tagInterracial LoveAnd Joshua Came Down to Jericho Ch. 03

And Joshua Came Down to Jericho Ch. 03

byThe Avenger©

Chapter 1

Now that he had Yvonne's panties, Josh's mission, besides enjoying her company and fucking the shit out of her tight, talented white puss, was to make her fall so much in love with him, and make her so addicted to his attention, his body and his cock that he could turn her against her husband and use her against Steve.

He intended to systematically make her his woman, his chick and his slut.

On the Sunday evening, two days after their afternoon of debauchery, Josh asked Abe to call Yvonne's household; he didn't want her hubby getting suspicious. Abe was a bit reluctant, wondering what was going on, for Josh hadn't told him anything. Indeed, the white hubby answered and Abe said he wanted to talk to Yvonne about the garden. Yvonne came on and Abe handed Josh the phone.

"Hi, Yvonne. How are you, you hot mama?" he said in a humorous, happy voice.

She did a sharp intake of breath and exhaled. "We are having supper..." she replied, in a hush, subdued voice.

"Talk normal, or your husband will get suspicious. Act like you talking to Abe about your garden..." he chuckled. "Use your creativity, mama."

"Oh, you mean those daffodils. I don't know Abe. Where do you think they would be good?" she responded, sounding nervous and yet excited and happy.

Josh winked at Abe, who was staring, his jaw wide open. The young man dropped his voice several notches, making it thick, silky and sexy.

"That's better. Are you looking pretty? Are you wearing something short and sexy, showing off that hot, mature body of yours?"

She giggled and said, "Yes Abe. You know I always like your ideas..."

"You ought to be proud of yourself, you know. You are 14 years older than me, but I am addicted to that curvaceous, sexy white body of yours. My dick gets hard when I think you, yunno," he chuckled dirtily and heard her stifle a purr.

"Thanks Abe. But you know its mainly because of you that we have such a nice garden."

"Listen, I am coming around tomorrow at two. Wear something real sexy, alright? And no bra and no panties neither. Don't gasp! Stay calm."

"Well, Abe, I don't think that is a very good idea," Yvonne answered. "Why don't you just drop by on Friday as usual?"

"I want your nipples stiff and your pussy wet, you hear. And shave that pussy clean, alright."

"Gosh, you are kidding, aren't you Abe?" she was sounding flabbergasted now.

"Oh yeah! If I don't find you hot and with no panties, I will spank that white ass and leave my big, black hands imprinted all over it. Now, say a nice bye to Abe."

"Thanks Abe. Have a nice week end as well."

He hung up.

Abe who was sitting nearby looked up at Josh like he was mad.

"You need to be careful, young buck. Don't get big headed or them crackers will string you from a tree till your neck snap." The old boy clicked his fingers.

"Chill big daddy. I got this shit on lock!" Josh said and returned to his room, his cock already hardening from his plans for Yvonne.

Yvonne made up some shit about a new flower bed she was thinking of. After hiding her feelings and lying all week end, it was beginning to come easier. The guilt was still there, big time. And as she once again supped with the family, knowing that her lover was coming around the next day, planning on fucking the shit out of her, she felt like a shameless slut. And indeed, the shameless slut in her was all active, all excited, making her blush, making her ears hot, shouting, "Yesssss! We don't have to wait till Friday for cute Josh and that big, black cock!"

"You are being stupid, Yvonne! Get yourself together and put an end to this. Your husband and kids Don't deserve this," the faithful wife said, and Yvonne averted her eyes and toyed with her food. She felt like she had taken cocaine and smoked weed, one part wanted to jump with joy and and celebrate, the other wanted to hang limp and just cry.

Chapter 2

The next day, Josh finished his day's work in record time, then he drove to Steve's house. He hooted and the electric gate opened. He drove up to the house. He walked to the kitchen door and kicked off his shoes. It was open, so he entered.

Yvonne was dressed in a conservative, prim, gray, unflattering dress that hid her curvy body, and ended around her knees. She was jumpy, looking like she wanted to run.

"Josh, are you crazy. If you keep driving up here daily, people will get suspicious," she said in a hushed whisper, like she thought the walls had ears, shifting from foot to foot, looking into his face, like she was searching for some sign.

"So. Just say I forgot my tool here," he chuckled and patted his dick, flashing her an infectious smile that made the corners of her mouth turn up. "You are looking fine Mama. Damn!" he walked up to her and kissed her on both her cheeks, his hand stroking her hip. "What you so jumpy about?"

