tagGroup SexAny Chance We Could Ch. 46

Any Chance We Could Ch. 46


This chapter is not meant to stand alone. Please begin at the first chapter to fully appreciate this tale.

Thursday, November 8

The sun was just peeping through the edge of the curtain that covered the eastern window of our bedroom. I groggily opened one eye as I rolled over against a warm and nude body. We began to lightly caress each other when she asked, "want to make love handsome?"

Never refuse to take the opportunity to make love to your soul mate. "Of course," I answered pulling her more tightly to me. "Where's everyone else?"

"They got up forty-five minutes ago, I recalled that we don't have to be anywhere for awhile so I though we could be Lord and Lady of the castle and enjoy just the two of us in bed," lightly laughed Veronica.

"Let me pee and brush teeth and do just that," I replied gently squeezing her ass.

"I need to do that too," she replied as she tossed the sheets off.

When we climbed back in bed she pulled me down on top of her, passionately kissed me and ran her nails across my back. As I got harder she reached for my cock and lightly stroked me. "Come on handsome, put that wonderful cock inside me. Let me feel your weight on top of me. Take me to the moon," she panted spreading her legs.

I moved between her legs and noticed her wetness glistening. She was already aroused but using my right hand I teasingly rubbed my cockhead up and down her wetted the length at least eight times until she begged me, "Put it in me! Fuck me! Take me, I'm all yours!!"

Smiling I entered her well lubricated pussy and began to slowly trust into her. With the second stroke her hips began to trust back. She quickly came and as she regained her breath, I began to move onto my knees and pulled her legs perpendicular to her hips and deeply entered her. As I slid slowly in and out she began cooing and mewing. Each time I tried to nestle my tip against her inner lips which further increased her panting. Veronica put her hands behind her knees, spread her legs out to each side and came again with a rippling orgasm that seemed to last two or three minutes.

"God, what you do to me," she sighed trying to normalize her breathing.

"Let me get on top. I want you to play with my boobs," she smiled as she began to straighten her legs. I stayed in her as we rolled over to my back. She tucked her legs to my sides and resettled on me. I reached for her breasts and she leaned forward a bit to give me a comfortable distance to fondle her. As she began moving her hips back and forth then swirling she began panting. She leaned down putting her nipple against my lips saying, "These are yours, suck 'em, bite 'em."

I bit one and then the other. When I bit the second, I bit harder than the first which brought forth a guttural animalistic groan. I found myself grunting and groaning in response. We were making love but also rutting and growling like animals. At that thought I could feel my balls tightening and a moment later we came together, strongly and beautifully. Still gasping for air Veronica collapsed on my chest. I put my arms around her and held her with her face nestled against my neck.

"I love you Veronica. I've never loved anyone as much as I love you. You being mine has made me the happiest man on earth."

"Ooh, handsome, I love you too. I know. Let's get married. Say next week. Free on Friday?" she cooed.

"Why yes I am and I'd like to do that, very much. Reserve the day," I laughed kissing her.

About ten minutes later with me still partly in Veronica, Cheryl came in and asked, "Are you two going to eat, food that is, this morning. Mary Claire says she'll fix something for you if you are. The rest of us've eaten and three of your women are gone."

"Yeah, we'll eat, listen for the shower, or turn the camera on and watch for us to get up," I smiled holding Veronica tightly to me.

I turned the cameras off after we dressed and were leaving the bedroom. I was wearing khakis and a long sleeve oxford cloth shirt, Veronica in a mid-thigh length flared skirt, a silk blouse, thigh highs and a pair of strappy slides.

"Wow, talk about looking 'just fucked', you two could be poster children," laughed Mary Claire as we walked into the kitchen.

After we ate I was in the den discussing legal options for the foundation with Lauren who was looking stunning in a very short skirt, sheer top, exposed stocking tops. Cheryl walked in just as I was tempted to stand behind her and touch her tits. She gave me a message slip that said that George Clarkson had called and wanted to meet me for lunch some time. He'd like me to call him back. Cheryl then said that she'd talked to Norma at the old office and was told that at the end of the month Monty would be terminated.

Monty was hired for general maintenance and janitorial work after our office enjoyed its first growth spurt. He was mildly mentally challenged, but he was a diligent and faithful worker. Since he was way down on the totem pole of employees we hadn't thought to include him in our early-termination caveat.

