tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAngel's Interludes Ch. 02

Angel's Interludes Ch. 02


Here are more of Angel's hot little interludes. Just unencumbered hot sex for your cold lonely nights.

A Restaurant Interlude

Angel and Bobby were sitting in a rather dark corner booth of a quiet little Italian restaurant. This was their second date and so far Angel liked him. He seemed willing to try anything she wanted, anywhere she wanted, and she had to admit that was pretty cool. The fact that he had a really hot bod and could deep throat her, had nothing to do with it, right?

The booth was big enough for six people with a red and white checkered table cloth that hung down to the floor. Angel and Bobby were cuddling and kissing as soon as their butts hit the seat. Angel was wearing a form fitting little black mini dress with some strappy 4" pumps and a garter belt with black stockings. She also was wearing black lacy panties. She had put her long hair up on the top of her head and there was an impressive pearl necklace hanging down into her cleavage. When Bobby had commented on the necklace, Angel had replied to him,

"Don't worry, I have plans to give you a pearl necklace of your own later tonight." When she had said that she had a vision in her head of straddling his chest as she shot a hot load of cum all over his neck. But now another vision was coming to her. Bobby's hand was on the inside of her thigh, up close to her crotch and that was starting to make her panties get uncomfortably tight. Angel pulled back from Bobby's energetic kissing. They were both breathing pretty hard as Angel looked him in the eyes and put her hand under the table. She reached up to her crotch, pulled aside her panties and released her growing cock. Angel continued to look into his eyes as she grabbed his hand and put it on her cock. Bobby took it in his hand and began to slowly stroke the length of her. Angel stifled a moan by placing her mouth back over his and pushing her tongue into his hot mouth. After a few minutes there was a slight "Ahem" at the side of their table. The waiter asked,

"Can I get you something to drink or an appetizer?" Angel looked up at him and could see that he was blushing. She replied,

"Bring us a bottle of Chardonnay, two glasses, and an appropriate appetizer to go with the wine." She then went back to kissing Bobby, obviously dismissing him.

Angel was so turned on. Her cock was rock hard and throbbing in Bobby's hand. He was now starting to kiss her on the neck. Something he knew she loved. As she looked at the table an evil little idea came to her. She stopped Bobby to catch his eye, reached for a fork, and tossed it under the table. Angel purred,

"Oh darn, I seem to have dropped my fork under the table. Will you be a dear and go down and get it for me?" The look and smile she gave Bobby told him there was something else she wanted him to get for her while he was down there, and the look wasn't lost on him. He replied,

"It would be my greatest pleasure." then slid from his seat and disappeared under the table.

Angel spread her legs wide as he went under the table which caused her dress to slide up her thighs. She soon felt his hands on the inside of her legs. The view that greeted Bobby after he was under the table was of Angel's long stocking clad legs spread wide and her hard cock standing strait out from her black pantied crotch. He watched, fascinated, as her cock bounced a little with each beat of her heart. Angel's anticipation was very high as she waited to feel his mouth envelop the head of her raging hard on. Bobby caressed her thighs and he kissed along the inside of them slowly working his way up toward her cock. He slid his hands up the inside of her legs to the top where they attached to her body, then bent down and breathed his hot breath on her balls. He watched for a second as her sack expanded, then blew coolly over them and watched as it tightened back up. Her erect cock was pointing up toward the table so Bobby leaned down and took her balls completely into his mouth. Angel had to stifle moaning out loud as his hot mouth enveloped her balls. She hadn't been expecting him to do that, but it was a pleasant surprise. He kept caressing the inside of her thighs as he gently sucked on her balls causing her cock to grow even larger with the added stimulation. The head was swollen and almost purple as it flared with Angel's desire. Bobby thought to himself that he'd never seen her cock so large and engorged with blood. Angel could feel the hot breath from his nose around the base of her cock while his tongue caressed her balls. Not being able to see what he was doing made the anticipation almost unbearable.

