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And Winner Take All



Quick, write this date down! I won a bet with Beth! I won! I won! I won! I was gloating to myself for reasons you may or may not understand. My lover, Beth, is a betting fool, we bet on so many things -- TV shows, sporting events, even stuff like whose mom is going to call next. The stakes range from the simple; like whose cooking dinner, to the bizarre, like accompanying her to a gentleman's club. If you read "Betting with Beth" then you know how that one turned out. Just picture me with a huge grin n my face every time I think about the club that night--and all the other trips back there. My bank account loves them almost as much as I do! Oh yea, Joy and Kitten say "Hi!"

Even if you didn't read the other story, you need to understand that I usually lose the bets, like on the order of 100 to 1, maybe 1000 to 1. Why do I keep betting? Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment. Actually, to be honest, Beth has really put me through the wringer, but I ended up loving every minute. Her imagination has to be experienced to be believed! I also love her more than I thought I could ever love anyone!

My Beth is not only lucky, but plays the stakes game really well. Usually when I do manage a win--the stakes are inconsequential. When she wins, she seems to have the ability to win the big pots. You should have seen her in Las Vegas last year. I'll have to tell you that story someday, or maybe you can picture two horny women, who love strips clubs, strippers, partying, gambling, and sex adrift in Vegas. There was this private club... well just use your imagination! If you like this story let me know and maybe I will write down our version of a Vegas Vacation. I promise, no Griswolds!

Beth always amazes me. I love her imagination, her creativity..."Oh shit, what am I going to do?" I won a high stakes bet and I can't this opportunity go to waste in my usual unimaginative way. I need to make this special. "What am I going to do?" This is nuts, now I am talking to myself. "Calm down Tracey, think this through." The stakes are deceptively simple in appearance. 'The loser has to do what the winner says.' Pretty vague! How would she handle it? What is the time frame? None! So how long do I have? That's tough. It can be interpreted as loosely as one time, like making Beth wash my car. Well she looks damn good all wet, but I am not going to waste this that easily. So what kind of time... Hell, I get to set the timeframe, and if she doesn't like it, she can kiss my--oh wait I like that! OK, so let's say the weekend. But not just any weekend, the weekend after next, which is a three-day weekend. This is so sneaky, and so unlike me. Beth is going to be surprised!

Now what to do for those three days? We can't just sit around here, it might be fun having her as my beck-and-call girl for the weekend, but I have to do better than that. She turned me into a surprise stripper, so could I set her up equally as well or even better? I have to do this right, I can't screw this up. What if I...? OMG, how far can I take this? My fingers started pressing my cunt as the idea of my beautiful Beth in such a predicament. My hand pressed hard on my sex, making me squirm. This idea was so delicious. Leaning back on he couch, I slid my hand into my shorts and panties and felt how wet I was from just thinking. My fingers made tight circles over my clit as I started getting real warmed up. My mind was going a mile a minute, seeing the look on her face. My eyes stayed closed as my fingers danced around and over my clit, I thrust inside me in a rush. I cried out!

She would be furious, but also uncertain. I know my Beth, and she will like some of it. Her anger would be more because she would think evil of me, but that hot, sweet pussy of hers would be on my side. My left hand found my breast and my right fucked me so good. In seconds I was nearing an orgasm.

I started a real screaming orgasm as my body and mind were taken in by my surprisingly wicked imagination. I could feel my spine pop as I arched my back.

"You couldn't wait for me?" My smiling Beth was looking down at me, my fingers still in my cunt, so there was no hiding what I was doing.

I blushed, "Just feeling a little horny."

"You were thinking about the bet you won."

I inhaled so sharply. Did I blurt anything during my orgasm?

"Alright, let's get this over with; what do you want me to do?"

"Oh, I want to think about it some more, I'll let you know."

She swatted my leg, "Fine, but don't leave me hanging to long. I have plans for you the next bet I win."

That solidified things for me. I was going to get her so good!

The Set-up

A week and a half flew by as my plotting and planning took shape. OMG, this was so cool! She's going to kill me! I can't believe I was actually trying to do this! I did need a little help, and Joy and the other girls at the club were a great help. They did force me to change the end of the sting so they could be in on it. All in all I think we did rather well. And having a few friends around might be helpful when Beth knows the whole truth. It might save my ass.

