tagLoving WivesAmber's Playtime with Carl

Amber's Playtime with Carl


Amber stood in the doorway, looking out through her storm door on this cold February night. She was watching her neighbor, and her husband's best friend, walking up the street towards her. She had a wicked little smile on her lips as she thought about how this night would turn out. Carl was fairly good looking, and had an athletic body that she had admired on more than one occasion. He stood about 6' tall, and weighed about 170 pounds. Carl and his wife, Jackie, had been best friends of Amber and her husband, Phil, for the past year or so. They all spent plenty of time together, so it wasn't really a surprise to Amber and Jackie when their husbands hatched their plan to swap wives for a night. And tonight was that night.

Carl walked up the front steps grinning like the cat that just ate the canary. He had wanted this night to happen for quite a long time. He had always thought Amber was beautiful with her curly auburn hair reaching down to the middle of her back, her piercing green eyes, her firm 32B breasts, and her lean, long legs.

"Hi, Carl." Amber said as she opened the door for him.

"Hi, beautiful." Carl said in return as he leaned in and kissed her on the lips.

Amber took Carl's jacket and hung it in the hall closet. Truth be told, Carl was a little disappointed to see how Amber was dressed. She was in jeans and a sweater like they were going out to the movies. He had envisioned her wearing many different outfits upon his arrival, but this wasn't one of them.

"Want a rum and coke?" Amber asked.


After she made them both drinks she led him into the living room where they both sat on the sofa. Amber didn't see a need to rush into anything, because they had the whole night together. So, they drank and talked and snuggled a little bit over the next hour or so. They talked about their respective days, and had two more drinks each before Amber felt relaxed enough to put her plan into action.

"I'll be back in a few minutes. Don't come downstairs." Amber said in a playful tone as she untangled herself from Carl's strong arms, and headed downstairs to her bedroom.

While she was getting ready, she let herself wonder what Jackie and her husband were doing at that moment. She knew Phil had wanted to fuck Jackie for some time, because he let her know on more than one occasion. Phil's comments about Jackie pissed her off at first, but she eventually grew numb to them. Maybe the right word would be "indifferent" instead of numb. Either way, it didn't matter tonight. She was put into a situation that she didn't ask for, but she certainly was going to enjoy herself to the fullest since she was here.

Amber slipped off her sweater and jeans, standing naked in her bathroom mirror. She likes her body, tall and lean, and knew Carl would like it as well.

Amber made plans to wear an outfit she had always wanted to wear for her husband, but she knew he wouldn't appreciate it the way she wanted him to. So tonight, she decided to wear it for Carl. Just for Carl. She was wearing her curly red hair up, with tassels of hair hanging over the side of her face. Her emerald eyes were lined with black. She had put on whore red lipstick, which was bright against her pale skin. Her "outfit" consisted of a black half-cup, shelf bra, which held her bare breasts up with her half dollar sized, light pink nipples on full display. She wore French-cut black panties that matched her bra. Her legs were adorned in black thigh-high stockings, and the ensemble was completed with the black 5" stiletto pumps she was wearing. She was truly a vision of beauty, and radiated an aura of being a pure sexual predator at the same time.

Amber looked at herself in the mirror, turning this way, then that way to get a good view of herself from all angles. She lazily ran her fingertips over her bare breasts, and watched as her pink nipples hardened at her touch. She could feel her pussy moisten as she imagined Carl's strong hands roughly squeezing and twisting her hard nipples. Damn, she loved that. With a shudder, she brought herself back to the moment, and decided she was ready. With one last turn, she smiled a wicked little smile and headed upstairs to Carl.

Carl was still on the couch when Amber came upstairs. She walked into the living room and stopped when she came into Carl's view.

All Carl could say was, "Wow!"

Amber turned around slowly in a circle giving Carl a clear look at everything she had to offer and said in a playful tone, "Do you like what you see?"

"Come here and let me get a closer look at you," Carl said as he leaned forward in his seat.

Amber walked to a spot directly in front of where Carl was sitting. She stood with her arms at her sides affording Carl an unobstructed view of what she was offering him tonight.

Carl stood. His dick was already hard and strained against his jeans. He caressed her left cheek with the back of his right hand. He then leaned forward and kissed her lightly on the lips as he ran his left hand over her exposed breast.