Bobby finally released her balls from his mouth and began to slowly run his tongue along the underside of her aching, throbbing cock. He could feel her heart beating with his tongue where it touched the underside of her cock. After what seemed like an eternity to Angel, Bobby finally had the head of her cock resting on his tongue. He kept teasing her by rubbing the underside of the head with the tip of his tongue. Angel, feeling his breath flowing over the head of her cock, couldn't wait any longer. She quickly reached both hands beneath the table, grabbed his head, and pulled his mouth down over her turgid cock.

As the head of her cock reached the back of his throat Angel didn't even slow down, but continued pulling until his nose was pressed tightly against her pelvic bone. As soon as she got all the way in his mouth he squeezed his lips around the base of her cock and she exploded down his throat and into his stomach. Bobby's chin had her balls trapped against the edge of the seat and he could feel them move with each burst of cum.

Angel held him there for a few seconds after she finished coming, enjoying the feeling of being buried in his mouth. When she let go of him he slowly pulled off of her and found his way back up beside her at the table. The wine and appetizer arrived a few seconds later along with a strange look from the waiter. Angel pushed the appetizer over toward Bobby but he looked at her and replied in a rather horse voice,

"No thank you. I'm too full to eat another bite." Angel smiled broadly and replied,

"It's just as well because I'm starved now." Angel looked around on the table for a second, then looked over at Bobby and with a sly smile asked, "Did you forget the fork?"

A Subway Interlude

Angel had never been a big fan of mass transit. But she was shooting a layout for Top T-Girls magazine, a rag that was dedicated to T-girls who preferred to top their partners, and the subway was the best way to get to the shoot. Angel had to go almost all the way across town and the train had been so full when she entered that she had to stand and hold on to a grab rail. Angel was not very happy about that but she figured a seat would open up soon.

At the next stop a large group of business men boarded the train and as luck would have it a very handsome black hared man stood right in front of her. It was a cool fall day and he had his suit coat hung over his arm so that Angel could see his great ass. As she was looking at his ass they arrived at the next stop and many more people got on the train. The handsome man looked back and caught Angel checking out his butt. Angel didn't flinch, she looked him right in the eye and smiled. With that, the man stepped backward toward Angel to make room for the new arrivals on the train and in doing so he pressed his butt against her crotch and hips.

Angel had on a long dress coat that was open in front to revel a red silk miniskirt with a midriff showing white cashmere sweater. The sweater was a scoop neck and showed off her ample cleavage. Since Angel was wearing a skirt she hadn't worn a pair of panties that would hide her cock. The red satin panties she had on were snug but not restricting, so when he pushed his butt against her, she could feel his muscular ass cheeks rub on either side of her cock.

Angel already hsd a chubby from checking out his butt in the first place, but now it began to harden in earnest, pushing against her panties as it strained to find the hole it knew was there to be filled. She didn't know how he would react to feeling her growing interest in him pressing against his tight ass, but she sure as hell wasn't going to stop until he moved way from her, and with the crowded conditions of the train she figured that would be awhile.

Angel started to very slowly rub her cock up and down his ass crack. She felt him flex his butt muscles and press back against her harder. Her cock was being held in check by her panties and it was starting to get painful. As she continued to rub up against his ass he leaned back and whispered to her urgently,

"You have an huge clit! I've never felt one so big and hard!" Angel placed her free hand on his hip to increase her leverage for rubbing against him and whispered into his ear,

"You have no idea." Her breasts were against his back and any second she half expected to hear ripping fabric because her cock was straining so hard to get out of its silk prison.

Angel kept grinding herself against his hard ass cheeks as she desperately tried to think of a way to free her cock. That was when he leaned back and whispered to her,

"I would love to feel your big clit between my bare ass cheeks!" Without hesitation Angel replied,

"I would too." He seemed to be very excited as he eagerly pressed himself back against her, so Angel slid her hand off of his hip and down to his crotch before he could react. He froze as soon as she touched his cock. He was completely hard, but only about three inches long. His cock was about as big as Angel's thumb and she was sure she would be bigger than him even if she was completely limp. She now understood why he was so interested with her "clit". Angel whispered in his ear,

"Relax. You'll love my big clit!" and to punctuate her statement she pressed her cock hard against his ass cheeks. Angel looked around for a second to see if anyone was watching them. No one was. They were toward the very back of the train and if they were quiet she thought they just might be able to get away with it. Angel told him,

"Hold your coat down in front of you so no one can see me undo your pants."

