tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Unwanted Present

An Unwanted Present


The world was black, but the air was heavy with cinnamon apples and fresh pine. I hadn't smelled things like that in years. Unfortunately, the smell comforted me when the sense of danger should have been crawling up my back. I thought that any moment, Mom would be giving me a huge piece of pie with a hug and a kiss. And the truth was that I really needed it. My brain was swimming around in circles. Some of her love always made me feel better.

With a small smile on my lips, I opened my eyes slowly. Everything was a haze of oranges and reds, warm and inviting. I squinted, attempting to get my eyes to clear.

The fireplace caught my attention first. The fire looked like it had been burning for some time now, but still had more to go. Stockings were hanging from its hearth, spaced apart with meticulous care. Large white candles decorated the mantle with holly around the base. To the side was a beautifully decorated tree, done in whites and reds. Piles of perfectly wrapped presents littered the floor under and around the tree, on plush white carpet. Wine colored walls served as a backdrop for it all, too warm and wonderful and inviting. Everything looked like something in a magazine, but somehow too clean and more artificial.

I tried to move from the bed only to be met by resistance at my wrists. I looked at my arms. I was cuffed to a brass bed frame—naked, at that. Panicked, I pulled harder on my straps. Gasping frantically, I sat up for a better view of my situation, clawing at the metal restraints. There was no way out.

I screamed, but it stayed mostly in my throat. Someone had put a gag on me. Someone had done this to me. My body began shaking and terrified tears began spilling down my cheeks. My thoughts tumbled over each other. How did this happen? Who did this? Am I going to die here?

Soft music filled the room; The Christmas Song played from unseen speakers. A terrified shudder moved down my spine. There was movement in the left corner of the room. I closed my eyes tightly and my teeth clenched on the leathery strap between my lips. I hoped that, somehow, closing my eyes would send away whatever hid in the darkness.

"Hey, sleepy-head, good morning."

The man's voice was deceptively kind and gentle. I knew that it was a lie.

I could hear him moving closer. Without opening my eyes, I balled myself in a corner of the bed as much as I could, which really wasn't much at all. The satin sheets beneath me caused my feet to slip with each movement. I knew I hat do look like a wild animal, struggling to get away. In many ways, I was.

"No reason to be scared," he chastised while moving closer. "I'm not going to hurt you."

I whimpered. It was bad enough he had me in this situation, but to claim that it was all going to be 'OK' was crazy.

"Look at me when I talk to you."

His voice had turned cold and demanding. Something told me not to piss this man off. I opened my eyes as ordered.

I couldn't place who he was exactly though he seemed like a nice guy. His hair was peppered, eyes deep blue, distinguished wrinkles. He wore an expensive looking gray suit with a silk tie matching his vibrant eyes. Everything about him was as perfect and almost unreal as the room.

A warm smile moved across his face as he sweetly spoke, "I was worried you weren't going to wake up in time for Christmas."

The man walked to the bed. He sat down, sinking into the plush bed with a long, drawn-out sigh.

"Nice, isn't it?" he asked as he stroked the red satin comforter.

He moved his hand close to my leg. Desperately, I tried to escape his touch. The man laughed and pulled his hand away.

"No point in trying to be hard to get," he said in a sultry voice. "I already have you, Ali."

I gasped, staring at him wild-eyed. He smiled. His left hand went into his pocket. He pulled out my wallet.

"I have this, Alice Morgan, age 23."

He opened it, rummaged through it for a moment, then tossed it to the floor. The man raised a brow at me.

"I bet you don't even remember me, do you?"

I didn't. I'd been struggling to figure that out since he came from the shadows.

"We had the best conversation last night at the bar and then at the tiny diner across the street from it. You were so sad with being all alone for the holidays. No where to go. No family to call your own."

I nodded my head. I figured, maybe, if I gained his sympathy...Or at least distract him...

"Then, I thought," he started as he began undoing his tie, "I have so much, maybe I could help you with that."

With a long, drawn out sigh, the well-dressed-bastard stood up. His eyes looked off to the fire. Soon, he walked to the fireplace. He knelt before it and gently stoked the fire.

"No little girl should be alone for Christmas, after all."

He turned his face towards me. His smile was cruel and his eyes were hungry. Unfortunately, I was going to be the feast. I whimpered and struggled against the straps again. Inwardly, I began begging to God to have me freed.