"Well he'll probably have a hard time getting on someplace else, I think he's in his late fifties now, especially since employment is getting tight. I doubt if Citi would write him a decent recommendation. I should have thought about him when we were working out the details with Citi. Any thoughts either of you?" I asked and then explained his situation for Lauren's benefit

Lauren was the first to speak, "I assume you want to take care of him."

"Yes, I feel kinda obligated and I assume Emerson will as well. He's a good guy. He'd give you the shirt off his back to help. Monty is a big Cards fan that I would cadge field level seats two or three times a season from clients and take him and his wife to a game," I replied. "If my memory serves me, she works as a cook in a high school cafeteria."

"Why not hire him as a handy man, lawn man, and for other general work like that. I was already wondering about looking at hiring a different firm to cut the lawns and weed the gardens. He can take care of both properties and possibly Emerson's as well. I assume we'd have to purchase the necessary lawn equipment, but in the long run he'd probably be better than the lawn service you're currently using. Cheryl should interview him since he'll work under her supervision. I also assume he'd need medical coverage and pension contributions," she smiled.

"Cheryl, talk to him. If you agree and if he's amenable, hire him. Pay him a fair wage and cover him with insurance and the pension plan. I recall that in the last eight years or so we gave him sizeable year end bonuses as annuities so he'd have a nice nest egg to retire on. I think he's too young to retire now, but stress that he could take whatever time he needed to travel with his wife and kids, two I think, when he wanted too. Use your discretion on rate of pay and let this lovely young thing know the money details," I gestured toward Lauren and smiled.

"I shall, I'm confident he'll take the job because he really likes you Scott. He always gave your office extra attention and happily ran errands for Grace," Cheryl replied. "May I make a suggestion?"

"Since we know he's going to be let go, why don't we act preemptively before he gets called into a meeting with the new management. He's given himself to Midwest and the new management letting him go'll be a big letdown. Monty doesn't like feeling that he's receiving charity. If we offer him a job after being let go he may think it's charity and refuse."

Cheryl was right. Monty worked hard and was always going the extra mile. I nodded, "You're right Cheryl. Move today to get hold of Monty. Let's give him the impression that we want him and are willing to lure him away to become our employee. Offer him more than he's currently getting and work in another benefit or two, such as education grants for his kids."

"It'll be my pleasure to do that," Cheryl smiled.

"You're a kind man, Scott. Very thoughtful," smiled Lauren. "No wonder everyone thinks so highly of you."

"Thanks," I replied as I left the room with the call slip in hand and punched George's number into my cell after picking it up off the kitchen counter. I need to tell Veronica about this, I thought. Soon, a receptionist answered, stringing out a list of names. I asked for him and was connected. "George, Scott Appleton returning your call. You're Jeanine's husband, am I correct?"

"Yes," he replied. "Jeanine told me about the conversation she had with you yesterday and I'd like to meet you. Have you got time for lunch sometime soon?"

"Sure, how about tomorrow? Where?" I asked. At least he was pleasant, not sounding curt, I thought.

He named a restaurant in Clayton and we agreed to meet at twelve thirty. "I'll be the one with the cane," he said chuckling.

"I'll be there George. I'm looking forward to it," I closed the conversation.

"Hi handsome, didn't know where you were."

"Den, admiring my gorgeous staff and discussing an employment matter of one of our former Midwest employees. Incidentally, yesterday when I took Jeanine back to the car store she kinda propositioned me. I just got done accepting a lunch invitation from her husband." I began.

"Are they swingers?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No. He was wounded in Afghanistan and is essentially physically impotent. She wondered how I keep all the women in this house satisfied and wanted to understand why her husband was encouraging her to take a lover. She correctly assumed that I might be a good lover and perhaps serve as a surrogate penis. I suggested that she discuss it with her husband before doing anything and I guess we'll do that tomorrow. Do you want to come with me?"

"Probably. Hazel is on her way now to pick me up. We're having lunch with Evie at that restaurant across from the Esquire on Clayton Road," she explained lightly kissing me before rushing up the stairs.

