Annie Learns to Take a Beating


My dear sweet Annie was tired now and her mouth was aching a little too - but she noted my cock was still steely hard and ready for action. Not unexpected after all she'd done for it that night! I could have easily enough gone for the old standby of wanking myself till I came on her skin. Annie was still keen for more than that. She rolled over on to her back and slid a pillow under her hips. I knew what she was after and I eagerly rubbed my own spit and her cunt juices all over the head and shaft of my rod.

With what must have been a look of pure lust I gave a silent nod to Annie and she lifted her legs up and apart to give me easy access to her back hole. Slowly I inserted myself into her tight, hot hole and waited for her to adjust to the intrusion. I am so very lucky with Annie in so many ways - one of which is anal. Not all women find it enjoyable or even comfortable. Annie, however, was open to the idea the first time I suggested it and quickly learned not only to accommodate me but to take a nice, gentle pleasure from it (though I suspect part of the pleasure is the 'taboo' nature of having her bum fucked).

We took our time that night. Annie didn't even want to rub her clit - though she was pretty tired. In that position and with her cunt properly shaved its amazing to see her cunt lips move as I shove in and out of her arsehole. Annie was more than happy just to indulge me - an act of pure love, giving and even a little submission. I know she also appreciates the feeling of fullness she gets from my thick cock. Neither of us came again but that was just fine. A nice slow bum fuck was followed by some very gentle cuddling as we both drifted off to sleep, the sensation of the birching still tingling in my Annie's cheeks.

But the most amazing thing happened one night last week. Annie was sitting on the edge of the lounge chair with my cock stuffed in her mouth and I asked her to masturbate for me while she worked on my shaft. Her reply, staring at me with a rather earnest expression on her face was - 'I think I should get a spanking'!!!!

I tell you I absolutely could not believe it. My Annie allowing me to punish her arse is one thing - her being eager and seeking out a spanking is something I could only fantasise about. Fortunately I've had some experience as a Dominant so, with a little struggle, I was able to keep my self-control. Y'see, I'd already decided what I wanted that night and I was determined to get it. And her being the submissive means its up to me to decide when and where she gets a beating!

I sent Annie to fetch her toy bag while I set up a DVD, cued to one of her favourite scenes where a woman is set on a sunny beach giving all her holes to two extremely large black cocks. It took only a minute or two before she was happily performing for me, using several of our favourite toys in her hungry hole.

Funnily enough, that was almost the first time since our very first night together that we've played without me fucking her cunt or arse. It was a really gentle start to our sex life together and even a few years down the track it was a special experience to repeat it. Annie still got her hands and her mouth on my cock. But the emphasis was on her slowly pleasuring her cunt and bringing herself to a series of slow, delicious climaxes while I watched and assisted with plenty of kissing, gentle touching and dirty talk. I think Annie got through about five orgasms in the space of two porn flicks and we finished the night up in bed with her pumping my cock with her hands till she got to drink down all my cream.

At the end of the night I put in place a new plan for the week that has meant Annie has gotten her wish to be properly disciplined.

Each night I have arranged to get home after her. Annie's instructions have been to wait for me naked (lucky the weather is getting warmer now) in some part of the house and in position to be spanked. She can choose which part of the house but it must be different each night. And she is to have the heavy leather paddle beside her - to remind her to be careful about what she asks for!!!

Finally, she's not allowed to cum for the duration of the week.

So far we've had the lounge chair with her jack-knifed over the back. Her legs weren't spread too wide but I still could see the puffiness in her cunt lips and how aroused she was. This position also showed off her legs very nicely. And with her body hanging over the back it was as if her arse was separated from the rest of her body - Annie could feel nicely submissive and slutty when she was exposed like that. And I managed in between some fairly firm, blows to give her back hole a nice gentle tonguing.

Then we had the bottom of the stairs leading up to the bedroom. Plenty of room for a nice swing and the sound of the blows on her skin bounced nicely off the walls. Positioned like that she was at a nice height and I made sure she got a long series of softer blows before finally letting loose. She was almost grunting at the end but her sounds changed when I finished up with a long session of slow fingering of her soaking cunt.

Last night was the kitchen bench. She was quite a sight with her hard, slender body splayed out on the even harder benchtop. She knew just what to do and already her legs were spread wide to provide me with total access to her treasures. And believe me, this time I allowed myself the pleasure of giving her a firm paddling. I know the neighbours heard every blow.

I made her count out each blow and she did it...with a small, quiet voice as she struggled to hold in her cries of protest. We got close to her safeword with twenty to each cheek. Still Annie was thrilled about being so wanton, with only a thin curtain blocking the view of people walking from the car park. We finished up with me using the handle of a spatula to stroke first her cunt and then her chute. Still no orgasms for my obedient little whore!

Annie does not really get aroused, especially not these more heavy beatings. She's really needed some fingering of her cunt and her clit to endure what I've been dishing out but I am happy to oblige.

I know Annie will never be able to take a full-blooded beating. But having allowed her a gentle exploration of BDSM I want more than for me to take the lead. I want my precious Annie to discover the even deeper bond that can be built when she gives up even more control to me - her husband and her Master. She has learned the delight of giving herself to me like that, knowing how great an act of submission and of love she is performing and how much it pleases and thrills me. And she tells me this week she is enjoying the warmth in her arse cheeks after each beating.

Her full reward is yet to come. She's still banned from cumming and I've not fucked her one night so far. Plenty of fingers and even kisses on her cunt. That's it, though, till I am ready to reward her.

What she doesn't know is that I've planned a very special nght for us at the end of the week. A big room has been booked in a swanky hotel in the city. I made sure I asked for one of the upper floors. There, in front of the big picture window, with all the city lights on display I am going to keep her awake the whole night as I pleasure every inch of her body over and over again.

Don't worry though - first I will make her earn it!

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