Friday finally arrived, I am so scared, excited, terrified, turned on, fuck; I have no idea what I was feeling. How I didn't give the whole thing away, I'll never know. She left for work, and I started everything rolling. I packed two bags and a make-up case, being very particular about my selections for her. One trip to our favorite boutique at lunch and I think I'll be all set.

"Hi Tracey, how are you doing?" Andi greeted me with her usual energy. She owned and managed 'Andi's Own', a boutique that bordered on something between Victoria's Secret and an adult novelty shop. Throw in her specialty items in the back and you have a very elegant, upscale, yuppie-slut paradise. If Andi didn't have it, she knew where you can get it!

"Hiya Andi, I am doing great, how are you?"

"I am terrific as usual! So, are you looking for something for you, or that wet dream lover of yours?" I swatted her on the arm. "Hey it's true. The last time she was in here, she came out of the dressing room in a red teddy. I had 6 customers ask me who she was. They were all drooling!"

"Oh, yea, I remember that teddy!" I told Andi what I was up to, and after she quit laughing, she dug out Beth's exact measurements and she took me on a whirlwind tour of her whole shop, including her 'special' area. I blanched at the total, and then she really shocked me.

"If you let me in, this is all yours for cost!"

"Hell yea!" I explained what she needed to do, and she shocked me one last time, I had no idea her mark-up was that big!

She helped me pack up my purchases, laughing the whole time. As I was leaving, she hit me with a toe-curling kiss, and squeezed my ass tight. She was laughing even harder as I stood there stunned. I didn't even know she liked girls!

Back to work, which took forever, I slipped into the bathroom and changed. I put on a slightly severe business suit that screamed 'professional working woman'; you know the kind of bitch who look like PMS is a lifestyle. I arrived early at her work; she nearly didn't recognize me.

She got one good look when I tossed her a small overnight bag. "Change now, it will save time." She smiled and took the bag into the ladies. No more than 15 seconds passed when she can screeching out. "NOT ON YO..."

My upraised hand stopped her tirade. "I am collecting on the bet. Go get changed." I said to myself, "SCORE 1 to 0!"

She looked at me in a different light. "You want me to wear this, in public, for our bet?"

I leaned toward her and whispered in as hard a voice as I could manage, "I want you to change because I am telling you to change. Your doing what I tell you to do are the stakes of our bet. Now go change."

"And if I refuse?"

"Then you will have reneged on a bet, and you and I will never wager again."

"Trace, I can't wear this!" She was actually pleading. Another score, albeit a small one, Beth never pleads for anything!

"Fine!" I vas secretly thrilled, letting her off the hook now would make it easier to push her harder later. "Here, try this one. I was going to wear it later, but you can. But no more shit. You are under orders and no more whining."

She took the bag and went back into the bathroom. She must not have had any heartburn, because I didn't hear anything. Then she stepped out and my heart jumped. My god, Andi knows her stuff.

Beth was in a stretch cotton tube top and matching knee-length skirt. It was white with red horizontal stripes, and so tight it looked painted on. The stripes seemed to shimmer in mid-air as she moved. Red lace up sandals and a red strip of material holding her hair back made it perfect. She was wearing a bra and panties, which gave the material a poor line, but she looked incredible.

"Come one, you can at least wear it right. I grabbed the bag off her shoulder and pulled out a matching thong of the same cotton material. "Go put this on and lose the bra." She started to argue, but she seemed to take her cue from me and went back inside. I was so tempted to make her change right there in the hallway, but that would have been too hard a push.

She came out and the lines of the outfit really looked like it was her second skin. I was so tempted to just drag her wonderful ass home and fuck her all night, but after all my planning, no way. This was my weekend and hers as well, although she might not appreciate it until much later.

We got in the car, watching her fold herself in that outfit really showed just how flexible the material was and how she how supple she was. Oh yea, she looked so hot! I drove us toward the outskirts of town, heading almost directly opposite of our place. She looked over at me, "Where are we going?"

"We are running away for the weekend. I packed for us, and I have everything you will need."

"The whole weekend?"

"Yes, all three days! And during those three days I will collect on my wager."

