tagFetishAnother Routine Examination

Another Routine Examination


Back after the holidays and a well earned rest, I was finding it hard to get back to the mundane appointment based work as a Consultant Urologist in my local hospital. Looking back on the ten years I had been qualified, it was hard to remember why I had chosen this particular specialism for my career.

So now I found myself, Miss Rebecca Crozier, 35 years old, still single (despite my slim figure, nice boobs, pretty face and long dark hair) and with what many considered as a great 'career'. Sure, it paid for a very nice lifestyle, some great vacations, a sports car and a cool house nearby. But where was the adventure, the thrills, the excitement that my imagination yearned for? The job consisted mostly of checking out old men's prostates, old women's hysterectomies and for at least some slightly more interesting work, young women with a variety of 'concerns'.

The latter were always a bit of a thrill for me, trying to guess what I would find once I got them to strip down, as to be sure I always did. A game of shaved, strip or full bush was always a little bit of amusement for me. I was always amazed at some of the presentations I was shown, from the hottest looking girls that sport a full hairy pussy and are obviously naïve despite their appearances, to the almost shrew like ones that are pierced and tattooed and have genitals and assholes that show all the signs of being battered remorselessly.

I have never actually been with another woman sexually, but in common with almost all girls, I have surely brought myself off several times imagining it. For me that would usually follow some hottie having come by for a check and me having 'enjoyed' seeing them all but naked.

Last week it was an absolutely gorgeous slender blonde thing, shaved bare below and yet with the most gorgeous big natural tits I could imagine on a 39 year old. She was single too, but it was obvious from the minute she walked in, confidence streaming from her that she was sexual dynamite. A little extra questioning, ostensibly professional determined that she was definitely that. She quite openly described the use of her Rabbit toy on an almost daily basis. I didn't wait to get home to bring myself off after that one I can tell you...

That is not my story though. The rarest group for me to see are younger guys, by which I mean anyone under 45. See, there is so much less to go wrong with guys that girls, that really they just don't cross my door unless there is injury or STD involvement. So my 4 o'clock yesterday, last one of the day, was quite a rarity.

He arrived with a referral for a haemosperma, basically an occurrence of blood in the sperm. Generally this is absolutely nothing to worry about, but quite understandably, guys get a bit panicky and have to be seen. So in walks this regular looking guy, about 40 I guess, pleasant manner, quite funny and not bad looking. He was the sort of guy that I wouldn't pick out of a bar for a one night stand, but if I found myself next to him at a dinner party, would probably end up on a date and enjoying it.

'Please call me Adam' he asked when I addressed him formally. We checked some personal details and he told me a little of his symptoms and I asked him if I could do a standard prostate check. As is custom, I asked if he would like someone to join us, but he refused with a 'I think I'll be safe with you...' .

I had got him to hop up on the couch and remove his trousers and underwear , lie on his side with his ass facing my way, then went back round the curtain to begin my examination. My God, I couldn't believe what I was seeing - he was huge! It was definitely flaccid, lying as it was on the couch, and I couldn't even see it properly. Normally I couldn't see anything with back towards me but this was hanging there.

My first few words may have been a little stuttering, but I quickly regained my composure and began to think fast. It had been a few weeks since I had last had any action and to be honest, it was good just to see a good looking cock again. To be fair this was better than good and I wanted to see it all...

'So Adam, is this the first time you have had a prostate examination?' He nodded. 'Okay, I'll try and be gentle, but it may hurt a little bit. I'll apply a little lube just to make it easier, but just try and relax and we'll be done with this part it a flash'.

I had more than my share of stuff up my ass in my time, so it was always a little thrill to claim another ass cherry, be it man or woman. I ran the lube around his hole and spent just a bit longer than I normally would doing it, before gently easing the end of my finger in. All the time he had his eyes closed which allowed me to stare at that gorgeous tool hanging between his legs. I was sure that it was stirring slightly with these gentle caresses. Naughty me eh?

Eventually though it was time for the push and with a grunt from him and a few gentle words from me, we were done. 'Not too bad I hope?' I questioned. He replied that he thought it would have been worse. Usually it would have been, but I had reason to keep him there as long as I could.

