tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 03

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 03


The video that George had made of him and Mandy together was all he could have ever hoped for. He now had a record of the event to keep forever, any time he got the urge for some relief he would put it on to watch. Stretched out on the sofa, cock in hand, he would re-live the whole experience over and over again.

The other, more important reason, for making the video was, of course, to blackmail her into more sex. This part of the plan was proving a little more difficult however.

Her name did not appear in the phone book and when George approached the college with some bullshit story about wanting to send her a thankyou card, they said they would pass one on as it was against policy to give out students details.

This frustrated old George as he couldn't think of any other way to track her down, particularly as he was pretty sure that she may have finished at the college now anyway. All he could do was keep his eyes open in the faint hope that he may find her again one day.

While reading the local newspaper one morning George saw a headline that instantly caught his eye. It read, "MAN CHARGED WITH HARRASING NEIGHBOUR." It told of how a man aged 61 was being charged by the police for peeping on his neighbour as she got undressed. It went on to say how he had done this a number of times over the 6 month period that he had lived there along with making a number of comments of a sexual nature to her.

Further down the page it said how she claimed a number of items of her underwear had gone missing from her washing line and that she felt her neighbour was responsible.

"Good for you mate," old George thought to himself as he smiled in appreciation of the guy.

As he went on reading the story it gave the guys name and address, it wasn't too far from where he lived. He was shocked however when they gave the girls details, only referring to her as a 20 year old called Mandy.

"No way!" thought George, "it can't be..... can it? she could be 20 by now, that was a while ago that she said she was 19..."

This could be the chance he had been waiting for, it may not be her, but it has to be a possibility that it is. He had to take the chance to find out, it was a bit of a long shot but it had to be worth a try.

"Oh God I hope it's her, I hope it's her," he kept muttering to himself as he excitedly ripped the page from the paper and stuffed it in his pocket. Deciding that there was no time like the present he grabbed a copy of his video recording and set off to the guys address.

It was about a 15 minute walk and as he arrived George felt a little nervous as he approached the front door, he hadn't thought it through properly and risked making a fool of himself but he knew he had to try and see if it was the same Mandy.

He rang the bell and stood waiting for a moment as he heard someone the other side fumble with the lock before the door opened.

"Yes?" said the short, round faced, pot bellied man who answered, "can I help you?"

"Erm yes, I've come to ask you about the girl in this story," George replied as he pulled the piece of newspaper from his pocket.

"What girl!" he came back with angrily, "thats all rubbish, just a pack of lies!"

As the guy tried to shut the door George put his hand against it to stop him. "No no no, you don't understand.....I think I can help you."

"How?" he replied looking up and down the scruffy little old man stood on his doorstep.

"I have this erm...tape, if you will allow me to show it to you I think its the same girl you see."

Old George wasn't making much sense as he waffled on but the guy listened to what he had to say and decided to let him in, partly due to curiosity of what was on the tape and partly due to the fact that he needed any help he could get to help him out of the trouble he was in.

The guy took the tape from George and put it in his machine and began to play it.

"Thats her!!! a...and thats y...you, but how? I mean why did she...erm..." said the guy, now completely confused.

"That's her???" asked George excitedly.

"Yeah, thats her, I don't understand..."

"Let me explain..." said George as he went on to tell how he had managed to blackmail her and that he was sure that this tape could be used in the same way, to stop her bringing charges against him.

The guy reached out his hand and said, "my names Ted."

George took it in his and gave it a firm shake, simply replying, "I'm George, pleased to meet you."

With a mutual understanding of each other they both sat and watched the tape. Ted removed his thick framed glasses to give them a wipe before putting them back on his sweaty face. "She's fuckin' gorgeous," he said, "you lucky bastard, I'd give anything to get my fuckin hands on her, she's such a prick teaser, I see her every day and it drives my cock fuckin' crazy."

"Well, why don't we pay her a little visit?" George suggested, "where is it she lives?"

"Not far!" Ted replied as he wiped the sweat from his face with a tissue, "but she's not there at the moment, she's got a job in some office now and doesn't get home until quite late."

