes, she sure did!" Sherry giggled softly, her hand slid further over and fondled my groin gently.

Warm oily female hands cupping my balls?

I didn't reply, I just closed my eyes and allowed her to proceed.

"I never did anything like this with anyone but my boyfriends." She let out a small giggle. Her hands were both underneath the sheet now.

Sherry's fingers slid up and down my shaft, then she used the tips of her fingers to roll around the knob.

"Is this OK?" She asked.

"Uh huh." I managed to answer. That went on for quite some time, finally she used her left hand to push the drape over and off of me.

"Oh, you get waxed I see. This feels neat." She said with a titter, her hands became busier.

After what was easily a good ten minutes of that, I was as hard as it is possible to be. Sherry used her left hand to slide my foreskin back, then applied a liberal amount of lotion.

"There it is!" She said. I looked at her face, she was staring at my member with what appeared to be delight in her eyes.

Wow! I thought. Way more than I had anticipated. I knew that some females love manipulating men, I seemed to have found myself one of those.

Her strokes became much more firm, it didn't take long after that and I blasted off. She also knew enough to not stop, making sure she got every possible spasm of pleasure out of me.

I actually didn't want it to end, but finally she released me, reaching for a towel she carefully wiped me down.

"OK. I hope you liked that." She went back into the other room.

I have to admit that I most certainly did. By now I was also completely aware that Sherry was not exactly the shy little thing she appeared to be, because she knew what she was doing.

I lay there basking for a few minutes, listening to the two of them laughing and giggling. I put on my robe and went out there, they both looked up at me and smiled.

"How was that, honey?" Debs had a huge smile on her face.

"Well, I have to say that it was just fine. The only thing missing was know." I grinned. I reached for my wallet to pay Sherry, she shook her head.

"Debra already took care of that." Sherry smiled.

"Oh. OK." That was another surprise.

"Maybe next time you could do us both?" I asked Sherry as she got ready to leave.

"Love to." She said, waving.

"I have to admit I didn't expect that." I told Debs as soon as Sherry was gone.

"I had a little chat with her while you were taking your shower, babe. I figured you might like it, and I knew within just a couple of minutes that she wouldn't mind."

"I see, but I do miss what July does for me."

"I know. But Sherry is joining our staff next week as a candy striper."

I blinked at that.

"Really? How did that happen?" I asked.

"She mentioned she needed work and we need a new helper on staff. She already has a year of college, this couldn't be better. While you were getting your session I called July, and she is going to enroll her in their program. July started a Geriatrics class, training prople to learn to deal with concerns like you have sometimes. She even got a government grant for it."

"You mean? For....?" I knew all about what she meant. The one lady named Jennifer they had on staff often "assisted" men in getting a sample, I know that because she did it to me way back when I did that Medicare physical.

Yes, I know. Not exactly according to the medical profession's regulations, but I also know that nobody at Debra's clinic gives a shit about rules.

"Yea. Jennifer is leaving, so we need someone on staff." Debs grinned at me, then she came over and plopped down on my lap.

"Cool!" I laughed.

"Say, honey? How about you give me a massage?" Debs was nibbling gently at one of my nipples while rolling the other one between her fingertips.

Damn I love that.

"OK, babe. You talked me into it."

Damn I love my wife!

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