tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Arrangement Ch. 05

An Arrangement Ch. 05


Ken got finished cleaning up and left soon after that. At that time, Mandy went back up to her room and started the shower that she had previously faked. The shower didn’t help her any. Even as the cold water ran over her body, she could feel her clit throbbing, begging for more attention. She didn’t know if she was mad or sexually frustrated. Either way, her body was suffering. Ok, she thought to herself, two can play at that game. She had been so close to an orgasm, and then he caught her, like letting her sexual tension drop like a ton of bricks. But she had remedied that from her secreted position in the laundry room. But now, her tender clit felt like it was demanding more. She had more than enjoyed watching him get himself off, and even better, getting herself off. She was sure that he was not aware of her watching him. But she was also sure that he was teasing her when he saw her at the table, and then closed the door, or so he thought. He was playing a game with her. Just like the game she was playing with him. If he wanted to play like that, she could play too. She was sure that she had been the stimulus to his more than plentiful orgasm.

The more she thought about it, the more aroused she became. It had been fun playing this little game like they had. She knew what she had done to him just a few nights before and she suspected that he knew it. Then, she wasn’t sure but she suspected that he had returned the ‘favor’ the night before. She couldn’t remember what happened to her but suspected it. And she figured that he didn’t know what had happened to him, but that he suspected it. Since that time, both of them had toyed with the other one, on the verge of admitting what the other had done. By this time, Mandy could feel her pussy juice seeping out from between her lips. This is what he did to her. So now she wanted to make sure he was feeling the same thing. But how?

She would have to think of situations that afforded her the chances to play with him, whether mentally or physically. One thing that had seemed to work very well was her skimpy bikini. It couldn’t get any skimpier than that. The only thing more revealing than that swimsuit would be wearing nothing at all. That would be too obvious. So she would go back to what had worked the day before, the skimpy white string bikini. It was obvious that the tiny covering had an affect on him. She figured that she could do the same thing, tucking the strings under the small coverings. But she would have to use body language or something else to make it more teasing to him. If she were to be teasing him, she knew that it would lead her to arousal. And she knew that it was like a vicious circle, arousal leading to stimulus, more stimulus leading to more arousal, on and on. Oh this is going to be fun, she thought to herself.

She knew that Ken had some things to do and would be back around 2:00pm. She laughed, thinking how 2:00pm was such a good time to be tanning. The sun was just right and her tan needed some maintenance. She had awhile to think about it and thought would be very good for her stimulation. She kept going over the kitchen scene in her mind. The more than obvious view of her legs had definitely excited him. The huge erection sticking out proved that. But when she forced him to stand facing her, he was obviously embarrassed. A lot of males would have taken that as an advantage to ‘show it’ off and just pull it out. But he didn’t. He was rock hard and embarrassed at the same time, but not willing to continue their little cat and mouse game. His embarrassment actually turned her on more. He wasn’t arrogant or conceited, and possibly didn’t even know what he had between his legs. It was a dream cock and the huge balls just kept it functioning very well.

By 1:45 pm, she was outside in the backyard, just in case he came home early. She had washed the white bikini and put it in the dryer. Putting the bikini in the dryer always caused it to shrink up, but this was not a bad thing. Besides, she only put this bikini on when she was trying to create less tan lines, or to attract attention. And this bikini attracted a lot of attention. This bikini was skimpy enough that she had basically stopped wearing it, except for tanning in private with no one around. It was way too revealing. It was one of the only swimsuits she had that even she was embarrassed when she looked in the mirror. She looked more like something out of a swimsuit issue, rather than a mature woman. She was impressed. If everything went accordingly, he would be too. How could he resist. He had teased her this morning, so now it was time to tease him.

