tagGroup SexAn Adequate Diversion

An Adequate Diversion


The night seemed to be going incredibly slow at first...so slow, I wanted to check my email, but I had too many duties as a bridesmaid at the wedding. I was feeling a little bored and somewhat tense, waiting for this thing to be over. Sure, weddings are supposed to be "happy" times...for some. I was happy, just at not at this moment. A time came when a few of the guests had arrived early. Some things were taking longer than others. So, people had to wait. I peeped out looking at the newly arriving guests. Some of the guys were nice. I saw three...who were especially nice. I almost set them on fire... staring, then I remembered not to. My aunt had asked me to relieve some of the monotony with my keen sense of humor and go mingle with the guests...make sure they're not bored.

I saw one I knew...John. We used to be really good friends...neighbors. Then he moved. Now he's here. I haven't seen him since last year. I walked up to him and said hi. He looked at me and smiled. Then he gave me a hug. I almost screamed...I was feeling kinda touch sensitive. I knew if any guy I liked touched me...I would lube bigtime. But I held my ground. I backed out of the hug quickly and greeted him, and asked how he was. He was fine...got a new job...hadn't met anyone yet.

"You?" He asked me. I nodded and told him I was suppose to keep him...occupied. He smiled curiously like he was thinking- what did that mean? I said I'd be back. There was another guy...just relaxing on the sofa. No one there. I introduced myself as the entertainment.

"Just so you guys won't get bored...things are a little tied up back there. I sat next to him. You are...?"

"Oh, I'm...my name's Robert. He said. I'm a friend of John's. He asked if I wasn't doing anything, so I said it'd be great. "Besides...he looked me up and down...concentrating on my breasts flowing over the top of my dress. Maybe I'll get lucky and meet someone here."

" Maybe you will..."I said. Then I excused myself and went to introduce myself to a few other people...thinking too hard about what Robert's chest might look like. I had seen the protrusion of hair from the top of his shirt and felt myself getting moist. Forget it, I nodded to myself quickly. Just a biological response. Mmmm... but boy I wanted to touch his face... stubble for day... I had to stop THINKING about that. So, I went to a guy who'd been browsing the buffet table. All the food wasn't out...not much of a selection, either. Some things were just too backed up.

"Hi, I heard him say...is this all we got?" He smiled...a nice quiet smile. His name was Paul...actually he explained it was Marcus Paul Martin. But to prevent them from calling him MC Martin as they had in his youth, he asked everyone to call him Paul.

"The rest of the food'll be here in a moment." I told him as he leaned against the table, he said with a wave of his hand...

"Hey, it's just something to do. he had thick dark hair and thin eyes covered by wire -rimmed glasses. I could see he wanted wasn't automatically the talkative type unless someone pushed the right button. He was looking down quietly as I searched for something to ask him ...

"Got a computer?" I suddenly asked. That was the right button! We stood there talking for a few minutes on computers...he'd totally stimulated me! I had to get out of these clothes...relieve myself...

"You wanna do something, Paul?" I asked him looking sneaky.

"Hey, as long as it's not murder, I'm game." he laughed quietly. I asked him to come with me. When I found John again, he and Robert were talking.

"Is the wedding starting?" John said standing, along with Robert.

"No, I told the three of them. It'll be another hour... then they'll be ready. We watched for a brief moment as more food was brought out. Everything'll be ready shortly. So I asked John and Robert if they wanted to have some fun?

"Hey, Robert said... I could fall asleep here, lead on." John agreed. I took the three of them upstairs to a sitting room, closing the door.

"I wanted to let you guys in on a secret...maybe you can help me out..." I began. Just being alone with three men I was obviously attracted to, especially Paul...was getting my pussy moist. For that reason, I was glad the material on the dress was a little thicker at the top. They would've seen my nipples poking through, and asked me...sigh.

