tagGay MaleAre You Game? Ch. 04

Are You Game? Ch. 04



In the middle of the week, I got a call from Ben – "Dude, my fucking dick is hard. Get down here and help me with it." I was out the door and at his place within seconds. Ben opened the door in a towel, which he quickly tossed aside. I ripped off my clothes and we stood in his living room facing one another, dicks at the ready.

Ben reached out, grabbed me by the dick and pulled me closer to him. His other hand slipped up my arm to my shoulder. I took his hard cock in hand and we simultaneously started pumping each other's rigid cocks. We started out slowly, stroking one another in silence, until our breathing became more audible. Ben smiled at me and continued to let his free hand roam across my chest, down my stomach and over my hip. I laid one hand on his chest, feeling his heart pounding against it as his dick pulsed in my other hand. Our pace picked up, the force of our movements shaking our bodies and deepening our exhalations of enjoyment. Ben watched me intently, lips slightly parted. We unconsciously leaned in towards one another, mouths open and lingering close to each other's – his breath hot against my face.

As our excitement grew, our mutual jacking became rougher and our free hands gripped tenaciously at each other's arms. Ben closed his eyes and pressed his forehead against mine, his ragged breaths dissolving into moans and gasps.

"Oh, yeah," he started repeating over and over as we brought each other closer to climax. My whole body began to tingle as my balls tightened. "Aw, fuck, man, I'm gonna cum," I said through clenched teeth and then began to shoot my load. Ben followed suit with a geyser of his own. Cum spurted out of our dicks repeatedly, soaking each other.

After our orgasms had subsided, we stood holding each other by the dicks and arms, slowly catching our breath.

"Holy shit," Ben started to laugh. "We really made a fucking mess." We looked down to see our cum running down our hips, thighs, balls and hands, forming puddles on the floor. Ben picked up his towel and dried me off.

My dick was mildly sore the following day, but it was a really good kind of ache. It seemed to me to be a physical marking of a definite change in my friendship with Ben.

After I got home from work on Friday, I found myself in a state of restlessness. I hadn't seen Ben the previous day and I was dying to get together with him again. I stripped and grabbed the phone, dialing his number and fondling my dick.

"Hey, buddy. I'm glad you called," he said as he answered the phone. "What're you up to?"

"Oh...not a whole lot. You?"

"Nothing much," he replied. "Although I am actually playing with my dick right now."

I chuckled in admission. "That's pretty much what I'm doing, too."

"I'll be right over then," he said and hung up. I put the phone back in the cradle and waited in silence, running my hand over my erect cock in eager anticipation. A few seconds later, he was pounding on my door. "Hurry up, Todd!"

Naked and sporting a full erection, I unlocked and opened the door. Ben jumped in, naked as well, his two hands barely covering his hard-on.

I stared at him for a moment, then burst into laughter. "What are you doing? You came here naked?"

Ben started turning red. "It's only one flight. I wasn't going to put something on, just to take it off again."

"I don't believe it," I said, still laughing. "Did anyone see you?"

"Who cares?" Ben replied. He wrapped his arms around my waist and with remarkable strength lifted me up and carried me into the bedroom. He tossed me on the bed and dove in after me. In bed, we adjusted our positions so that we were lying on our sides facing each other, our heads resting on our arms. Ben draped his leg across mine and lightly rubbed my foot with his. Our hands automatically reached out and caressed each other's chests.

"What?" Ben asked as I started to laugh again.

"The thought of you scampering through the halls naked and hard is pretty funny."

Ben laughed with me. "Luckily, no one saw. I took the stairs. Besides, it was kind of exciting." His hand found its way to my dick. He ran his palm over my balls and between my legs, his middle finger brushing my hole. I took his balls in hand and began to gently massage them. He sighed deeply.

Ben spat in his hand and lathered my dick. I willingly did the same to his. He pushed me on my back and stretched out on top of me, pressing our dicks together between our bellies. Slowly, he began to grind his hips against mine, our slick cocks sliding against each other. I ran my hands over his hips and across his round, muscular ass as he rubbed himself against me. My fingers slipped into the crack of his ass and lightly caressed his hot hole, which brought a smile to his face. Periodically, he would raise his hips and brush his dick back and forth across mine. After a time, I began to buck my hips into his, enjoying the feel of his thick cock on my groin.

