Annie's Gift


Greg blushed at Annie's compliment. Annie kissed him again and started pulling his shirt out of his pants. She made quick work of the buttons and slipped it off his shoulders and down his arms.

She took a half step back and looked him up and down. Annie saw that the front of his slacks were tented and his body was nothing but lean, hard muscles.

She gave Greg a sloppy kiss and whispered in his ear, "Definitely hotter than I expected."

He finally showed some initiative and cupped Annie's face in his hands, kissing her hungrily. She responded in kind as her hands explored his hard young body. Annie's hands went to his waist and started working on his belt and pants while Greg's hands explored her firm, round breasts.

Annie moaned when he began to play with her aching nipples. After she dropped Greg's pants she started kissing down his body until she was kneeling in front of his straining boxers. She pulled them down and grinned up at Greg, "Nice, very nice sweetie. You don't mind if I play with this for a bit do you?"

Greg was too far gone to even answer, he just nodded his head dumbly. Annie's reasons for giving Greg a blowjob were twofold, firstly she couldn't resist playing with such a marvellous cock, and second she wanted to make him cum so when they finally did fuck, he'd have some staying power and enjoy it more.

Annie licked the tip of Greg's hard-on like it was an ice cream cone, flickering he tongue all over it. Greg gasped and almost fell over, he closed his eyes and let Annie do whatever she wanted.

Annie engulfed him in one swallow, taking Greg deep within her throat and sucked hard. Greg's hands moved to Annie's hair, stroking it as she sucked him. She began to bob her mouth on his shaft and tickled Greg's balls lightly.

Greg's hips began to move in time with Annie. She sucked on him while her hand pistoned up and down his shaft. Greg felt himself starting to lose control. "Oh fuck Annie I'm going to cum!" he cried out. Within seconds he splashed wads of cum down her throat. Annie kept sucking until Greg's cock went limp in her mouth, then got back up and kissed him.

"So tiger, how did you like your first blowjob?" She asked as she wiped the corners of her mouth and licked her finger clean.

Greg shook his head in awe, "I think I need to sit down Annie. That sure beats the hell out of jerking myself off."

Annie pushed Greg down onto the sofa and turned on the stereo. A slow rock ballad started cranking out and Annie started to dance to it while Greg watched. He groaned as he watched her slowly pull the top half of her dress down until it was almost revealing her taut nipples.

Annie leaned toward him and cupped her breasts, shaking them just enough so that they'd spill out of her dress. Greg's cock began responding to Annie's erotic dance and started to twitch and grow.

She moved forward and rubbed a nipple against his lips. Greg cautiously licked it, making Annie shivered and moan deep in her chest. "That's it sweetie, don't be shy, you've got me all night."

Greg got braver, sucking her nipple into his mouth while his tongue and teeth teased it. Annie wrapped her arms around his neck and held him close.

"That's it baby, that's what Momma likes," she murmured as he sucked harder and nipped at her gently.

Annie took Greg's hand and slipped it up under her dress, guiding it to her hot, wet pussy. She took his fingers and placed them on her burning clit, telling him what to do.

Greg began to gently rub Annie's inflamed clit, making her push down on his fingers. Annie slowly leaned back, pulling Greg with her until they were lying on the floor. She wriggled her hips and pulled the bottom of her dress up to her waist, exposing her freshly shaved pussy to him.

Annie slowly pushed Greg down her body until his face was parallel with her steaming pussy. "Lick me tiger, have fun. You'll know when you're doing it right."

Greg tentatively licked Annie's pussy, making little passes with his tongue. As Annie responded to his first few licks he became bolder. He found here clit again and licked it. Annie's back arched and she held his mouth to her pussy.

"Mmm, that's it sweetie, you're doing fine." she said with a soft gasp.

Greg loved the taste of Annie's pussy. It had a sweet, musky flavour. He began licking her faster, is tongue flickering over her clit and lapping into her open hole. Annie was oozing copious amounts of fluid and Greg couldn't get enough of it.

Greg was making Annie squirm and moan on the floor. She couldn't believe how quickly he caught on to what she liked. She had her fingers wrapped in his short hair and was starting to buck her hips into his mouth getting closer and closer to release.

Without even thinking about it Greg slipped a finger into Annie's pussy and started stroking it in and out while his tongue concentrated on her clit.

The excitement of having this young virgin playing her like a violin was too much for Annie, she cried out and started to cum wildly. Her juices washed out and covered his face and hand with their moisture.

Greg kept on licking her, swallowing every drop of her nectar. Annie felt another orgasm rip through her and her eyes rolled back as she had orgasm after orgasm. She was finally able to pull Greg away from her over-sensitized pussy and gasped with relief.

Annie lay on the ground panting like she'd just run a marathon. When she caught her breath she looked down at Greg and smiled at him. "My God sweetie you're a natural! That was fucking awesome!"

Greg grinned and wiped his chin, emulating Annie and licking his fingers clean. "So I did good?"

Annie sat up and kissed him hard. "You did better than good tiger. Let's move this party to the bedroom." She got up, shimmied out of her crumpled dress and led Greg down the hall by his cock, wearing nothing but her garter belt and stockings.

Annie pushed Greg down on the bed and straddled him. "I'm going to do this first bit then it's all you tiger. Think you can handle it?"

"I'll do my best Annie," Greg replied with a grin.

Annie placed his member at her entrance and grinned back at him, "Well your best has been pretty damn good so far sweetie."

With that she slowly let her pussy gobble up his cock. Letting him revel in the sensations of how she enveloped him.

Greg gasped as Annie lowered herself onto him. He'd never felt anything so amazing. Annie's hot love tunnel embraced his cock in its moist warmth.

"Holy fuck!" Greg said in surprise, "I didn't know it would feel this good!"

Annie smiled and leaned forward to kiss him. "It only gets better from here tiger."

With that Annie began to slowly ride him, grinding her pussy against him with every downthrust. Greg closed his eyes and moaned, moving his hips to meet Annie's. She began to play with her erect nipples as Greg's hands moved to her hips.

Annie slowly increased her pace, crushing her clit on Greg's pubic bone. Greg began to beg her for release but she didn't listen to him, instead she slowed down to prolong his agony.

"Christ Annie you're killing me. I need to cum so bad!"

Annie giggled at his discomfort, "Tell you what? When you're on top you can do it any way you want."

Greg growled and rolled them over, Annie squeaked in surprise and pulled him close. Greg began thrusting hard and deep into Annie's hot, wet pussy for all he was worth. Annie wrapped her arms and legs around him, pulling him deeper into her.

"That's it tiger, fuck me! Fuck me like I'm your bitch! Do me baby!" Annie said as she grunted with the strength of Greg's impacts.

"Fuck Annie, I'm gonna cum! God your pussy's so hot!" Greg gasped.

Annie smiled up at Greg as his cock pummelled her aching pussy. "Fill me up baby, cum in my hot cunny!"

Greg couldn't help himself, his cock swelled and his balls let loose as he came over and over into her pussy. Every burst of cum made him jerk and spasm in ecstasy.

Annie howled as she felt his ropey cum fill her pussy and splash deep inside her. Her pussy vibrated around Greg's cock, milking it of every drop of cum he had.

As they came down from their orgasmic high Annie smiled at Greg lovingly, " Did you like that baby?"

Greg kissed Annie with renewed hunger, " Yeah, I did. Thanks Annie."

"We're not done yet tiger, that was just basic fucking. Once you rest up a bit I'll take you on to advanced fucking if you can keep up!"

"I'll do my best," Greg said with a grin.

Annie laughed and kissed him tenderly.

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