At 2:00 pm she was already beginning to sweat. She’d only been outside for a few minutes, chaise lounge set up, iced tea on the small table, and a heavy coating of baby oil and tanning lotion on her skin. Within minutes of lying down, the oil had soaked into her smooth skin and was only a sheen on her exposed body. She lay back and undid the string ties to the top of her bikini. Then, she undid the string ties to the bottom of her bikini. Just releasing the ties to her swimsuit made her arousal level soar. She could feel herself getting wetter by the minute. Since he had still not arrived, she carefully lay back and tucked the small strings under the tiny coverings over her nipples. Then, carefully and by barely moving, she tucked the bikini bottom ties under the less than tiny covering over her pubic area. The sun was baking down and caused her to feel even hornier as she lay there. Now all she had to do was wait.

It wasn’t but a few minutes later that she heard his truck pull into the driveway. At least this time he wasn’t skidding on the gravel drive. She heard the truck door close and then silence. If he did what he normally did, he would appear within a few minutes, just to say hi and tell her that he was back. Sure enough, she felt a shadow over her prior to him speaking. Not surprisingly, there was about 30 seconds of silence before he spoke, giving him just enough time to admire her body. She wondered if he was thinking about the hard sex he had performed on himself, as much as she was thinking about it. She really wanted the chance to do to him, what he had done to himself.

“Hey Mandy, catching a few rays?” he asked, with almost a snicker in his voice.

Jumping slightly, she faked being startled, as if she had been asleep. She started to sit up but stopped suddenly. Lying back down, she laughed, saying, “Oh, we went through this yesterday. I’m not going to play that cover up game again. Are you seeing anything that you should not be seeing?”

“I should have been asking you that, this morning.” He said laughing. Her attempt to fake being startled when he first walked up caused her bikini to shift just a little. There was just enough that he could see the tips of her nipples from where he stood. And if he stepped back a little, he would be getting a very good view of what had been hidden under the tiny bikini bottoms. He stepped back slightly. “No, I’m not even looking, you’re safe,” he added.

His response to her comment about seeing anything that he liked scared her. She began to wonder if he had been aware of her in the laundry room, till she remembered that he had literally stood there in his bedroom, showing her his cock, before the shower water was ever turned on. She could admit to that one, but not to the laundry room voyeurism.

She turned her head back toward him, “Want to join me? It’s awful warm out here and I just got started. I was almost asleep.” He quickly made an excuse of some work that he had to get done and that it would take awhile. He suggested that she go ahead and work on her tan, and that he would join her some other day. She had suspected that he would not join her. Even if he had, she had a plan for that one. Surprising just how much a man could see if a sleeping lady turned over while sun tanning. Especially if the lady had a swimsuit on that wasn’t even tied. But that could be used for another day. For now, she had another idea that would be more fun. She had been hoping that he would find an excuse to not sit with her. She knew exactly what he would be doing. He’d be inside the house, watching her. It was show time.

They talked for a few minutes and he excused himself, telling her that he had to get busy. He then walked back to the house. She lay back, getting comfortable. The show was about to begin and she needed to prepare mentally. The physical preparation would come soon, but for now, all she had to do was relax and think. Thinking was the first step towards physical preparation.

He had been gone for about 10 minutes when she made an obvious move to stretch out on the lounge. Doing this, she ‘accidentally’ lost her top. It slid off of her and onto the ground. She knew from the angle she was lying that he would be able to see her very well. She was correct. By that time, he was sitting comfortably at his bedroom window, watching every thing she did. Losing her top, she slowly sat up and looked around as if surprised. Seeing no one around, she slowly reached over and picked up the flimsy top. She sat there a moment, and then put the top down on the grass, retrieving the nearby suntan lotion. She sat up fully on the chaise lounge and spread her legs, placing her feet on each side of the lounge. She then undid the top of the lotion and poured out a liberal amount, spreading it slowly over her hands. She then slowly began to rub the lotion into her shoulders, stomach, and chest, spending a long time rubbing the warm lotion into her breasts. She spent even more time carefully rubbing the lotion into each hard and erect nipple. She figured that even from the window, he would be able to see her nipples very clearly as she worked them for several minutes. There was only about 30 to 40 feet from his window to where she was laying. Even if he wasn’t becoming aroused, she was more than aroused, feeling the wetness began to spread in her pussy. It was downright hot outside, but she was even hotter inside.

