tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 29

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 29


At just a few weeks after her 19th birthday Alison found herself in the unthinkable position of being pregnant. It was always a risk for her as she and her boyfriend were of the same age and enjoyed a very active sex life as most teenagers do.

Her boyfriends name was Steve, and he just couldn't ever quite believe his luck at being with Alison. He knew the stir she caused whenever she walked into a room, every man would turn and look at her, and some of the women too. Everyone wanted her but she was with him and he knew he was the envy of all. He could never get enough of his lovely big breasted blond girlfriend. Every chance he got he would be all over her like a rash, she used to swear that he had an almost permanent erection and often joked about it with him. The truth was he did, and it was all down to Alison.

So they were now going to be parents at such a very young age, but neither of them saw it as a problem and within the year they were not only parents but also married.

Life wasn't really too bad for the young couple, and by the time Alison turned 21 they had their own house and the future was looking bright. Poor Steve had found that period rather frustrating and couldn't wait for his new wife to regain her curvaceous figure and for their sex life to return to normal. Luckily for him the advantages of youth coupled with a little daily exercise meant that Alisons figure soon snapped back into shape. It wasn't long before she was as firm and toned as ever, the only difference she found was the whole motherhood thing had caused her already very large boobs to swell! They weren't ridiculously bigger but there was definitely more there than before, and although Alison was always very proud of her 32GG bust she was in two minds over whether the increase to a 32HH was a good thing or not. Not only that but the maternal changes meant that they were very full and hard which meant concealing them was near on impossible, no matter what she wore they would just thrust out in front of her in a very obvious way.

As if that wasn't enough she carried a little extra on her already rather cheeky ass which only added to the look of a very pretty young girl who appeared to be a very deliberate cock teaser.

Obviously Steve loved this change in her and He now found himself unable to imagine a sexier and more beautiful sight than his lovely young wife and her mind blowing figure, a figure that would put almost any porn star in the shade. As if he wasn't lucky enough she seemed to have a greatly increased appetite for sex, something that he obviously took full advantage of.

Steve was a very protective and quite jealous sort of guy and was convinced, not wrongly, that every man Alison met wanted her and would probably do almost anything to have her. But at the same time he found it quite a turn on to think of the effect she was having on them. This was something that was brought home to him back when he caught old Mr Cramp her neighbour rubbing suntan lotion onto her. At the time he was angry and wanted to kill him and it almost split them up.

But since then he had come to find that every time he thought of the dirty old pervert with his hands all over her he couldn't help but get rather aroused. He found it strange and confusing that he would feel this way, but the fact was he did and as time went on he grew to just accept it. If anything it became something he would sometimes fantasise about when he and Alison were having sex. Knowing that so many men must have spent so much time wanking themselves off over his lovely young wife, and here was he the only one who was having her for real while they could all only dream of being in his position.

Although he knew nothing of her unfortunate encounters with the fat shopkeeper the tramp and of course what ultimately happened with Mr Cramp, there was one thing she had told him about.....

Before she fell pregnant she had taken a temporary job in a local factory, not on the factory floor but in the office just answering the phones and doing some minor clerical work. She would often come home to Steve and mention some old boy that worked there as a maintenance man who gave her the creeps. She was reluctant to tell him too much in case he got angry and took off down there to sort him out. Of course Steve was angry and his gut reaction was to do just that, but unbeknownst to Alison he also found the thought of what she was saying fuelling his fantasies.

Ironically if it had been some young stud then things would have been different, but as the feelings would obviously only ever be on the old mans side as Alison found him horrible and creepy then he knew there was nothing to worry about.

Over the weeks Steve grew more and more curious and began to coax more information out of her. Gradually she felt more comfortable telling him what was happening even finding it a relief. She could see he was understanding and not just jealous and angry like she would have maybe expected. But What she couldn't see and she would never see as she confided in him on a daily basis was that he was getting off on everything she was saying.

It turned out the mans name was Ernie, a 60 year old with a bit of a reputation for being an old pervert. At first Alison would only tell Steve that he kept staring at her making her feel extremely uncomfortable. He could easily see why, after all she went to work in a series of short tight skirts and blouses that certainly did nothing to hide the fact that she had a most magnificent bust.

Then she began tell him more, it started out as just creepy looks but he was soon regularly becoming more and more of a pest. It started with her accidentally overhearing him saying to a couple of the other guys that worked on the factory floor what he would love to do to her. He obviously had no idea that she was just in the next room and with the door slightly open she heard every disgusting word.

"Fuck what about that new blond working in the office," he said as the others mumbled their agreement. "God I would love to fuck the ass off her, just imagine it!" Again the others agreed this time with boyish laughter. "How big do you reckon those fuckin' tits are? Fuck me what I wouldn't give to get my hands on them and have a fuckin' squeeze! "

"Yeah yeah," came the replies.

"And as for that cheeky fuckin' ass," he went on, "I watched her bendin' over earlier in that tight little skirt, gave me a fuckin' hard-on, I nearly went over and stuffed it straight up her!" They all fell about laughing loudly, it was then that Alison had heard enough and ran off upset and disgusted.

