An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 06


With the most gorgeous ass of the most gorgeous girl in the world sat on his face old Bernard let out a muffled cry as his cock went off like a shotgun into the back of her throat. The seemingly endless ropes of smelly hot spunk were pumped from his cock over and over, more than she could cope with as it ran from the corners of her mouth and down her chin.

Digging his fingers into her cunt and his thumbs hard into her ass cheeks he tried to pull her apart as he pushed as much of his face into her soaking wet cunt as possible. Still his dirty old cock was dumping the foul stuff into her mouth it seemed as if he had been saving it up for the entire 84 years of his life.

Soon however he began to slow and she had no choice but to take it from her mouth and squeeze out the final drops with her hand.

After a few minutes he was finally empty and she decided to climb off. As she did she looked at his face beaming with a huge satisfied smile all over it.

Her legs were a little shaky as she tried to stand up straight next to the bed and she had to put her hands out to lean on the edge of it.

He lay there looking her up and down, his attention had been so taken up by her ass in the little skirt and panty set that he had failed to notice just how incredibly huge her tits looked in the short tight cardigan she was wearing.

She noticed his cock harden up again as he seemed to just stare with his drooling toothless old mouth wide open at her tits.

"I'll just pull the curtains back," she said as she tried to ignore the look in his eyes.

He watched her intently as she walked around the bed to the window and threw the curtains open. The sunlight streaming in illuminated her beautifully, her hourgass figure seemed exaggerated by the undersized clothing she wore, almost cartoon-like.

"I thought girls like you only existed in magazines," he said to her.

She just answered with a nervous laugh unsure what she should do.

With great effort and some pain he dragged himself up against the headboard until he was sitting upright. She got him a few spare pillows and put them behind him to make it more comfortable. She stepped away as he let out a long sigh of relief at being sat up straight in his bed for the first time in ages.

"Now then gorgeous girl, let's see what you can do," he said.

"W...what do you mean?" she asked.

"Oh you know, give me a little show."

She knew exactly what he meant and so feeling rather embarrassed she slowly began to sway her hips in a sort of erotic dance style.

"That's it, that's it," he encouraged her.

After a minute or two she started getting into it much to the dirty old boys delight. She found him repulsive to look at and he gave her the creeps, but his cock however was a different story. It was standing bolt upright and kept twitching all the time, it was the most magnificent specimen she had ever seen.

The more she looked at it and the more she danced she couldn't help but start to get turned on. Still wet down below and feeling left unsatisfied from what had just happened she decided to throw herself into it completely.

She started touching herself, squeezing her tits together as she slowly unbuttoned her cardigan. She looked at him and licked her lips in a teasing way, then, leaving only the bottom button done up, she slowly pulled it open until her huge tits came into view, her huge erect nipples standing out like bullets.

"Oh God, yes, yes yes..." he muttered as he admired the way the huge firm mounds thrust out from her opened cardigan.

Seeing how turned on he was just made her worse as she began caressing them gently stroking her nipples with her finger tips. She could see his cock weeping pre-cum as he was trying to resist from touching it.

She slowly turned her back to him her ass swaying from side to side giving him repeated flashes of her panties under the little gym skirt. She reached down to touch her toes showing off her lovely rounded ass cheeks in all their glory.

He watched in a trance as she parted her legs and her hand appeared between them. She teased a finger under the edge of her panties and began slipping it inside her wet pussy letting out a long moan as she did so.

He couldn't just watch any longer he needed more he wanted her now, right now, his cock was screaming at him for satisfaction. "Come here, now," he shouted in desperation.

As instructed she straightened up and came to stand next to the bed right by him. He instantly reached out and took her by the waist pulling her closer causing her back to arch and her tits to thrust out even further.

"Oh fuck'" he said as he looked at the beautifully massive pair for a moment before pushing his face in sucking and slobbering all over them. His hands went down her back and he groped and squeezed her ass all over as he continued his assault on her tits.

She was now beyond the point of self control as she looked down at his swollen cock dribbling fluid from its tip. Pushing herself back out of his reach for a moment she pulled her panties off and threw them aside.

He moved across the bed and she climbed on laying down next to him. He wasted no time as he struggled to climb on top of her, she could see the frail old boy was having difficulty and so slipped an arm under him and helped him on. As he bagan crawling about over her she parted her legs and he fell into position between them. She could feel his cock nudge against the entrance of her cunt and so she hooked her hands under the back of her legs and lifted them high and wide until her knees were up by her shoulders.

Old Bernard was in love as he lay on top of her, he looked into her eyes and ran his creepy old hands through her lovely blonde hair. "Oh God you're beautiful," he whispered, and with that he drove his massive cock deep into her soaking wet cunt.

Mandy could barely catch her breath as the monsterous thing rammed into her stretching her cunt so much that she felt it could split her wide open. He withdrew slightly and rammed into her again, this time all the way until his balls slammed against her ass, deeper than she ever thought possible.

"OH GOD!!!!" she cried as she instantly felt the beginings of an orgasm building inside her.

The 84 year old had a sudden burst of energy such was his excitement. He locked his mouth over hers and forced his tongue deep inside as he started grinding his cock around in her cunt. She was powerless to do anything about it as instantly her entire body shook with the most explosive orgasm.

"AAAAAARGH YES OH YES!!!!" she cried as he released her mouth and buried his face into her neck. Feeling a second one about to wash over her she threw her hands back on the bed above her head in abandon. "FUCK ME, GOD FUCK ME!!!" she screamed. With that he pounded into her harder and faster, his balls crashing against her ass over and over again. Her cunt was getting the hammering of its life from this giant monster of a cock, she was loving every second of it.

He looked down at her huge tits as they bounced and wobbled around all over the place, "grab them and suck them you bastard," she ordered him. He didn't need telling twice as he sank his old fingers into the ample flesh, amazed at how incredibly firm they were for such a massive pair. Squashing them together he chewed down hard on her nipples causing her to thrash her head from side to side.

"Oh yes you dirty old pervert," she cried, "you love my big tits don't you!"

He just groaned as he chewed and slobbered all over them. That was it he needed to come he could hold it back no longer, the tightness of her wet cunt was just too much.

She knew he was ready and with her feet high and wide in the air she screamed out, "OH YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARDER...HARDER!!!" With that his cock exploded like a fire hose into her, gallons and gallons of spunk seemed to be being pumped into her. He made no sound he just screwed his face up tightly as if in pain as he emptied his load into her.

She wrapped her legs around his frail old back pulling him in as tightly as she could as the biggest of her many orgasms that day washed over her entire body.

After a few minutes he fell limp on top of her and tenderly kissed her neck and face allowing his cock plenty of time inside her to squeeze out every last drop of spunk. "Oooh your so pretty, I love you," he whispered as he went to kiss her on the mouth.

That was when she came back to reality with a jolt and quickly pushed him off. As he rolled over onto his back he smiled and gave a long satisfied sigh before closing his eyes.

She pulled her panties back on and buttoned up her cardigan before putting her coat on and, in a bit of a state of panic, left without so much as a look back.

Later that day Ted returned for the camera he had concealed. Bernard was sound asleep naked on the bed with the covers on the floor, Ted smiled at the obvious evidence of what had taken place.

Quietly he left to make his way over to Georges house armed now with his own tape.

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