Without speaking a word, Carl took Amber by the hand and led her into the kitchen. He moved her to the kitchen table and laid her across it on her back.

Amber giggled as she lay across the table. Carl moved in between her legs and spread them apart so he could move closer. Amber lightly wrapped her legs around Carl's butt, drawing him in close to her.

Carl kissed her on her lips and then proceeded to kiss down her neck. He eventually moved back to her lips where they French kissed passionately while Carl played with her bare tits. He squeezed then in turn and tweaked each nipple eliciting a muffled moan of approval from Amber.

Carl slid his body down Amber's, leaving a wet trail of kisses behind. He paused briefly to suck each nipple into his mouth before continuing his kissing trail down her stomach to her panties. His breath was warm on her pussy as he kissed her folds through the silk material.

Amber let out an, "Oh, fuck yes!" when Carl ran his tongue up her slit through her panties. He could feel how wet she was already, and knew she was enjoying what he was doing to her.

Carl moved her panties to the side and ran his tongue along her outer lip up to her exposed clit. He smiled to himself as he flicked his tongue over her engorged clit. It was much bigger than his wife's clit, and he was enjoying himself immensely as he sucked it into his mouth. As he increased his suction on her clit, Amber exploded in an orgasm that caused her body to convulse uncontrollably. Judging by Amber's reaction to what he had been doing to her so far, Carl could tell this was going to be a very fun night.

After her body spasms passed, Amber sat up on the edge of the table. Smiling, Carl took her by the hand and helped her stand again. He sat her on a kitchen chair.

"Take off my pants." Carl instructed her.

Amber eagerly complied with his direction. While she worked on undoing his belt and pants, Carl took off his t-shirt.

When Amber was finally able to slide his jeans down, she found herself face to face with one of the most beautiful cocks she had ever seen. Carl didn't wear underwear, so when Amber slid his jeans down, his magnificent cock almost slapped her in the face. It was about 6.5" long and was extremely thick. Thicker than any cock she had ever had before. She felt her mouth begin to water, and her pussy flood with her juices in anticipation of receiving this beautiful dick.

Carl stepped out of his jeans leaving him naked except for his socks. He moved towards Amber, and without any prodding needed, Amber took hold of his magnificent cock in her warm hands. She desperately wanted to suck on it, but she also wanted to play.

She smiled as she ran her hand around his shaft. She cupped his balls with her free hand taking note of how good they felt to her. Amber then kissed his cock. She did this intentionally to leave whore red lip marks along the side of Carl's dick. This was something she had always wanted to do, but never found the right moment before tonight.

Carl let her play. He enjoyed the attention she was giving him. It had been quite some time since anyone had taken this much time to feel, caress, and fondle him. His mind went back to his wife, and he wondered if she was giving Phil this much attention. He knew she wasn't, and he smiled a devilish little smile.

Amber finished her playtime by slowly running Carl's hard cock along her cheeks and forehead. She let her mouth drool on his dick each time it passed by her lips causing her lipstick to smear all over her face. She looked a mess, but she was enjoying every minute of this. She knew she was a mess, she knew she was smearing lipstick all over her own face, she knew she was literally drooling on Carl's dick, and she didn't care, because she was being a true whore tonight. Not for her husband, not for Carl, but for herself.

Amber stood and sat Carl in the chair she just vacated. She turned her back to Carl then slowly slid her silk panties down over her ass, down her long legs, and finally down to the floor where she stepped out of them. The whole time, she was bent over in front of Carl showing him her bare pussy. It glistened with her wetness, and her lips were swollen from the earlier attention Carl had given her.

Amber stood back up and faced Carl. Her clit was sticking out from its hood. Carl reached for her swollen pussy and ran his middle finger through her pussy lips. Carl was amazed at how wet her pussy was and he hadn't even fucked her yet.

"Sit back so I can sit in your lap." Amber said.

Amber straddled Carl's fat cock. She reached behind her butt and took hold of his dick to guide it in her wet pussy as she sat in his lap.

"Oh, hell, that is awesome!" Amber stated as she sat fully down on Carl's prick. She started to grind in his lap while she wrapped her arms around his neck and began French kissing him passionately.