Ben pushed himself up on his hands and knees and told me to sit up. He straddled my thighs so that we sat facing one another, legs on either side and dicks touching. He rocked his hips side to side, slapping my dick with his. I spat in my hand and lubed up our cocks, wrapping my hand around both and pressing them together. I held my hand steady as Ben began thrusting his hips, his wet cock sliding against mine through my fist. He leaned back on his hands and continued to thrust his pelvis forward and back, creating a warm friction on the undersides of our shafts as they rubbed together. Our dickheads began to ooze pre-cum and I used that and more saliva to keep us lubricated as he fucked his dick in my hand.

Ben started to make whining sounds as if the pleasure was getting too much for him. I lathered our dicks again and began pumping them together. Ben stopped thrusting and watched me with his mouth hanging open.

"Oh, god, that feels really good," he murmured quietly.

I started pumping our cocks even harder, eliciting trembles from Ben.

"You're gonna make me cum, man," he said between breaths. Within moments, his hips started to buck and he blasted a first string of cum. The feel of his warm semen running over the head of my dick brought forth my forcible ejaculation.

"Oh, fuck!" Ben cried out as we continued to pump out a steady succession of cum. I squeezed the last bit of seed from our enflamed cocks as Ben collapsed back on the bed, chest heaving. He reached for our dicks, scooped up a handful of cum and languidly smeared it across his chest. Suddenly, he sat back up, scooped up some more and smeared it across mine.

We rested for a moment, then Ben got up from the bed and went to my hamper, pulling out my gym shorts. He slipped them on and said with a wink, "I'm really looking forward to Sunday. Erik and Joe won't be able to make it, so it's just us."

"Yeah, Joe mentioned something about that last time."

"So, I'll see you then, right?"

"At the very latest," I replied.

He crossed back to me and gave me a long embrace, our chests sticking together with drying semen.

Sunday finally came after what seemed like an eternity. We greeted each other at the door with a firm hug. I was instantly hard. My dick seemed to have gotten in the habit of springing to life whenever I was in fifty feet of Ben. After our embrace, I could tell that Ben was hard as well, as he overtly adjusted himself with a grin.

We talked briefly about what we did yesterday – my end of the conversation delivered only half-consciously since I was preoccupied with thinking about his naked body, now clad in shorts and a long-sleeve pullover. I was aware of the fact that the last three times I'd seen him he was completely nude. I forced my attention back to our conversation, realizing he had just asked me what I was doing tomorrow. The physical distance between us seemed to have lessened considerably at some point and the close proximity caused me to fumble over my words. He reached out and put his hand on my arm as we continued our conversation, glancing at each other's lips as we spoke.

"Here, I got something to show you," Ben said, changing the subject with a sly grin. He turned on his DVD player and large screen TV and motioned for me to sit next to him on the couch. "Check this out."

A video of two muscular men appeared on the screen. They were groping at each other's dicks through their clothes.

I stared at the screen for a moment, hearing Ben chuckle beside me. "What is this? Gay porn?" I asked, slightly surprised.

"Yeah, I picked it up today. It's a hoot." The guys shucked their clothes and were instantly trading blowjobs. "I've only seen the first few of minutes of this one. I decided to wait and watch the rest of it with you when you got here."

After an impossibly long oral session, one of the guys bent the other guy over and began tonguing his hole.

"Oh, look. That's just what you did to me last week," Ben said, patting my shoulder.

"Now why exactly are you renting gay porn?" I asked.

Ben smiled. "I was curious about how the other half lived." He paused and picked up the remote. "Is this offending you? Do you want me to shut it off?"

"No, no," I responded, a little quicker than I had intended. "Let's just see where this all goes."

Ben set down the remote and leaned back. "Have you ever seen gay porn before?" he asked.

"No, actually," I said, watching the fervent tongue bath with growing interest. "Have you?"

"I've seen bi porn," he responded. "The guys who were fucking the girls got fucked up the ass at the same time."

"Well, yeah, I've seen that, too," I admitted. "Not much difference, I guess, except the girl's missing."

"Oh, I'm sure she's still there," Ben replied matter-of-factly. "She's probably focusing the lights."

"Ah, she's been demoted, then."

The guy onscreen with the larger endowment donned a rubber as the other guy got on his back and raised his legs overhead. Slowly, the big guy pushed the length of his dick into the other guy's ass in one smooth stroke.

