At Last


No, no, she couldn't let herself think like that. She had always gone out of her way to remain unattractive to men, especially Steve Trevor, with whom she had to work. There was no way to avoid his lust for her as Wonder Woman; she didn't need him hot for Miss Prince, too. The contradictory thoughts flitted in and out of her mind.

"You must never give yourself to a man, my child. If you do, all your powers to help others will desert you," Diana could hear her mother, Queen Hypolite, telling her so many years ago. And she'd always been a good girl, too. Oh, sure, she let herself go a few times when some overpowered android cock was pounding her pussy senseless, making her scream in mindless ecstasy as it attempted to orgasm her into submission. And she'd occasionally let the odd trans-genetic plant get its tendrils deep in her twat, tickling her clit as it massaging her breasts, sending shock waves of pleasure through her engorged nipples. 'Damn! I could use one of those aroused androids or a nice horny plant right now! Great Hera! What am I thinking?'

'Easy enough for you to talk about not giving yourself to a man,' mother, but you don't have to sit across from that hunky Col. Trevor. If you did, I'll bet your pussy would be leaking just like mine is.' thought the confused woman. Maybe if I rolled my skirt up a little, Steve could at least see some ankle. Hera knows I have sexy ankles!'

'I'll bet he'll ask me to the University Club Spring Ball! I'll dress up in a floor-length taffeta gown and everyone will stare when we make our entrance. He'll waltz me around, gliding smoothly over the floor, adoration shining in his eyes. All the women will be soooo envious,' she sighed. 'We'll have season tickets to the National Symphony Orchestra performances at the Kennedy Center and afterwards he'll take me to Sweet Georgia Brown for a midnight champagne dinner.'

'Then in few months, when we are an item in the Georgetown social circuit, I'll hint how nice it would be to live together in the city. Of course he'll be totally ape over me and say yes yes yes yes and move us into a Georgetown apartment. Some Homeland Security contractor should be willing to pay an ex-intelligence hot-shot like him enough to support me while I get my Masters in International Business at SAIS. Oh, yeah, this is going to be perfect!' Diana mused, not aware that there was anything wrong with having rewritten her life plan in a matter of seconds.

'Oops' thought Eros. This wasn't going quite as expected. Eros sympathized with the men of this strange land. Imagine! A woman with a body like hers who was in love, but still wanted to have a "career" instead of staying at home, barefoot and pregnant. Thank Zeus his Psyche was an old-fashioned girl. Career? Hades! She had made a career out making babies. Every year, usually about the time Proserpine returned from Hades, Psyche presented him with another adorable little puto. Back during the 16th Century when they were in such demand as models for Renascence Masters, Psyche was popping out litters of two and three per year, but recently she had decided one per year was enough to keep her occupied. It made Eros horny all over again thinking about his lovely Psyche back home, their most recent infant parked on her pregnant belly, nursing, her holding the wings of a little cherub just learning to fly, her seeing other little puti off to pre-gymnasium every morning.

This Ms. Price was totally different. You didn't have to be Dr. Ruth to figure out that after the second Capitals game Diana sat trough and the second time Diana dragged Steve to see Ethan Steifle and the ABT, the lovers would be at each other's throats. 'They need a little more in common,' the god grinned.

Carefully Eros put away the gold-tipped Romantic Love arrow and withdrew a larger iron-tipped one dipped in quicksilver. 'The Carnal Lust arrow never fails!' he reflected. Even lust needed to be fine-tuned, however. Generally it was enough to increase the woman's libido by several factors. A man would put up with a lot of ballet from a woman who wanted to fuck his brains out every night. Hmm. A quick scan showed that the Diana woman already had a roaring libido, but was holding it in check for some reason. Never mind, he'd just make her forget her reasons and let the good times roll!

'Oh, that's not good!' Eros thought, continuing his mindscan. The woman had an aversion to giving head. Oh, well, that could be fixed, too. 'With a few little adjustments in Diana, Col. Trevor is going to realize that he'll never find a hotter woman and he'd better treat her right,' Eros reasoned.

Then he turned to making sure Col. Trevor DID treat her right. A little adjustment of Steve's quantity/quality ratio was in order. Better change the desired setting from 10 minutes, 15 times pre week to something Diana would enjoy better: say, three hours, five times a week 'I'll install a woman-comes-first rule and -- what's this? Oh, the silly man, thinks he doesn't like to eat pussy? Well, that's easy to fix. Col. Trevor's woman is going to realize that she'll never find a better man and she'd better treat him right,' Eros reasoned.

Suddenly, before Eros could get off his shot, Diana sat upright, realizing where her thoughts were taking her. She had to get away from Steve before she did something foolish! Pushing back her chair, Diana bolted for the door. She felt slightly more in control as she hurried out onto the immense parking lot and found her Neon. Wow, that was a close call, she reflected. She could never recall being so excited in her life, but it was more than horniness. She needed a man, but even more she needed one man -- Steve. Steve, who had lusted for her as Wonder Woman all these years, never marrying, never having other girlfriends, always loyal to Wonder Woman. Diana's heart was melting. And now he was looking at her the same way -- her, mousy, drab Diana, not his sex fantasy. A glance can tell a girl so much. Poor Steve! He was trying to tell her, trying to communicate. There was love in his eyes, devotion. "Oh, Steve, you'd be so perfect -- if I could only have you!"

Diana's eyes were filled with tears when she arrived at her Wisconsin Ave. apartment. "Why do I have to be Wonder Woman? Why do I have to be temerarious and rush off to save people, and countries, and planets? Why can't I have a man -- at last! Oh Hera, I've got to come!"

