Amy's Story Ch. 02


He was moaning loudly and saying, "That feel sooo good! You really know how ta lick a nigga's ass."

I was in such a trance, in a state where I was like a sex machine, wanting to have pleasure and give him pleasure. At that point, there wasn't anything I wouldn't do for him!

I just did it and got him hard again so he could fuck me some more.

I was so proud of myself that I could get him hard so quickly and get him so hard with my tongue. It all was very hot.

Then he lay back with his stiff cock up in the air. Neither of us said anything, I just straddled his hips and lowered myself onto his marvelous black shaft I was mesmerized as I watched his black pole being engulfed by my pale body. I sank down upon him until all eight inches of him was fully inside of me, what a feeling.

Then I rode him as hard as I could with my tits bouncing.

While on top, I could get him even deeper, and it made me feel so full. I loved it.

I had my hands resting on his chest, and he was either playing with my tits or holding me by my waist and lifting me up and down.

I was soon in constant orgasm again as I started arching my back and rolling my hips around James' amazing cock.

"I love to ride your black cock this way!" I cried.

"Ride my black bone, bitch!" he commanded.

"I love... to feel it... so deep inside me."

"Take it the hoe you be!"

"I love to...fuck you like this!"

It was overwhelming when he finally came and shot his load deep inside of me. I felt his hot, black sperm shoot into my vagina right at the entrance of my womb.

It was amazing!

James quickly rolled me off of him and walked out of the bedroom.

"Mark, come in here!" he ordered.

Mark entered the room and saw me on the bed.

As he looked at Mark, James said to me, "Bitch, spread your legs and show him the cum in your pussy!"

I did as commanded; it felt so bad and nasty. I could see the shocked look on Mark's face and that he was not happy.

"What did you do to her?" Mark asked anger rising.

James replied, "She's a slut fa nigga cock, and it's what your whore wife wanted."

I could see the surprise and disappointment as he asked, "Why did you let him do that? Is it what you really wanted?"

"Yes. I had to feel it that way; it was what I wanted." I confessed. "I just couldn't help it, but I needed it."

I didn't want to make Mark unhappy, but I had needed to have James inside me so badly, and it was the most fabulous sex I had ever had.

I was glad I had done it, and I knew I would be doing it again.

Then in front of my husband, as I lay on the bed with Negro semen leaking from my pussy, I turned to James and said, "I want to get my nipples pierced for you."

James laughed as he replied, "We'll see about that, and maybe I'll get you a tattoo too."

That was the first Mark heard of my desire. I could see by the look on his face that I had caught him off balance.

While I didn't want to hurt him, I was thrilled with how wrong and bad it was, what I had just said. What I had told James, I had never discussed with my husband.

Mark asked, "Are you sure you want to do that?"

"I'll certainly consider it," I replied.

After all that I got dressed, and as we left I gave James a deep goodbye kiss and said, "I'll call soon."

Mark was visibly upset about what happened, and he didn't speak until we got into the car. Then he said, "You're crazy to let him fuck you without a condom!"

I responded, "Everything's OK. James doesn't want STDs any more than I do, so I trust him to be careful."

Then I followed up with, "You know it's you I love."

I leaned over and paced my hand on his cock through his pants. While he was angry and upset with me, he was also excited. He let me suck on him as he drove us home.

It wasn't long before he tensed and came in my mouth. Mark doesn't cum in the quantity that James does, so I had no trouble catching and swallowing his hot load. Then I sucked him dry.

That next morning Mark and I had a long discussion. He was being a little distant. He explained just how conflicted and confused he was. On one hand, he found it very hot to see me dressing so sexy and being so wanton with James. On the other hand, seeing me smoking pot and having unprotected sex both scared and excited him. He also confessed experiencing some feelings of jealousy. A part of him was wondering if what we were doing was the right thing to do. Since I had always been conservative and straight-laced what I did was so surprising to him.

He did acknowledge that after seeing me with James, he was convinced that women were hard-wired to be submissive to a dominant, black alpha male, and how it was strangely hot to see such a man take his wife! He admitted he could see that I was definitely enjoying myself from the good sex that James was giving me.