Looking around as if she were self-conscious, she then spread more lotion onto her hands and began to work it into her long legs. She spent even more time once she reached her upper thighs, where her legs met her torso. By this time, the bikini bottom had completely fallen from her and was lying between her legs. She made no effort to pull it back up, letting it stay there while she spread the warm lotion all around her pubic area. Careful not to get burned in the very sensitive areas, she made an exaggerated motion of pulling the bottom back up into place and then tucking the strings back under the little patch of cloth. She then lay back on the lounge and acted as if she were beginning her tanning session again.

She knew that he would surely be watching. Based on how he had acted the past two times he saw her when she was tanning, he would probably be nude by this point, a very erect cock sticking out. She wasn’t far from wrong. He had been watching but he wasn’t nude, yet. He had already removed his shirt and jeans, now clad in one very tightly stretched pair of underwear. It was time for them to come off. Watching through the window, he relieved the thick cock from their tight underwear and watched as it bounced into freedom. Dropping the underwear, he began to slowly rub the thick toy. He didn’t need any lubrication; he was supplying more than enough from his cock. He was more than enjoying her show. He was close enough to make out the small creamy white area between her legs. It barely could be called and area, about the size of two band-aids.

He sat enjoying the view. She was close enough to his bedroom window that he could easily make out the muscle tone in her legs and the difference in the skin texture between her nipple and her areola. It had only been about 4 hours since he had dumped the huge load onto his sheets and towel, but being around her, he felt as if he hadn’t cum in years.

Hoping that he was watching, she lay still for a minute or two just letting her arousal rise. Her top lying beside the chaise lounge, she relaxed, feeling the warm sunlight on her breasts. Her nipples weren’t use to this much exposure and began to tingle as the sun warmed them. Within a few minutes, they were more than warm, and beginning to feel hot. With no intent of sexual arousal, she squeezed more lotion into her hands and began to rub the heavy liquid into her sensitive nipples. This began to arouse her more, and also the voyeur in the window. She couldn’t help but continue rubbing them as they hardened between her fingers. She had been more than wet for quite awhile now and this was making her wetter.

Meanwhile in his bedroom, Ken was almost to the point of throbbing. His cock was stretched out hard, the foreskin pulled back away from the head. He was to the point of dripping and most of that was accumulating in his slowly rubbing hand. He had rolled his fingers around the fat cock head and was massaging the thick pre-cum into his skin. He had already neared orgasm several times, just from the image he was seeing outside his window. He would slowly rub, feeling the intensity build till he was at the edge, then slow the rubbing down to almost nothing. He had become so thick in pre-cum that he had retrieved a towel to catch the excess. Now, sitting in an overstuffed chair, he had one leg draped over an arm of the chair, while the other leg stretched out and open wide in front of him. Occasionally he would stop the rubbing and concentrate on squeezing the huge balls, one at a time. Rhythmically coaxing each of them to pump out more of their clear fluid.

Mandy had planned the scenario out to the end. Unless she was wrong, she would quietly lay in her chaise lounge, playing with herself. She knew that her own arousal level would heighten, the more she worked her body. Knowing that he was watching, would only egg her on, and then her body would egg her on to more activity. She was already wet enough that she could feel the thick fluid run from between her lips, down her ass cheeks. Even she was surprised at how wet she was becoming.

With her top off, she remained lying back, allowing him to watch a topless show. It didn’t take long before her body demanded more attention, begging for a touch in the right places. Almost breathless, she slowly brought her right hand to her thigh. For her, this was an important moment. Normally, the only playing she did with herself was in her locked bedroom. But now she was lying outside, exposed for the entire world to see, and this one move, her hand to her thigh, signaled a no stopping point. If she touched herself, there would be no going back. She almost held her breath as her hand moved closer to the sensitive area between her legs. From there, it slowly moved across her body, tracing small gentle circles below her belly button. Barely touching herself, she played along the tan and very tight lower stomach muscles. She could feel herself beginning to tremble in her legs. She had never put on a show and the excitement was almost too much. She never thought she would become this aroused from doing what she had done many times in her bedroom. But this was definitely different. She was outside, where anyone could see her, and to make it more erotic, a handsome man was sitting and watching her show. She only hoped that he was enjoying it as much as she was enjoying it.