"Oh my gosh, Josh!" Yvonne rasped. "I felt so guilty the whole week end. I thought my husband and my kids, even my friends would somehow know what we did. I couldn't concentrate on anything. This cant go on. We need to talk."

"Alright. Chill mama. Mix me a double gin and juice," he smacked her ass and squeezed, his fingers sinking deep in her ass through her thick dress. She whimpered and jumped and literary ran from him into the living room. He followed her to her spacious living room.

Josh slipped onto the couch that was obviously her husband's, a big, leather couch that could be made to recline. He pulled a blunt out and fired it up. Yvonne returned from the bar holding two glasses.

"We don't smoke in the living room, Josh."

"The fuck I care. Get me an ashtray and come here." She snorted but did it. He smacked her ass as she bent down to place it a table besides the couch. She jumped back.

"Yvonne," he said firmly, "Get naked and come suck my dick, Yvonne" he said, raising his hips and pushing his shorts down his thighs. His hard cock leaped up and pointed straight at the ceiling. He palmed it and started stroking it, slowly.

"Josh, I am not your fucking whore!!" she said, testily, trying to force her eyes not to look at his rearing cock.

"Oh yeah. You don't want to be my whore? Wanna be my wife, then, huh? Or my girlfriend? Wanna just walk around Jericho holding hands, and riding into the sunset?" he teased, slowly stroking his hard, thick cock.

"You asshole!" she exclaimed.

"Yvonne, I am asking you nicely. Now, if you fuck around I will get up and tear the clothes off you, like I did last time."

"I already told you what you are," she snickered. "Ass hole!"

Josh shot up to his feet and she thought he was going to hit her. She yelped and hid her face behind her hands. But Josh laughed and grabbed her by the hair. He pushed her thick dress up and found she was wearing thongs. They were tiny, but he wasn't impressed.

"Didn't I fucking tell you to wear no panties!" he sneered and smacked her hard between the legs.

"No! Are you crazy. I wont walk around naked," she whimpered, blushing. Josh ripped them down her hips. She tried to stop his hand and he pinched her hard to the side with the other, making her yelp and leap.


"ouch this!" he slapped his hand into her cunt, hard and loud and sneered at her,

"The fuck is this! You pussy ain't shaved neither!" he squeezed her hard and she whimpered.

"I trim, but I wont shave it bare. I mean, my daughter does it! I cant do it too..."

Josh laughed as he tickled her gash and then penetrated her roughly. She gasped and tried to say something, but he grabbed her hair with his free hand and yanked her face to his. His lips claimed hers and he kissed her. For a second, she resisted him, still irritated. But he was aggressive and forceful. He bore down into her, sucking and chewing her lips, then he made her mouth open and sucked her tongue hard. She yanked it back and his followed, filling up her mouth, kissing her ferociously as his digits teased her over sensitized, engorged lips and clit, playing her pussy like a musical instrument.

He wriggled a long digit into her hooked it over her g-spot and started finger fucking her pussy like he owned it, sending high voltage electricity ripping through her cunt.

Yvonne couldn't believe it, that Josh had her panties around her knees and was fingering her in her living room, against her will. She felt so ashamed as she started moaning into his aggressive mouth and her hips pumped with increasing urgency against his finger. It was like he was simply forcing her cunt to cum. She couldn't believe how fast her orgasm was approaching. She leaned into him and moaned, sucking his thick tongue like a cock.

"Frig your clit Yvonne. Frig it while I finger fuck your white pussy!" he growled at her.

She wanted to blush and gasp "No!" but her hand shot to her engorged clit and she started frigging it vigorously He added another digit, finger fucking her tunnel deep, hard and fast, his palm slapping with meaty succulence into her tender, soft, dripping flesh. Her hand became faster around her clit as her hips jerked sharply, impaling her on his thick, long digits Then suddenly, her cunt simply blew up so hard she thought her slit and clit were gone. But they must have come back fast because a blistering heat wave shot from her pussy and engulfed her body, setting her on fire, making her legs go all wobbly. She fell weakly into Josh's arms and wailed with pleasure and joy.

Then Josh simply picked her up, hoisted her and slammed her on her husband's couch on her back, knocking the breath out of her. Then he grabbed her dress at the neck and tugged hard, grunting. She couldn't believe it as his powerful hands and arms tore it all the way to the hem, splitting it open. He brushed the torn garment hang on her flanks, leaving her big, creamy, heaving tits, her belly and exposed cunt in the open.

"You bastard!" she wailed. He chuckled and yanked her panties off.