'Well Adam, there is nothing there to worry about, so I think I'd like to ask you a few more questions then perhaps another test or two, so if you could stay stripped, though you may sit up if you like.' He did and I knew that his T shirt would not hang down far enough to cover the monster between his legs.

'Could I ask you a few personal questions, and feel free to say if you do not wish to answer' I said maintaining a veneer of professionalism.

'Could I ask are you married or single or in an a relationship that is sexually active?'

'I'm very much single at the moment'

'I hate to ask, but is your sexual orientation straight, bi or gay?'

His eyes looked at me in a way that almost questioned me back.

'I suppose you need to ask, but defiantly straight...' I almost breathed a sigh of relief at that one.

'When was the last time, approximately, that you had sex?

'A little while now, about a month or so I guess'.

'Again, please feel free to defer if you wish, but could I ask a couple of more specific questions. Was your last partner in a relationship or for want of a better phrase a one-night stand?'

'Err, a short term girlfriend would be a best description'

'So she was known to you and was the sex 'safe'?'

'I have known her for years and we just got it on for a little while, nothing serious, but I think she was clean if that's the angle you are looking at - we were both monogamous at the time, so condoms were not used - she preferred it that way.'

'Excellent - I know we are supposed to preach the safe sex message, but I can understand why you might not' I offered as a little hint that my own preference was for sperm deposited naturally not captured. Glancing down, I could see that this line of conversation was having an effect on Adam's cock, now definitely redder and fatter than before, but still hanging down.

'Being more specific, could I ask one or two more specific questions about your sex life? Did you and your partner ever have sex using toys? It is possible that small infections can occur this way.'

'Yes, she had a vibrator and we sometimes used it.'

'You said you had never had, shall we say, anything back there, so how did you use the toy?'

'Well....I used it on her while doing other things to her' he shifted uncomfortably.

'Do you mind me asking what things?' - my curiosity was being piqued by this comment.

He stopped for a moment then added 'It helped her get, well, really wet. I don't wish to brag but I am a bit big for some girls and while they like the thought of a big penis, when it comes down to it, they struggle. It has actually been a problem a lot more often than you might imagine'.

'Oh, I had never thought of it that way myself, but I guess it makes sense. It might make my next question a little redundant, but do you have anal sex with your partners.'

'You are right Rebecca' - it was the first time he used my name, 'as you can imagine, not many are prepared to try - though one or two have been good sports' he smiled.

'Enjoy it?' I winked only half expecting and answer.

'Loved it, but I can't speak for them...' he laughed. I could have sworn he was sizing me up at that moment, perhaps imaging me impaled ass on his cock. I was sure he had grown a little more.

'A couple more questions then we'll move on. When did you first notice the blood in your sperm and have there been any reoccurrences?' - I was feeling slightly hot and went back to doing my job for a minute.

'It was about a fortnight ago I first noticed and not since.'

'So if the occurrence was after your relationship ended, do you mind if I ask how you became aware of it?'

'Err, well you know how it is Rebecca, it a had been a few weeks and a man has needs, so I, well you know, masturbated and that's when I saw it. Got the shock of my life and well, thought I might have done something to it so didn't want to do it again until I had been given the all clear.'

I couldn't believe my luck. Two weeks worth of sperm welled up in this magnificent specimen and the poor love was worried and in need of my reassurance. This was definitely right place right time for both of us.

'The good news is Adam that this is something that occurs from time to time in men, generally with no major reason and often we can't find anything. It has probably been a really minor infection, hence my earlier questions, which your body has probably sorted out now as there are no symptoms like pain or discomfort that you have raised. It is almost certain that, err, masturbating, would not do any harm at all'

He seemed to breath a sigh of relief at that. I could almost imagine him thinking, thank God for that!

'If you could lie back on the couch, I would like to check for any outward signs of anything untoward. Thank you.' He lay back, I slipped on some latex gloves and lifted up his T shirt right off his chest and there was that magnificent cock. It was all I could do not to just ram it into my mouth. I put my hand round it and lifted it up so it pointed vertically to the ceiling. It spilled over my hand, which could not reach all the way round it, so must have been seven or eight inches long even in this flaccid state.