Nearly thirty minutes later she'd changed into a slightly longer skirt and higher heels and was radiant in daytime makeup. Her lipstick perfectly matched her nails and I assume her toe nails as well. Since they were covered by her black pumps, I couldn't tell for sure. "When did you do your nails, they were a different color at breakfast," I asked.

"Boy you're observant. We did them after breakfast. Mary Claire has many talents, she even ate me while the polish dried," grinned Veronica.

"Multitasking eh?" I smiled.

Hazel pulled up in her Navigator. Veronica lightly kissed me again and headed out the door saying, "Behave."

I spent the rest of the morning reading various investment reports, two of which Emerson had mentioned that were must reads. Later Mary Claire fixed hot sandwiches and I thoroughly enjoyed a staff luncheon. Cheryl mentioned that Max was coming by after school to look at the cars. I told her he could take any one he wanted, Lauren would prepare a bill of sale and he could give her the keys to his old car and we'll donate it with the rest.

"I've got a couple of errands to run, if he gets here before I get back tell my wife that she's welcome to enjoy him upstairs. Just have her turn on the camera," I smiled at Cheryl and Lauren.

I dropped by Dave's office building mid-afternoon while I was between errands. When I walked to Dave's office it was closed and dark so I went to Keith's. Joy was working head down making notes on blue prints spread on the drafting table. When she looked up , "Oh, Hi. I didn't know you were coming by. If I had I wouldn't have worn a bra today," laughing.

"Well, I must say I certainly enjoyed looking at you Monday without one. But that's not why I stopped by. I wanted to make a few comments to Dave about widening the drive by five or more feet. Is he going to be around today?"

"No, he's in Springfield 'til late Saturday afternoon at an adjustors' convention. I just was looking through the notes on your job and refining some scheduling. I saw a notation about widening your drive by six and half feet."

"That man and I think along the same lines," I replied.

"Did he schedule a meeting Saturday morning with you?" she asked undoing one of the buttons on her denim shirt.

"Yes, but I guess it's off if he's gone," I replied

"No, Keith is going to come and bring a Sweets catalog for some final decisions on plumbing fixtures," she replied undoing another button. "I think I'll have to come with him," Joy smiled undoing another button.

"Should I close the door?" I asked.

"Sure, Keith is at the Jacobson's new house with Emerson and Hazel interpreting some remodeling requests, but if he comes back early he won't mind," she replied now down to her waistband with unfastened buttons. She pulled her shirt plackets apart showing me her sheer tan bra and wonderful darker areolas and with her nipples tenting her cups. "Still like 'em?" she asked smiling.

"Yes. Why are you doing this?" I asked extending my arms to her as she walked around the drafting table and melted into me.

"You're hot. I understand from Dad your whole family is. I'd like to find out in person some day," she looked up at me with parted lips. "And I like to play with a willing man."

"I thought Dave didn't get intimate with clients," I said as I bent slightly to cover her open mouth with mine.

As our tongue tangling kiss broke, she looked in my eyes and said, "Do I look like Dave?"

"Not hardly, but what would Keith say?" I asked with a hand on each breast.

"He has lovers. I have lovers. He plays and I play. We have an 'open marriage'. I know who he fucks. He knows who I fuck and we're good with it. I'm not going to leave him for you or any man, and I know the same about him."

I kissed her. Then she added, "He sleeps with my sister and my mother, and I'm okay with it. He's the one who's in my bed day in and day out and when we're out I know he'll be going home with me at the end of the day. I told him I'd like to fuck you and he told me to go for it."

"Wow," I grinned.

"Got time right now?"

"Ahh, I'd sure like to but I'm not an 'on the desk' kinda guy. As soon as we can share a proper bed I'd like to. You're a beautiful, enticing young woman and we will, soon."

"I can live with that. I'll definitely come with him Saturday. You have beds there don't you? I'm sure my husband would love to do your wife. Soo, would your wife want to join us?" she asked looking at me under her eyebrows.

I replied "Yes," as I turned her around and ground my cock into her ass through the tight jeans. I put a hand in her bra and gently caressed her firm breast. She turned her head and we kissed again.

"Are you sure? We can clear off this desk. Both Keith and Dave have bent me over it and fucked me on it before," she said as she turned around and gave me another breath-taking kiss.

"Sweetheart, you're wearing me down, but let me have a rain check for right now," I smiled kissing her neck.

