tagGay MaleAn Unexpected Mating Ch. 01

An Unexpected Mating Ch. 01


Marcus Hennley watched as the city of Boston passed him by outside the window of the yellow cab he was presently sitting in. He had never been to this part of the United States and was interested in exploring the city. But, first he had attended ten band auditions. It wasn't until the last band he had met with that he found a new band home.

The group ReAmped played mainly weddings, festivals, and parties. They played popular music, but wanted to expand their possibilities. Therefore, they actually asked Marcus what he could do. He played the drums and piano, sang, played bass, mixed music on his turn tables, then kicked into what he was actually competitively known for, which was the electric guitar. The group made up of a girl and guy lead vocals, bass guitarist, and drummer was shocked.

"Dude, who are you," the lead male vocalist Devin asked.

"If you are well connected you most likely know me under the name, Batman."

"Holy shit! You are the guitarist known as Batman?"

Marcus took off his shirt. Down one arm was Batman, the comic character, crouching on a building tattooed on his skin. Under that tattoo on the inside of his forearm was Batgirl and Robin. The other arm sported a mural of batman enemies including Poison Ivy, Penguin, Scarecrow, Mr.Freeze, Joker, and Harley Quinn. He turned around to show off bat wings starting at his shoulder blades then wrapping around his sides to the front that crossed underneath his belly button and ending right above his groin. On his lower back was the batman symbol and written underneath was the words THE DARK KNIGHT.

Marcus was built like a muscled swimmer. He was six feet tall, black hair that was long on the sides but spiky on top and had brown eyes. He preferred wearing his skater sneakers, baggy jeans, a black belt with a belt buckle of the Batman symbol and tight shirts when playing his guitar. Otherwise, he usually wore jeans, a button down shirt, a black belt and black Doc Martins. He put his green long-sleeved shirt back on.

"Those are why they call me Batman. I still have plans for tattoos on my legs but haven't gone there because I am not ready to keep my legs shaved."

"Wow, they are awesome. Well, you are really what we are looking for," Devin looked at his other band mates who all nodded their heads. "If you like, we would love to have you join us. We practice almost every night, expect the nights we have a gig. We can go over more information tomorrow night if you decide on us. We have a party in two days. I know it's a time crunch but we can work with you on the song list."

"I most definitely feel more comfortable with you guys than the other bands I have auditioned with. So, yes, I will play with your band."

The group had smiled at Marcus and welcomed him with open arms. They actually had convinced him to play a couple of songs with them before hailing the cab he was currently in heading to where his godparents worked, and lived, at the Marsden Estate a half hour outside of Boston.

His godmother, Molly, had sent him money to pay for the cab fare. Not as if he needed the money. He was actually fairly rich, and not just because of his acclaim as a guitarist. Being a five hundred year old vampire had more to do with it.

Unlike most myths, vampires in the world were not burnt by the sun and garlic had no effect on them. Crosses were useless. Vampires had to drink blood, but most he knew did so by getting pigs blood in packets while also having to eat normal food. Stakes and cutting off the head weren't myths but truth. That was how to kill a vampire.

After another twenty minutes, Marcus was finally standing outside with his one suitcase and his guitar and turn tables. He had a pod with the rest of his items being shipped from the west coast. It could take a week or two to arrive but he had what was essential with him. He looked up at the mansion and smiled.

The house was sprawling. It was white with black accents. It had white columns at the top of the stairs to the front door which was a glass door with white paneling. It looked like it could house a small college.

Marcus walked up to the door and rang the bell. As he waited he turned around and looked at the other buildings the cab had passed to get to the main house. There were stables, a guest home that he suspected his godparents lived in and barn where he could hear animals such as cows, pigs, and chickens. There was also a large vegetable garden near the guest house. Also, next to the house was a large garage that had to be able to house twenty cars. He was so occupied he barely heard the door open.

"Marcus," asked a short woman who, when he turned around, burst into tears and a happy laugh. She hugged him tight and didn't let go for almost a full minute. "It has been too long my godchild. Come in, come in. We are so excited you are in Boston. Mr. Marsden hasn't used the east wing for sometime so we prepared it for you and your things. I bought the bed you asked me and they delivered it yesterday and got the sheets and everything you asked."

Marcus took a moment to look at Molly. Like her mate Darius, she had been turned at an older age, about 50, so she had a few wrinkles to make herself look that age. But, she was to never be underestimated. She was a strong and very protective vampire that would as soon as rip your arm off if you hurt her loved ones.

"Thanks Molly. Let me know what I owe you."

"You owe me nothing. Mr. Marsden insisted. I think you will like him."

"Does he know what I am?"

"Of course, He himself has been on this earth for 800 years or more."

"Ah. You hadn't mentioned that," Marcus followed Molly past several doorways before reaching the back of the house where a grand staircase went up to the second floor.

"So, as you see to the right of the landing is the east wing which will be yours, and to the left is the west wing which is all of Mr. Marsden's. He has his personal office, bedroom, and a couple of rooms for his personal use. You have your bedroom and three rooms to use as you wish. Downstairs is the study, library, entertainment room, kitchen, and dining room as well as ballroom, swimming pool, whirlpool, and workout room. Come, we will go to your bedroom first."

