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Angel's Work


My secret double life started back on my eighteenth birthday. My parents threw me a huge party at our house. I was home from boarding school for the summer and it turned in to a pool party. My older brother invited some of his friends from collage along, and one of them caught my eye.

John was a few years older than me, big and strong from being on the collage swimming team. Being from Australia he had a deep tan and a sexy accent. I was a track runner at school, and I kept it up in collage, so I had long legs with strong thighs and a flat stomach. The coach said my chest was too big for a runner, but I had seen her checking me out in the showers after practice. Everyone said she was gay, and played up a little sometimes. Putting to much soap on my tits when I thought she was watching.

As the party began to wind down, and my friends started leaving I found myself alone in the pool with John. We splashed each other a little and I pretended to swim away, as he caught me I felt his arms go around my waist and turned to face him. We stared in to each others eyes for a moment before we began kissing deeply. His hands slid down my body as he lifted me up, one hand underneath my bottom and the other crept back up to my chest. I pulled back from the kiss.

“Lets go in to the pool house. You are gorgeous, I wanted you ever since I saw your picture.”

I was over come. A hot feeling welled up in my stomach, I did not know what it was at the time but felt I wanted to do to this guy the things I had only dreamed about while masturbating. I slipped out of his grasp and climbed out of the pool, taking his hand I led him in to the pool house.

With the door locked and the lights low I turned around to see him stepping out of his shorts. His cock looked huge, not being sure what to do I peeled off my bikini top and walked over to him. As we kissed again I could feel the heat coming of his large meat, and I was over come with a desire to taste it. Kneeling down in front of him, I slowly sucked his cock in to my mouth. The mixture of precum and chlorine was a little odd, but the feel of him in my mouth was wonderful. I could feel the blood pumping him even harder.

“Easy, I don’t want to cum to soon. Lie down on the sofa.” As I lay back he slowly pulled my bikini bottoms down. Laying there naked in front of him got me even more excited, the thought of getting caught made me even hotter. His tongue slowly brushing my tiny clit was like being shot with a thousand volts. He put his hands on my hips and slowly worked his tongue in to my wet slit. Each tiny move sent shivers all over me.

After he had been working his tongue in and out of my cunt for a minute or so he slowly pushed one and then two fingers in as well. This sent me right over the edge, with a scream I had a very intense orgasm. I grabbed the back of his head and ground my pussy in to his mouth. Al the while he kept sucking, licking and fingering me. He with draw his fingers as I began to come down.

“I think you are about ready. Don’t you think?” He said as he began to put a condom over his cock.

“Oh, God, yes. Fuck me, put that thing inside me.” I breathed. I could not believe I was saying these things, things you only here in corny porno.

Ever so slowly he manoeuvred himself on top of me and gently began sliding his meat in to my tight little pussy. I had broken my hymen at fourteen with the handle of my hair brush. My first ever orgasm was from wanking my self off after watching Basic Instinct on video. Thanks to that John had no trouble getting the whole of his cock deep inside me with one long thrust. The feel of being so full of cock meat sent me crashing over the edge. Another orgasm ripped through my body and I bit his neck to stifle the scream. As it began to ebb away John started his long, slow thrusts, pulling out almost all the way, only to ram himself back in to me.

I could feel my third incredible orgasm building when he pulled out of me. “Roll on to you stomach, I want to fuck you from behind. I want to see your gorgeous ass.”

I rolled over and got on all fours, raising my ass high in the air. I felt like a total slut, but loved the idea of turning him on so much. I was expecting him to ram back in to my cunt when I felt his mouth on me again.

“I love the taste of you virgin pussy. I could eat it all day, if it didn’t feel so good wrapped around my cock.” His tongue sent electric shocks through my body. As I was about to cum he rammed his thick cock back in to my cunt. The penetration from this angle was incredible. As he pounded harder and harder he reached round and grabbed my tits as well. The feel of his cock in my twat, and his hands on my nipples had me crashing to another thunderous orgasm. At the height of my own orgasm John thrust deep in side me and let go a huge load of spunk in to the condom. The feel of the end filling up was unbelievable. Then I felt the thin latex split and he filled my tiny hole with his sperm.