Always determined to overcome her need to masturbate, Diana did not possess a vibrator or even a dildo. Hades, she had used her only cucumber in last night's salad!. Nothing mattered. Minutes later she was spawled on her bed with her legs wide apart, furiously finger fucking herself. "Oh God, Steve," moaned the imperious Amazon "TAKE ME!"


"What had gotten into Diana?" Steve wondered. Oh, she had probably gotten uncomfortable from his staring at her, poor thing. He should apologize. He raced after her, but she had disappeared. He had no idea where she lived. Well, he didn't work for Military Intelligence for nothing. It took him less than an hour to hack into Pentagon personnel files and find the address. Smiling, Eros flew along behind as Steve's Miata screamed along Rock Creek Parkway.


"Diana, I have to talk to you!" Steve shouted, pounding on the door of her apartment when she didn't answer his insistent ringing of the bell.

"I can't. Not now. Go away, Steve," Diana replied, using all her will power not to open up and fling herself in his arms.

'Perfect angle,' thought Eros. 'One immaterial Carnal Lust arrow through the genitals." The closed door posed no obstacle. "Yes!'

Suddenly Diana felt funny. Great Hera! She had just come a half dozen times before Steve arrived. She thought the worst was over. It was breaking her heart, but loyalty to her calling as Wonder Woman was strong. She would NOT open the door. Now she knew she was wrong. The desire she had felt for Steve before was still there, but there was something new. She needed a cock! A man's cock! In her pussy! Desperately! At this instant! If she was going to give herself to anyone, it might as well be Steve. She opened the door.

It this were a cartoon, instead of a serious piece of erotic literature, we would depict the ensuing scene as a rapidly spinning blur with pieces of clothing being ejected from time to time. "Steve, darling, HURRY!" Diana wailed. Nothing in his training prepared Steve to handle a woman this hot, but something about him rose to the occasion. Minutes later his cock was buried deep in Diana's pussy and the ravaged woman was bellowing for more. There would be Hell to pay at the next meeting of the Condo owners' association, Diana knew.

'Mission accomplished,' thought Eros as he banked and headed East.


The following morning Aphrodite was standing at the doorway of her mansion and inquiring, "How did it go?"

A slightly jet-lagged, very Psyche-welcomed little god scanned her face before replying. She seemed to be in a better mood than Sunday morning when she sent him out on that crazy mission.

You'd better believe she was! Aphrodite could compartmentalize. Once she had turned off the alarm and dispatched her son that morning, she headed back to the alcove. Hephaestus was still asleep. He didn't remain that way long! She licked her favorite part of his body until it was rigid and gleefully flung herself on him. By the time Hephaestus was fully awake, Aphrodite was mewing through her second orgasm so loud it disturbed the peace of the souls in the Elysian Fields.

For the next few hours the divine lovers ran through a reprise of the previous night. By noon Aphrodite knew she was going to be entitled to a refund from Hebe on all that ambrosia she had ordered. They never made it to the table. One of the Muses put it this way:

With no need of philter, Hephaestus had filled her, And then he had eaten his fill of her fill. Then she had partaken Of his filling filler. A nice little fillip, a swill.

It gave new meaning to "breakfast in bed."

The rest of the week Aphrodite basked in the afterglow of that incredible day -- and night. Hephaestus staggered into the forge late on Monday morning with a goofy grin on his face that left no doubt among the other smiths that the boss had a GOOD weekend. When Hermes showed up later in the day with a bouquet of flowers sent by his fuck-happy wife, the dimigods teased him, but they were really jealous as all Hades. Aphrodite just sat at her computer all week with a big satisfied smile on her face clicking "Granted," "Granted," "Granted," to all the petitions, even that disastrous one from Monica -- how embarrassing!

The dreamy smile on his mother's face gave Eros the nerve to recount his experience. He told how he had almost been shot down by the jets from Andrews and how he had gotten lost in all those corridors at the Pentagon looking for Col. Trevor. "Time was running out, but then, O Fortuna. It turned out there was a very pretty woman working in the very same office next to Col. Trevor. It took two arrows. But I did it." Eros concluded proudly

"In the same office?" Aphrodite asked apprehensively. "What was her name?"

"Diana something. I just got a glimpse at her ID tag. King? No, ... Duke? No, ... Ah! Prince. Diana Prince. She looked pretty intell--"

"Diana Prince!" Aphrodite burst out. "You idiot! You nincompoop! Only the son of that dimwit, Ares could be so stupid. Why did I let him get me pregnant that night? You don't know who Diana Prince IS??? Don't you read comic books like other boys? No, of course you don't, you dopey little fucker. That minx Psyche has you in bed all the time screwing out what few brains you have left. You know I've never liked her; she's too old for you. I'll have the furies hound you both for a century for this. I'll ...."


Mrs. Diana Trevor looked around to make sure no one saw her before she lifted the rear of the Cherokee and slid it into a parking space at the mall, never having gotten the hang of parallel parking. She was glad her mother had been wrong, about her superpowers, or at least misleading. Queen Hypolite hadn't exactly said she would lose her super powers, rather that she would no longer have them "to help humanity."

So true! Diana found she needed everything the magic girdle and golden lasso could give her just to manage the big house, run the office of Steve's consulting business, ferry Britny and Jennifer to soccer practice, pick Laurel up from Tae Kwan Do, deliver Helen to morning kindergarten and fetch her at noon, take Sara and Sole to the pediatrician for their two-year check up, and nurse little Margaret. Maybe, just maybe, she thought, rubbing the bulge in her tummy, if this one were a Steve, Jr., at last, she might get a break from baby making for a while. She doubted it, however, knowing how well Steve liked seeing the way her pregnant belly stretched the red Lycra tights whenever he dressed her up like Wonder Woman.

The End

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