tagIncest/TabooAny Chance We Could Ch. 15

Any Chance We Could Ch. 15


This is work in progress, more chapters are complete and will be submitted at regular intervals. It's in the Incest category because I had to choose one. The chapters include Romance, Incest, and Group Sex. I couldn't find an editor so all mistakes are mine and are copyrighted along with the rest of each chapter. This is a continuing series, no chapter is written to stand alone so if you're just starting I recommend you start at the first chapter. Enjoy, please comment, and vote. Love those red 'H's.


Tuesday, October 8.

I don't remember anything else before the alarm woke us up and we showered together before I headed for the coffee maker.

Ashley, only in a bra and panties was the first one down followed by Katrina in panties and a tight tee, no bra. Veronica had on a blue skirt, bra, heels and hose. I kissed each as they arrived and managed to squeeze Ashley's ass which elicited a tiny high pitched squeal. As we were drinking coffee and eating cereal, Katrina said, "Thanks for last night Dad, we will do it again, won't we?"

"Yes." was my immediate response. Ashley winked at me and smiled.

"Games start at four o'clock. Do you know field numbers?" I asked.

Ashley noted, "We're on six and Katrina is on two."

After the girls finished and left the kitchen carrying cups of coffee, Veronica stood and asked me to move my chair back. She sat on my lap and put both arms around my neck and said, "This new life together is going to be wonderful!" She kissed me long enough to allow me a few minutes to caress her breasts. Suddenly she announced, "We've got to get moving handsome."

Both girls stopped in our bedroom to kiss us good bye. We wished them luck and they left for classes. I groped Veronica's ass briefly before we walked downstairs to leave. "See you at lunch, handsome?"

"Noon, your office, I love you."

The morning flew by. A tech came up to get my keys to put the computers in my trunk and before I realized it Grace was reminding me that my future wife was expecting me in ten minutes.

I walked in and went to Veronica's office where she was wearing a makeshift sling on her left arm. "What in the world!" I exclaimed.

"Don't worry handsome, Ron over there made it for me so I wouldn't sprain my arm wearing this ring." She lifted it from around her neck and embraced me. "They all like 'the rock' as they call it. Take me away from this mad house, my prince."

"I don't know if it's wise to leave without the support," Agnes jested.

"I'll have to take my chances, maybe Scott will hold my hand and take some of the weight off," laughingly replied Veronica.

During lunch I reviewed my conversation with Kurt and about hiring the cops. Veronica said she'd call the moms this evening if she didn't see them at the games today. I did notice that Veronica proudly kept her left hand flat on the table and got several admiring looks from fellow diners and the wait staff. We discussed dinner tonight and for the rest of the week in light of the tournament and decided to eat out every night and go to the country club on Friday. She offered to help me move some clothes over this evening. I love this woman was my recurring thought as she looked at me with those smiling violet eyes. Veronica was just glowing.

During the brief ride back to her office I had a wonderful opportunity to reacquaint my fingers with her stocking-clad thighs. "I'll pick you up at three, I love you," I said as we stood beside the car and embraced and kissed in front of her office.

At three o'clock we left for the tournament site. I carried a chair for Veronica to field six, kissed her and left for field two. I saw Katrina warming up, second base today, waved and sat on the bleachers. Several friends saw me sitting alone and stopped by to ask about Veronica. "Ashley is playing on six and we'll join up at the longer game," I replied. Caroline said, "I'm glad you're still together, I was concerned when I saw you alone."

"I'm not alone we got engaged yesterday. I've got her forever now," I replied cheerfully.

"Fantastic, when's the wedding?"

"Late November, early December, we're still working on that detail." I replied.

"She's very lucky. Best wishes to both of you," she said. "Did you say she was down at six? I'll go see her for a moment to let her know I'll be there Saturday for the party."

There were probably five or six more similar conversations during the game, and all seemed happy that Veronica and I were still together.

Katrina and her team did very well coming from a two run deficit to a two one lead in the sixth gave up a run in the seventh, but held on to win in the bottom half of the inning. Pitching was good, infield defense sparkled at times and hitting was productive.

As the team was clearing the dugout I told Katrina that I was going down to six. She said she'd join me in a few minutes.

I walked down to six and found Veronica, score pad on her lap with a mom sitting on either side of her. I walked up behind her, put my hands on her shoulders and kissed the top of her head. "Hi, sweetheart."

