tagNonHumanAna's Induction

Ana's Induction


"Alex! Wait until you hear what-!"

Ana stopped abruptly, fingers still on the handle of her friend's bedroom door.

On the big bed before her, Alex straddled Damien, and had been riding him hard judging by how she was panting. Both were stark naked, Alex's breasts held in his hands, both of their eyes glowing brightly, faces flushed.

"Oh...my...god," Ana muttered with a drunken laugh as Alexandra turned her head to look at her, a tendril of her long dark hair falling down across her damp forehead, the flames in her eyes fading from red to green. "It looks like the real party is in here."

"Yeah?" the naked girl asked calmly, raising an eyebrow but continuing to slowly swivel her hips over her Sire's lap. He raised up on one elbow and looked intently at the girl in the doorway. In contrast to Ana's furiously red cheeks, neither seemed particularly embarrassed.

"I... uh... it can wait..." she managed, unable to take her eyes off the scene before her.

Alex shrugged and bent to kiss Damien passionately. He ran his hands up and down her back, squeezing her bottom and pressing her more tightly to his lap.

"I'll just ... go now..." Ana managed, taking a wobbly step backwards

"If you're sure..." Alex called after her just as the door was closing.


Ana stepped back into the room, aware that she was probably too drunk to be having any conversation with them in their current state.

"You're welcome to join us if you'd like."

Ana's mouth fell open, her cheeks burning even hotter. She stared from Alex to Damien, who cocked a rakish half-smile at her, his long black hair falling into his eyes. She felt a flush come over her entire body, and it wasn't from embarrassment.

"I... that's OK... uhm... I shouldn't..." she stammered.

"I can hear your heart pounding from here," Damien said in his deep seductive voice.

Alex murmured something to him in Vampyr, laughing softly, and he nipped at one nipple, making her break into a full fit of laughter.

"What?" Ana asked, glaring at her.

"I told him not to take on more than he can handle," Alex managed, then shrieked , blood tears coming to her eyes as he flipped her off his lap and she landed amidst the tangled covers beside him, laughing uncontrollably.

Ana just watched in fascination taking a huge swallow of the forgotten drink in her hand. Alex recovered, sliding out of the bed with that inhuman grace and slowly walked to the girl at the door.

"Come on. We won't hurt you," she whispered, holding out her hand, forcing the flames out of her eyes.

Ana stared into those green eyes, possibilities flashing through her mind. Then, licking her lips, she took the outstretched hand, feeling the cool fingers close over her own. She vaguely heard the bedroom door behind her lock as she walked into the middle of the room. Alex took the martini from her hand, setting it on the bedside table. Damien sat up silently then vanished abruptly.

"Don't do that," Ana hissed when she felt his hands on her shoulders a moment later. "I hate it when you people do that to me."

"Sorry," he whispered in her ear. "I can still hear your poor heart,"

She shivered when he ran his hands down her arms, kissing the side of her neck softly. Alex sank down onto the bed, legs curled beneath her, eyes once again concealed behind the green flames.

Turning in his embrace, Ana stood on tiptoe, pulling his head down so she could kiss him. She could feel his naked body against hers. The kiss was every bit as hot and consuming as she had imagined from watching him kiss Alex. Insecurity flashed over her for a split second; she knew she could never live up to Alexandra's prowess or the ferocity of her ardor.

"Why can't you?" Damien murmured, trailing his lips down her throat, lifting her off the floor and kissing her harder.

She sucked in her breath sharply when he set her down and knelt to kiss her bare stomach, sliding his hands around her hips to unzip her skirt in the back. The silk slid down her body and puddled gracefully at her feet. He smiled up at her and pressed his lips to her belly again, before standing up and carefully pulling her top over her head.

"Would you like to do the honors?" he asked Alex, who only smiled before appearing beside them.

"I thought I said to stop that," Ana murmured, finding it hard to make coherent sentences. Her body vibrated with anticipation.

Alex leaned in and kissed her deeply, running her hands up the other woman's back. Ana caught her silky hair in her hands as Alex deftly unclasped her black lace bra and slid it off her. A moan escaped her lips as Alex ran her tongue over each nipple, gently biting each one as she knelt lower, sliding her hands into the sides of Ana's black panties. She pulled them down in one silky motion and with no apparent effort , lifted Ana off the floor, out of the pile of her clothes and set her on her feet beside the bed. Alex sank to her knees in front of her.