She tried to smack him but he caught her hands and pinned her down easily, smiling at her, showing her he was in charge. "You asshole! You fucking asshole!"

"Come on, you look much hotter now mama, like the wild jungle princess you are. Shit I wanna fuck you like an animal! I'm gonna show you the true meaning of jungle fever!" he swore.

Josh forced his body between her thighs, forcing them wide open. She tried to kick him and he slapped her ass cheeks so hard she thought the skin had come off. She whimpered. Then he pushed her thighs up and forced himself right where he wanted to be. He was much stronger than her, she fought him, but not with all her strength, like she knew it would be futile, and he would have his way anyway. And part of her wanted him to have his way. Josh grabbed her thighs and shoved her knees into her tits, spreading her pussy wide open. Then he lined his cock with her hole simply by moving his hips. She felt his thick, throbbing head find her dripping, wet hole.

"Here it cums!" he said and rammed it in. Yvonne yelped at the sudden intrusion, feeling a sharp mixture of pain and exhilaration Josh buried his meat deep inside her and groaned, feeling her hot, dripping wet white pussy fluttering around her.

"This is rape Josh. I didn't consent to this, so you are raping me!" she said, not looking like she wanted to scream though. But if she thought she could appeal to his reasoning and make him feel ashamed, she must have been dreaming.

"Then let them come hang me," he laughed and then he started grinding his hips into her. "Fuck! Yvonne! You know I came to fuck you, and you know you wanted me to cum fuck you. You need this dick Don't you? This big black cock, deep in your married white pussy!" he rasped, his dark voice mesmerizing her and speaking the truth as he slowly, powerfully ground his shaved, silky mons against her clit, making her hips tremble.

Yvonne felt his thick, hard, throbbing black man meat rolling in her hole, touching her deep inside her body, trying to force her to beg him to fuck her. Yvonne beat her lower lip and tried to resist.

Josh slowly pulled out, leaving her tunnel begging him for him to return. He pulled his thick head to the mouth of her pussy, then he grabbed her hips tightly, and pumped it back inside, like he was pushing an oversize, but well oiled foot into a tight boot, again and again. His powerful hips pumped back and forth smoothly, sending his cock into her hole with oiled precision. Yvonne gazed mesmerized at his black cock slithering gently but forcefully into her pink hole. She knew there ws nothing she could do to stop him, and her pussy surely didn't want him to stop. She fought hard to keep the animal inside her at bay, even as she felt a ticklish, prickly, and very pleasant heat rapidly growing in her twat.

Josh could tell she was fighting a losing battle, her pussy was lubing fast, till she was so slick and oily.

"resistance is futile, Yvonne! Cant stop the big, black cock invasion baby!"

"You are evil Josh. I never thought you would do something like this to me! I thought you liked and respected me! But you are just a callous barbarian," she tried to sound sincere and sober, but her voice was quavering, with lust.

"Then how come your cunt is gripping my cock so tightly?" he laughed and smacked her mons, "Push them hips up, I wanna fuck that pussy real deep."

"I don't want you to fuck me," she lied, even as she raised her hips for the deepest penetration. Her moans were getting harder to stifle, so she pulled her thumb into her mouth like a little kid, and bit on it, to distract herself from the wonderful, sizzling sensations that were ripping through her loins.

"Damn! That's sweet, baby! You beautiful!" he rasped, fucking her deep. Yvonne purred. Josh released her thighs and she kept them up, as he grabbed her thick, pale tits with his big, dark hands and fondled them, stroking her thick nipples with his thumbs. Yvonne stifled a sharp moan and started rolling her hips, round and round to meet the thick cock sloshing in her pussy. The wonderful sensations kept intensifying, threatening to overwhelm her body and she bit into her thumb harder and moaned from the pain.

Josh's thrusts were gaining in urgency, till he was ramming his meat deep into her, stretching her hole like he wanted to rip her apart. Yvonne's face slowly twisted into a grimace as her eyes started getting dreamy. She was biting as hard as she dared into her nail, but it wasn't helping much. The pleasure she was receiving from Josh fucking her was too intense. She was beginning to feel like her body was immersed in a hot champagne bath. She felt so hot, all over, and tiny bubbles were popping on every inch of her skin.

"Ahhhhh!" she cried around her thumb.

Josh smiled nastily and grabbed her hips. Then he started yanking her onto his long, hard cock, hammering it into her.