"You know," the man continued, ignoring my fear, "I could be home with my family. My son, Michael, is probably home from college by now. He's not much younger than you are. He wants to be a doctor," he said with a proud sigh. "Then, there's my typically-teenage daughter, Lillian. She's probably trying to talk my wife into letting whatever little shit she's dating come over for the family dinner. Much like me, she has a thing for the stragglers. Kids with nowhere to go and what-not."

He tossed his tie at me. The silky material slid down my flailing legs before it fell to the satin spread. His eyes followed it the entire trip with a lecherous smile.

"And then, there's my lovely wife, Rebeca. Good old Rebecca, who thinks that she can control me with that ice box between her frigid legs," his voice became a low growl as he spoke of his wife. "It's always 'Jacob, I want this and this and if I don't get it, you can't have it.' That's okay, though. I can get my kicks elsewhere, can't I?"

He moved around to the side of the bed. His large, callused hand grabbed my thigh with bruising force. I tried to jerk it away, which earned me more of a tight hold on my skin. But, I didn't whimper in favor of swallowing my fear. Bonus for me.

When he assumed I had calmed down, his hand relaxed and stroked my inner thigh with a gentleness that disgusted me. At least the anger had faded back into a dark lust. He smiled down at me with tenderness and kindness reminding me of the previous night. Shame washed over me for trusting him then.

"Don't worry, babe," he said, voice husky, as he bent down to kiss my knee, "Daddy is going to take good care of you."

His teeth bared down on my flesh with a playful growl. I could feel his teeth puncturing my sensitive skin. I whimpered then as pain ceased me. He chuckled against my skin, his warm breath blowing over me.

He licked my wound with a long, languorous stroke of his too wet tongue. I could feel my insides boiling up towards my mouth. I turned away, unable to watch that disgusting look on his face.

Jacob stepped away from my red satin trap, jolting the bed in his hurry. I didn't dare look at him, but I could hear the sound of a nearby drawer open then shut quietly. He made a pleased sound, walked to the bed, and stood before it. Curiosity mingled with fear got the better of me. I turned my head just enough to see him at the edge of the bed and between my sprawled legs. I watched him as he lovingly caressed what looked to be a wooden box, but it was hard to tell with only firelight as a guide.

"You know, little girl, you seem awfully scared for someone who is about to receive one of life's greatest presents," he told me jovially.

I knew I shouldn't speak; don't antagonize him and make it worse. But the words spilled out of my mouth before I could stop myself, "I don't want presents from a fucking rapist." The words came out muffled and distorted by the gag, but the meaning was still clear.

He arched a brow at me, smirking with a long, drawn-out sigh. Two presses on the box, it snapped open. Jacob grinned at the contents.

"You can't rape the willing, kid," he chastised as he reached within the box.

He pulled out a long, metallic object. It took me a second longer than it should to realize it was a vibrator. With a slight gesture of the fingers, the thing sprung to life, whirring softly in his large hand.

"And," he continued, "in a moment, you're going to be very willing."

After pushing the box aside, he knelt between my legs, running the cold, vibrating object along my right thigh as his hot hand trailed down the left. My legs tensed at the slow and delicate touch. I knew what was coming and I couldn't do anything to stop it or him. I closed my eyes tightly, hoping that it would somehow shield me from whatever happened next.

I felt him sprawl above me followed by his hot breath along my neck. Soon that was replaced by the feel of dry lips on my skin. But they didn't stay there long. No, he moved down my body slowly, leaving no part of me untouched. When his mouth found my left nipple, he sucked on it hard—too hard, forcing it to harden between his biting teeth. I whimpered at the pain and at the fact that the violation would only become worse.

"You like that, didn't you?" he whispered, voice husky.

He continued his journey down my body, dipping his offending tongue into my navel. I jerked my body away from him in disgust. In return, he simply laughed with more than a hint of cruelty. Moments later, lips touched my mound of curls, in a quick smacking kiss, followed by a deep inhale.

"You smell good, little girl," he said as he used his finger tips to part my folds, "I'm looking forward to a taste. But, not yet. Let's get you nice and juicy first, shall we?"

