tagLoving WivesAn Enlightened Evening

An Enlightened Evening


She was a big girl. Not fat per se but tall, thick and curvy with wide hips and big natural breasts. Her waist wasn't thin but it had a nice taper with a surprisingly flat stomach giving her a magnificent hour glass figure. Her legs, sprouting from a devilishly short dress, were strong and shapely with narrow, almost delicate ankles. She had long, shiny dark hair framing an angelic and utterly beautiful face with striking pale blue eyes that contrasted with her dark hair and tan skin to near perfection.

I had spent the better part of two hours casting discrete, furtive glances at her, soaking in every delicious curve of her body. Her dress, dark blue in color and well above mid thigh in length with a plunging neck line, was tight and clung to her curves like velcro. She had caught me looking several times and while I would have loved to approach her she wasn't alone and neither was I. My date, a petite pixie faced woman a dozen years my junior, and I had been set up by a friend. I hadn't been on a blind date in over twenty years but I was newly divorced and it seemed that everyone around me knew the "perfect girl for [me]". My date was nice, sweet and undeniably pretty but we had no chemistry, no spark. She was painfully reserved and her body, though built for sex, appeared to have do not enter written all over it.

I glanced again at the big sexy woman and our eyes met. She held my gaze, her pretty blue eyes dancing with mine as a big smile spread across her gorgeous lips. I had never been that strongly attracted to a full figured women before but there was something about her that had me spellbound. She flashed her left hand at me and showed me her ring. Even from twenty feet away it was an impressive diamond and as my heart sank her smile grew wider and more playful. She was toying with me and we both knew it but I couldn't stop the game.

I continued to make small talk with my date but it was clear that her interest in me was no greater than mine was in her. We were both biding our time until the merciful end of the night where I would drop her off at her apartment and we would say our goodbyes never to see each other again. We would both tell our mutual friend that we had fun but we had nothing in common. It wasn't true. In fact in some ways we had too much in common but there was no chemistry and I was glad the feeling was mutual.

I excused myself to go to the men's room and my date sighed with relief. I walked past the other woman, our eyes sparing and her smile dancing. She was enjoying the game as much as I was. She reached out and brushed her hand against her husband's hand and a pang of jealousy filled the pit of my stomach. I had no reason to be jealous aside from my burning desire to see more of her but that's what I felt as I headed into the men's room.

She stood waiting outside of the men's room when I exited. She had a bright sparkle in her eyes and a devilish smile on her beautiful face.

"I like what I see," she said in a low breathy tone, "do you?" Her hands, nails painted red, slid over her curves and rested on her full hips. She was sassy and confident and I was beyond intrigued.

"Who wouldn't," I replied, feigning confidence, "you're stunning."

She smiled brightly. She liked my answer and she leaned closer. I could smell her perfume, light and airy with a hint of citrus and my heart raced as her long hair brushed across my cheek.

"Do you want to fuck me while my husband watches?" She asked brazenly. Her pretty eyes held mine and my words caught in my throat for a moment. Our lips were just inches apart and I ached to kiss them.

"Yes," I croaked. My throat was dry, as was my mouth, yet I felt a bead of sweat roll down my forehead. The room wasn't warm but I burning up. She exuded confidence and I liked that. She was as sexy and alluring a woman as I had ever seen. She brushed her lips across mine, hinting at what was to come and my heart pounded fiercely in my chest. She stepped back and purred softly. Her hips turned and she gripped my hand. Her skin was impossibility smooth and warm. She moved with a predatory grace as though she was a lioness stalking her prey. Her hungry eyes held mine as she looked at me from over her shoulder.

"Good," she purred as she led us past her husband while he sat, aware of what was happening, and watched us with keen interest. He was a good looking man with strong European features and dark hair that had just begun to grey at the temples. He looked shorter than me with a slim runners build. His clothes were expensive designer brands and he wore a Tag Hauer watch that looked more expensive than a used Japanese sedan.

I followed her like a puppy dog and looked down, watching her big round ass sway enticingly under the thin fabric of her dress as we made our way to my table.