Carl broke the kiss after a couple of minutes and began kissing and lightly biting Amber's neck and shoulders. He eventually made his way down her chest to her nipples, which were hard as erasers and screaming for his attention. He sucked each one vigorously in turn, alternating between Amber's tits to ensure they received equal time. He nibbled and pulled them with his teeth sending chills up Amber's spine. She loved the pain he was inflicting on her nipples, and responded to the stimulation by riding his cock up and down faster and faster. Each time she would meet his lap on the down stroke, she could hear how wet her pussy was. It made a sloshing sound that only encouraged both of them to fuck harder and faster.

Carl couldn't take it anymore, "Shit! I am going to cum deep inside your pussy!"

Amber responded with, "Fuck yes! Cum in me now!" With that, she reached her own orgasm. Amber rode her orgasm out by grinding her soaking wet pussy down on Carl's lap while he shot a huge load of his thick cum deep inside her. He embraced her tightly as both of their orgasms began to subside.

Amber began laughing in a playful tone, "Wow! I haven't cum like that in quite a while."

As she remained in his lap with his dick still inside her, Carl reached behind Amber and removed her shelf bra. It wasn't doing anything except getting in his way at this point. Once he took her bra off, he sat back and looked into Amber's eyes. He could sense her happiness and was glad to know he was the one who made her feel this way.

Feeling Carl's massive load starting to leak out of her well fucked pussy, Amber leaned forward, gave Carl a kiss on the lips, and started to rise off of him. Sensing her intention, Carl grabbed her hips and simply said, "No."

Confused, and realizing she didn't have much choice in the matter, Amber settled in on Carl's lap. Carl reached behind Amber and coated his index and middle fingers with the combination of their juices that were leaking out of Amber's pussy. As he played in their juices, Amber felt his cock growing inside her. It hadn't really gotten that soft after cumming a couple of minutes ago, but now it was hard as steel again.

Carl slowly inserted his middle finger into Amber's asshole. He slowly worked his cum covered finger in a little further while rotating his finger in a counter-clockwise motion. Carl ran his index finger through their pool of cum resting in his lap, and inserted that finger into her ass as well. Slowly he works both fingers in a rotating motion loosening her ass up for what he has planned next.

The whole time he is preparing her asshole in his own gentle way, Amber is slowly riding his hard cock. She thinks about how it feels so damn good inside her. She likes what he is doing to her ass. She is having small orgasms riding his cock with his fingers in her ass. She rides Carl's wonderful cock while she kisses him passionately. It is erotic. Not the usual abuse most guys give a woman's ass. This is gentle, intentional, and caring.

Sensing that Amber was adequately prepared, Carl lifted her up off his cock. He repositioned her to gain access to her relaxed asshole. Slowly, he sat her back down on his rigid cock. This time, however, his fat, hard cock was sliding into Amber's asshole. Even with how fat Carl's dick was, Amber felt little resistance as he slid each magnificent inch into her. By the time he was fully inside her, Amber was already cumming loudly. She was in heaven. Nothing she had ever experienced compared to this.

Carl absolutely loved ass fucking. Obviously, so did Amber. He pounded her ass relentlessly. There was nothing gentle about this act. He was using her ass.

"Do you like the feel of my fat cock fucking your ass?" Carl asked even though he knew the answer.

"Fuck, yes!" Amber panted.

"Tell me what you want, bitch."

"Your cum. I want your cum in my ass." This was all Amber wanted right now. To feel Carl's fat cock expand and shoot his cum inside her ass.

Her head was thrown back as she rode orgasm after orgasm. She didn't want this feeling to end. Her ass clenched Carl's solid shaft on each stroke.

After a few more minutes of pounding Amber's ass, and multiple orgasms later for Amber, Carl could feel his cum boiling up his shaft. Reaching down below Amber's legs, Carl slightly raised her feet so they weren't touching the ground any longer. This caused Amber's full weight to shift so her ass was fully engulfing Carl's rigid pole. Amber had to wrap her arms around Carl's neck to maintain her balance as Carl began to shoot a massive load of his cum deep inside Amber's well worn ass. She loved the feeling of a cock expanding inside her right before it shoots.

Again, Amber could feel that his cock wasn't going soft as she sat with his cock still in her ass as they both caught their breath. She had never experience this phenomena before with any guy.

"How do you do that?" Amber asked in an almost pant as she still hadn't regained her breath.

Carl smiled broadly with a sparkle in his eyes. "Do what?" he asked innocently.

