Apartment 3A


Shaniqua moaned softly as well, her fingers tightening again on my butt. "Geez... oh fuck this is nice...! God, Heather, this more than makes up for you walking in on us!"

I couldn't say anything; I had no breath left. If Shaniqua filled me up to the stuffing point, both girls in my poor little cunny was something else; I didn't dare ask how it was even possible, or what would happen to me; all I knew as my body adjusted, was that I wanted this to keep happening, to last forever. Both girls' began thrusting, rocking in time together, and I clutched the pillows, biting them to keep from screaming in pleasure. Shaniqua's kept her grip on my ass with both hands, and Ally kept... well, rubbing is far too plebeian a word for what her thumb was doing; she was masturbating my nipple, and it responded like a cock, standing out stiff and proud as her fingers gently kneaded my tit.

Warm wetness bathed my other nipple and I let got of the pillow to grip the raven-dark head bend to my breast as the tawny cockgirl suckled. "Fffff... yes, Shaniqua!" I panted, my fingers clutching her to my bosom. "Keep doing that... nnnggh...." I didn't know how much more pleasure my body could handle; it felt like every nerve was a live wire with surging jolts of electricity shooting through them. I forced myself to let go of her head, and she raised it to smile at me, like the cat that got the canary.

"Mmmm... you can call me 'Niqua too, Heather honey," she murmured. "Any girl who can take both our cocks like this can call me pretty much anything she likes."

"Same for me, sexy," Allison added. "I'm 'Ally' to you."

I nodded, panting, while both girls moved into an alternating rhythm that drove me to heights of pleasure I had no idea existed. Jilling myself was a pale, pale thing compared to this heady delight, and both 'Niqua and Ally were groaning as well, their cocks gripped and massaged by my stretched pussy, and adding further pleasure as their shafts rubbed against each other inside me. I put my hand on my belly and started; I could feel the bulge of their cocks inside me, shifting with their strokes. Surely no girl had ever been so well and truly fucked as this! I know men's magazines advertise things to increase a man's girth and length, but there was no way any man could equal either of my new-found playmates... and I had both of them inside me.

How long they fucked me like this I don't know, but it was some time. Having erupted once each with me already (and Lord only knows how many times before I'd walked in on them) they were in no immediate hurry to finish. I floated on a sea of lust and pleasure, whipsawed and hammered between these two incredible creatures, while they methodically fucked me to near mindlessness. I had orgasm after orgasm, until my thighs and their cocks were sticky with my juices and the sheets darkly damp. Not to say they were bored or boring; I was acutely aware of both of them – their heat, their scents, and above all the massive cocks rampaging into my gaping puss.

Both of them were perfectly in sync with each other; as they came closer to release, they sped up, meshing their strokes until they were thrusting into me in unison. Shaniqua's face was a mask of lust; her lips drawn back to show her teeth clenched, eyes closed as she concentrated on nothing but fucking me. I couldn't see Ally's face, but I could feel her breath, panting in my ear as she matched Shaniqua' thrusts, both cocks spearing into me together.

They came together, explosively, shuddering in simultaneous release. I felt the dual orgasms, cock-cream blasting from the fat nobs of their cocks deep inside me. "Ngghuuu!!!" Allison grunted, her fingers clutching my boobs, matched by Shaniqua's equally intense "Hnnfff!!!!" in time with the first volcanic eruptions of girl spooge. I remembered how much both of them had come and wailed lustfully as I realized what both of them were pumping into me! My pussy clenched hard, gripping both cocks tightly, milking their seed in repeated orgasmic contractions while they panted and fucked and came...

By the time both of them had emptied themselves into me, my poor abused little cunny was a goo-smeared, cum-leaking mess. I swear to God, their jizz squirted out from the little gap between my nether lips where their cocks rubbed together in me... absolutely squirted out and painted my thighs and theirs with thick, white cream. I felt them beginning to soften inside me, then Shaniqua gently pulled her cum-slippery cock out. "Aww, fuck yeah... oh man, I haven't cum like that in... I dunno," she sighed.