The black haired beauty hissed as Damien came from behind and cupped her naked breasts tightly, pinching her nipples with six millennia's skill. She felt Alex's hands slide between her legs. Someone's invisible power lifted her off the floor slightly, and she spread her knees, floating as if gravity meant nothing to her.

"Don't let me fall," she whispered in a wavering voice as she felt Alex's tongue slide into her. Damien kissed the fragile skin of her throat, continuing to tweak her breasts as Alex, using her mouth and powerful hands, had her writhing and panting in minutes.

"Oh, God," Ana cried hoarsely, arching her back, throwing one hand behind her to touch Damien's hair and laying her other on the top of Alex's head as the passion built unbearably. "Come on, Alex. Don't tease me!"

"Alright," the immortal woman whispered, and with a glance up at her Sire pressed her fingers into Ana at the same time Damien sank his teeth into her neck.

Ana thought she might faint with pleasure as she came, passion flowing out of her and her blood flooding into Damien. He pulled his fangs out and let her fall back into his arms as Alex finished her work, making the other come once more before she withdrew and appeared silently on her knees in the center of the bed.

Damien lowered her to the floor and she took a deep breath before she sank down next to her friend.

Alex murmured something in Vampyr to Damien, who stood at the edge of the bed. He responded, a smile spreading across his gorgeous face.

"What are you saying?" Ana asked, breathless. "Stop that. I don't know what you're planning."

Alex regarded her for a moment, then without warning, caught the other girl in her arms and sank her teeth into her throat.

Relax. Alex's voice said in her head as fear thrilled through her. I wouldn't hurt you, you know that. Just do as I tell you. Open your mind and focus on the sound of my heart. I'm going to transfer the language to you.

You're going to Turn me?

No. I can't. I can't Turn anyone. Now just do as I say.

A steady rhythm permeated Ana's senses. A pounding bass beat, intoxicating. In a distant way, she knew she was not alone in her head, she could feel thoughts, sensations, visions that were not her own flooding her mind, but the beat carried her away from it all.

"Dam!" Alex hissed, releasing her almost roughly. "Finish this..."

She was off the bed in a flash of movement.

The room spun around her when Ana opened her eyes, confused, but Damien caught her and pressed her mouth to his throat. She moaned as his blood, burning away her confusion, filled her mouth.

What's wrong?

It's OK. She just doesn't trust herself not to give too much to you.

Would that be bad?

She's barred from Turning anyone. You make her doubt her self-control.

And yours is stronger?

No. But I'm much older than she is and the Spirit within me is not nearly as powerful as the two she has to contend with.

Ana opened her eyes as Damien gently pushed her away. The room spun no longer, and the night now seemed alive. Sounds from the street below, the slide of her legs on the sheets, the reflection of the flames in Damien's eyes in the mirror across the room, the taste of the blood on her lips, every sense seemed sharper, as if she were using them for the first time.

She felt movement beside her and turned to find Alex with them once again, kissing Damien more fiercely than Ana had ever seen. He growled at her in Vampyr.

Make it hurt. Take it out on me.

With overpowering lust, Alex sank her teeth savagely into her Sire's throat, and belatedly, Ana raised her eyebrows as she realized she understood.

Damien's breath came in short gasps, his hand holding the back of Alex's head as she drank. For the first time, the mortal woman could sense the absolutely overwhelming power that her friend struggled to hold in check. Ana watched them, her body aching to be in their hands again. Her own breathing became ragged as Damien's face twisted in combined pain and ecstasy as Alex pulled hard on his pulse. Only after he cried out in a strange language, his body stiffening in her grasp, did she release him, pushing him back roughly into the pillows at the head of the bed, her eyes flaring with bloody red flames.

She closed her eyes, bowing her head, breathing hard, breasts heaving. Ana could only stare, hesitant and slightly scared to disturb her thoughts. She'd never seen her friend in such a raw, uncensored state. Terribly exciting and powerful, but wholly, darkly alien. Her humanity obliterated in the ascension of her new Nature.

Damien's gentle laugh pulled her back to the moment.

"It's always a shock. The Revelation. Beyond the glowing eyes and the teeth, you can never judge how you'll react once you're confronted with what we are," he said in Vampyr.

