tagLoving WivesAnnie and the Neighbors

Annie and the Neighbors

byJust Plain Bob©

I had been in the backyard working the flowerbeds and in over an hour I had accomplished very little. The reason for the lack of progress was sitting in a lounge chair about sixty feet away and she was wearing two strips of yellow cloth, no bigger than Band-Aids on a body that was designed by the Devil to get men like me in trouble.

I had been casting lustful glances at Amber ever since she was a very early teen. It is very hard not to look at a fifteen-year-old girl who looks and acts twenty-one. The trouble was that Amber knew what she had, knew what it did to men, knew what it caused and knew that the men knew that because of her age that they didn't dare do or say anything. And knowing she was safe she became a terrible flirt and the biggest cock tease that I had ever seen. No, not terrible - evil. Amber did everything but flat out ask you to fuck her knowing that unless you were terminally stupid you would turn and run from her like the Devil was chasing you, which in a way I guess he was. Believe me - it is very hard having an Amber living next door to you.

And then nine months ago Amber had turned eighteen and all the flirting and teasing came to a stop. Amber wasn't stupid - she knew that by turning eighteen the rules of the game had changed. She wasn't really teasing me as I worked, or tried to work, in my flower bed, she was simply sunbathing in her own backyard, but even knowing that the magnificent view wasn't really meant for me I couldn't help but look. Even though I did cast lustful glances at Amber and have, as one ex-president put it, "Lustful thoughts in my heart" Amber had always been safe from me. I was happily married and had never cheated on my Annie and didn't expect that I ever would. I finally managed to tear my eyes away from Amber and I went back to pulling weeds.

I had my head down and was grubbing in the dirt when I sensed someone standing behind me and I looked back and saw Amber standing there. She smiled at me, "I thought it would be easier on your eyes if you didn't have to stare over such a distance." I was dumbfounded and couldn't think of anything to say. "Go ahead and play in your dirt" she said, "I'll just sit here and we can watch each other." That of course was impossible. It was one thing when Amber was sixty feet away, but something else again when she was within touching distance. After five minutes of trying I threw down my hand trowel and I turned to Amber, "Why are you doing this Amber?"

She gave me a thousand-watt smile, "Maybe I have a thing for older men and maybe you turn me on. Also, you've never made a pass at me and maybe I think it's time you should."

I just stared at her speechless as she looked at me with a "balls in your court" look on her face I finally managed to stammer out, "I haven't made a pass at you because you're too young."

"Not anymore. I've been eighteen for over nine months now."

"That may be, but I'm also married and I don't cheat on my wife."

"Why not? She cheats on you."

The look on my face must have said it all, "You didn't know? Oh Mr. Hansen, I always thought that you were one sharp dude. Are you telling me that your wife has been cheating on you for five years now and you didn't have a clue?"

"Five years?"

"Might be longer, I don't know, but five years is how long I've known about it."

"How do you know?"

"I've seen her."

"I don't believe it. You must be mistaken. In the first place Annie would never do that to me and even if she did I would have seen some sign - I would have noticed something."

"That's called denial Mr. Hansen. I told you - I've seen her."

"With who?"

"With my father and my brother."

"I'm sorry Amber, I just don't believe you."

"You want to watch? They do it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday when my mom does charity work over at the church."

"Bullshit Amber. It couldn't have been going on as long as you say without your mom finding out."

"I didn't say she doesn't know, she just doesn't care."

"Why not?"

"Her 'charity work' is keeping the Good Reverend Bob sexually satisfied and as long as dad ignores that she ignores what he does with your wife."

I had a hard time believing what she was telling me. Hell! I didn't believe it. Annie screwing around on me - and for over five years? Impossible. Still, Amber seemed very sure of herself so we sat down at the picnic table and I asked her to tell me what she knew. According to Amber it had started back when I was still traveling for my company - before I got my desk job. Annie had hired Lance to take care of the yard since I was gone so much. One day Lance had bragged to Amber that he had fucked Annie. He said he had gone over to collect for doing the yard work and she had been sunning herself in the backyard. She had asked him to rub some lotion on her and then she had taken him in the house and had fucked him. Amber hadn't believed him. For the next year Lance bragged about fucking Annie two and three times a week and Amber kept saying bullshit.