"What!?!" he whispered, "We can't do anything here!"

"Sure we can, but you are going to have to keep quiet as I slip my clit between your ass cheeks." Angel was already unbuttoning and unzipping his slacks. "Now hold your pants up while I get my clit ready for you." She felt his hand slip past hers and get a grip on his pants down at the bottom of the zipper so she would be able to pull the back down to get access to his ass.

Angel slipped her hand up under her skirt and released her aching cock from its silk prison. She had a little squeeze tube of lube in her purse and she reached inside the purse to get some on her hand. She slipped her hand back under her skirt and applied it to her impatiently waiting cock.

Now came the tricky part. Angel knew she had every intention of penetrating this young man's ass, but she knew he didn't expect it, and she was afraid it might make a scene if he cried out too loud. Angel also knew she was too big to just step back, line up, and push her way in. So she decided to squat down a little while she pulled his pants down, then slip into him on the way back up to standing.

With one last look around to see if anyone was watching Angel hooked her thumb in the top of his pants, also catching his underwear, and pulled them down to give herself access. As the back of her hand slid over his hard, bare butt she felt her balls start to tingle with anticipation. Once his pants and shorts were out of the way Angel pulled up her skirt and in one quick move squatted down lined up her cock and stood up, pushing about three inches of it into his unsuspecting ass. He didn't cry out but instead had an abrupt intake of breath and Angel felt his ass tighten hard around her cock. In a strained whisper he said to angel,

"Damn! Your clit is huge! It's even bigger than my dick! I almost blacked out for a second there because I wasn't expecting you push into me."

"So you like it?" Angel asked quietly.

"Yea, but it hurts a bit." He whispered back. Angel whispered in his ear,

"You need to relax to allow me to move in and out. Then it will really start to feel good." She felt the grip of his ass on her cock begin to ease up a little, and as soon as it did she started to slowly short stroke him, only using the amount of cock she already had in him. She looked around again to see if anyone had noticed but they all seemed to be in their own private little worlds. Angel's body was close enough to his so that with her coat on it would be almost impossible for anyone to see what was going on. She steadily stroked his ass and as he relaxed it became easier for her.

Angel really wanted to push her cock all the way into his wonderful, muscular ass but she wasn't sure he would be able to keep quiet. That was when he whispered over his shoulder,

"How come I don't feel your hips against my butt? Are you holding out on me?" Angel whispered back,

"Well, maybe just a little, why, do you want the rest of it?"

"How much more could there be? Hell, I've gone this far, might as well go all the way." he replied. Angel smirked to herself,

"OK, but you have to be very quiet." she warned him. She moved her free hand from his hip back around to just above his small dick. As she pushed against his abdomen with her hand she thrust forward with her hips and slid most of the last five inches into his waiting rectum. He said,

"Oh my God!" out loud and three different people looked at them. Once they saw where Angel's hand was they quickly looked away. After all, this wasn't the first hand job they had ever seen on the train.

Once he had his composure back he whispered to Angel in a wry voice, "I guess that isn't a clit that is stuck inside of me, is it." Angel was in heaven, so all she replied was,

"Call it what you want, but your ass feels awesome!" Angel pulled her cock back out slowly and pushed it in again. She moaned in his ear and rubbed her breasts against his back as he tired hard not to make any sounds.

Angel fucked him very slowly and deliberately, enjoying the feeling of her big hard cock sliding back and forth through his tightly stretched rectum. Every couple of strokes she would stop deep inside him and work her hips in a circular motion that caused her cock to push his bowels around, letting him know just how deep she was inside him.