"I never understood until now," she said quietly to Alex, the unfamiliar tongue flowing smoothly from her lips." I never understood why you were so cautious around me, around all of us. The immensity of... all of it."

Alex lifted her head, bloody flames focusing on her. "Yes."

Her voice was rough.

Ana leaned forward and kissed her softly.

"I love you." class=Section2>

Alex only stared at her, gaze hidden behind the flames. Then a slow smile spread across her sensual mouth. For a split-second, the flames died entirely and her eyes were completely black, no white to be seen in them, but just as quickly, Alex blinked , shaking her head as if to clear it, and the green flames returned.

"What was that?" Ana asked, slightly alarmed.

"Sorry. I'm not alone in my body," Alex said with a dark smile.

Ana looked over at Damien, who shrugged.

"You get used to it," he said with a shake of his head. "To tell the truth, she scares the hell out of me sometimes."

"Yeah, but you like it," Alex purred with a four-fanged grin.

"I need a drink,"Ana sighed. "Everyone else has had their fill."

Alex laughed and caressed her cheek.

"Have your way with him. I'll go mix you a drink."

She was gone in a breath of wind and Ana could only shake her head.

"Well, big boy. What do I have to work with here?" the mortal woman asked, turning to the Ancient and taking stock of his naked body for the first time.

"My God!" she gaped, eyeing his equipment. "I don't know if I can handle that much."

He laughed and sat up, pulling her to him. Her tongue sought his, their embrace different this time, more intimate because of the blood. She felt her body respond to him almost immediately. Her passion only intensified when she felt Alex's eyes on them from behind. She lay back on the feather bed, her head propped up by the multitude of down pillows.

"Come on," she whispered to him in Vampyr. ""Fill me. I want all of it.."

He raised up on his knees and straddled her. Running his hand between her legs briefly, he found her ready for him. She gasped as he gently entered her, propping himself over her with his elbows, the rest of his body deliciously crushing hers. He buried maybe half of himself inside her before he withdrew and began again, only filling her a little more each time until she was ready for all of him. She moaned over and over again as he began to drive into her smoothly, his long black hair surrounding his face, the power of his body relentless, and he panted with lust.

Eyes blind, she clutched at him with one hand, nails digging into his back, probably cutting him. She held the other out to the side, squeezing with all her might when she felt Alex's cold fingers wrap around her own.

A small scream escaped her lips when she finally came, her back arching, body quivering. She looked up in time to see Damien gasp, his own eyes flaring that dangerous blood red. She held him tightly as he collapsed on top of her for a moment, his big chest heaving, beads of blood-sweat on his forehead. She sighed almost sadly when he pulled out of her and rolled onto the bed beside her.

"Can you take any more?" Alex asked when her mortal lover finally pushed herself up on the bed.

"You can even ask that?" Ana panted, mock-indignantly, taking the drink Alex held out to her, draining it in one gulp and thrusting the glass back at the Immortal, who sat it on the night stand with the other martini glass.

"Whoa!" Ana managed as the room swam suddenly. "What was that?"

"Premium Russian vodka, cranberry puree and a shot of my blood. It'll get you drunk in seconds."

"You're not kidding," Ana slurred, giggling as Alex sank down next to her and pushed her back down onto the pillows. The Immortal traced her hands over the other's body making her squirm, laughing out loud.

"Do whatever you want to me! Just don't tickle me!" Ana pleaded between giggles. She begged Damien to make her stop but he only shook his head and turned over on his side to watch them.

"Oh, god! You're going to kill me slowly," Ana gasped when Alex moved her body down the mortal's and took one nipple in her hot mouth, pulling hard at the erect flesh. She kneaded one breast and then the other as she sucked on them in turn.

"Someone's going to do it one day, but it won't be me," Alex murmured, her words muffled against Ana's hot skin.

"Really? Then...?"

"Do you want it? Really want it?" Alex asked, looking up at her, sliding her fingers into Ana again. Ana hissed and lifted her hips off the bed as Alex pressed inside her.

"I do!"

"One day then..."

"Do I get to decide when?" Ana asked, between gasps, her body twisting and tensing as the Immortal brought her closer to climax.

"That's up to you. You're now officially one of the Chosen."