I couldn't close my legs, but they twitched with desire to shut, especially when he pulled on the lips of me to the point of pain. When he released them, they came back to my body with a little slap, causing embarrassment to well in me.

I didn't have time to dwell. Before I could even catch my breath, Jacob brought the vibrator to my folds, sliding it up and down it. My lower body tightened and spasmed, much to my horror. I tried to move my hips away, refusing to allow myself to become any more excited, but no matter how or where I moved, Jacob always found me, and made me pay for my attempts..

He focused on my clit, making the little nub stiff and sensitive. My body lit with a painful pleasure I hated more than anything. I couldn't quite stifle the moans in my throat, and too soon, the room filled with them. Jacob just laughed and played with me, drawing me so close to the brink, then tearing it away. I knew he wanted to humiliate me, cause me to beg to come for him, but I didn't want to give him that pleasure. Heaven help me, I just couldn't let it happen.

"Poor little girl, I see you want to come. Look at the way your sweet little hole begs for it. So wet..."

The vibrator dipped inside me, filling me completely. Jacob slid it back and forth quickly, so fast I could feel the wetness dripping from me. Hell, shamefully I could hear it.

He must have thought me ready for his mouth. Jacob's tongue darted across my swollen nub, almost as quickly as he fucked me with the metal rod. I opened my eyes, finally, and stared down at the bastard between my legs. He looked back, eyes filled with some sort of malicious pride. I had never hated anyone more.

Unfortunately, that didn't matter to my body. My body was enjoying his wicked tongue and it was hitting every spot I liked perfectly. I pulled at my restraints, unable to keep my body still. Any second I was going to go and it was going to be better than it had ever been in my life.

"That's right," Jacob groaned, "come for me, little girl. Come on."

I had no choice but to oblige him. Orgasm tensed every part of my body and forced a scream from my gagged mouth. The pleasure rushed through me, starting from the center of my body and spreading through to my fingers and toes.

It took a long time for me to come down from it and when I did, I found Jacob looking at me like a cat that had gotten into the cream. I could feel tears threatening, but I swallowed them down, though it hurt.

"I knew you'd like my gift," he practically purred. "And it's only the first of many."

Gently, he kissed my inner thigh then wiped his mouth on me, coating my leg with my juices. It was such a tender feeling, I couldn't help feeling absolutely terrified. I closed my eyes again, shutting myself down as much as I could. The only chance I had was to detached myself.

"I haven't seen a girl come that hard in ages," I heard him say in my forced mental distance. He sounded so proud of himself. "Look how wet the bed is. I love it."

I felt movement, but I continued to try my best to ignore it and him. The eventual shuffling sounds I noted could mean only one thing: he was undressing. I almost didn't care. I prayed that I just could stop caring completely.

Moments later, he rejoined me, moving against the side of my naked body. His open palm ran across my stomach, up to my oh-so-tender breasts. He gave them a rough squeeze as his hard manhood rubbed against my outer thigh.

"Didn't I make you feel good?" he asked in between nibbles on my neck. When I didn't answer, he bit me hard and squeezed the hell out of my breast until I screamed out. "Well? Didn't you feel good?"

Eyes squeezed tightly with tears coating my eyelashes, I nodded vigorously. I would have said anything to make him stop the pain.

"That's what I thought," he whispered as he gently kissed my shoulder. "Daddy's going to make you feel good again, soon."

He continued to move his cock along my skin, grunting pleasurably with every hard thrust. His hand continued to greedily traveled my shaking body. His hand found my dripping heat and dipped inside forcefully while his thumb all-too-eagerly circled my clit. I felt my muscles clench around the invading fingers. I sucked in a long breath as the pleasure of it swamped my lower body.

"Yes, that's right," he murmured directly into my ear.

He shifted again, and this time he made his way between my splayed legs. One of his hands came between us. I felt the head of his member between my wet folds and become slick with my unwilling readiness. My body clenched with fear, knowing that in a few minutes, this evil man would fill my womanhood. I felt him drift to my opening and slid inside, just enough for his head to invade my entrance.

"Oh yeah, you're so wet, little girl. Daddy is going to give you the best Christmas present," he moaned as he ever-so-slowly inched within me.