"Whoa," Ben and I both said simultaneously. For the next few minutes, the guys proceeded to fuck in every position imaginable. During one of the extreme close-ups of the action, I turned partially to Ben, not taking my eyes off the screen. "That one dude shaved his ass, didn't he? Look, you can see his ass stubble."

Ben laughed aloud. "Yeah, it looks like they're both pretty liberal with the razor," Ben turned to me. "Do you shave your ass?"

"No, I don't," I replied flatly. "No one's ever been back there so what do I care if it's fuzzy or not?"

Ben laughed again. "Yeah." The guy getting fucked was now sitting on the other guy's lap, riding him for all he was worth. He began shouting about how big the other guy's dick was and the other guy in turn started yelling about how tight the guy's ass was. They seemed to be having a damn good time.

"Wow, that guy's a real trooper," Ben observed as they changed positions yet again. We continued to watch as the guy getting fucked jerked out his load. Then, in the next shot, the guy who had fucked him spewed cum all over his face. The video faded to black.

Ben switched off the TV and cleared his throat. "You know it's a good thing Joe wasn't here to see that. He'd probably start to cry." I smiled and nodded in agreement. "So, what do you think?" he asked me casually.

"Well, it was definitely educational," I replied. "Is there a reason why you wanted to show that to me?"

Ben shrugged. "Thought you might get a kick out of it," he said. There was a brief moment of hesitation, both of us unsure of what to say.

"Would you ever do something like that?" he asked curiously.

He was acting nonchalant, but I got the impression that the question was a little more loaded then he was letting on. "I don't know," I shrugged. "They seemed to really get off on it, but...I don't know. I guess it all depends. What about you? Would you do that?"

Ben nodded slightly. "I think I'd try it once. You know, while I'm still young and unattached. Just to see what it's like." I nodded back and we lapsed again into a brief silence. Ben got up from the couch and stretched his arms overhead. "I'll make us some drinks. How about a whiskey on the rocks?"

"Sounds good," I replied. "I'm gonna hit the john."

As I closed the bathroom door behind me, I realized that my hands were shaking. The image of those two guys fucking had been burned into my mind. As I mentioned to Ben, I'd seen a guy get fucked before, but that was while he was fucking a girl and, while that had been new and interesting to see, somehow now, the idea of two guys together on their own was even hotter. My thoughts shifted into wondering what it would be like to do that with Ben. I realized then, in that instant, that I really wanted it. I turned on the faucet and washed my hands and face, trying to figure the whole thing out – why I was now contemplating actual sex with another guy. I had never really thought about gay sex until Ben and I started messing around. I supposed that he had shown the video to me to see if I would be up for it. I was, obviously, since my dick was straining my pants. I knew it wasn't that I wanted to fuck another guy or get fucked by one – it was that I really wanted to fuck BEN and have HIM fuck me. To see what it was like. I loved messing around with him – it was one of the few times I felt a certain sense of exhilaration and comfort. That I felt really connected to someone. He's the best friend I'd ever had and I was willing to do anything that involved our dicks, since we had broken that barrier anyway. So, when I thought about it that way, it really didn't seem that big a deal.

I was slightly startled when I heard a knock on the door. "You better not be beating off in there without me," Ben shouted.

I opened the door. "I'm not beating off."

"Too bad. Well, come on, then," he said with a nod of his head, "the game's about to start."

In the living room, Ben handed me a drink. I took a seat on the couch as he switched on the game. When he sat down next to me, he positioned himself close enough so that our arms and legs were touching. The contact sent a bolt of electricity through my body that settled in my already hard dick.

"The Broncos are mine, buddy," he said as he raised his glass.

"And I'm with my Packers." We sipped our drinks. "So, what wagers do we have for the big event?"

"I dunno," Ben replied. He turned to me and paused, looking me in the eye as if to uncover some clue as to what I would be up for. "We'll think of something, I hope."

The game started and we continued to sip our drinks without saying a word. After a few minutes, we fell into commenting on the plays and cheering the scores as we had done during the previous games.

During the commercial break between the first and second quarters, Ben pulled off his shirt. "Just getting more comfortable," he smiled.