"When would be a good time to get her on her own?" asked George.

"About 8:30 in the morning, her folks have gone out by then and she'll be on her own before she leaves at 8:45."

"Sounds like you know her routine very well."

"Oh yes," replied Ted, now confident that they were both of the same mind, "all that stuff in the paper is true, what she doesn't know is that I watch her every time she goes out, she's just so fuckin hot that I can't help havin a quick wank every time I see her."

"I know exactly what you mean my friend, if she don't want the attention she shouldn't walk around looking so fuckin' sexy."

After talking about her for another few minutes they had both got themselves so wound up that they put the tape on again. Ted sat there, and without a care in the world, got his cock out and started playing with himself as he watched the tv.

George was shocked to see him do this right in front of him as if he wasn't even there, but being in need of the same he decided to join him. So the two old boys sat watching the tv excitedly wanking themselves off.

When they had finished Ted said casually, "ah thats better, I needed that."

"Me too," replied George.

"Here, use these to clean yourself up," Ted said throwing a box of tissues over.


After that they had a cup of coffee and George deciced he had better get off home.

"Ok then, I'll come back tomorrow morning and we can go around there for a little chat, agreed?"

"Agreed," replied Ted.

Old George wasn't too keen to share her with anyone but needed to know where she lived for sure and so knew he needed Ted for now, but once he had found her she would be all his.

The next day came and George turned up at 8:15, the tape held firmly in his hand.

"Her folks have left already so she'll be in there on her own," said Ted, the excitement already causing the fat old man to sweat heavily.

They decided to ring the doorbell and put the tape through the letterbox with "PLAY ME" written across it then wait for 5 minutes to give her a chance to watch some of it.

After waiting they both went and rang the bell again. As she opened it it was obvious that she had seen what was on the tape from her worried expression.

"How did you find me?.... and whats he doing here?" she said pointing at Ted.

"Never mind all that," said George, "did you watch some of the tape?"

"Yes.... you're such a sneaky old bastard," she said to George.

They both looked her up and down, she looked amazing, just a white tube top with no shoulder straps was all that covered her magnificent tits, her nipples clear to see through the fabric. Below she had on a short pale blue skirt that was pleated all around.

"Fuck.....look at you!" said George as his cock was already begining to harden at the sight of her. "Is that what you wear to work then?"

"N...no I'm off today, look what is it you both want?" she asked knowing full well what the answer was.

They both stared at her in awe, she was just so beautiful with her blonde hair pulled back in its usual ponytail.

"Well first of all," George said, "we want you to drop these stupid charges against my friend here."

"O...ok I'm sorry, it wasn't my idea in the first place, it was my folks, but I'll tell them I can't go through with it...ok?"

"Thankyou," replied George, "I have a few copies of that tape....you know how this works, don't you."

She saw the way they were both looking her up and down and knew what was going to happen, only this time the thought of Ted, the dirty fat old pervert from nextdoor being involved too, made her even more nervous.

She stepped back to allow them in, as she did so every step caused her huge firm tits to sway and wobble. They stood there as the door closed behind them, Ted couldn't believe that it had worked as he spoke to her for the first time.

"I think I'm due some compensation for all the stress you've put me through." He turned to George, "sorry mate but your going to have to give me first go, I think I'm owed it."

George was desperate to get his hands on her himself but unknown to Ted he had other ideas. He had already got what he came for and as soon as Ted was finished he would be able to have her any time he wanted as he was the only one with copies of the tape.

"N...no p...please don't," she pleaded as Ted approached her.

Her bedroom was on the ground floor and Ted directed her to it. He followed her noticing how the short pleated skirt only just covered that lovely cheeky ass that he had often so admired. His cock was hard and straining against his ill fitting trousers as he closed the door behind him leaving old George to wait outside.

She had been the object of his dirty fantasies for the past 6 months and this was the closest he had ever been to her. "I've waited a long time for this," said Ted as he approached her, his eyes roaming all over her body, "you're such a prick teaser."

