tagGroup SexAt the Rest Stop

At the Rest Stop


We had just gone on a trip to see some relatives that took us across the country. I noticed at the rest stops along the highway that many truckers pulled over to sleep or rest there. I began to formulate a fantasy in my head each time we drove by one...

My pulse raced as we pulled off the highway into the rest stop. There were the usual twenty or so trucks pulled off onto the shoulder and in the parking area. We got out and stretched after our long drive. We had purposely driven a couple of hours away from our home in order to keep our anonymity. It was about 9:30 p.m. which we correctly figured would cut down on any travelling families stumbling across our planned activity.

It was a warm night. Myra was dressed in a lightweight plaid skirt that ran halfway down her calf and a tight white shirt with a plunging neckline. Her boobs swayed slightly as she walked because I had told her to leave her bra at home. A tall man, like myself, could look down into her deep cleavage. A warm wind blew her skirt around the curves of her hips and buttocks. It came close to showing anyone who was watching that she was not wearing any panties under her short skirt.

We walked into the small building that had bathrooms and vending machines. There was an old caretaker watching a 12" television. He looked half-asleep and did not even look up when we came in. We each went into our respective bathrooms to see if anyone was there. One guy was in the stalls on my side so I just washed my hands and went back out to the lobby area. Myra came out and said nobody was in the women's room. We walked back outside and got a sleeping bag out of the trunk.

Myra sat on a bench near the entrance to the building. I went over to a picnic table that was in the dark and away from the building. I opened the sleeping bag so that it covered the table. When I returned, I gave her the okay. She quickly stripped her clothes off, leaving only her tennis shoes and socks on. She placed her clothes in a small backpack that she had brought along with her. If anyone in the parking lot saw her getting undressed, they did not make it apparent.

She walked over to the table and laid down on the sleeping bag. Putting her feet on the bench, she began fingering her neatly trimmed pussy. I watched as she ran a finger between her pussy lips, gently rubbing her clit. She used her other hand to roll a hardened nipple between a finger and a thumb. I rubbed my dick through my shorts. I quickly got a hard-on watching her little show as my eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness. "Go find some truckers to fuck me," she said breathlessly. She stopped her masturbating as I walked away so she would not come too fast.

I walked out toward the parking lot to find some truckers to fuck my wife. One was about to enter the building. He was a short thin guy. He saw me emerge from the darkness, dismissed me with a glance and went inside. I waited outside on the bench for him to come out of the bathroom. I kept trying to peer into the darkness to see Myra's naked body but I could only make out a shape on a table. The trucker saw me sitting there and went out of his way to avoid me. "Wait," I said, scrambling to my feet, "I want to ask you something."

"I ain't no fag and I ain't gonna suck your dick, so go fuck off," he grunted at me as if bored from being propositioned for the infinite time. He turned and began moving toward his rig.

"No, that's not it. I want you to fuck my wife." He stopped and turned to look at me with his squinty eyes. He sized me up, trying to determine if I was making a legitimate offer. "She's right over there on that picnic table. She wants to have a gangbang with as many truckers as she can get." He tried to peer through the night to see if I was telling the truth. I walked away from him and over to the table. I could see that he had not moved one inch with the prospect of getting some pussy. I told Myra to get up and come with me. She stood up and followed me into the light. I took her hand as we returned to where the man was standing.

Returning with my naked wife convinced him. He drooled over her large breasts. "Go ahead. Play with her tits," I told him. He reached over slowly, perhaps still unbelieving. He gently placed a hand on one of her tits and brushed past her nipple with his thumb. Myra's nipple protruded as he felt her breast. She stood perfectly still as this complete stranger molested her chest. "Could you get on your CB and get more guys to screw her?" I asked him. This guy seemed to be in a trance as his other hand reached out to squeeze the other bare breast in front of him.

"I want to fuck her first," he mumbled. He wasn't the most pleasant guy ever. Myra and I agreed and the three of us went off into the darkness. The trucker reached down and played grab ass with her as we walked over to the picnic table. Myra retook her position on her back as we returned to the table. His hand dove down to her honeypot. I watched as he massaged her slot and wormed his middle finger up her love canal. She writhed under his hand and tried to lift her hips to meet his finger. He then ran his hand up her soft belly to her tits, slowly kneading them one at a time. The man stopped playing with her and he unzipped his jeans. He pulled his pants down to his ankles and then kicked them off with a frantic urgency. His smallish cock stuck straight out. Myra grabbed it and began stroking it rapidly. He slapped her hand away and hurried to stick it in her pussy. After only a few strokes, his buttocks clenched and he came. He nearly collapsed on her. He then pulled his dick out of her and began wiping the remaining amount of his goo in her pubic hair.