After he pulled his dick out of me I rolled over on to my back and began playing with the cum leaking out of my pussy. It felt hot and sticky, a mixture of his spunk and my juices. He smiled like a Cheshire cat when I began to lick my fingers clean. I had never tasted cum before, but I liked it a lot.

“Shit, Angel. You are one hot little bitch. You must be the toast of your school.”

“No, it is an all boys school. Maybe I could visit you some time though.”

“Your bro knows where I am.”

With that he put his shorts back on and left the pool house. I lay on my back for a while, pulling the sticky goo out of my cunt and savouring the salty taste, and the feeling of a well fucked pussy of course.

That was where I learnt my love for all things sex. Back at school I soon got frustrated. During the rest of the summer break I fucked a couple of boys, but it was never the same. I even had some of the girls from home, very different from fucking guys but still fun. It kept me in practice though and I learnt a few things about getting guys really horny before straddling them and riding their cocks. The trouble with that is they came so soon.

After two weeks at collage with no cock I was ready to burst. I hatched a plan to get all the cock I would ever need.

I used my credit card to rent a little apartment in the city, but they needed a second signature on the lease. So I thought of the running coach Miss Jones. I could work out my frustration and get a willing partner as well.

After a track meet I took longer then the other girls cooling down, and so I had the showers all to my self. While I was in getting a nice and soapy I heard Miss Jones picking up towels and discarded rubbish. With my towel I walked straight out of the shower and in to her arms.

“Oh, sorry Miss. I didn’t hear you in here.” I stood an inch away from her, naked and glistening in the light, my raven black hair wet against my back. So close to her I heard her breath quicken in response to my wet body being so close.

“Miss Jones. Sarah, if I can call you that. I feel like I have been putting on weight, on my thighs and but. Could you take a look.” I said as I wiggled my behind at her. She cast a long slow glance down my body, holding her breath as she took in the line of my breast, flat stomach, firm buttock and long, hard thigh.

“No, erm, no. You look fine, just fine.” She stammered,

“Well it feels all fleshy back there. Not firm like it should.” I bent over, at the waist in front of her, “Can you have a quick feel for me.”

As Miss Jones ran her hand up my thigh I felt a familiar tingle deep in my belly. Her hand stopped just short of my trimmed pussy, so I wiggled a little and felt her hand on my hot slit. She hesitated for a brief moment before dropping to her knees and ramming three fingers and her very long tongue in to my hot little snatch.

The surprise assault threw me on to a bench, but this little cunt-lapper did not miss a beat. The force of her tongue and fingers got me very wet, very quickly. It took all my will power to stand up. I turned around and pushed Miss Jones on to her back. Standing at her feet I pulled her shorts and thong down over her shapely legs. Looking up I saw a fully shaved pussy, not a bit of hair on it. I had never eaten a bare cunt before, and the thought got me even more excited.

“You don’t get to have all the fun.” I stood over her head and slowly eased myself down on to her face, while leaning over to get me hands and tongue in to her pussy.

We lay on the cold floor locked in to a steamy 69, licking and finger-fucking each other for what seemed like hours. Sarah was a real cum factory, it just kept flowing. I swallowed most of it, but a lot got smeared over my face and hands. The feeling of her long tongue wrapped around my swollen clit and her strong fingers buried deep in my cunt had me going wild. I kept burying my face in her soaked cunt when I screamed out orgasm after orgasm. She was just incredible, the young girls I had done it with at home were no match for the lovely Miss Jones.

After her third orgasm, and my fifth, we both stood up. Covered in pussy juice I ripped her tight top off and dragged her in to the shower to clean up.

“I have seen you looking at me in here. Lets get clean, and dirty together.” In the shower she soaped up my tits and slowly rinsed off all the suds, before sucking my nipples one by one in to her mouth. All the while she had two fingers up my cunt.

After another great orgasm we dried each other off.

“You know. If I get an apartment in the city, and went there on weekends we could do this all the time. I just need your signature.”

With that I had her agreement, and my own place.

I told the collage I would be going home on weekends from now on. I bought a fake ID saying I was twenty-one, a few sexy dresses and some expensive underwear from Victoria’s Secret.

After a week of looking I found a high-class call-girl agency that would find me work, and was all set to lead my double life.

To be continued…

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