An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 03


"God....fuck me...harder...HARDER!" she cried as her cunt took the pounding of its life, "fuck me with that big dirty cock you dirty old bastard!"

She squashed her huge tits into his face as hard as she could, "you dirty old men are all the same," she said through her ever shortening breathe, "you all love my big titties, mmmm? I catch dirty old men like you all the time looking at them."

All her talk drove him over the edge as his balls tightened, he grabbed her ass with both hands and dug his fingers in deep as he pumped his cock hard and fast into her. With his face buried in her massive tits he thrashed his head from side to side, licking and slobbering all over them.

"AAAAARGH!!!! YES...YES!!!" he cried out as his cock exploded into her, he kept pumping and pumping his spunk into her for what seemed like ages until he had no more left and fell limp under her.

She looked down at him feeling rather satisfied, although at the same time confused. She saw a filthy old man and knew she shouldn't have enjoyed what had just happened, in fact she even felt a little disgusted with herself. But, at the same time as soon as they started working on her she couldn't help getting turned on.

She climbed to her feet, her tube top still around her waist showing off her beautiful big tits. "I think thats enough now," she said to George.

"No way....not yet, I haven't finished with you," he answered.

"No, neither have I," came the voice from behind.

She spun round to see Ted standing in the doorway looking slightly ridiculous. He had nothing on from the waist down, but still had on his shirt which was way too tight around his middle. His cock stood out hard proud under the shadow of his pot belly.

He reached out and grabbed her arm and pulled her back through to the bedroom.

"No...please don't," she pleaded, "I've had enough.....please."

He simply grunted at her as he threw her face down onto the bed. He told her to take her panties off and get on all fours. Reluctantly she did as he asked and he knelt on the edge of the bed behind her.

"What a lovely fuckin' ass!" he said, "ooh yeah, you parade around in them short skirts all the time stickin' your fuckin' ass out you prick teasin' bitch."

He lifted her skirt out of the way with his left hand and brought his right hand down with a hard "SMACK!" across her lovely firm round cheek.

"Oh yes, yes, yes!" he went as he smacked it over and over, "your such a naughty naughty girl!"

The pain, although stinging, was bearable as she closed her eyes tightly waiting for the next smack. Instead she felt his cock push against her still moist pussy.

With sweat pouring from his forehead he couldn't believe he was actually going to fuck his dream girl. Unable to stand the wait any longer he grabbed her firm meaty hips and plunged his hard cock deep into her. "OH FUCK YES!!!" he cried out as the sensation was out of this world. He drew it back until it was almost out and then plunged it in again. This he continued doing getting faster and faster each time.

She didn't want it but again her body betrayed her as she couldn't help but start to enjoy what was happening. With every deep thrust her pussy got wetter and wetter and she enjoyed it more and more.

Her concentration was broken by a pair of hands grabbing either side of her head. She opened her eyes, it was George, his big hard cock was bobbing around just in front of her face. Feeling quite turned on now she instinctively opened her mouth to allow it in.

George let out a long satisfied groan as she sucked his needy cock into her lovely sweet mouth. His desperation was such that he had no time to mess about and instantly started fucking her face hard and fast.

She could hear the two old men moaning and groaning as they fucked her from each end, she couldn't help but find the whole experience the biggest turn on she had ever known. She reached under and grabbed Teds swinging balls in her hand, rolling them around in her fingers.

"Oh yeah, you love it you dirty bitch!" Ted cried as she played with them. The more he fucked her the harder she sucked, old George was finding it all too much as she sucked harder and harder, her tongue pressed hard against the under side of his cock.

He forced it deep into her throat without a single thought for her, thrusting harder as he gripped her head tightly.

Ted was nearing his climax as he reached under and grabbed her heavy tits as they swung around beneath her. Squeezing and mauling them all over he couldn't hold back a moment longer as he bucked against her.

"SHIT!!! OH FUCKIN' HELL!!!" he called out as his balls emptied the biggest load of spunk they had ever produced deep inside her. More and more kept coming as he bucked away, his hands gripping her massive tits tightly. Gradually he began to slow and his grip on her loosened as he pumped the final drops from his cock.

After a few moments he pulled his cock out and collapsed face down on the bed next to her.

George was oblivious to all this as he was lost in his own world, he felt himself about to come as he carried on fucking her face. "Yes take it take it, ooh yes take it all!" he called out as he felt the spunk gush through his cock.

Mandy sucked as hard as she could for the old boy as his balls slammed against her chin. Masses of the dirty foul tasting stuff shot down her throat, she swallowed as fast as possible as his balls emptied themselves into her mouth.

As he finished he looked down and said to her, "suck it clean, mmmmmmmm thats it," and she dutifully obeyed. After she had licked every last drop of spunk from his old cock he slipped it from her mouth and sat back on the floor exhausted.

She looked at the clock, "you have to go!" she suddenly said in a slight panic.

"What....why?" asked George.

"My boyfriend will be here soon, if he finds you here God knows what he'll do."

Quickly she threw their trousers at them and hurried them to get dressed.

"B...but I haven't finished yet, I'll be ready to go again in a few minutes," complained Ted.

"Look, he's a six foot tall body builder and he'll kill the pair of you..... then he'll kill me!" she told them.

Now with everyone in a panic they got dressed as quickly as they could. As she tried to usher them out of the house they couldn't help but grab a quick feel before they left.

"Go...go!" she pleaded with them as they stumbled out the door.

Ted was halfway up the path when george turned to her and said, "look he hasn't got a copy of the tape so what you do with him is up to you, I really don't care I only needed him to find you. But I have got copies and so I'll expect you at my house after work on friday....ok?"


"You heard," he said as he looked over his shoulder to see Ted had gone, "if you don't want this boyfriend of yours, or anyone else for that matter to see it you had better do as I say."

Unable to think straight she quckly agreed asking him to now go.

"Oh one more thing," he said as he was about to leave, "I understand you work in an office?"

"Erm..yes, yes."

"Then I'm sure you wear stockings and suspenders," he said with a wink.

She knew what he meant as she watched the dirty old boy walk away.

Instead of going back to Teds house old George went straight home. Ted had no idea where he lived and old George smiled to himself as he went on his way knowing that he would be having many more encounters with the gorgeous Mandy.

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