She mulled that one over and slid next to me in the seat. My hand went between her legs and I stroked the skin on her lower thighs. I was tempted to just pull the material up, but I wanted her excited, and going slow always got her fires higher. A long slow burn leading to an explosion is always much more fun than a quickie little firecracker pop.

When I pulled in front of the hotel, her eyes opened real wide. It was a real 5-Star establishment, more of a spa or country club than just a hotel. Two bellhops emptied the trunk while I escorted my lady love out of the car All immediate motion stopped as she stood and slid her hands down the skirt, smoothing it out. Her nipples were firm and they were the only things not in a smooth line down that outfit. Men and women noticed her, and she flushed as she realized it. I was so proud of her; she stood there like she owned the place.

Checking in took a few minutes and the young lady at the counter had trouble tearing her eyes away from Beth. She has that affect on so many people, she is so tall, but the body of a dancer rather than a supermodel. The sailor-stripe outfit showed her curves to perfection. I tipped the bellhops and told them to take everything up to the room, but not to unpack anything. Once they were done, they should bring me my room key to the restaurant. I was hungry. Beth stayed with me, loving all the attention. She was slightly jittery, something that always happens when she is excited. Her hands were fluttering, and she was looking in every direction. I attracted little to no attention, which was one of the reasons for my professional attire. I wanted Beth to be the center of attention.

Act I

"Oww!" I stumbled to one side and held up my leg.

"What happened, are you alright?" Beth was instantly concerned, all the attention in the world wouldn't let her forget me.

"Damn, I think I rolled my ankle. Take a look, love, please?"

She got right down sitting back on her heels, her skirt taut like a drumhead. More attentive looks, but she was in her mother-mode. She slipped off my shoe and was gently feeling my ankle. "It looks OK, no swelling, no redness. How does it feel?"

"It just flashed for a moment; I may have caught it before doing any real damage."

"Put some weight on it."

I came down on it with care.

"How does it feel?"

"It's a little tight, but it's not painful. I think it I take it easy on it, I'll be fine. I would hate to be on my back all weekend."

She grinned with her usual humor. "Oh that might not be so bad."

I laughed and she smiled to hear me laughing. She knew the ankle wasn't bad.

We entered the restaurant and I saw the first inconsistency, but Beth was attending to me, she didn't notice the large concentration of women. The hostess showed us to our table, a romantic little booth toward the back. The poor hostess didn't take one look at Beth, oh well, her loss. Our server came and introduced herself, a bubbly little girl named Temple. She has chocolate-brown skin and a smile that you could see with your eyes closed. She took a long look at Beth, obviously in appreciation! Lovely Temple wasn't part of the weekend fun, but there is nothing wrong with a little improvisation. She took our orders and offered some ice when she realized why Beth was holding my leg in her lap.

Beth looked directly at Temple and even I could see the attraction. Sometimes you hear about chemistry, but find it hard to believe, well dear readers, Temple and Beth had chemistry! I felt like I was standing between a positive and negative charged particles and I was caught up. Beth's hands tightened around my ankle, I jumped and that broke the spell between them.

"My god, she's prettier than Bethany!" Beth whispered to me. Bethany is one of our friends from the local gentlemen's club. She is very young and incredible pretty, with an innocence that you find darling, even though you know where she works. Temple was Bethany on steroids, the same personality, but at a higher wattage. This was shaping up nice, maybe for me too!

Beth looked around the room and finally did notice the preponderance of women, and small groups of only women. When Temple came back, she asked her, "Temple, is there something special going on this weekend?"

"Oh yes, there is a professional woman's conference, a federal managerial group, several state groups, and even a few local woman agencies. It's all about jobs, entrepreneurial workshops, even seminars on everything from opening your own business to sexual harassment training. The hotel is packed and it's almost totally women. She looked at me, "I thought you were part of it?"

"Nope, not us, we are here to relax."

The look on Beth's face told me she was starting to smell a small rat, but even if she suspects the timing of our visit, there is no way she knows what lies ahead of her.

Temple left and Beth started trying to grill me. "OK, Trace, what the hell are you doing?"