"Please join us," she said to my date as she reached out and helped the young woman to her feet. I felt like I was in a daze, a fog, where I was a mere spectator as the events around me unfolded. Her husband smiled at us as we made our way back to the bar. He stood between me and my date. I could hear him talking to her but I had no idea what he was saying. His wife pulled me close, her big, soft body absorbing mine as her arms, soft and supple yet shockingly strong, circled my waist. Her eyes, those beautiful blue pools of mystery and intrigue, held mine captive and suddenly we were kissing, lightly at first but with a growing passion that consumed me. Our tongues entwined and my body responded to the myriad of stimuli.

Her husband and my date were gone when the kiss ended. I was breathless and my erect cock strained against my pants as I looked to see where they had gone.

"Mmm," she purred as she brazenly rubbed my dick through my pants. "Is that for me?"

"Yes," I sighed. I was still in a daze, overwhelmed by desire and drunk with lust. "Where did they go?" I continued to look around but saw no trace of my date or her husband.

"Don't worry, my husband well get her home safely. Maybe he'll have better luck with her than you did. She was a pretty thing. Not my type or I would have brought you both home with me." Her soft, supple lips grazed my earlobe before descending to the nape of my neck and planting butterfly kisses along my collarbone.

I moaned softly and cradled her head in my arms. Her insistent fingers continued to tease my rock hard cock and I felt a cool wet spot on my underwear as I leaked precum into them.

"Let's get out of here, " she purred in a deep, sultry voice that betrayed the level of her excitement. She turned and led me to the door. I was used to being in control. It was my thing but I was along for the ride with her and it was a very nice change.

We stepped into the muggy, mid Atlantic summer air and she flashed a mischievous smile.

"Where are you parked?" She asked and I motioned to a dimly lit parking lot across the street.

"The blue BMW right in front," I said as I pointed to my car.

We jay walked across the street and hopped inside. I felt a momentary pang of uncertainty as I recalled arriving with my date. Our conversation had been strained even then but at that point I still had hope that I would turn the night around. I hoped she was okay but as my sexy new companion rubbed my still rigid cock through my pants my concerns melted away.

I drove quickly while she navigated and in less than 15 minutes we pulled up to a beautiful Georgetown home surrounded by a tall ivy covered wall.

"Put it in the garage," she said confidently as the door raised before us.

Her lips met mine as the door closed behind us and my hand slipped under her blouse touching the silky flesh of her curvy torso. It slid up to her huge pillowy tits encased in fine silk and she moaned into my mouth. Her long tongue slipped past my lips and entwined with mine in a searing hot kiss.

We kissed for several long minutes as we both clutched and groped. My heart pounded and I was breathless when she pulled away and climbed briskly from the car. I followed her inside watching her big round ass sway gently from side to side with each step. She met me inside the door and pinned me against it as she tugged my shirt over my head. She quickly dropped my pants and underwear to the floor leaving me naked and exposed as she stepped back and looked appraisingly at my body. She gripped my painfully hard cock and squealed with delight.

"I knew you'd be hung, " she purred as she rubbed and tugged on my throbbing manhood. It had been over a month since I had gotten laid and I feared that I might cum quickly but she knew how to keep me on the edge without going over. My body was trembling with desire when she hopped onto her kitchen counter and spread her thick meaty thighs wide.

The pungent yet alluring aroma of her arousal filled the air and sent my libido into overdrive. I wanted her and I stepped forward guiding my cock towards her pantyless pussy as her skirt rode up to her waist.

"Not yet Lover," she purred. "We don't fuck until my husband gets home but you can put your pretty mouth to good use." She flashed a bright smile that made my cock twitch.

She didn't have to ask twice. I had always been very oral and I dropped down in front of her and leaned close. Her labia glistened with her fragrant juices and I dragged my tongue up the length of her swollen lips. The taste and feel was electric and a long low moan escaped her lips. Her thick thighs trembled and she inhaled sharply as I licked her hard clit.

"Right there Lover, " she panted. Her hands clutched at my head and she pulled me tight against her neatly trimmed but still hairy pussy. Her juices, copious and delicious, soaked my cheeks and her breathing labored as her first climax approached with the subtlety of a runaway freight train. I eased to fingers into her soaking wet hole and curled them up until I felt her spongy gspot, engorged and ready. I rubbed it with my fingertips as my tongue flicked her engorged clit until she exploded with a powerful release. Her body shook and her legs closed on my face as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her.