"So where is Darius?"

"He is with Mr. Marsden at work. He is chauffeuring him to and from work today."

"Who takes care of the animals and such?"

"The family that lives a couple miles down the road comes everyday and takes care of the animals while I tend the garden. Any other questions," Molly stood outside a pair of double doors.

"Nope, not at all Molly."

"Good. This is your bedroom," she opened the door which lead into a very large room with a sitting area directly in front through the doors and a large bathroom passed that. The room flowed to the left revealing the new king size bed and a large walk-in closet. It had been painted in his favorite colors forest green with dark brown trim.

"Good golly Miss. Molly. This is huge," Marcus said stunned letting his large suitcase come to abrupt halt by the comfy-looking couch. "Molly. Are you sure? He isn't even charging me rent. I should at least be charged rent."

Molly laughed, "The room across the way is the same size and has wood floors. Darius thought you might want to make a sound proof room to practice in. The room next to this is half this size and would be a good office. The third room is setup as a guest room. And, yes, Marcus I am sure he doesn't want more money. He sees it as helping Darius and I for our hard work these one hundred years passed. He is as much a son to us as you are now. While you appear to be in your late twenties, he looks thirty. He is a brilliant man."

"Does he also know I am gay?"

"No. I feel that is something you should tell him. I will tell you that he is also gay, and very openly so. The entire world found out when he announced it at the opening of his company."

"What kind of company does he run?"

"It's two tiered. One is a security business led by a Lycan named Christopher Shelton. Christopher and Patrick Marsden made a pact to not interfere with each other upon his arrival to Boston. Since then, they have gone into business together and are friends. The second tier is a technology company that creates and manufactures computer parts and software. You probably will recognize the name Eternity Computers."

"Yeah. I have been meaning to buy one so I create music on it. They have some of the best software for it. Well, maybe I want two. I like their gaming computers as well."

"I am sure he can help you with that. Anyway, how were the auditions," asked Molly as she picked up the suitcase putting it on the bed and starting to unpack his clothing and other items.

"Molly, I can do that," Marcus tried to take his jeans from her but she shooed him away. He sighed, "They were awful until I got to the last one. I am the new guitarist for a band called ReAmped."

"Really? They are playing the company party in two days. No wonder they were looking for a new guitarist. The old one married and moved to Kentucky with his new wife. It will be fun to hear you play. Darius and I are always invited."

"Well, now that I am unpacked, thanks to you, its 4:53 p.m. now, so when do you have dinner around here?"

"He gets home about 5:30 p.m. and we eat around 6:30 p.m."

"You think I can cook dinner tonight?"

"What do you have in mind?"

"Let's go downstairs and see what you have."

Marcus followed Molly down to the very large kitchen through the dining room and stared, "Okay, I have money but this is ridiculous. I think I have just entered my culinary fantasy."

Molly laughed, "Patrick enjoys his home. He also enjoys food beyond blood. He also has a thing for chocolate."

"Okay, well to thank him then, I will make my famous mini molten cakes. I am sure you have what I need to make them. Also," he said rummaging in the side-by-side fridge and freezer, "I can make Chicken Kiev, asparagus, and mashed potatoes. Will that work?"

"Sounds amazing to me darling and you just might steal his heart with the cake."

Over the next half hour, Marcus got his IPod and docking speaker system bringing it into the kitchen and putting it on his favorite playlist, which started off with Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger." He started by putting together the chicken and pre-heating the oven. He made the batter for the chocolate cakes and found some Hershey's chocolate squares he could put in the center to make the cakes ooze molten chocolate. Just as the oven was done pre-heating, the front door opened but was drowned out by Hot Chelle Rae blasted "Tonight, Tonight."

Marcus put the chicken in the oven singing with the music loud enough to entertain Molly while she sipped a glass of white wine. He danced over to her singing and danced her around the kitchen. He spun her towards the entrance to the kitchen where he heard her laugh. He looked towards her and stopped dead.

In the archway to the dining room stood Darius Smith, Molly's vampire mate, behind a man with blond hair slightly longer than his nape, deep blue eyes, a taller, broader build than Marcus's wearing a tailored Armani suit. His beautiful eyes were smiling as he looked down at Molly as she had spun into his arms. When he looked up towards Marcus, he felt it physically and felt the touch to his soul as the man smiled.

"Hello, I'm Patrick Marsden. You must be Marcus Hennley. He is your godson, correct, Molly?"

"Yes. We haven't seen him in almost two hundred years, but we received lots of letters."

"When I could find you, that is," Marcus said snapping out of his staring at the gorgeous man.

Marcus noticed that while he himself was well-muscled but slim like the lead singer of Incubus or even Adam Levine, Patrick was broader in the shoulders and stood four inches taller than his six foot height. As Patrick spoke with Molly, he noticed the different shade of blond highlights in his hair and how comfortable the man was in his suit and his own skin. Patrick suddenly looked back up at Marcus and noticed him watching him.