His cock was longer and thicker than I'd ever had, stretching my already tense muscles out and around his engorged length. Despite myself, it felt so good. I couldn't keep my body from flexing, pressing my breasts against the fur of his chest. The coarse hair scratched against my skin, and my God, it was glorious. I couldn't help the groan from deep within the back of my throat.

Slowly...so slowly...he moved within me with deep, slick strokes. Not only could I feel every forceful push of him, I could hear it. I was so wet I felt embarrassment flush my skin. Our skin met with a harsh, eager, slapping sound as he drove me into the plush mattress below my body.

I could feel another orgasm building within me and it was approaching quickly. I shifted my body away slightly, pretending that it was to keep him from bringing me, but the reality was that I was placing my body in places making me soar higher. The sounds I made became reverent keening as that familiar tightness right before the explosion gripped me.

And, all at once, as his rhythm broke in desperate movements, I let go and let the incredible pleasure rush through me. I screamed out between clenched teeth as I threw my head back against the pillow.

The man above me howled in his own pleasure. One thrust, then two, and he was filling me with his hot seed. His body shook with the joy it brought him to come. Eventually, his sweaty form collapsed around her, arms wrapping me up. Tenderly, he kissed my forehead to my cheeks, and the tip of my nose.

His gentle concern made me furious.

I jerked my face away, but he took my face roughly in his hand. He rubbed his cheek against my neck while he murmured things at me I couldn't understand. His now semi-soft cock slipped from my body, but he didn't move away. No, he stayed with me still, holding me in false gentleness.

My eyes focused on a shape in the corner. I tensed and gasped at the figure approached with a purposeful calmness. Jacob didn't notice the person in the room and he certainly didn't see the gleam of light as it struck the man with a sickening crunch. He barely had time to yell before another strike hit his body until he fully collapsed on me. I yelped as he fell.

The figure came into a fuller view in the dim light of the room. A woman, who was surely beautiful once, and perhaps still was, but now had been ravaged with secret grief. Her green-gray eyes were filled with angry, unshed tears as she looked at the bastard on my body. It took her a few moments, but her attention focused on me with a heartbreakingly sympathetic look.

"I'm sorry," she said weakly. "I'm so sorry."

I didn't care. I truly didn't care right at that moment. All I wanted was to have the now limp and heavy body off of me.

The woman grabbed Jacob's shoulders and with all the force she could muster, she pulled him from me and knocked him down to the floor. Her apologies continued as she began freeing me from my confines.

"I'm sorry I didn't get here fast enough to save you...Oh, God, that motherfucker," she whispered as her fingers delicately moved across my raw skin. "I didn't think to come here to the cabin after he wasn't home by Christmas morning. Th-then when I walked in....I'm so sorry."

With that last apology, the woman—I assumed Rebecca—freed me from the bed. I had planned to run. Just run despite the fact that I had no idea where I was or if I'd be any safer outside.

Instead, I broke down into heavy sobs as the woman wrapped her arms around me and rocked me back and forth. Distantly, it reminded me of nights, too long ago, that my mother would take me into her arms and protect me from monsters under my bed.

It took some time, but eventually, I was manageable enough to pull myself away from Rebecca's arms. I looked into her eyes which no longer held the look of pity, but instead a dark, cold rage. As soon as I left, she would kill him, and I knew it. However, that seemed much to simple. Calculating thoughts swarmed inside of me. And after we cleaned me up, I offered my vengeful ideas to my rapist's livid wife.


His face rubbed against the smooth satin as he slowly came back to the world. He grunted, lips partially open enough to allow a little drool through, despite the leather strap tied to his mouth. His eyes strained to open and he groaned as he tried. It took almost a full, groggy minute before he managed to see anything. When he noticed me in the overstuffed chair near the bed, he started to to struggle against the same restraints he used on me hours earlier.

"Surprise..." I whispered, voice hoarse and raw to my own ears.

I felt the cruel smile spread on my lips before I could even think to stop it. I had to admit, watching him writhe in the bed, bare ass in the air, greatly amused me. Rebecca joined me beside the chair and handed me the metal rod that bastard had used to invade me.

"It's time for your present, honey," the older woman laughed darkly. "The first one, anyway."

Slowly, I rose from the chair, legs shaking beneath me thanks to the strain they had been under not long ago. The terror in his eyes at that moment filled me with satisfaction even though angry tears wet my flushed cheeks.

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