She pushed me away from her hypersensitive clit and lowered herself from the counter. We moved into the living room and she guided me onto my back. Her dress dropped to the floor beside me and then she knelt on top of me with a hungry look in her eyes.

I reached for her magnificent tits but she slapped my hand away and slid higher until her big ass hovered over my head. Her hands pulled her cheeks apart and she lowered her asshole to my eager lips. My tongue penetrated her sphincter and she moaned loudly. I felt powerless under her big ass, as though she could smother me at will, and I liked it. I had never felt so vulnerable before, so out of my control, and it rocked me to the core.

My tongue dug deep into her ass making her squirm as I gasped for each breath. I felt hands and a warm mouth on my cock and I moaned loudly. I knew it couldn't be her and I had a good idea who was sucking and stroking my dick but I didn't care, it felt too good.

I felt my climax building and I didn't know if I could hold back. My tongue slithered across her asshole as I clutched at her big round ass. I was close and my body tensed as I approached the point of no return when I suddenly felt cool air on my dick as I was released from the warmth of the strangers mouth.

"Not yet," she giggled as she climbed off my face and impaled herself on my dick. Her thick curvy body undulated on top of me. I could feel the tip of my dick pressing against her cervix each time she pressed the full weight of her body on mine. Her hands clutched at her big tits and her head thrashed from side to side like a fish out of water as she came hard. Her pussy gripped and milked my dick as her climax washed over her.

Her husband knelt beside me and kissed his pretty wife. His dick hovered inches from my face. My eyes were drawn to it like a moth to a flame. I had never seen another man's erect dick before and I had certainly never touched one but he had just given me a fantastic blow job and I felt oddly compelled to return the favor.

"I've never done this before," I confessed as I wrapped my fingers around his shaft. It felt oddly comfortable in my hand and he moaned as I squeezed it tight.

He moved closer and smiled down at me with a warm comforting expression on his face. "Just do what comes naturally," he said in a calm easy manner.

I pulled his cock to my lips and kissed it softly. The salty flavor of his sweat tickled my lips. I liked it and I wanted more. My mouth opened wide of its own accord and I tentatively wrapped my lips around the head of his big hard dick. The taste was incredible and my desire surged to new, and dizzying heights. I turned my head for a better angle and slid his shaft deeper until it touched the back of my throat making me gag for a moment. It felt deliciously wicked to have his warm throbbing cock in my mouth and I moaned wantonly spilling saliva from the corners of my mouth.

She climbed off my hips and laid beside me with her legs splayed invitingly.

"Fuck me Lover," she cooed as she pulled me away from her husband's dick and in top of her soft curvaceous body. My cock slid effortlessly into her womb filling her to perfection and I started to pound into her hard and fast. Her husband scurried behind me and lowered his mouth to my asshole pushing his tongue inside me. I had only been rimmed a few times, never by a man and certainly not while fucking a woman. The sensation was mind blowing and it was even better when he pushed a finger inside of me and massaged my prostate.

I fucked her slow and steady as her husband fingered my asshole. He added a second finger and then a third. I was surprised that it didn't hurt much and each added digit increased the pleasure exponentially.

"Is he ready?" She asked as she pulled my lips to hers and planted a white hot kiss on my lips.

"Just about," he said. He pulled his fingers from my asshole and poured lube into the crack of my ass. His cock was only slightly thicker than his three fingers had been and he slid into my virgin ass with little effort.

I groaned into her mouth as he filled me with hot, throbbing meat. My eyes rolled back and I nearly came instantly when he started to thrust his hips.

The sounds of my grunts mixed with hers and the the music of slapping flesh to create a sexual symphony in the room. He pounded his cock into me like a jack hammer and I did the same with his sexy wife.

I cried out as my cock erupted inside her spewing buckets of cum deep inside her frothy hole. Her husband fucked me hard until my climax subsided and then he pulled out and scurried around me.

Her fingernails dug into my back as she came with me and her cries of ecstasy echoed off the walls as her husband knelt before me. He quickly ripped off the condom and fed his dick into my mouth moments before he came. His hot cream filled my mouth and I did what came naturally. I swallowed and sucked until it deflated inside me. I released his spent dick and kissed his wife letting her share the taste of her husband's seed on my lips.

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