Angel could tell by his breathing that he was going to cum very soon, so she pushed her hand down his pants and took his small cock in her hand. She held it loosely so he could fuck her hand in time to her slow thrusts. This move put him over the top and within a minute he exploded into his pants. Angel was getting close to an orgasm herself, but she wasn't quite there yet. The urge to really pound his muscular ass was getting to be more than she could bear, and she knew that her stop would be coming up soon. She looked around the train and noticed that it was starting to thin out so how close they were together was looking suspicious. Angel whispered in his ear,

"I'm going to let go of the grab rail so you're going to have to hold on for both of us while I hold on to you. Are you ready?"

He nodded yes and Angel put both of her hands on his hips. She pulled her cock back till just the head remained inside his sphincter then rammed it into him so hard that it almost knocked him off his feet. He grabbed the rail with both hands and his pants slid down around his ankles while Angel rammed her cock deep into his ass again and again. It was no longer a secret what was going on between the two of them. As she humped him her coat fell back off of her shoulders and everyone who wanted to look could clearly see her big cock as it disappeared again and again into his hot muscular ass.

Over his shoulder she could see her stop coming into view and knew she would just make it. She kept punishing his ass until the train started to slow, then with a big moan Angel gripped an ass cheek in each hand and spreading them wide pushed every hard, throbbing, inch of her cock into him.

As she finally gave him the last couple of inches of herself, he cried out in new pain and she felt him involuntarily grip the base of her cock with his sphincter as she went deeper into him than ever before and shot one hot load after another into his completely filled ass.

Angel didn't have time to enjoy the afterglow so she pulled her still hard cock out of him and quickly pulled her skirt down over it. It was pressed hard against the fabric so she pulled her coat back onto her shoulders and closed it so no one on the platform would see her big cock stretching the fabric of her skirt. Angel leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. She said in a low voice,

"This has been the best ride I've ever had on a train, you have a delicious ass!" With that she gave him a hard slap on his muscular butt and slipped out the door onto the platform just before the door closed and the train moved off down the tracks.

An Office Interlude

Angel was sitting in the office of a local bureaucrat. It was a drab little office, nothing special at all. Mostly there were pictures of buildings in the process of being built and there were a few plaques on the wall for serving in organizations in one capacity or another.

The man was older than Angel, she pegged him at around forty. He was balding so he kept his hair buzzed close to his head. He wasn't a big guy at a little over 5'7" tall but he was well muscled. His eyes were hazel and when he talked to Angel he looked her in the eye in a way she found rather intriguing. Angel was in his office because one of her "boy toys" had started her new pool house without any permits. Angel was playing the damsel in distress for the bureaucrat in hopes that she could get out of paying some of the penalties. He had just finished up reading the letter she had written stating that it was all a big mistake and her builder didn't build in this area so he didn't know the regulations and she would do what ever it took to get back on track ... blah, blah, blah. He looked at Angel and said,

"I feel that putting this letter in your file should explain what has happened if there were to ever be any questions. I am going to wave your fines, but you must still pay the normal permit fees and submit all of the required documents."

"Oh Mr. Sibert. How can I ever thank you!" Angel exclaimed in her most innocent voice. "That is just so nice of you! I wish there was something I could do for you to show my appreciation!"

"Please call me Ray." He replied. "And there is something you could do for me." Ray looked her in the eye then pointedly looked directly at her crotch. Angel understood exactly what he wanted, but wasn't sure if he would want what she had.

"I don't know that you would be as interested if you were to actually get what you want." Angel said to him slowly. In her jeans she could feel her cock beginning to stiffen with the possibility of sex. Ray had an unusual smile on his face as he said,

"Try me." Angel looked at the door and Ray replied,

"As long as the door is shut and we don't make too much noise, no one will bother us." Angel said,

"Well... OK, I hope you like what you see."

Angel stood up and stepped right in front of him. She slowly and sexily unbuttoned the white linen shirt, pulling it open so he could see her full, round, breasts in her bra. Angel then undid her belt and pants. She reached inside her panties and pulled out her big cock and balls. Her cock was half hard and growing bigger by the second. Ray didn't hesitate a moment. He leaned forward and took her still growing cock into his warm wet mouth and started giving her some very enthusiastic head. This was the one reaction Angel had not been prepared for. Angel thought to herself, with a little practice he could be very good.

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