"Who is that stranger kissing my head?" she asked Anne who was sitting on her left.

"The tall, handsome one or the other one?" Anne replied with a grin.

"Hi, handsome, how was Katrina's game?"

"They won. I see Ashley's team is ahead by a run, what's the inning, top six?"

"Yeah, we're home. It's been back and forth the whole game." Veronica replied.

"That's quite a ring you bought Veronica, nothing subtle about you is there Scott?" asked Joyce from the other side of Veronica.

"What can I say, I love her and now you all know it," I said.

Veronica put her left hand on top of my hand on her shoulder and the fire in the diamond in the sunlight was incredible. "Careful with that, you'll blind our pitcher" Anne joked as we heard cheering from the other side.

Ashley's team fell behind a run. They couldn't get it back in the bottom of the sixth, and gave up another run in the seventh, but fought back to tie it in the bottom of the inning. Katrina joined us during the bottom of the sixth, dropped her bag by the fence and stood by me watching. She greeted Veronica as 'Mom' which turned a few heads and got a like number of smiles.

"I know you won, how'd you do?" Veronica asked Katrina.

"Three at bats, two hits, an RBI and a run scored. I'm pleased." Katrina said.

"Great game, huh? I'm proud of you," said Veronica.

"How's my sister doing?" she asked.

"Not her best game, only a hit, two Ks looking, but no errors," she replied.

"She's due," said Katrina.

In the top of the eighth they gave up another run. In the bottom of the eighth with one out and a runner on, Ashley came up to bat. As she settled into the box she glanced over and saw the three of us. She raised her hand, stepped out of the box and smiled at Katrina who gave her a 'thumbs up'.

The first pitch was a called strike, the next two were balls. The fourth pitch must have gotten away from the pitcher as it came down dead center, waist high. I could see Ashley's eyes go wide and shifting her weight to her back leg. A split-second later her bat sprung into motion and her hips snapped around. She connected with a line drive that hit the tip of the jumping second baseman's glove making it jump over the top of the extended right fielder's glove. The ball came to rest at the right field fence. The center fielder chased it down and hit the second base cut-off man, who rapidly wheeled and threw slightly off balance. The on-base runner easily scored. Ashley came around third hell bent for leather with her coach's rapidly whirling arm waving her through. She began her slide into home scattering the dirt just as the ball arrived on a bounce to the catcher who had to stand to snare it. No time to bend and tag, safe!

Ashley's team poured from the dugout and surrounded her, jumping up and down and screaming. Veronica had stood up and began applauding on Ashley's contact with the ball, the score book on the ground in front of her.

After the team settled down, and as the coach finished her debriefing, Katrina walked over to the field gate and waited for Ashley. As she came out Katrina gave her a hug and they high fived. "Everyone, this is my sister, Katrina," Ashley announced to anyone who was listening.

Ashley was still beside herself as she and Katrina walked toward us. She hugged Veronica then me, and asked, "Did you see that! Did you see that?"

"Yes, Ashley and we're proud of you."

As the four of us walked to the parking lot, Ashley continued to bounce. "I'm going to take your Mother to get her car, then we'll be home. Get a shower and we're going out to eat. You should be dried off by the time we get there. Again Ashley, truly a great at bat," I said.

I followed Veronica home and as we walked in the house I remembered to tell her that Gwen from the country club catering group was coming by Friday at noon and if she couldn't make it I would. "We'll talk about it again Thursday," she said.

Both girls came down the stairs together, short skirts, polo tops, low heel slides, damp hair. "Ready," I asked.

"Yes, but we missed you in the shower Dad," said Katrina.

"Let's take two cars, we can bring more back. Veronica, take the Lexus and I'll drive Katrina's."

"I'll go with Mom," said Katrina.

"Let's go then, we'll meet at Yong Kwan," I said.

When Katrina got in with Veronica, I raised my eyebrows. As Katrina moved to the center of the seat and she pulled her skirt up to her waist. Ashley did the same as she got in with me.

"Pussy shows tonight?" I asked.

"Something like that." Ashley replied.

I moved my hand to the inside of Ashley's thigh against her panties. "Good, Dad, right there for now," she said.

As we drove to the restaurant we talked about the game and her great finish. She said that her coach told her that there was an even chance that she would be put out but since the hit was so solid to go for it. "Mary Claire was on deck and hadn't been doing well today so she really didn't want to leave me on third base, with the potential third out at bat and the game still tied. So she took the chance and it paid off."