I told them I had always had a fantasy... Paul had distanced himself from the rest of us when we'd come in and sat, but I guess I'd said something to make him take notice. I continued.

" I've had a fantasy...several times about...I know you'll think this is weird...but I've always wanted to strip in front of three guys. They looked at each other. I know, I nodded. Let me explain the number. I've been...nude in front of at least one guy. Not two yet...but three would be an audience! So, I was wondering...since you guys are bored outta your skulls now...maybe you'd humor me and let me strip for you?"

"What do we get outta this?" John grinned with a skeptical look on his face. I sighed.

"You get to see me...naked. I'm gonna strip down to my...underwear. I'm sorry, but you can't touch me, either."

"If it's gonna be like that, Robert started. At least take the bra off."

"Okay, that too." I said glancing down. So, they leaned back, and Paul joined the two others. I found it very difficult and was nervous to start. I heard Robert chanting for me to "Take it off, cos' it's my birthday!" John asked if I wanted some music, and I said that would be great! He turned on a radio and picked a good song...something like Red Hot Chili Peppers. I started to move and loosen the satin material from my chest. Going with the music, I heard the guys clapping. They had no idea what was going on in my head now. I had shimmied the dress down until all you could see were my bra, panties, and the stockings hooked up to the garters on my thighs. I unclipped and rolled each one down...and I saw Paul smile at me. At that moment I had started to wince...I could feel the "southern tickle" it wanted me to relieve myself and I couldn't...not in front of them. With my stockings off and the garter on the floor...I had slowly begun to unhook the front of my bra. They began to whisper and smile. I was still shaking from actually doing this! I opened it halfway, my breasts still in the cups...

"That's not what you promised... more! It's your birthday!" I heard Robert yelling.

"C'mon honey! You can do it, you know you wanna." John said, cheering me on. Paul sat along with the rest of them grinning more as I finally removed the bra and my 42D's fell out and lay on my chest...the nipples tingling and pointing downward. I heard someone whisper...Holy sh... I stopped there and began to rub my arms...holding my shoulders back as they beheld my flattened snack trays. Ha, Robert tried to reach for a second, but I shook my head at him.

"You can't stop now, I finally heard Paul say, let's see that beautiful pussy!" I looked at him, my mouth open...and slowly shimmied the panties down. Kicking them away, I stood there...embarrassed a little, not at my nakedness but for fear they'd see how aroused I was...the wetness...now beginning to ooze from the cleavage of my pussy...

Suddenly, I felt something nudge me. John had pushed a chair next to me and asked me to sit down. He asked me to spread my legs and hang them on the arms of the chair. I had no idea what...

I felt a hand stroking my left leg...it was Paul. Since I'd sat in the chair I'd imagined that he'd bent down and licked all of the come from my pussy as I'd sat there. John and Robert were trying to see how wet I was...and clapping in approval! It was weird, but I laughed at their awe. Paul clapped too, looking at me as if he knew... meanwhile as I sat there with my legs spread wide open...I'd begun to imagine the three of them feasting on me...sucking on my nipples until I was shaking to no end... with Paul still down between my legs...his shirt off and all of that thick hair on his chest wet with the come from my pussy! The others had their shirts off too, as they sucked my nipples until they were like hard, shiny thimbles...and me...lying there...moaning wanting them to stop...and yet wanting the bliss I was feeling to just continue into the evening! My eyes closed ...until I heard John whisper, asking if was I okay? I nodded and stood up...thanking them for being there for me. They had all seemingly loosened their shirts and pants...maybe I was fantasizing longer than I thought!

Suddenly, we heard the wedding march starting downstairs! We all rushed, dressed, and straightened our clothing . Before we left, I asked them..."The entertainment was...adequate?'

" More than adequate... John said smiling. As we went down the stairs, Paul brushed next to me whispering..."Doing anything later?" I was so shocked, but I shook my head, knowing I was about to get my second rush. I'd be wet all night...but I wouldn't be alone!


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