Steve was again angry at hearing this and his first feeling was to go down there and batter the dirty old sod, but at the same time he couldn't deny it made him horny and he wanted to hear more, and so he pretended to be understanding and sympathetic.

Over the next few weeks things got worse for the beautiful curvaceous young Alison, and Steve was always there with an ear to listen to the whole saga. Just a few days after hearing what he had said about her there was a leak from one of the radiators in the office, and Ernie had been given the job of fixing it. He came in and stood in front of her desk and immediately Alison felt uncomfortable.

"Hello gorgeous you're looking lovely today, I'm here to fix the radiator, which one is it?" His familiar tone annoyed her, who did he think he was? She accepted this sort of chat from some of the younger guys but not from this grubby old man in his sixties! But that was just the start of it, as she looked up she noticed he was blatantly trying to see down her top. She had on a nicely fitted white blouse but the top few buttons were undone allowing him a partial view of her very impressive cleavage. He was a horrible old man and didn't seem to care that she saw him looking, in fact he took a good few seconds to drag his gaze away from her chest and up to her face.

"It's over there," she said pointing at the radiator on the other side of the room.

"Show me," he replied.


"The leak!" He said, "show me exactly where it is."

With that Alison got to her feet and came around her desk and walked over to the other side of the office. It was at this moment that she began to regret wearing such a short tight black skirt and black stockings. She could sense him right behind her and could feel his eyes burning into her. She bent over slightly to point out the obvious drip that was coming from one of the pipe joints, as she did that's when she heard him whisper, "fuck me!"

She quickly straightened back up and turned to face him, from where his eyes were he was clearly staring at her ass.

"Pardon?" She replied.

"Nothing," he said as calm as anything while his eyes took a slow wander up her body only pausing to linger on her chest for a moment before carrying on up to look her in the eye.

"I...I'll leave you to get on with it then," she said, her voice clearly showing how nervous he made her. With that she quickly went and sat back down at her desk to carry on with her work.

As he set his tools out and sat down to the floor to start fixing the radiator Alison was aware that he kept on looking over at her. She tried to ignore him and concentrate on her work but it was proving near impossible. Every time she looked at him he would give her a dirty smile and even a couple of times a wink! Enough was enough and Alison got to her feet and left the office to go and find something else to do until he had finished. It was only as she got to the door and glanced back at her desk that she realised what he had been doing. Her desk had an open front and from where he was sitting on the floor opposite her he would have had a fairly good view up her skirt!

Again Steve found the cheek of this old pervert angered him, yet the thought of this dirty old boy lusting over Alison still excited him. Then to help him get a better image in his mind he asked her what this Ernie looked like.

"Disgusting, old and ugly" came the quick reply. "He's supposed to be 60 but looks older to me. His skin is covered in pot-marks and he's got a fat spotty neck and no chin, you know?" She went on, "his hair is grey and always greasy looking and he just looks dirty and sweaty all the time."

"Mmmm sounds like a right catch," Steve sort of half joked.

"Oooh he's horrible," Alison replied with a shudder.

About a week later Alison came home quite angry and clearly upset by something. When Steve asked her what was wrong he sort of had a good idea already what the answer was going to be.

"Oh it's that filthy old pervert at work, he's really getting on my nerves!"

Steve just listened as she went on to explain what had happened. She was walking down the corridor that afternoon carrying a huge pile of paperwork when Ernie came up alongside her. Instantly she felt uncomfortable, partly because she was rather defenceless with her hands full, and partly because he had already made some remark to her earlier that day about how great her ass looked in the tight skirt she was wearing. Without any warning he slipped his grubby old hand around her waist and asked if she would like some help. She told him as she tried to pull herself away that she could manage and she was fine. His response was to look her over giving her one of his creepy smiles and saying, "I know you are."

With his vile breath on her Alison turned her head away, he must have clearly been able to see that she wasn't happy but for some reason he just didn't seem to care. Then as she pulled herself away and he released his grip she couldn't believe the nerve of what he did next. He slipped his hand down onto her hip and then across over her bum pausing on her right cheek for a second before giving it a gentle pat.

"He did what?" Steve asked angrily. "Then what?"

"Well that was it really, I didn't know what to do so I just walked away as quickly as I could. I could feel him standing there staring at me though."

Steve knew probably more than Alison that this old boy would have gotten a real thrill from touching her beautiful firm young ass as it clearly had to be something he had been longing to do. The thought of it got Steve so horny that later that night they had the most amazing sex, a bit rougher than normal but Alison didn't seem to mind that.

She continued to work there for several months before she got so fed up with it all that she left. In that time Steve heard how this dirty creepy 60 year old man grew in confidence and became a constant nuisance to his lovely young busty blond girlfriend. It eventually got to the point where he was pestering her on an almost daily basis, often just coming right out and asking her to show him her tits. Along with that she had to stay alert all the time so as to stay out of his reach, it was sexual harassment at the worst level. Just before she left he even went so far as to offer her money if she would let him feel her up for a few minutes. It was clear to Steve she was driving this old guy mad and to be honest it annoyed him, but at the same time he could easily understand how frustrating it must be to have to look at her every day but not being able to touch! He couldn't help getting a kick out of the thought of this desperately frustrated old man probably wanking himself off endlessly over Alison wishing he could be doing what Steve was free to do to her anytime he wanted...........................