"Moi? The reason we are here is for me to collect on the bet. I picked this weekend because it's a three-day weekend and that gives me an extra day. The fact the hotel is full of women is just gravy!"

She didn't fully buy it! "Yea, and if you had a bridge to sell..."

I had to laugh at that one, because that is exactly my comment when Beth catches me in a stakes issue. When we went to LV and ended up at that one bar, yea sure is was a coincidence. Oh I keep forgetting, I haven't written up that story, well maybe after this story. Well anyway, my exact words were "Yea, and if you had a bridge to sell, we would be in Brooklyn."

I did my best innocent look, but she wasn't really sure. She probably is having trouble seeing me as being sneaky, I mean if she had set us up, there would be no question it was deliberate. "Look, Beth, you know me. If I had planned to have all these women here I would have, but come on baby? How the hell could I do that?"

She was mollified, but not totally off her suspicions. I think I will play it cool for a time.

When our food arrived, I pulled her close to me and in a few minutes we were feeding each other with our fingers like normal. Temple seemed to come by an awful lot, something neither of us minded.

The bellhop finally found us and delivered two keys. "I said I only needed one key."

"I'm sorry ma'am; the desk clerk gave me two. I can't take it back, but you can after dinner."

"Oh OK." I acted a little annoyed, but thought of something to do with the extra key.

Beth was looking at me funny as I put one key in my purse and left the other on the table. When she reached for it I slapped her hand playfully. She didn't ask, but she gave me the best look. Another score, but it was funny that she didn't even know. She must think I was losing my mind.

Dinner was fabulous, and several other women walked by and saw how close we were sitting, and feeding each other. A few looked disapproving, but most smiled at us. We had some dessert and after dinner drinks, oh this is the life. Thank goodness I banked most of the extra money I earned with Joy and Kitten at the club.

Temple brought us the bill and I added a nice tip and charged it to my room. On the little bill tray I placed the extra room key. Now I know Beth thinks I have lost it.

"Ma'am, I don't need the card key to charge this to your room." Temple motioned to hand the key back to me.

"I know, the key is for you, if you want it. Come up and say hello later."

Beautiful Temple looked like a scared rabbit for just one second and then key disappeared in her pocket. Then her smile appeared, a much sexier smile promising of nice things to come. "Room service it is, ma'am!"

I smiled back at her, and Beth looked half puzzled and half excited. Temple was a lovely girl, and having her to play with wouldn't hurt Beth's feelings in the least. To bad Temple was for me while she was otherwise occupied.

Time for Act II:

"Come on; let's hit one of the clubs."

I got up a little unsteady, which reminded her of my 'ankle'. "No, why don't we relax and get you off your feet."

"No way, I'm fine, just no dancing for me. I do feel like partying!"

Since I was calling the shots, my sexy Beth and I hit the club. It was an amazing sight. It looked like 100% women, and knowing the odds most of them are perfectly straight, but it didn't stop them from dancing with each other and having a good time. A lovely server came and got us a small table. She said Temple told her about my ankle and if there was anything she could do to make me comfortable, I was just to ask.

Beth and I sat there sipping our drinks, watching all the action. We are both born people watchers and it was a riot to watch all these women slowly getting drunker and really relaxing. Several guys tried to get in, but the servers managed to turn them away. I asked our little Temple-friend and she said that the conference reserved this club for the weekend.

"Um, I hate to tell you this, but we are not with the conference."

"Actually the conference just did it to keep the guys out. So believe me you are qualified to be here. She looked at Beth's long body and said in a quiet voice, "More than qualified!"

Beth looked so sweet at that moment I could have eaten her up right then and there. She reached over and touched the servers arm. "Thanks sweetheart."

"No reason to thank me, I am glad Temple gave me a heads up about you two." She looked at me, "You look nice, but you would look even better dressed a little bit more relaxed." She turned to Beth, "You look amazing! To bad I'm working."

Beth laughed mostly at her comment and at me. "Just keep smiling, remember you are wearing my outfit, you refused to wear yours." I reminded her.

"Trace, if I put that one on, I would look like a cheap whore."

A tall blonde came up to the table before I could answer her properly. She might have looked a bit like a whore, but certainly not a cheap one! The blonde held out her hand to Beth and asked, "Dance?"

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