He also said he realized that with James it was just sex and that I loved him and our family, and that I was not willing to mess that up. That made it easier for him. We agreed that we would just have to see where and how this thing we were involved with would go.

Then I told Mark about licking James asshole. Mark thought it was very nasty and it definitely turned him on.

After our discussion, he had calmed down some, and we agreed to talk more about what was going on. I felt that he just had to realize how much I was enjoying myself.

Later in the day, I called James. Then I talked to Mark and told him that I wanted to go see James by myself. He was a little concerned, but I told him that everything was OK and that I would tell him everything when I got back.

I drove to James' house in the late afternoon. I wore my low-rise jeans that I bought a couple of weeks ago and a cute little top that James bought for me. It was short, showed some of my belly, with spaghetti straps, black with sparkly lettering reading "Playa." It looked hot! Of course I wore neither panties nor bra. I thought that it was hot that if I bent over in my jeans that you could see my ass.

It was fun going over there. I just loved how good it felt pulling into his driveway. As I walked in the door, James kissed me passionately, grabbing my ass as he slid his tongue in my mouth, causing my heart to race and making me wet just to be in his strong arms again.

We sat on the couch and watched some of the NCAA basketball play offs and smoked a little weed from "the chronic" as James called it. He said he wanted to get me a top that says "the chronic" with a pot leaf on it.

I was feeling light-headed and mellow when James said, "Earl might stop by later."

I asked, "If he comes by, can I suck is cock?" Earl's such a big man, I couldn't help wonder if his cock was equally big.

James laughed, "Sure. You are a bitch that loves sucking black cock, aren't you?"

"Yes," I admitted. "I'm just a black cock slut." I loved saying those words to James.

I realized at that point that James was my sexual master. I never mentioned anything to Mark about sucking a man other than James, let alone asking his permission. And it all felt good.

When Earl arrived, James said, "This white whore wants to suck your nigger cock."

Earl smiled, "She does, does she? I'd love to have her white slut lips wrapped around my big, black dick."

Smiling, he dropped his pants, "Come here, bitch. Suck on a real cock."

I got right on my knees, stretched my lips around his black head and started sucking. Not being able to get much of him in my mouth, I also pumped his shaft with my hand.

He was a little bigger than James even, and his cock was even blacker than he was.

Earl said, "You sure a good white cocksucker!" It pleased me to hear him say that.

I love the idea of being such a slut and having Mark see me suck nigger cock and drinking their cum. And I also loved sucking cock with James watching. I noticed that Earl smelled and taste different from James too. I was becoming a connoisseur of black cocks.

It was hot to think that it was I who was pleasing Earl instead of his beautiful white girlfriend Danielle. It made me feel nasty.

Before long Earl tensed and started cumming, "That's it bitch, swallow my nigga cum."

I was getting better at swallowing the huge loads of cum black men produce. I only got a little on my chin, which I licked right up, as I sucked and swallowed all he could pump into my mouth.

I went right over to James afterwards and knelt down and took out his cock for him. He had gotten real hard watching me. I am such an oral person and I have always loved sucking cock ever since the first time I did it. And I discovered I love sucking black cock even more, it's so damn hot, I just love pleasing James.

Soon James was cumming and I was gulping down his seed as fast as he could pump it into my mouth. I knew I was getting better at handling black men cumming because I didn't get any on my clothes.

After I fixed up my makeup and hair, we went to the club. There we met Earl's white bitch, Danielle. She was wearing a very tight, very short skirt that showed off her big tits and ass. We just danced, had a couple of drinks, nothing out of the ordinary for me anymore. I danced pretty sexy with James, rubbing up against him and teasing him which was fun. It was fun to be there without Mark so everyone there could see James and me together and know that I was his "bitch". While in some ways that was very liberating, I did miss showing off for Mark.

After we danced for an hour or so, James took me back to his place. As we drove, I was stroking his cock and licking it some and he was playing with my tits. He actually had me take off my top so he could more easily play with them.

When we arrived, I just left my top off to walk inside. It got me hot walking into his house topless, silly I know but it did.

Once in James' bedroom, I took off my jeans and undressed James. I so love undressing him, revealing the black, muscular, naked body of my Adonis.