I made a show of checking his balls and perineum, and mentally noted that this pair looked full to bursting. Dragging the check out meant me moving my hands all over him, the one wrapped around his cock rotating slightly as I did. He began to harden noticeably. He apologised. 'Don't worry, I'd be surprised if you didn't - it's quite normal'. Fuck, if he knew how non-normal this really was. 'There all done with that - just one test left.'

'What I would like to do, just to confirm my diagnosis, is to check some sperm from you. I need it fresh as samples go off within 30 minutes. The fact that you have not ejaculated in a couple of weeks is ideal. If I pull the curtain back, could you perhaps produce a sample for me?'

His face was a picture. Bless. 'You mean, crack one out now, here?'

'That would be great. I know the ambience might not be ideal, but...' looking down on his now semi-erect cock, 'I reckon we should be able to manage'. He tentatively took hold of his tool and held it upright, but still looked nervous as hell. Exactly what I had hoped for.

'Wait a second.' I quickly reached for a container, maintaining the illusion of the test being legitimate. I flicked the lock on my door. 'Listen, I wouldn't usually do this, but you are my last patient of the day so the sooner we get this done the sooner I get to go home - how about I give you a hand?'

His eyes widened - I bet he couldn't believe his luck. His cock was stiffening again in anticipation. I can't even begin to describe just how sodden my knickers were at this point with the thrill and danger headily mixed together. He nodded his approval for the idea and I stood next to the couch while he lay back.

'Being fair, how about I loosen a button or two to show you some cleavage to help you along as well' and undid my top two tunic buttons giving him a good eyeful of my 36C chest being forced up in the wonder bra I had chosen for the day.

I wrapped my hand around his over his cock and began the stroking motion with him. I wanted to see this tool totally erect more than any cock I had ever seen before. Within seconds that seemed to be the case. Even two hands now one above the other did not cover it. Jesus, it must have been 10 inches now - I had never seen one this size before.

I imagined the damage he must have done to those asses that took a chance on being filled with such a huge cock. The petite slender blonde with the shaven snatch would have looked spectacular mounted on this beast - just like the porn DVD's I loved to watch - innocent girls being savaged by freakishly large cocks. My mind was racing, my grip tightening and quickening with every dirty thought that roared through my head.

His hand had fallen away and he was leaving me to it, his eyes shut and breathing heavy. Then I felt his warm palm sliding under my tunic and across my ass, where it just sat. I was in no mood to brush it away bearing in mind I had two hands very unprofessionally fisting his cock toward orgasm.

Pre-cum started to dribble from the eye and I spread it around with my forefinger, easing the pace for a moment, making him squirm deliciously. I began to think of how much cum would be produced by this man, so desperate was he for release. I pictured myself being plastered with gallons of his seed then that blonde being forced to lick it all off. Fuck, that little bitch had really invaded my thoughts hadn't she?

His breathing was now reaching its peak and it was clear that a few minutes of my skilled milking was doing its job. His hand gripped my ass hard forcing me forward, my clit perfectly positioned to rub against the side of the bed. I combined my work on him with the tiniest motion against the side of the couch, helping me gain some small relief as I pandered to the needs of this huge cock.

He groaned and I knew he was nearly there. Time for the piece de resistance, and while my left hand continued to fist him ever harder and faster, I moved my right back to his already lubed ass and slipped my middle finger back into his butt to stimulate his prostate. I knew this was a first for him and clearly wouldn't be a last as with one low guttural groan he spewed cum in a fountain from his bright red cock.

I kept pumping and was rewarded with spurt after spurt of thick white cum. It sprayed everywhere, the metal tray to catch it still lying on the side of the trolley. It ran down my hand and wrist, it covered his chest and waist - I had never seen so much from one man.

He exhaled and his hand fell from my ass. I made a point of quickly examining the cum as if to keep up the façade of doing my job, not that I thought for one moment he really thought I was after that little display.

I looked at him lying there smiling at me playing with his cum.

'I have got two bits of good news for you Adam. The first is that there is no sign of any infection so you are officially discharged.'

'What's the second?' he asked.

'The second is that as you are no longer my patient, the next time you cum will be with that cock of yours buried in my soaking cunt back at my place as soon as we can get back there - now get dressed, as we have got some serious fucking to do...oh, and before you ask, I do take it up the ass as well...'

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