tagErotic Poetryat the feet of my master

at the feet of my master


A hand reaches out in the darkness
eyes strain for a glimpse of light
As fear and doubt engulf me
He hears my pain...
He sees my plight.

Against this hell i struggle
rage against the status quo
i fight for a piece of Heaven
His voice fills the void...
He soothes my woes

my mind searches in vain for reason
my soul craves passion as yet untold
my heart beats with an animal rhythm
my body hungers for things unknown

Through my despair He whispers the answer
In one touch the Truth unfolds
on wings of lust He lifts me
my Harbor, my Heart...
my Home

i wear His chains of freedom
shackled in love this heart beats strong
i can face all the tomorrows
at His feet....
where i belong.

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