I pulled myself against her, her breasts warm against mine, and then Allison's shaft was slipping out of me as well, and I gave a little moan, feeling very empty. I could feel cum leaking from my loose cunt lips, bubbling out, rich and frothy. I could feel Shaniqua' cock all sticky and messy against my belly, and Allison's equally slick, drippy cock nestled between my ass cheeks. "That," she announced with a satisfied smile in her voice, "was amazing...! Heather, you can play with me and 'Niqua any time you like, hon."

Impossibility on impossibility... I had met two girls with amazing appetites for sex; two girls who had cocks, of all things; two girls who enjoyed using those cocks on each other and who had evidently found me a worthy bed partner as well...! I felt elated, and somehow supercharged. My eye fell on the bedside clock; it was well after midnight, but curiously, I didn't feel the least bit tired. Neither did Shaniqua and Allison, either; though relaxed, they showed no signs of wanting to call it a night.

I won't recount in detail the rest of that amazing night; suffice it to say we had much, much more sex... I remember eating out Shaniqua while Allison pounded me from behind; I remember Allison eating Shaniqua while I plied a borrowed strap-on – a double-ended one – and stuffed my erzatz cock into Allison's juicy cunt, the latex balls slapping lewdly against her thighs. I remember sucking Allison's cock while Shaniqua licked my cunt and sent me into a frenzy. I remember watching them in a sixty-nine, fingering each other and sucking each other's cocks while I tit-fucked Shaniqua's toes; I remember kneeling in front of them, sucking both their cocks until they spurted girl-cock cum over me from their apparently inexhaustible supply. I remember being spit-roasted, with Allison taking my anal virginity while I gobbled Shaniqua's cock until she bucked and fired rope after rope of cock-cream down my throat. I remember both of them on the bed in front of me, bottoms up while I ass-fucked them in turn with the borrowed strap-on. I felt amazing, riding one crest of pleasure to the next, and both my lovers showed me new and wondrous things to do with them until – I could scarcely credit it – the rosy glow of dawn stole through the window.

We were, all three, absolute messes. Cum covered us – matting our hair, glazing our faces, smeared over tits, with fat white drops dangling from nipples; pooled in belly buttons and painted over our butt cheeks. All three of us were leaking girl goo from our pussies and asses, oozing in frothy white runnels down our thighs; our lips were smeared and stained with sperm. The bed was a mess – the sheets soaked with pussy juices, jizz and sweat – and the rest of their bedroom wasn't much better. Cum splattered in pearlescent stars on the walls; there were droplets and small puddles of their cum on the hardwood floor. The wall common to mine now had deep dents from the finials of the headboard battering at the drywall; some of it my doing, when I had braced myself on it, straddle-legged while Allison fucked my ass with pounding strokes while Shaniqua knelt behind and thrust her tongue into Ally's dripping snatch. My housecoat had been the target of more than one of their cumshots, too. Allison and Shaniqua had shed their fetish outfits during the course of our marathon, except for Shaniqua's stockings, now torn from the night-long frenzy of our orgy.

Together we made our way to their bathroom, fondling each other, not wanting to give up physical contact. They bent me over in the shower and Shaniqua pumped another load of girl-cream into my much-fucked pussy while Allison's girl-cock stuffed my throat, while the hot water beat down on us, washing away the mess we'd made of ourselves. We dried off and Allison said, "Might as well take the towel so you can go get dressed," and the last I saw of them before leaving was Shaniqua masturbating Allison as she stuffed herself into the redhead's cunt, eliciting animal moans of hedonistic pleasure.