"Has Molly shown you around?"

"Yes. Thank you again for allowing me to stay here to be close to my godparents. You seem a generous man."

"It's more like the room gets wasted. I am happy to have someone use the space. Anyway, you are cooking," Patrick said skeptically.

"It's one of my talents that I love to use."

"Hmm, as long as you don't poison me, I am fine with it. I need to get out of my suit and into something less constricting. I will see everyone at dinner."

As Patrick turned around, Marcus couldn't stop staring at the man as he walked out but hid his face as he noticed Molly watching him, "Uh, I need to finish my batter."

Marcus continued working on dinner and dessert while his IPod switched to "In Too Deep" by Sum41. He smiled when he put the cakes in and grinned when they came out with the rest of the food. Molly helped him to plate the food and put the plates on the table.

"Thank you Marcus. It will be nice to eat something I didn't have to prepare."

"Anytime. Cooking, like playing music, is soothing to me. I enjoy it a lot," Marcus set the last cake down on the table just as Patrick re-entered the dining room wearing tight jeans with a silver chain going from the front to his back pocket, black biker boots, and a long-sleeved blue soft-wool sweater. It was a culture shock compared to the suit.

"Wow. Looks great," Patrick said smiling and sitting at the end of the table with Molly and Darius on his right side and Marcus on his left. Then Patrick noticed the mini chocolate cake in front of him, "Oh dear god. Molly, for once, can I please start with dessert?"

Molly laughed so hard she couldn't get herself under control for a whole minute, "Patrick, I think you should do justice to the chicken first then you can eat your sweets."

"Yes, ma'am," Patrick sighed, and then looked towards Marcus, "She is always telling me to mind my manners. I have only been around for 829 years. You think I would be able to do what I wanted."

Marcus choked on a piece of asparagus trying not to laugh and hiding his face from Molly, "I would just do what she says. It just came out of the oven so it should still be warm when you bite into it."

They ate dinner with Darius and Molly asking Marcus about his plans for the rooms and when to expect his things. Patrick watched Marcus when he wasn't paying attention. He ate his first bite of chicken and almost moaned. How could it be that good?

Molly wasn't a bad cook but she stuck mostly to the basics. It had been a long while since he had eaten Chicken Kiev. He ate so fast that Molly gave him an odd look. He just smiled at her. It was once he got to the chocolate cake that he lost his self control and let a soft moan escape his lips.

"I think I just died and went to heaven," Patrick said. "It's all melted in the center," he dipped his spoon in for a second bite and brought it to his lips. After eating the bite and closing his eyes, he licked the spoon clean. He was getting hard from a chocolate molten cake.

When he opened his eyes, he saw Marcus immediately turn his head away from looking at him and squirm as he readjusted in his seat. Patrick blinked at the reaction and looked to Molly and Darius who were savoring the chocolate cake as well. Patrick finished the rest of his cake then piled everyone's dishes to take to the sink in the kitchen. Molly followed him in.

"I will do the dishes and clean up. Are you going out to the garage?"

"Yeah, I have the bike to finish before the party, remember? It's being raffled off at the end of the party. Anyway, is Marcus okay? He seemed to be uncomfortable."

"He's been a loner for a while. It will take him time to adjust."

"Okay. Well, I will see you later for movie night. Remember, were watching what Darius picked out. Die Hard."

"He loves explosions," Molly laughed.

Marcus walked in at that time to grab his IPod and speaker system. He quirked his brow at the comment Molly made, "I have apparently missed part of this discussion. I am going to take a shower and set up some stuff upstairs. See you later," Marcus looked towards Patrick again, turned around and readjusted himself again remembering the noises the man had made eating the cake.

Marcus ran up the stairs to the second floor and went to his bedroom in the east wing. He closed the double doors and locked them behind him. He immediately striped off his clothes and went into the bathroom for the first time. It had a long counter with two sinks, a toilet, a two-person jetted tub and a large all glass shower with multiple shower heads.

He turned the shower in and got in once it was hot. He then couldn't ignore the eight inch hard on he had been sporting since the first moan out of Patrick's mouth. Just the thought had fluid leaking from the head of his cock.

Marcus put his head under the shower head as his hand started caressing his cock from root to tip. His imagination was running rampant imagining Patrick licking the head of his cock instead of the spoon he used to eat the warm chocolate cake. He dreamed that Patrick would moan around his cock at the taste and take it completely into his mouth sucking it to the back of his throat.

Marcus could feel the spray from the second on his ass cheeks and instead thought of Patrick's large hands massaging his ass instead of the water while he sucked hard on his cock. He started breathing heavily as he sped up his hand on himself. His left hand went to the shower wall for support and he arched his back as he cried out. Cum sprayed on to the wall and floor over and over in one of the best releases he had ever had.

Marcus stood for a moment in shame. Patrick was just supposed to be a guy helping him out. Something had happened between them though. The first look had sent a jolt through his entire body. Something had changed, and he wasn't sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

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