"It was a nice hit, sweetheart. I'm very proud of you and your warm pussy feels nice," I said.

"Can I ride back home with you too," she asked.

"I don't know why not," I said as we followed Veronica and Katrina into the parking lot.


As Katrina moved next to Veronica and fastened the center seat belt she asked, "Mom, would you help me with something?"

"Of course, with anything I can," she replied as she moved her fingers up and down the inside of Katrina's left thigh. "With what do you need help?"

"Ashley really knows how to make love to me. I think I'm learning to reciprocate in a way that pleases her as she pleases me," she said hesitantly.

"But?" asked Veronica.

"But, I really want to learn how to lick and orally stimulate her to an orgasm. I haven't been able to do that successfully. I think I'm frustrating her. Please, will you help me?"

"I'd love too, sweetheart. I've been wondering what you taste like. When did you have in mind?"

"Well, maybe we can hang back at my house and after Dad and Ashley leave. We can use my bed for a lesson. I'll bet it won't take long, I'm a good learner."

"Sweetheart, I'll teach you so well that you'll want refresher courses from me just for pleasure, for us both," said Veronica as she pushed the edge of her hand against Katrina's pussy. "My desire is for you to be a magnificent dynamic lover."

"Scott's right behind us, I'm hungry. Let's eat and have desert later, OK?"


We pulled into adjacent parking spaces and all walked together into the restaurant. Dinner conversation was all about the today's games and the prospect of tomorrow's.

After both girls left for the bathroom, Veronica pulled me close to her and she whispered, "Katrina and I are going to come up with a lame excuse to stay awhile at your house. She wants some help with oral sex. She feels she's leaving Ashley frustrated."

"Well, there couldn't be a better student-teacher combination, could there?"

She smiled, "I hope not. I love you handsome, from the depths of my heart."

I paid the check and we resumed the same pairings on the way to my house. "Dad, I hope that if Katrina and I wind up playing against each other that you'll cheer for us equally. I know that's a lot to ask, but could you try?"

"Of course, sweetheart, the prospect of both your teams making the finals is exciting. So is the inside of your thigh," I said.

We walked thru my house, cleaned the few remaining perishables out of the fridge, gathered up my printer and computer. I just remembered the trunk-full at home as I began carting my clothes to Katrina's car and then started on moving her clothes to Veronica's car.

We'd pretty much filled my car and I was ready to leave. Ashley returned to Katrina's room and told them we were leaving. Veronica came to the front of the house, kissed us both, and said, "We'll be right behind you."

"Want us to wait," I asked with a wink.

"No, she has some laundry and folding to do. I'll help her. Go ahead," Veronica smiled with a gleam in her eye. I knew my future wife was excited to be teaching the young woman who she now considered her daughter. Veronica's interest in having Katrina as a lover was not a secret she kept from me. I also knew from her behavior and looks that my daughter held a deep desire to make love to Veronica. I could not believe how hard my heart was thumping in my chest. While I was aroused sexually, I also felt strong love and happiness for both Veronica and Katrina.

As we got in her car and as Ashley slid against me she said, "They're going to make out. Why didn't she just say that?"

"Yes, they are. Ask them why when they get home," I said.

"Mom's a good lover isn't she?"

"The best."

When Ashley and I got home we carted clothes to the appropriate closets, put the computer and printer in the living room and got the laptops out of my trunk and set them alongside. Ashley said her butt and legs hurt.

"I think I scraped my leg when I slid, it burned a bit in the shower and Katrina told me not to be a baby. Now my legs feel tight, can you give decent massages?"

"Hmmm, I can try," I said.

"Bed or couch," she asked.

"Bed's higher, probably be better for me. Let's go upstairs."

We went into the spare bedroom. Ashley stepped out of her shoes and took off her skirt and lay face-down on the bed. I kicked off my shoes and sat next to her and began at her right foot and worked my way up to mid-thigh. The moved to the left foot and stopped at a nasty inch and half scrape on her left outer thigh. It looked a little raw with some blood still oozing in two small places. "Don't go away, I'm gonna put some antibiotic on that, it's still a bit open,"

"Turn on your side, sweetheart," I said and with a piece of gauze applied a thin coating. "Hmmm, stay on your back for a few minutes and I'll do the fronts of your thighs. Wait, stand up and let's pull the spread and blanket down, I don't want to get that ointment on them."