I felt gloriously alive! I hadn't slept a wink, but my entire body tingled, charged with energy. I chalked it up to the amazing night I had spent and with a light heart, went to dress. I usually wore something fairly conservative – not quite a librarian look, but not far from it. I wanted to minimize the comments from the men in my workplace. But today I looked at my wardrobe with a new eye, and instead I picked out my one 'daring' blouse – semi-sheer, with lace panels in the sleeves and over my breasts; under it I would wear my cherry-red bra. I found a smart grey skirt I'd forgotten I had; it would definitely get attention, coming somewhere between mid-thigh and knee length. My one pair of evening heels completed the ensemble. My collar-length blonde hair, normally just brushed out any old how, I had fluffed up a bit so it was softer and fuller, and carefully I applied my cosmetics. I considered myself in the mirror, and my reflection looked back at me, running its tongue along its lower lip in perfect time with me. Yes, I'd want me.

My male co-workers didn't say a word when I came into the office; they just stared, and I smiled, enjoying the rush of my power to strike them dumb. Molly stared, too, and I felt her eyes on me – on my ass – as I put a bit of extra swing in my hips going past her desk. All day I felt strange... alive and excited and on edge... I was definitely going to see more of Allison and Shaniqua, of that I was sure. It was entirely possible I was pregnant, too; I wasn't sure of my timing but given the amount of sperm they had spurted into me from their girl-cocks, it would be almost a miracle if I wasn't pregnant. But that I would fix; if they hadn't knocked me up last night, I was willing to give them more opportunities. Somehow it didn't occur to me to wonder at this, though on the face of it my sudden urge to be impregnated by these two girls had to be abnormal.

I spent a bit of time at lunch doing a careful bit of discreet hacking; using an IP anonymizer service, then going to one of the less-popular search engines. I had to find out what my two amazing lovers were. The answer wasn't long in coming; the term, it seemed, was 'futanari'. There was an amazing amount of images and stories – most quite graphic and explicit – about them. It seemed there was some disagreement about the exact sexual attributes of futanari, or futa as they were popularly known, but it seemed certain things were common. Without exception they were beautiful; they were much, much better endowed than men; their sex drive would shame gods; and they were possessed of unbelievable stamina.

I didn't feel that good after lunch, but I wasn't surprised. A night of no sleep and vigorous sex with two girls was bound to take a toll. It was odd, though; I didn't feel tired so much as sick to my stomach. Cramps clenched in my belly, until I had to tell my boss I needed to book the afternoon off sick. When I got home, I went straight to my bedroom and curled up on the bed, clutching my belly. The cramps were getting worse, but they didn't feel like the curse, either. Very soon I was flushed and sweating, too; I stripped off my clothes, letting them fall wherever – 'hung up on the floor' as my Mom would say. The cramps were getting sharper and seemed to be moving, centering at my mons, just above my clit.

Sudden pain shot through me and I doubled over, biting my hand to stifle the screams. I had seen Alien as a little girl and all I could think of was the chest-thing, bursting out of Ash, only much lower down. I clamped my hands over my mons and recoiled; something was moving inside me! "God, what's happening to me?!" I moaned in agony. My flesh rippled and crawled under my hand; I could feel a swelling there, like some obscene tumor... and the pain, my God, the pain! Whatever it was was trying to get out; some parasite, some growth... wildly my imagination cast back to the night I had spent with Allison and Shaniqua; what if they weren't human? They had planted something in me, some monstrous thing that was chewing its way out from inside... then the skin under my hands shifted, and I felt the growth swelling.

Two soft, cool hands came to rest on my shoulders. "It's okay, Heather," Allison's voice said, and Shaniqua's voice chimed in, "We're here, honey." I hadn't heard the door open, nor their steps, but they were here... and then a fresh pain shot through me, and then something was pushing hard out of my groin, and I felt it shifting, moving, slithering under my hand, and I pulled my hand away. "Welcome, sister," my two lovers' voices said with the same unison with which they had double-fucked me the night before, and I looked down between my legs.

I had a cock.


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