"Please don't do this," she again pleaded as she backed up to the edge of the bed. She looked at the repulsive old man with his pot belly hanging over his trousers, his clothes all seemed to be several sizes too small, even his glasses seemed to dig deep into his fat head.

He moved up close to her and rubbed his hands together before he reached out to touch her face, she flinched as he ran his hand down her cheek. "Oh God your so fuckin' lovely," he said, she felt disgusted by the clammy feel and sweaty smell of his hand.

He sat himself down on the edge of the bed and put his hands on her waist turning her towards him, "I've wanted to get a look at these for so long," he said as he began dragging her top downwards.

Slowly more and more of her lovely big tits appeared as the top slid down until the top edge of her nipples could be seen. One more gentle pull and they bounced into veiw right in front of his face.

"Fuck me!!!" exclaimed Ted as he looked at them for the first time, "fuckin' beautiful."

He couldn't take his eyes off them as he wiped his hands down the front of his shirt. he reached his hands out and and took hold of each one. "Ooooh fuck, they feel good," he said as he massaged them in his hands moving them round and round with a circular motion, squeezing them more and more. His excitement was clear to see from the sweat breaking out all over his face.

After a few minutes he took her by the waist and sat her on the bed next to him, still unable to take his eyes off her magnificent tits. He pushed her backwards so as to make her lie down, all the while his breathing was getting heavier and heavier.

He looked along the length of her body as the lust he felt for her became unbearable. He again grabbed one of her tits, squeezing it roughly as his bulky frame rolled against her, he forced his mouth against hers and began kissing her excitedly.

"Mmmm oh yes, oh yes, you're fuckin' gorgeous you fuckin' tease, oh fuck yes!" he moaned as his wide open mouth seemed to be trying to devour her entire face.

She closed her eyes to try and imagine it was someone else as his hand released her tit and felt its way down her body to her thighs. Dragging his hand back up he grabbed her skirt, pulling it up to her waist. His fingers found the waisband of her panties and began to creep down inside. As the disgusting old man slobbered with excitement all over her face she knew she had to face the inevitable. She parted her legs slightly to allow him access as his hand went lower into her white lace panties until his fingers found her lovely moist cunt.

"Ooh yes..... ooh yes, lovely lovely..." he kept muttering as two of his fingers began to push their way inside her. As his fingers went into her cunt his tongue forced its way into her mouth as he moaned and groaned, sweating with the overwhelming excitement.

His fingers went in deep and he began stirring them around inside, getting her wetter and wetter. Feeling this he released her mouth and said to her, "you love it, oh yes your cunt is soaking."

The truth was again she was starting to enjoy the feeling, just as she had done with George. Somehow being treated this way by disgusting and dirty old men was an immense turn on for her. She would try not to, but just couldn't help getting excited by what was happening to her.

He saw her nipples getting bigger and harder as she lay there with her eyes closed. "Oh fuck!" he said as he pushed his face into her tits with his mouth wide open sucking as much in as he could.

She looked down to see him ravishing her tits with his mouth, his head covered in sweat. "Ooh please stop...please," she pleaded as she tried to fight the feelings stirring inside her. But she couldn't help it as her cunt got wetter and her nipples got bigger and harder.

"You dirty old bastards are all the same," she said deciding to accept what she reluctantly knew deep down she was feeling, "you all love my tits, don't you...eh? you dirty old sod!""

"Mmmmmmmmmmm...." was all he could answer as he continued his assault on her.

"Get my cock out, go on," he asked her as he released her tit from his mouth and looked into her eyes, "please, please get it out."

She reached over and undid his trousers before instructing him to take them off.

"Oh yes...yes," he moaned as he hurriedly pushed them down and off together with his underpants. His cock, though not as long as Georges, was thick and looked to be as hard as concrete. "Oh jeeez, yes, yes!" he groaned as he felt her fingers wrap around it, "fuck that feels good!"

As he lay on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor she maneuvered herself around and knelt between his parted legs. All he could do was stare in awe at her beautiful face and her huge firm tits as they jiggled around in front of her.