Then we started kissing and caressing each other. James sucked on my tits, that got me very hot, especially the skin contrast. I couldn't get enough of watching his full lips engulf my nipples.

Then I sucked on his cock some to get him really hard for me.

We are both pretty vocal during sex, I love to talk dirty and I love hearing James tell me what to do or telling me to suck his big black cock, asking me to tell him that I am a white bitch who loves black cock, that I can't get enough.

God, I get wet just thinking about it.

Then he proceeded to fuck me real good. He started by commanding, "Git on all fours, bitch."

Working behind me, he maneuvered his cock to the entrance of my pussy and drove full depth inside me. I was so wet that, while I definitely felt him stretching me, it wasn't uncomfortable. I was probably still stretched out from the previous night too.

"Tell me what you want, slut," he ordered as he slapped my ass a few times while he was fucking me.

"I want you to fuck black nigger bastard!" I yelled back.

I love feeling his big black cock inside my tight pussy, it's the best.

He pounded me real hard and was in control. He had his hands on my hips forcefully pulling me into him with each thrust, which I liked.

He smacked me a few more times, but not very hard, just enough to get my attention. He also knows that I like it when he pulls my hair.

I came almost instantly.

I started cumming, experiencing those super intense, body consuming orgasms that only James can give me.

Orgasms that take my breath away and grow in intensity the longer and harder he fucks me.

I lost all track of time. Then he buried himself to the hilt and I felt that marvelous feeling of huge amounts of hot black semen pumping into me.

With that, my cumming reached a crescendo of ecstasy as James and I joined in a chorus of loud moans.

There is no comparison of the orgasms that James gives me to the ones Mark gives me. I love Mark and he is a good lover, but it's just not the same. The intensity with which James fucks me and the orgasms are just so powerful.

We collapsed upon each other, spent for the moment.

The room smelled the smell of lovers' musk and my cummy pussy smells; smells reinforcing the smells from the night before. Smells of the two of us that were beginning to permeate the room where our sexual activity had taken place.

We snuggled for a bit, kissing and caressing. I just loved to feel his big strong body and muscles. I kissed his chest, sucked his nipples and then worked my way down past his navel to his cock.

I just love to look at it, stroke it, play with it and suck it. It's like it has a life of its own, and it's like I am hypnotized by it; it's just so big and thick.

Soon he was hard for me again.

I just climbed on top of him and lowered myself onto his throbbing cock. It was very similar to the first time that I rode him. I felt incredibly full with his cock deep inside me.

I bounced up and down as fast as I could on top of that big black dick, forcing him into me as deeply as I possibly could. It was very sexy.

How good he felt, filling me, sending me right back to orgasmic Nirvana.

He placed his large, black hands over my creamy white tits, and began pinching my nipples, just enough to make my orgasms even stronger, which I didn't think possible.

Then he moaned loudly and grunted, "I'm cummin....I'm gonna shoot deep... in your pussy."

I can't explain how hot those words made me!! "Yes...cum in me...give me your nigger seed."

I felt his cock pulsing deep inside as his hot sperm invaded my body.

We lay in bed for a while, kissed some and then I got dressed. I cleaned myself up just enough so I wouldn't be leaking out all over the place. I wasn't wearing any panties and didn't want it all over my jeans.

When I got home around midnight, I crawled into bed with Mark. I was still wet and sticky with James semen as I told him about my day and everything I did. Then I sucked his cock for him until he came, he was very turned on hearing what I did. I think he liked it.

Mark's needs satiated, I snuggled against him as I lay in bed thinking about the past two days. They were even better than the previous weekend, which I never would have thought possible.

I was a nasty slut both nights. I just loved getting fucked by that big black cock, I couldn't get enough. I loved the fact that James and I got to spend a good deal of the past day together, at his place and dancing at the club.

James made me feel so free, sexual and desirable. When I was with him he made me feel like the most beautiful, sexy woman in the world. Other women are envious of me when we are together.

I was concerned about the conflict the last two days caused Mark, but he just had to realize how much I was enjoying myself. I guessed that we would have to see where this relationship with James went. I knew that he was fun to be with, that he made me feel very sexy, desirable and that the sex was incredible.

This story continues with Amy's Acknowledgement.

We hope you liked it. Feedback is appreciated.

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