tagErotic Poetryas the doorbell rings

as the doorbell rings


As the doorbell rings, I shiver
Our first meeting at last
I have prepared as you have asked
I kneel and I quiver as you enter
Eyes down, yet I feel your charm and warmth
My body shall give me away if you touch me
I quake inside for the entire woman that I am
Release me Sir - take me where you will
I can no longer stand still; I feel such a thrill
And wait for what has never come
For now I understand the why of it all
I was not ready nor eager enough for all that you bring

You approach me; I hear your breathing
If only you knew the sensations that within me are glowing
My moisture is dripping as a faucet overflowing
My face, it blushes for I know where you are going
Those hands you've described so many times before
In every detail how they shall explore me, touch me, arouse me
Just in thinking I am spent, and my tears in joy begin to fall
For I know what you bring has answered my call
You touch me, I moan, yet again and I groan
Such ecstasy you give - the pleasure, the bliss
Never before have I felt like this
My chin you turn upward and I see in your eyes
Such caring, such tenderness, authority, and knowing
As you take my hands, you ask me to rise
I now feel utterly complete; you look so very wise
Thank you for your giving, your lessons, your caring
I shall be faithful in all of our sharing.

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