"Keep your dick hard after you cum," she said.

"Oh, that? Don't all guys stay hard after they cum?" Carl asked in a playful tone knowing full well that he had a special gift. "I honestly don't know. I have always been like this. It is one of the main reasons that Jackie married me, besides my money." Carl said with a small laugh. "However, it wears thin after a few years, because Jackie almost cringes these days when I start playing with her, especially in the middle of the night. I can stay hard for hours and continuously fuck, cum, fuck, and cum the whole time, as you are finding out."

Amber's thoughts drifted back to her morning coffee dates with Jackie. Often Jackie looked like she hadn't slept a wink. When she would ask Jackie why she looked so tired, she would always respond the same way, "Carl wanted to fuck, again." This was all she would say, and it was understood that Carl would wake her during the night wanting sex. What Amber didn't know before this moment was that the middle of the night quickie was actually an all night event.

Amber could see how it could get old, especially if you ended up sleep deprived numerous nights in a week. She almost felt sorry for Jackie, but told herself that she was gladly going to use Carl for every orgasm she could tonight. Jackie may have grown to consider his "gift" to now be a curse, but it was absolute heaven for Amber.

Amber kissed Carl deeply and slowly stood, sliding Carl's hard cock out of her ass. She told Carl to go sit on the couch where it was more comfortable.

Carl did as he was told, and Amber came into the living room caring a warm wash rag. She knelt between Carl's legs and affectionately cleaned his beautiful cock. She was mesmerized by its beauty. Actually, it was his size that mesmerized her, but he did have a "pretty" cock in her opinion.

With a clean cock staring her in the face, she couldn't resist showing Carl her special gift. Her gift was the love of sucking cock. It was a gift. She enjoyed no other sex act greater than sucking cock. Her passion for licking dick is what made her so good at it. For her, it wasn't simply a sex act. It was an act of intimacy.

As she took hold of his dick and started licking his shaft and swirling her wet tongue over his large cock head, she could feel the sticky mess between her legs. The combination of Carl's cum and her cum, draining from her pussy and ass, was running down her thighs onto the floor below her. She didn't care. She smiled to herself and focused her attention back on Carl's solid cock.

Carl was leaned back on the couch with his eyes closed. He had caught his breath from their previous fucking, and was able to relax and enjoy Amber's sweet, wet mouth. Amber licked her way down to Carl's balls, and even playfully ran her tongue around his asshole. Carl jumped.

"What? You don't like your ass being licked?" Amber asked in a laughing tone of voice.

"Umm, nope." Carl responded while laughing at her question.

Looking up in Carl's eyes, Amber playfully bit down lightly on the head of Carl's engorged cock just to get a reaction. Again, Carl jumped. They both laughed.

Amber decided she was ready to get serious and treat Carl to an amazing blowjob. She had her hand wrapped around his base, and inch by inch started taking Carl's cock into her mouth. She loves giving messy blowjobs, and knows how to ensure hers are the messiest.

Once Amber had about half of Carl's dick in her mouth, she started sliding her mouth and tongue up and down on his shaft. She drooled on his cock while she did this and was slowly twisting her small hand around the base of his cock. Carl's cock got messy quite quickly by her doing this. After a little while, Amber slowly let her mouth slide down Carl's entire length, pressing her lips firmly against Carl's body. His length wasn't such as to be able to choke her throat the way she wanted it to, but his width, about 4" around, was more than she had ever had in her mouth before. Her cheeks were stretched, and she liked the fullness she felt. She continued to let her saliva spill from her mouth adding to the already messy scene.

Carl had never had a blowjob like this in his life. His lap was a mess of drool and pre-cum mixed together creating a wet, sticky pool of liquid. He wondered if he could convince Amber to teach Jackie how to give a blowjob like this.

Amber could feel that Carl was close to cumming, and so could Carl. Amber looked up into Carl's eyes and smiled her wicked little smile. She took her well worn mouth off of Carl's steel rod, and told him, "I want to wear your cum on my face. Cum for me."

She then wrapped her lips back around Carl's rigid cock and started sucking the head of his shaft while she stroked his cock with her hand. She knew he couldn't hold back any longer.

Carl could feel his cum boiling in his balls. He could literally feel it traveling up his shaft while Amber stroked it.

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