The more her fingers moved just above her bikini line, the more aroused she became. She was quickly becoming bolder and was reaching a point that she didn’t care about the show, but wanted relief. Without even realizing it, her fingertips had moved to just under the bikini bottoms. As her fingertips touched the small white skinned area, she breathed in quickly. Instinctively, both of her legs spread slightly, moving off of the lounge and onto the warm grass. With her bare feet planted firmly on each side of the chaise lounge, she was spread open enough that her hand could move easily between her thighs. Her legs were beginning to quiver in anticipation. She had reached a point that she didn’t care, she wanted to cum. She didn’t care at this point who was watching. The fact that he might be watching was exciting, but her fingers were making her more excited.

Pushing the bikini bottom down between her legs left her fully exposed. She didn’t care. Her fingers felt downward, finding the hard bud that was now fully exposed from under its hood. Just the first touch of it sent a shockwave through her body. Her back arched as the first throbs reverberated through her. She was going to cum and she couldn’t stop it. Now, totally nude on the chaise lounge, her legs opened farther. Her hand was moving rhythmically up and down, stroking the wet engorged lips. Her fingertips continued to brush the fully erect clit, making it scream in pleasure.

She was hoping that he was watching. Hoping that he was enjoying the show as much as she was enjoying it. He was. In the darkness of his room, his stroking had taken on a more furtive movement. He was grasping the fleshy shaft harder, his other hand between his legs, squeezing the tender sack. He was now obscenely spread wide, his legs and stomach tight. He too was fast approaching orgasm. But neither of them wanted to hurry it. His hands were moving faster, his eyes glued to the dark tan body writhing on the lounge just outside his window. His right hand was now so covered in pre-cum that each stroke produced squishy sounds.

She was also making squishy sounds. Her hand was moving in time with his hand. Quickly rubbing up and down she opened her legs farther. Now, each leg was stretched wide, resting on each side of the lounge. Her heels were dug into the grass, keeping her body taut on the lounge. Now, completely nude, she was enjoying the movement of her hand. She reached a point that she didn’t care if he was watching or not, her orgasm was welling up inside of her. She couldn’t hold on anymore. Using her other hand, she plunged a finger between the wet lips and began to slowly insert it. Just pushing past her vaginal opening started the momentum that was needed to start her orgasm. Her back arched high, pushing her breasts outward. Her legs tightened and stretched out wide, allowing her more access to the tender quivering areas. Both of her hands were working frantically, her entire body beginning to shake. She was gasping, her hands continuing to dance over the sensitive areas. Wave after wave crashed through her, making her entire body stiffen in extreme pleasure.

At the same time, Ken had reached the same crescendo. His right hand worked frantically, stretching the thick foreskin up over the head, tightly. Then in a hard type of movement, his hand would jerk the foreskin downward, tight against his pubic bone. His other hand was squeezing each ball, rhythmically, stretching the sack outward away from his torso. He couldn’t hold on either. He was watching her as her hands moved quickly between her legs, then her back arched up high. At that same moment, his back arched, his legs shaking and stretching out, the muscles tight. The first spurt of cream shot out of him, splattering against the windowsill. Over and over, large bursts of thick cream shot out of the engorged cock head, landing on the carpet and his lower legs. His cock was still pumping hard, but nothing was coming out. He was panting, his chest heaving from the gasping that he was doing during the orgasm.

His eyes were closed, enjoying the last warm feelings of an explosive orgasm. She too had her eyes closed, the feelings cascading over her body, the waves now lessening. Both of them slumped back into their own chairs at almost the same time. He was covered in his own goo; she was saturated between her tan thighs. They both were still panting, trying to recover from what would be a more than memorable solo experience.

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