Then one Monday after I had stopped traveling and had taken a stay at home job Lance told Amber that if she didn't believe him she should hide in his closet. He told her that Annie didn't want to do it in our house anymore because I might come home some day and catch them. Fifteen minutes after Amber had gone into the closet Annie and Lance had come into the room and Amber had watched for over two hours as her brother and my wife fucked on the bed right in front of Amber's eyes.

"It was neat. He would fuck her and then she would make him eat his cum out of her pussy and then they would fuck again. Lance told me later that eating out her pussy was the price he had to pay for being able to fuck her. He said your wife demanded it and told him that he could fuck her whenever he wanted and as many times as he wanted as long as he ate his cum out of her when he was done."

Amber found it exciting to watch and she told Lance to let her know from then on so she could watch. She said she had watched the two of them at least a hundred times. Then about two years ago she had been in the closet watching and Lance and Annie were making so much noise that they hadn't heard her dad come home. He heard the noise and came to see what was going on. He walked into the room and watched for a minute or two until the two of them noticed him and then Annie had tried to push Lance off of her until she noticed Amber's dad undressing and then she had smiled and had gone back to taking care of Lance. Then it got kinky.

"After Lance fucked her my dad had to clean her up and then Lance had to clean up after dad."

For the last two years she had watched my wife fuck both her dad and her brother and always on a Monday ,Wednesday or Friday.

"She looks really hot when she does the both of them and she actually screams when they eat her after they fuck her. I get so hot my pussy drips and someday I'm going to find out what it's like to have a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy at the same time."

I sat there and shook my head in disbelief as Amber told me that my wife had been fucking around on me for over five years and not just with one, but with two guys. And did I really know that it was only two? I hadn't a clue about them so who knew how many more there might be or might have been? Amber was just too definite for me to doubt her anymore. I only had one question and I asked it, "Why are you telling me all of this Amber?"

"Because I'm tired of boys. I've watched both my dad and my brother with your wife and it's obvious that my dad is the better lover and I figure that it must be because he is experienced. That's what I want."

"Why me?"

"Because I don't have to waste a lot of time playing games. All I have to do is tell you what your little wife is up to and then I can help you get even, right? I don't have to spend weeks dangling bait and trying to seduce you or trick you into seducing me. I want what your wife gets after she gets fucked - I want the cum eaten out of my pussy and no boy my own age is going to do that, but you will, won't you?"

This girl was definitely older than her years and what's more, she was right. But I wanted more that a story - I wanted proof.

Which is why I was in a bedroom closet at eleven-thirty on a Monday. I had called in sick and then had killed time until Amber could sneak me into Lance's bedroom closet. While I waited I tried to figure out why Annie was doing it. There wasn't anything wrong with our sex life, at least not that I could see. Granted, it was a little on the erratic side - sometimes five or six times a week and sometimes only three or four, but I was always ready, willing and able whenever she wanted me and she never said no when I wanted her. I hadn't noticed any change in our relationship; we still hugged, kissed and cuddled a lot. I just couldn't understand it.

My thoughts were interrupted by voices in the hall and then the bedroom door opened and all doubts about what Amber had told me were removed. Annie walked into the room and she was pulling her blouse over her head. Lance was behind her and he was unzipping as he walked. Annie didn't have a bra on and when she stepped out of her shorts I saw that she didn't have any panties on either. Nothing like coming prepared. Lance sat down on the edge of the bed and Annie knelt down in front of him and began pulling his pants down. She looked up at him and grinned as she took his cock in her hand and started stroking it. He hunched his hips at her and Annie took the hint and lowered her head and took Lance's cock into her mouth.

