And I'll Get a Pole


"Fuck yeah."

"Faster. Harder."

Even though she'd just asked for it, the power behind his next thrust made her draw in a whiny sounding gasp, and it didn't stop there. He ravaged her body with all the strength and vigor his young body had to offer.

A louder growl burst from his lips and he said, "Come for me," never slowing.

Voice broken by the rapid pounding of his cock, she said, "Just like t-that. F-fuck m-me."

In only a pair of minutes, they were both dripping with sweat. It was all Nicole could do to keep from yelping her ecstasy at the top of her lungs. Her fingers flashed over her clit, helping to push her toward another towering peak. She snapped an arm beneath her breasts, which were bouncing so much that they were distracting her with the discomfort. He showed stamina she wasn't really expecting from someone so young, not yet faltering at all as an indication he was about to come.

She was a different story.

"So close. Going to come."

"Do it," he growled from between clenched teeth.

"Come so hard. Don't stop," she managed to push out between the involuntary sounds of her building climax.

Almost too loud, he repeated, "Do it."

"I'm... Ohh! Yes!" At the last second, as her orgasm claimed her, she had the presence of mind to press her lips tightly together, stifling a long, high-pitched scream of ecstasy.

"Fuck y-y-yeah," Jake exclaimed as he continued to assault her clenching, climaxing pussy.

Her head lashing in the grass, Nicole's legs pushed back hard against his hands, trying to straighten and flail about, but he held her fast. Every thrust caused her orgasm to surge. As before, her orgasm was so powerful that her vision dimmed under its assault.

He jerked free of her without warning, and she lost control of her lips, yelping from the sudden sensation. Before she could process the sudden void in her depths, a hard jet of semen spattered on her breasts.

She managed to focus enough to see him squeezing his cock above her before the next spurt hit her cheek and ear. The next hot ejaculation decorated her chin and lips. He groaned, spattering her with his hot, potent seed from her upper lip down to her belly button. As her orgasm eased its grip, a last half-spurt, half-dribble landed on her tummy, just above her mound.

Jake sat down hard, allowing her legs to fall limp. They both panted for breath as they dripped with sweat, ever so slowly coming down from the heights of pleasure.

Two bells started ringing, unheeded.

As wrong as it was, she couldn't fight off a second source of euphoria. She just knew that somewhere, her manager was probably having nightmares, and deserved each and every moment of it. Every time the woman got on her nerves from this point on, she knew she'd see Jake groaning and spraying cum all over her in her mind's eye.

Staring up at the sky and quivering from the most wonderful orgasms of her life, Nicole ran her fingers through his cream covering her and smiled.

Tonight's fishing trip had definitely landed her a whopper.


Hope this down and dirty little tale got you hot and bothered. Please take a moment to vote, as reader votes determine the contest results, and feedback is my writing fuel. Only vote once, though!

Comments and favorite listings are another boost that keeps me typing away, so feel free to offer as many of those as you wish LOL

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