"Ah!!! Ah!!! Ah!!!! Ah!!! Ah!!!" she moaned around her thumb at every deep thrust, a wild fire igniting in her eyes. Josh pulled back, almost all the way out, and paused, rolling his hips, teasing the mouth of her pussy. Then his lips parted wide, exposing an array of his white, even, dazzling teeth. She sucked in her breath sharply and raised her hips just a little bit. Then he yanked her to his pelvis and shoved his cock deep into her, like he was impaling her brutally, with a spear. Yvonne released her thumb before she bit it off and gave an animal, agonized growl through her clenched teeth, her face locked in a grimace of pain, her eyes glaring wildly at him.


Josh pulled back slowly, then he rammed his cock into her again.

She gave him another agonized, guttural grunt, staring in his face.

Josh smiled, gathered her hips nicely, and started fucking her hard and fast, pounding her cunt. After three deep, violent thrusts;

"Oh! Yesssss!!!" Yvonne bawled and threw her head back, her back arching, her body jerking wildly like she was trying to leap off the couch. Josh kept fucking her, feeling her pussy clench and contract violently around him as she came hard, thrashing and heaving about, like she was having violent fits.

The black cock churned her cunt relentlessly, sending the white mom hurtling from one orgasm to the next till they all blended together and she fell into delirium. Josh kept fucking her until she was sinking her talons into his arms, begging him desperately to stop. He buried his cock in her, a proud smile on his face and let her flop back on the couch. She lay there wheezing and huffing, her head tossing slowly from side to side, a happy, wide smile on her face. Then she started chuckling.

"Shit! I used to think such orgasms only happened in novels and porn films," she laughed sweetly, her big tits heaving.

"You are beautiful when you cumm. SO beautiful!"

"I love it when you fuck me so hard and make me cum so hard!" she said huskily.

"Squeeze me with your pussy, you beautiful woman. Do it. Don't make me have to go down on my knees and beg!"

"You are already down on your knees and you begging," she chuckled. "Is this what you begging for?"

"Fuck!" he rasped as Yvonne started stroking his pole. "I love it when you do that to me with your white pussy!"

"Do I make you black cock feel good baby? Does your big, black cock like that?"

"damn right! Milk the motherfucker!"

Josh kept his cock buried in her and Yvonne worked magic on him. She was so proud to please him. She was so glad that her gynecologist had taught her the trick, saying it was good for keeping the pussy tight, after the birth of her third child. Her husband always came fast when she did it to him, but Josh's thick, black cock stayed big and hard in her, filling her up, giving her something to work with, a throbbing, powerful, strong piece of black meat to to grip, stroke, massage and milk with her hungry white pussy.

The white mom felt so wild and exhilarated now. She worked his cock till he swelled large and hard. Then she grabbed his powerful arms for leverage and told him to stay still as she threw her hips onto his cock like she wanted to knock herself out, till her body was drenched in sweat and she was huffing for breath. Her face was shining with a wild light as she used his cock, fucking it hard, skewering her cunt on it, till her pink twat exploded all over his black meat.

"Ohhhhhh!!!! Fuck!!! Josh! You make me feel so good baby! I need this baby! I need it so!!! Please fuck me!!!"

Josh only grunted and put her feet on his shoulders, then he picked up her ass and fucked her on her husband's couch, spearing her clutching, contracting pussy, filling her up with black dick, just the way she loved and needed it. She helped by jerking her body, so that his cock hammered hard into her. She yelped with anguished joy as he thudded into her, again and again, knocking the breath out of her body and sending her into wild, delirious pleasure, as he punished her white pussy with his black dick.

She couldn't believe his stamina, and his potency. She sank into a dreamy, delirious state, where all that existed was pure, unbridled pleasure. She felt elated and exhilarated, yet almost sad as he finally buried his thick meat deep into her and ejaculated deep in her contracting fuck hole.

Chapter 3

Yvonne lay back, looking up at the young black stud and wept tears of joy.

"Thank you honey. Thank you darling. Ohhhhhh!!!!" she sobbed, her thick breasts heaving. Josh became all tender and gentle, and bent over her, to stroke her hair, and lick her tears off her cheeks. Yvonne loved him with all her heart. She kissed and licked his dark face.

"Josh! Thanks darling. Thanks for forcing me to enjoy you... Thanks..." she moaned affectionately. Josh could tell she wasn't thinking with her head but her pussy. Just the way he wanted her.

"Listen, Yvonne, you always fight me when a Nigga wanna fuck! The hell with that. The way you scream and shout and cum like a whore when I fuck you, you ought to be fighting me for this big, black cock, you hear?"

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