"Oh, God! Ah, shit, that sounds good. Do I get the tattoo?"

Alex didn't respond at first, focusing her attention on her ministrations. Ana writhed, clutching at the sheets below her, back arching sharply. She couldn't hold in her cry when she came hard, her entire body shaking.

"Do you want the Mark?" Alex asked finally moving back up to look her in the eye.

"Yes," the other panted, her body glowing, pulsing.

"Seriously, Ana," she said, kissing her. "It's dangerous."

"To get it?"

"No, to have it. It's a very visible way of showing that you're one of Us."

"I can handle it."

Alex regarded her, then backed off of her, nodding, Damien pushed himself farther back from them as Alex rolled Ana onto her stomach.

"I get it right now?" Ana asked as Alex gathered her heavy black hair and pushed it over her left shoulder.

"It's not a tattoo," Alex said. "It's just a spell. Your Sire actually alters your skin. It can only be removed when you're Turned or if I reverse it."

"I thought you're not allowed to Turn anyone..."

"Well, it's not that I'm not allowed so much as if I try it'll most likely kill the one I want to make immortal. Someone will have to do it for me. But, Damien can't either... You know, these are things we should probably work out before I do this..."

Damien chuckled quietly beside her. "Ah, impetuous youth."

"Shut up, old man!" Alex growled. Ana heard her slap him lightly, which only amused him more.

"It'll work out in the end,"Ana sighed. "I'm not afraid. Just do it."

Alex kissed the back of her neck tenderly.

"Does it hurt?"

"Yes and no. It stings a little but it doesn't last. Just lie still and close your eyes."

Ana took a deep breath and folded her arms under her chin.

"Hold my hand," Damien said, gripping hers tightly. "It only takes a few minutes."

She nodded and relaxed, closing her eyes as Alex began to chant a spell in an ancient dialect of Vampyr. She pressed down hard between Ana's shoulder blades with one finger. The dark-haired woman hissed and clenched her teeth as a scratching sensation spread outward across her back from that point. Alex continued to recite the spell for several minutes. Ana was glad Damien had offered his hand to grasp, because it was all she could do not to move. Alex's definition of pain and hers, she should have realized from long association and evidenced by multiple body piercings, differed greatly. But finally, Alex quietly came to a stop and smoothed her cold hands over the other's back. The sensation, so smooth and cool after the hot, sharp pain of the past few minutes made Ana groan in renewed pleasure.

"Welcome to the family," Damien murmured.

"Is it done?" she asked, still not daring to move.

"Yeah, you can sit up now."

The new Chosen released Damien's hand and jumped out of the bed, following Alex into the massive bathroom with all its mirrors.

She blinked several times when Alex flipped on the lights but was soon captivated by her reflection.

"It's beautiful," she murmured, unable to take her eyes off the Mark which covered most of her back. The image of the Phoenix, the symbol of Alex's Line lay in the background in deepest black, with Alex's particular symbol, the Glyph of her full name and title, Pan'ah Alexandra Pirrius, overlaying the bird in vivid blood red.

"Oh, Alex," she whispered, tears coming to her dark eyes as she threw her arms around the Immortal's neck.

"Shh, it's OK," Alex said soothingly stroking her hair and holding her tightly.

"I love you," Ana whispered.

And I love you too.

Ana kissed her deeply, touching the fang teeth with her tongue, loving it when Alex hissed and pulled away quickly. Ana lifted her chin when the vampire lowered her mouth to her throat and sank her teeth into the pounding artery. They both moaned quietly as the blood flowed into the Immortal woman. She withdrew her fangs tenderly, kissing the two wounds until they healed.

"You're tired," Ana said, kissing her.

"Dawn's coming," Alex replied with a shrug, her green eyes, flames finally fading to a dull glow, heavy under her dark lashes.

"Come on, let's go to bed."

Ana flipped off the light as she went back into the bedroom, pulling Alex behind her.

The Immortal sank onto the bed first, sliding in beneath the covers beside her Sire, kissing him lightly on the lips before turning her back to him, letting him wrap his arms around her waist. Ana looked down on the two of them for a moment before joining them. She could feel, through Damien's blood, the sun as it rose outside the secured windows. In moments, the two of them were out cold and with a ragged sigh, she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep as well.

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