Amy: Hubby Finally Scores


"Enough of this slow shit, I want to get fucked hard and fast! This might be the only time we get to do this so I want everything you have!" Violet exclaimed.

She grabbed me by the arms and forced me to sit on the couch before straddling me and preparing to ride my dick. She reached down and firmly grasped the base of my cock while lowering herself down over my rod. Once the tip of my shaft was inside her she slammed herself down causing her ass to audibly slap against my thighs. Violet began to wildly bounce up and down which forced my cock deep into her each time. I reached around and grabbed on to her firm ass while leaning forward to take her nipples into my mouth. The extra stimulation proved to be too much for Violet as she screamed out the arrival of a massive climax which needed no introduction. I could feel her pussy clamp down on my cock and a gush of hot fluids caress my shaft as she ground herself into me.

"Oh God, your cock feels so good inside me!" Violet wailed, "I haven't cum like this in ages!"

She slowed her pace as the orgasm subsided but continued to ride my stiff prick. Her pussy had become extremely wet and I could feel her juices trickling down my balls to my thighs. I brought my hand down hard across Violet's ass which elicited a surprised yelp from my new playmate but didn't interrupt her movements. She did, however, alter her technique slightly. Instead of moving up and down on my cock she was now simply rotating her hips which had my dick stirring her creamy pussy. It felt as if I was touching every inch of her pussy as she once again pressed her lips to mine to share a hungry kiss. This began to feel a little weird to me, I thought she was making love to me and not just having sex like I expected. I grabbed hold of her ass and lifted her off my cock so we could get on with some more fucking.

"I want you to bend over the couch so I can fuck you from behind!" I requested.

"Sounds good to me but I want to do something first!" Violet stated with a sly grin.

She quickly dropped to her knees in front of me and gobbled up my cock. She seemed to be really attacking my shaft this time and I realized that she was loving the taste of her own pussy from my manhood. Violet slurped and licked my cock clean of her cum before craning her neck and tonguing my balls while stroking my hard dick. Her aggressive approach began to elicit the familiar urge to explode so I reluctantly stepped away and helped her to her feet. She started to lean in for another kiss, attempting to share her nectar, but I stopped her prematurely by grabbing her by the hips and spinning her around. I placed my hand on her back and forced her to bend at the waist, granting me access to her wet slit from behind. I took my cock in my hand and placed the tip at the entrance to her vagina. I raised my hand and roughly spanked her round ass as I simultaneously plunged my entire length into her puss.

Violet let out an electrifying scream of pleasure as I bottomed out in her pussy with my hips slamming into her ass. I held still for a moment to allow Violet to regain her composure before I commenced fucking her doggy style. I proceeded to pull almost all the way out and slam back into her hard and fast. I wanted to make sure that she knew we were just fucking and nothing more so I reached down and wrapped my fingers in her hair, sharply pulling her head back toward me. With a fistful of hair I continued to pound her slippery pussy from behind, occasionally slapping her ass as I did so. The rougher I treated her the more Violet seemed to be enjoying herself so I decided to push my luck a little bit. I brought my hand to my mouth and lubed up my index finger with my own saliva before cautiously lowering it toward her ass. Violet jumped forward slightly when she felt my wet digit circle her asshole but didn't completely pull away so I took this to mean that I should continue.

I firmly pressed my finger against her rear opening and watched as the tip disappeared into her tight butt. Violet took a second to get accustomed to being dp'd but was soon starting to push back at me. I held my cock all the way inside her pussy as I slowly slid more of my finger into her ass until my second knuckle popped out of view. I could feel my finger in her ass through the thin membrane and couldn't help but resume thrusting into her puss. Violet was moaning constantly once I started to alternate thrusting my cock into her pussy and finger into her asshole. Both her pussy and ass clenched me tightly as I roughly fucked both holes and grunted with each thrust.

"You're filling me up so good!" Violet cried out, looking back over her shoulder at me. "I love having both my holes fucked!"

"They both feel fantastic!" I complimented, "This is the best midnight shift I've ever spent here!"

I decided it was time for a change so I reluctantly pulled my finger and cock out of Violet and guided her down to the floor. I positioned her flat on her back and mounted her missionary style, my rod easily slipping into her well fucked pussy. I sank my cock all the way inside her slippery canal which garnered simultaneous moans from both of us. I leaned down and slipped my tongue into her open mouth as I drove my cock into her accepting cunt. I could hear her juices splashing around and the sounds of sex filled the small room. I was somewhat worried that we may get caught if we continued to be so loud but that only added to the excitement. I propped myself up with my arms and proceeded to pound into Violet's pussy as hard as I possibly could, our bodies loudly slamming together. I kept my eyes focused on Violet and watched for the telltale signs of another intense climax. She had her eyes closed tight and her mouth hung open as she groaned each time my cock bottomed out. I was getting close to cumming myself so I urged Violet to cum one final time before I exploded.

"I want to feel that little pussy cum one more time for me!" I pleaded, "Cover my cock with your cum!"

"You want to feel my juices flowing all over your cock?" Violet teased, "I don't know if I can cum anymore!"

"Please cum for me!" I begged, "Just one more time, I want to watch you as you cum!"

I wasn't certain that she was going to be able to orgasm for me but I thought I had a surefire way to find out. I had learned earlier that she liked to be treated a little rough so I figured that if she was going to cum again then this way the route to take. I held myself up with one hand and used the other to firmly spank her right tit. Violet let out a shriek of surprise followed by an aroused moan so I knew that she liked it. I alternated between slapping her firm tits and hammering my cock into her until I felt that she was about to cum. I increased my tempo and placed my hand against her throat, lightly choking her as her orgasm finally arrived. Her pussy gushed and her warm cream flooded her spasming pussy. Violet reached down and grabbed my ass, pulling me deep into her while her climax ravaged her body. I continued to move as much as I could with Violet holding me close to her and managed to extend her orgasm for what seemed like an eternity.

Violet released my ass and I was free to resume fucking her overflowing pussy once she finished cumming. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to last much longer so I figured that there was no sense in trying to prolong the festivities. I propped myself back up with both arms and pounded my coworker's pussy for all that it was worth. With each deep thrust I let out a guttural moan as our bodies crashed together.

"That's it! Fuck my pussy hard until you cum!" Violet egged me on, "I want you to cum all over my face and tits!"

That was about all the coaxing that I required as I felt my balls start to boil over for the second time this evening. I quickly pulled my cock from Violet's puss and clumsily slid up her body until I was within range of her face. I wrapped my fist around my twitching dick and pumped it a few times until I was ready to burst. I aimed my cock at Violet's mouth just in time for the first stream of white cum to erupt from my shaft and splatter against her throat and chin. Blast after blast leapt from my cock and covered nearly every inch of her skin from the bottom of her tits to her nose. I'm not sure if I've ever cum so much in my life but I sure did enjoy it! When my cock finished spewing its load all over Violet I collapsed next to her on the floor and tried to catch my breath. As we lay next to each other Violet was casually rubbing my cum into her skin as if it was lotion which I found to be incredibly sexy. Once she was done playing with my jizz she licked her fingers clean and relaxed beside me.

"Thank you! That was the best sex I ever had!" Violet beamed, "I can't wait until we work another midnight together, we are definitely going to do that again!"

"That sounds like a great idea!" I agreed, "We could even get together one night for drinks and have some fun!"

"Only if I get to meet your wife! Now that could be turn into some real fun!"

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