She raised herself slightly so her tits were just above his erect cock before she began to lower herself downwards. He watched his cock vanish in between them and let out a long sigh as she took her tits in her hands and squashed them around it.

"Oh fuck yes..." he said as he saw the tip of his cock appear through her cleavage. Sticking her tongue out she flicked its very tip, spontaneously he began to buck as the sensation was all too much. Reaching down he took hold of them himself and squashed them harder around his desperate cock as he began fucking her tits for all he was worth, pumping his cock between them.

"GOD!!!! YES, OH YES!!!!" he cried as almost instantly he found he could hold out no longer.

Suddenly his cock errupted, load after load of his dirty spunk shot across her lovely sweet face. "Oh fuck yes...yessss!" he moaned as he watched his filthy sticky seed hit her across the face three or four times before the torrent subsided and the remainder dumped itself all over her lovely big tits.

He let out a long sigh feeling thoroughly satisfied as his body went all limp on the bed.

She reached for the box of tissues on her bedside table and cleaned herself up. Pulling her tube top back over her tits and smoothing her skirt out she was aware that old George was still waiting outside, probably nursing a huge erection.

She was now so turned on that she needed satisfaction and she knew he would be desperate for the same. So, with the devil now in her, she decided to tease him a little before letting him have what he wanted.

She left the bedroom and walked past George waiting patiently in the hallway. He looked her up and down as she walked through to the lounge, giving her ass a sexy little wiggle as she went. He followed her through, desperate to get his hands on her he grabbed a cushion from the sofa and threw it down on the huge deep pile rug that lay in front of the fireplace.

"Here, now!" he called to her as he dropped to his knees and ran his hand over the rug in an invitation to come and lie down. Before she could respond he had pulled off his grubby old trousers and underpants, his huge hard cock standing up like a flagpole.

She approached him slowly, "lie down then," she said to him.

His eyes widened with excitement as he hurriedly did as she asked, laying on his back with his head on the cushion.

"What do you want?" she asked him.

"Ooh I want you....now. My cock is so fuckin' hard...please!" he pleaded.

"I seem to remember the first time we met you liked looking up my skirt, didn't you....you dirty old man!"

"Ooh yes...yes!"

He lay there looking up at her as she approached him placing one foot next to his head, she stepped over and placed the other foot the other side. She stood over him and looked down at the hungry lustful look in his eyes as he stared straight up her skirt.

His cock was in desperate need of attention and she knew it as she enjoyed teasing the old boy. "How close would you like to get...eh?" she asked him as she slowly lowered herself to her knees parting her legs a little more to give him a better view.

"Ooh please, please I want it," he said as he stuck his tongue out as far as he could and wiggled it around in the air. He was trembling with excitement as he looked at the crotch of her lovely white panties just inches above his face.

Slowly she lowered herself down, his head vanished under her pleated skirt as she felt his tongue start lapping at her panty crotch. She was already wet from her experience with Ted, but now she was really losing herself in the whole thing.

He put his hands on her ass cheeks to take some of her weight as she sat herself down on his face. His moans were muffled as she began grinding herself against him. Opening his mouth wide he sucked on her pussy mound and his tongue pushed her panties into her lovely wet slit.

She reached under her skirt and pulled the crotch of her panties to one side and began humping his tongue. He was in heaven as she rubbed her cunt harder and harder all over his face, soaking it with her juices.

She looked over her shoulder to see his swollen hard cock pointing straight at her, pre come oozing from its tip. She needed it inside her now, her desperation for an orgasm was unbearable.

She raised herself from him, much to his dissatisfaction, and crawled backwards down his body.

"Oh God yes...." he whispered as he realised what she was doing. With her hands on the floor either side of his head he felt her cunt brush the tip of his cock. He looked into her beautiful face as she began lowering herself onto it. His cock was so in need of relief that he couldn't help but thrust it straight up her all the way. At the same time he pulled her top down causing her tits to spring out in front of his face.

He grabbed them with both hands and squeezed them roughly as he slammed his cock hard and fast into her soaking cunt. He raised his head and locked his hungry mouth over one of her nipples, sucking it like crazy.

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