As her head bobbed up and down on Lance's cock a funny thing happened - my cock started to get hard. I was angry, but I was also excited at how erotic Annie looked down on her knees in front of a kid half her age. I began to understand what Amber meant when she said that watching them was a huge turn on. Almost without thinking I had my cock out and I was slowly stroking myself as I watched Annie slurp on the kid's rod. Lance moaned and said he was cumming and Annie surprised me with what she did next. She took her mouth off Lance's cock and held it about an inch from her mouth and then stroked him until cum spit of the head of his cock and jumped the gap between his cock and her mouth and then her head moved forward, captured his cock and she sucked him dry.

When she let his limp dick fall from her mouth she looked up at him smiling and said, "You like that don't you? You like cumming in my mouth. Are you still going to let me suck your cock after you get married?"

"Oh god yes. I don't ever want you to stop."

Annie stood up and got on the bed with him, "Your turn lover" and she swung over him ion a sixty-nine. She was facing the closet and I could see the lust in her eyes as he began to eat her pussy. She reached down and started fondling his limp cock. It twitched once or twice and she bent her head and started licking it like a Popsicle and it started to grow. The she took it in her mouth and her head started to bob up and down on Lance and then suddenly she squealed and her body squirmed in a way I knew only too well as she had a climax. I wanted my own release, but as silly as it may sound Amber had made me promise not to make a mess in Lance's closet. I thought that highly unfair - he could leave a mess in my wife, but I couldn't leave a mess in his closet. At the time of the promise I thought she was insane to even think I could do something like that, but not now.

On the bed Lance had scooted out from under Annie leaving her on her hands and knees and still facing my way. He moved up behind her and shoved his cock in her waiting and ready hole and in spite of my promise to Amber I shot all over the door in front of me when I saw Annie's facial expression as Lance drove it home. For a moment Annie was staring directly at where I was and it was almost like we were looking into each other's eyes. Her eyes closed and I heard her moan, "Oh sweet Jesus yes, fuck me honey, fuck me hard" and my cock began to get hard again.

It took Lance almost ten minutes to cum the second time and I spent most of that time watching Annie's facial expressions change as she had orgasm after orgasm. When Lance finally came he fell forward pushing Annie down onto the mattress. She lay there breathing hard for a minute and then she rolled out from under him and spread her legs. Lance didn't hesitate. He buried his head in her pussy and slurped away until Annie had another orgasm. She sat up on the edge of the bed and reached for his cock again, but Lance pushed her hand away.

"I can't Mrs. Hansen. I've got to get ready to go to work."

"Come on honey, one more time? Please?"

"I can't. I was late twice last week; once more and I could lose my job."

This was the part that Amber was worried about. As long as she had been watching Lance had always walked Annie to the front door when they finished, but there was still the possibility that he wouldn't and instead would go to the closet to get his clothes to get ready to go to work. At the time she told me this I didn't care because that meant the confrontation sooner rather than later, but now I wasn't sure about what I wanted. I held my breath, but the two of them got off the bed, Annie picked up her clothes and was putting them on as she and Lance left the room. As soon as they were out of the room I pulled off my tee shirt and cleaned off the closet door. Fifteen seconds later Amber stuck her head in the door and motioned for me to hurry out of the closet. We ducked into her bedroom and waited until we heard the shower start running and then Amber got me out of the house.

I was sitting in Denny's and thinking about what I had seen. I was upset, angry and hurt that Annie could do something like that to me, but I also had a couple of problems - I was as turned on as I had ever been in my life and I wanted to see it again. If I confronted Annie, and God knows I wanted to, I would never get a chance to see it again. The other problem was a contradiction. I loved Annie, but I couldn't live with a woman who could do what she had done to me. But how could I love her, not be able to live with what she was doing to me and still want to see her do it again?

My thoughts were interrupted when Amber slid into the booth across from me, "Ready to start getting even?"

It was too bad really, but as gorgeous and sexy as Amber was she wouldn't be the one in the motel room with me. Oh her body would be there, but my mind would be full of Annie on her hands and knees and looking at the closet where I was looking back into her eyes as Lance fucked her. In time I would probably come to enjoy Amber for her own self, but for now I just had to keep her happy - she was my key to Lance's closet door.

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