"I'll join you," I said and peeled off my shirt. Ben's gaze roved quickly across my chest and down my stomach. He reached for his drink, took a sip, then set it back down on the coffee table before leaning back and resting his arm on the back of the couch behind me. His armpit and thumb were now lightly touching my shoulders and felt warm. The heat from our bodies seemed to have risen a few more degrees suddenly.

The second quarter kicked off and during the various events, Ben would clap me on the back or I would slap his thigh, we would 'high-five' or thump each other on the chest. It was as if we couldn't help but be in some form of physical contact with one another at all times.

At halftime, Ben muted the game, saying he wasn't interested in the show. "You want another drink?"

"Sure," I said, handing him my glass. "It's a shame your Broncos aren't doing better," I called out to him from the couch. "I think the Packers may be getting bored."

"Don't be so smug," Ben called back. "Comments like that might get you into trouble." He returned with the drinks. We took a swig and set our glasses down.

I turned to the TV momentarily and watched the marching band and baton twirlers dance around in silence. I picked up my drink again and turned back to Ben. "Hey, why don't you put on the DVD again?" I suggested. "That's some funny shit." Ben suppressed a smile. He scrambled for the remote and flipped on the player. A couple of seconds later, another set of muscular guys started going at each other onscreen.

Our hands eventually found their way to each other's tents. We massaged each other for a while watching the action, our pre-cum leaking out and forming wet spots on the front of our pants.

My attention was drawn away from the screen when I felt that Ben was watching me. I turned to him and our eyes locked, betraying a mutual desire. Ben reached into my pants and wrapped his fingers around my cock.

I inhaled deeply, set my drink aside, then, with both hands, quickly undid his shorts. Ben released his hold on my dick and raised his hips, pulling his shorts down and letting them drop to the floor. I unzipped mine and shucked them as well. Our hands went again immediately to each other's bodies, exploring our naked flesh and freely roaming across our chests, arms, stomachs and cocks.

Ben glanced down at my erection and, as if mesmerized, leaned over and took me into his mouth. I gasped in pleasure and surprise as his hot, wet mouth engulfed me. My head started spinning with the pleasure and the knowledge that Ben was actually, no-doubt-about-it, sucking my cock. He began to bob slowly up and down on my dick as he took my balls in his hand, gently kneading them. I started to squirm in my seat, certain that I would blow my load at any moment. Ben pulled off and squeezed my shaft, causing a drop of pre-cum to leak out of my head. He licked my head clean, then slowly slid his mouth down my shaft until the tip of my dick pushed into his throat. I gripped the cushions and closed my eyes, intent on experiencing every sensation as his throat muscles contracted around the head of my dick. I started forcing the air out of my lungs in short, quick breaths in order to keep from ejaculating too soon.

Ben released me and sat up, smiling. "Hey, I finally found a good use for not having a gag reflex."

I couldn't speak. I was stunned, still reeling from the brief, intense pleasure he had given me. All I could do was pant. Technically, he had taken my dick in his mouth once before, but this had been completely of his own volition. My heart thumped loudly in my chest, seeming to shake my whole body. My cock, wet from his saliva, felt cold in the open air.

Ben gazed at me, "What? You look surprised. It's not anything I hadn't done before."

That was it for me. Any reservation or timidity I had before, which had been miniscule anyway, was completely gone. I slid off the couch to my knees, grabbed him by the thighs and bent down to lick the shaft of his dick. He sat up quickly the moment my tongue touched him, then eased back as I reached his bulbous head. I looked up at him and he gave me a huge smile. I tilted my head down and opened my mouth, taking him in. His thick, hard cock filled my mouth completely and I was satiated by the feel of it. The musky scent of his groin wafted into my nostrils as I took as much of him in as I could. I pulled off and ran my lips up one side of his shaft and down the other. I went back to his spongy head and encircled it with my tongue, tasting his salty pre-cum. I took him in my mouth again and slowly slid up and down the entire length of him. He pushed his fingers through my hair, moaning loudly. He then pulled me off of him, shivering slightly.

"Holy fuck, buddy," he said, mouth agape. I gave his dick one last lick, then sat back.

Ben melted into the couch and rubbed his face with his hands. "Oh, my god, that felt so good." He sighed heavily. "The sight of your mouth on my dick was almost too much for me, man." We exchanged a smile, then he took me by the arm and pulled me back onto the couch next to him. "Well, we can definitely add that to our repertoire of things to do," he gushed.

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