"God, I'm so wet now that a rain check might not work. Are you sure? These jeans will come right off, want to see?" she asked unfastening the top button on her pants.

"God, you are so very tempting. Saturday, plan on getting a tour of our house and I'll happily scratch this itch of yours," I sighed as I teasingly danced my finger tips across her chest.

"I hope you're not teasing about Saturday. Monday you turned me on something fierce and I'm aching to fuck you," she grinned refastening her jeans.

"I'm not. I've got to keep my scheduler happy," I laughed.

"One more kiss. Put your hands back on these," she said unclasping her front hook bra.

I obliged and she kept her hand firmly rubbing my cock through my pants. The kiss seemed to never end. We finally broke and I bid her adieu. I paused outside her office for a few seconds as I willed my erection down hoping that the receptionist wouldn't see me. I wasn't fully successful because Joy's kisses and breasts were too much. As luck would have it that the receptionist was away from her station as I quickly made my way to the car.

I made two more stops, neither one as sexy or as thrilling as Keith's office. Lauren called twice. The first time was to tell me that Max had chosen Katrina's car. He liked the way it smelled, and that she'd called the DMV to find out what the minimum value she could assign to it for the bill of sale.

When I asked if Max was with Veronica she replied, "I'm watching the live feed now. She's getting nicely fucked. He is nicely endowed. I'm impressed. You'll enjoy watching the recording when you get home."There was a momentary silence, "Hmmm. Also, he's got a nice and improving technique. You guys are teaching him well. I wonder if he'd like to try me sometime?" she asked.

"Tell him you're interested. I can almost guarantee that he'll answer that question with a yes."

The second call was an hour later, near four, to remind me that she was leaving for another gig and she'd be back in the morning. She was going to have a late dinner with her co-ref after the game then had some things to catch up with at home.

"Well, I'll miss you but we all know that last night wasn't a one time event. I've told you you're free to come and go as you please," I remarked.

"Hopefully, more coming than going," she laughed.

I reminded her, "Remember, when the new office wing's done you're going to occupy the four room apartment."

"That's my plan. See ya in the morning, ... Dad."

"Oh my God, another one calling me Dad," I replied but she'd broken the connection before I'd started to make a comment. Veronica and I have a lot to talk about tonight, I thought.

I got home about four-thirty and Cheryl was working on the computer in the office. "Where's Veronica," I asked.

"I think she's upstairs on the phone," she replied. "Ya know, she did Max this afternoon. If it weren't for that time of the month I'd like you to do me. I'm horny from watching them for a few minutes."

"I won't object to the time of the month, want to go upstairs? Now?" I smiled.

"I don't think I'd be comfortable with it, but keep that thought and maybe someday in the future I'll let you. Come over here a minute." She said leaning back in her chair.

I walked around the desk and as I stood by her side she took my hand and pushed it in the front of her blouse into her bra. "Kinda rub on my nipple for a minute. Umm, like that."

I bent to kiss her and as we broke the kiss, I asked if the drapes were closed. "Closed 'em earlier when we were watching Veronica and Max," she smiled putting her hand atop mine. As I kissed her again, I heard Veronica softly laugh "Coppin' a feel there handsome?"

She sat on the couch, patted the cushion next to her and said "Come join me, you too Cheryl if you want, I want to tell you about my afternoon."

After Cheryl and I got comfortable, she began, "Hazel and I had a lovely lunch with Evie. We talked about a lot of things but one of the major issues was of course Hazel's sexual reservations. We talked at length about them. She told us about Emerson fucking Gwen and how she was amazed how accepting of it she was. There was only mild disappointment, mostly over it happening without her knowing beforehand. Hazel said she was not as jealous as she would have first thought. Yes, she was jealous but it was more a result of a fear that she wouldn't love him anymore.

"She laughed that she was actually kinda happy for him, and them as a couple as it broke the ice. Several times she awoke in the middle of the night and found Emerson cuddling her very closely and her him. She laughed that it was if they were both newlyweds, just not wanting to let go of the other. Hazel said she found her love for him to be strangely deeper. She said that in the middle of the night she started to cry, not out of anger or sadness but that after all these years she loved her husband more than ever and felt more secure in their relationship.

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