"My calves feel better already, nice work Dad," Ashley said as she lay down on her back.

"Stay close to the side sweetheart," I said as I bent to work on her upper thighs. Her muscles were tight, I suggested we go to the hot tub and I'd work on her in the warm water.

"We don't need suits do we?" she asked.

"If you don't, I don't," I said.

She got up and put her hand on my erection as she walked by to the bathroom to get towels. She came out carrying towels and her thong, and wiggled her bare ass at me as she left to go to her room. "I'll be nude when I come out. Will you be too?"

I walked into our bedroom took off my clothes, wrapped a towel around my waist and true to her statement there was the beautiful, nude Ashley, one hand on her cocked hip, the other holding the towels.

Hand in hand we walked down the half spiral staircase and out to the tub. As we stepped outside I reminded myself to make sure that any house we buy has plenty of privacy like this one, and a hot tub too. As I was taking the cover off, the ever shy Ashley pulled my towel off. She stood with the towel in her hand looking me up and down, my dick sticking straight out. "I certainly know what Mom sees in you. You are a very sexy, very desirable man. Not only that, but you are an easy man to love."

"Thank you, come here," I said as I extended my arms.

She walked to me, melted into the front of me, erect nipples, slightly spread her legs so my dick went between her legs. As she wrapped her arms around me I dropped my hands to her delightful tight ass and began massaging her youthful cheeks.

"Hot tub, remember Dad."

I released her, punched the start button and we stepped into the tub. "Sit across from me, slide down a bit and put your foot against my chest. Where were we? Upper thigh was it?"

She did as instructed and I began kneading her right thigh with both hands, as I moved my hands up her thigh, she said, "Any higher and you'll be at my pussy. I'd like that."

"Not yet, we have to attend to the other leg first." She sighed as I moved to the left leg. I began at the knee and didn't massage the outside of her lower thigh at all because of the scrape but simply held my hand against it as I kneaded the inside and top. As I moved up her leg I felt wet hair against my finger tips.

"Ohh, yes, you're there, you're there, touch more," she said.

"Ashley you have such delightful breasts that I hate to ignore them, come over here, sit on my lap with your back against me."

"And where will your wonderful cock be? Inside me?" she demurely asked.

"No, not tonight, soon, but not tonight," I said. She was tempting, very tempting and willing, but I wanted an unquestionable approval and encouragement from Veronica. I wasn't going to mess things up with the woman who held my heart captive.

"I'll take that answer," she said as she stepped toward me, turned and sat down. She reached between her legs and snuggled my dick up against her crack and held the head with her finger tips. I moved both arms around her enough to have a delightful firm breast in each hand. After five quiet minutes of my caressing her succulent breasts and her playing with the head of my dick, I asked her to turn so her side was against me. "Why?"

"Because I want to kiss you. Your lips are so much more enjoyable than your ears."

She opened her mouth and turned toward me. Our lips and tongues met as I began to lightly pinch her enlarged nipples. She took her hand off the back of my head, and pulled my hand down to her pussy. "Please play with me," she pleaded in a whisper.

I began by spreading her labia just enough to move a finger up and down her slit, occasionally touching her asshole and moving back up to her clit. At the beginning and end of each stroke she would shiver just a bit and push her tongue deeper into my mouth. The taste of her breath in my mouth changed as she became more aroused. I moved my fingers down just a bit, keeping my thumb on her clit and began pushing a finger into her vagina, at that point her breathing increased even more, as I was doing this I moved my index finger to her asshole and maintained pressure. She pulled her head back, and said "O God Scott, have mercy, put two fingers in and fuck me, fuck me."

I took the pressure finger off her asshole and began to slowly push both fingers into her vagina, then slowly pulled back and reinserted them a little deeper. After about eight times, she put her hand on top of mine and pushed me all the way in. She then started cumming, pulled her mouth away from mine, taking deep breaths and loudly moaning.

"Oh, good, wonderful, good, ummm, stop it's too sensitive, don't take your fingers out, just stop moving them, oh you're amazing." And she collapsed against my chest. "Mom is so lucky," she quietly whispered as her head nestled into my neck. It was now silent, the pump had cycled off as we held each other and I listened to her breathing returning to normal.

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