tagAnalAnal Sex Made Us Wealthy

Anal Sex Made Us Wealthy


Big women's butt holes were made for deep anal fucking. That's why they're so warm and tight. Those words resonated in my mind as I placed my hands on Helen's hips and pushed my cock into her asshole. She had eagerly assumed the position once I told her that I was in the mood. She got on all fours, face down and ass up. ready to get fucked in the ass like a good little slut. Little being an operative term here. There's nothing like about Helen. In case you're wondering who this is, it's me, Carl. I'm a tall and muscular black policeman who's happily married to a big beautiful woman who is totally down with sex. Helen is an anal sex enthusiast. She grunted as my cock popped into her asshole. I began thrusting my dick hard and fast into her asshole. Her ass was so wonderfully warm and tight. I guess the guy who wrote that big girls have the tightest assholes in the world. I love fucking Helen in the ass. And she loves getting her booty hole pumped too. I guess we're both anal addicts.

When Helen and I got married, she was a tall, skinny and uptight, blonde-haired white bitch. One of the most difficult women I ever met. However, I was in love, what can I say. Over the years, she got fatter. And more pleasant to hold. I like big women. I don't like skin and bones. Once, she was almost frigid but I changed that. Eventually, I honed her sexual skills with intense anal and oral training. Now, she is totally addicted to having my cock in her ass. I grabbed a handful of Helen's long blonde hair and shoved my dick into her ass. She squealed as I began fucking her with all of my might. I smacked her plump white ass while drilling my long and thick cock into her asshole. Helen screamed and begged me for more. I laughed and continued ramming my cock into her ass. Hot damn. I don't think I will ever grow tired of fucking Helen in the ass.

My wife is a six-foot-tall former supermodel. Once, she was really something. A graduate of Georgia Tech with a degree in civil engineering. She was sexy, successful and educated. She made tons of money. I was a Morehouse College graduate and a fledgling policeman in the city of Atlanta when we met. We fell in love and later got hitched. I thought life was going to be wonderful. All married people do. Actually, make that married men. Women don't like marriage. They just like weddings. Twenty years later, she had really let herself go. My six-foot-tall, 140-pound trophy wife became my six-foot-tall, 280-pound roommate. Still, I like big women so when she started gaining weight, I didn't mind. Lots of black men like big women. What fascinated me is the transformation which occurred in Helen once she realized that she no longer looked like a beauty queen. She accepted her lot in life. Helen didn't complain. That's cool because she still looked good to me. Once she realized that I was the only man who cared about her even though I was a fit-looking black stud with women all over him, she changed her tune. I didn't think it was possible but Helen changed. She became less of a bitch. Oh, she could still be unpleasant. All women can be unpleasant at times. But I do think she became less uptight and more pleasant to have around. Well, that's good. Because she was certainly more fun to fuck.

Oh, yeah. We found ways to spice up our love life. sometimes, I would rub oil all over her plump and sexy body before wrestling with her. I'm six-foot-three and weigh around 240 pounds. Even though she's a bit bigger than me, I can still wrestle better than her. Helen has size but she doesn't have technique. That's why I always beat her at wrestling. The wrestling sessions spice up our lovemaking. We roll around and hump like college freshmen. Helen can suck a mean dick. Oh, yeah. She can suck on my ten-inch, uncircumcised black cock with no problem. She is one of the best cock suckers I know. I love thrusting my dick down her throat. She can deep throat with the best of them. When I finally do cum, she drinks up all of my cum. She loves the taste of my hot manly seed.

One of our favorite activities together is anal sex. Oh, sometimes I fuck her pussy too. I like drilling into her fat hairy snatch with my big dick but it's not nearly as tight as her ass. So, her ass will always be more fun to fuck. That's why I love putting her on her hands and knees before spreading her plump white butt cheeks wide open. I tell her to spread her asshole open and brace herself to be invaded by black dick. She loves that. That's what I'm doing now. I'm slamming my dick in and out of Helen's asshole like there's no tomorrow. I smack her ass while fucking her. Helen screams. I laugh and continue drilling my cock into her butt hole like there's no tomorrow. Her ass is infinitely tighter than her pussy could ever be. Besides, every woman's pussy gets filled with dick at some point. I know lesbians who have slept with more men than the average female porn star. Fucking a woman in the ass, now there's a challenge for a man.

When it comes to anal sex, big girls are the most fun. Just find one who is willing to try it and you're golden. I guarantee that she won't want to fuck any other way if done right the first few times. Why is that? Big girls have the tightest assholes in the world. It's a little-known scientific fact. That's why I love fucking Helen in the ass. It never goes out of style. And it's always fun. I slide my cock in and out of my wife's poop chute and she squeals in delight. I make her completely surrender to me. She simply lies there and takes it. Helen is a natural submissive. She loves being told what to do. That's why fucking her in the ass turns me on so much. It allows me to completely dominate her, which is thrilling for both of us. I finished her off by blasting my load into her ass. She squealed as my hot seed filled her bowels. I laughed victoriously.

When all was said and done, Helen and I went back to bed. She'd be walking funny the next day or so. I love watching her big ass when she's walking funny after a particularly steamy anal sex encounter. Hey, what artist doesn't admire his handiwork? I know I do. I take pride in what I do. And Helen enjoys herself too. We never had any brats thanks to our endless anal sex sessions. When we both retired, we had tons of money to spend. We're rich, and horny. We're so happy together. Can't you tell?

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