That was a couple of years ago and Alison and Steve were now married and settling into their new life together and she really hadn't given old Ernie another thought since leaving that job.

Steve however had carried the thought with him ever since, and it held as strong in his mind as ever. Like most men, no matter how gorgeous their partners were, he would enjoy taking the time alone with his thoughts to masturbate from time to time, and almost every time he would think of that dirty old man drooling over his lovely Alison. He would fantasise how it would have been if she had given him what he wanted, he would put himself in the old mans mind and imagine him getting his wicked way with her. This would always get him so excited that he would come almost instantly.

Not that Steve needed much incentive to get himself in the mood. When you have a beautiful young wife like Alison, with a perfectly shaped ass that would rival many black girls and firm toned slender body yet with tits like water melons thrusting out in front, then you're in the mood pretty much all the time! He knew he was the envy of all his friends and often noticed the way they and most other guys looked at her, he knew he was a very lucky man.

Just down the road from where they now lived there was a small local bar, nothing special but it was cheap and seemed to have a fairly friendly atmosphere and so the young couple would pop in now and again for a quick drink whenever they got the chance. Obviously Alison caused quite a stir the first time they went in, for many of the men, especially the older ones, a girl like her was clearly something rarely seen. This became more obvious as the night went on, it seemed that none of them could take their eyes off her. But this was something that Alison had grown used to and she seemed not to mind too much. That is until one night when the two of them went in and there was somebody else in there, somebody that Alison certainly hadn't expected to see........Ernie.

He was at the far end of the bar and she saw him instantly and pulled Steve to one side hiding behind him as she did. She pointed him out and explained who he was expecting that he wouldn't remember as it had been a couple of years since she had last spoken about him. Steve pretended to not remember at first and then seemed to vaguely recall who she was talking about. Of course he knew straight away who he was, the whole scenario with Alison and the old pervert had been something he had played through his mind many times, giving him one of his most frequently used fantasies, but of course she could never know that.

Now he could at last see what she meant when she described him, he really was an ugly and dirty looking old man, the sort that a beautiful young girl like his Alison would definitely never in a million years have any association with. Steve thought how he looked much as he had always imagined, balding old and fat. Not massively fat more overweight and flabby, even for a man in his sixties he looked in poor shape, clearly he took little care of himself. Along with this he was very grubby and looked as if he could definitely benefit from a good wash, add to this the state of his tatty old clothes and you start to get the picture of a rather sad and pathetic looking specimen.

The young couple took a seat at the far end of the room in the hope that he wouldn't see her, and it seemed to work until Alison had need to use the bathroom. Steve was unsure how he felt but watched with great interest as she crossed the room trying her best to be discreet and keep a good distance away from him. Unfortunately with her lovely blond hair and stunning figure there was no way she could really expect not to be noticed, and almost straight away she was.

Steve saw the old man almost drop his glass as his mouth fell open in what appeared to be total disbelief at seeing her again. He watched her walk across the room without so much as a blink as she vanished into the ladies room. At that moment he put his glass down on the bar and excitedly nudged his two friends, he was clearly talking about her as he seemed to hold his cupped hands out in front of himself as someone does when describing a big pair of tits.

Steve couldn't help but be intrigued and wanted to know what he was saying. So quickly he gulped down his beer and went to the bar for another, deliberately standing within earshot of the old men. Without them realising it he could just about make out what they were saying over the background noise of the bar.

"Oh that's that girl you used to keep going on about," one of the others said.

"Yes yes," he replied, "I told you she was fuckin' gorgeous didn't I? Have a proper look when she comes out."

This was followed by some leg pulling by the other two saying he was a dirty old pervert and asking what a girl like that would ever see in someone like him.

"I'm tellin' you," he said, "she used to tease me all the fuckin' time!" The others laughed but the clearly deluded old fool went on. "Yeah yeah, she knew what she was doin' wearin' such tight little skirts and with them big bouncy boobs and all!"

Just then she came back out from the ladies room. "Look at her tits look at her tits," Ernie excitedly told the others.

"Phwoar!" Came the response as they all ogled the pretty blond and her phenomenal 32HH bust as it jiggled with every step as she made her way back to her seat.

"Fuck look at that ass too, oh my God!" One of the others said.

Rather than the sad and pathetic specimen that he first appeared it quickly became obvious that Ernie wasn't someone deserving of any pity, in fact quite the opposite, he wasn't a very pleasant character at all. Steve knew he should have probably said or done something, but instead for some unknown reason he just took the drinks he had just bought and went back to sit with his young wife without a word of what he had just heard..........

.........Over the next few weeks Steve had taken to going into the bar for a quick drink on his own, Alison having seen Ernie in there obviously was not keen to return. Each time he went in he would see the old man, sometimes with his friends but more often than not on his own. It was always the same, the dirty old pervert would sit at the end of the bar eyeing up every female that came in, old or young, fat or thin, it didn't seem to make much difference, he clearly had a one track mind.

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