"Can you get more truckers to fuck her?" I asked again.

He shot me a dirty look as he was pulling his pants up. I guess he thought I was interrupting him. "Wait here," he grumbled. I watched him go toward the parking lot. He went up to his cab and went inside. He didn't come back out and I thought that maybe he just went to sleep. Then I saw the dome lights in two other trucks come on. Each of the rigs opened and the two truckers got out. The first trucker also got back out. They all congregated briefly under the light in front of the building. I could that tell the two new guys were as disbelieving as the first guy was. Finally they began moving toward us.

A fat black man and a hulking white guy had joined the first trucker. The trio

came over to the table. The size of the two other men was intimidating as each of them easily outweighed me and were stocky types. They moved silently toward me. I began to get nervous until the black man said, "He says we can fuck your wife."

"That's right!" Myra said from behind them. "Now drop your pants and get over here. I need your cocks!" I loved hearing her talk nasty. These guys did exactly what she said. They dropped their pants and began to use her like she was a human rag doll. They pushed her around to where they wanted her to be. The fat guy moved between her legs and the other one stuck his dick in her face. Soon she was fucking and sucking both these men. I took my dick out and began stroking it slowly. These two were intent on using Myra openings as they saw fit. They roughly stuck their dicks in her mouth and pussy.

Her tits jiggled from the banging she was getting. The guy doing her pussy had grabbed her legs at the ankles, lifted them up against his chest and was just slamming into her. The other trucker had a hold on the hair on the back of her head and was forcing his cock down her throat. Her eyes were closed as they fucked the hell out of her.

The guy in her mouth pulled out and shot his wad all over her face. This set off the other guy and he filled her pussy with its second load. He continued ramming her even after he had come. Myra began begging him to do it harder. He sped up his thrusting but his softening dick would not allow Myra to come.

I looked up in time to see several more guys coming toward us from the parking lot. Seeing what apparently they had been promised by the first guy, they breezed past me to get at Myra. It looked like he had been going truck to truck waking guys up. Upon seeing my slutty wife, they began to hoot and make lewd comments on how big their dicks were and what they were going to do to her.

There seemed to be a silent agreement among them as they lined up to take their turn with Myra. One stuck his dick in her pussy, another in her mouth, and two others got creative and put their cocks in her hands. She began to jerk them off. The rest stood around her. Some were feeling her tits and some were just playing with themselves.

Shot after shot of cum went in her mouth, pussy, and ass. A lot landed on her face and body as men were just jerking off on her. She seemed to be covered with a thin layer of white and clear mucous, especially on her face and in her hair. The truckers were beginning to retire to their trucks, most after cumming two or three times. As the last few got their rocks off in her pussy, I took all my clothes off and went over to Myra's mouth, sticking my hard cock in. Recognizing the shape of my penis in her mouth, she opened her eyes through the goo and gave me a smile. I looked down at my cum-covered wife and smiled back. She closed her eyes and began sucking me off with all her remaining strength.

There were two truckers left. One was fucking her in the ass from behind as her knees were on the bench of the table. The other was just lazily jerking off watching us. I pulled my dick out and offered her mouth to him. He moved around and refilled her lips with his cock. The man from behind came in her ass and began to leave. I turned her over so that I could straddle her chest. I began running my dick through the cum on her tits. I pressed them together to form a fleshy tunnel. The feel of sliminess on my cock and balls did not deter me from fucking her tits. In fact it made me harder and more excited.

The guy getting a blowjob came and dribbled what he could on her face since it was probably his second or third orgasm. Then he said thanks. His politeness almost made me laugh considering the situation. He stood there watching and playing with his limp dick as I humped Myra's big tits. I shot my first wad up across her face and neck. I then moved down to her drenched pussy. It was dripping with pearly liquid. My cock slid between her reddened pussy lips with amazing ease, but it was so loose that I didn't think I would get off so I pulled out. I moved my dick down to her ass to get some friction. It was tighter but much wider than I had ever seen it. I stuffed her butt with my 8 1/2" rod and played with her clit. She began bucking as she had her orgasm. She clenched her buttocks and the tightness was enough that I came along with her adding to the jizz that was already there. Seeing that the action was over, the last trucker found his pants and left us alone.

Myra could barely move from all the fucking that she had just done. I helped her to her feet and led her to the women's room. The caretaker looked up at us this time and his eyes grew wide as he saw a cum-covered naked beauty walk in. We both went into the ladies bathroom. As we started to wipe the cum off of her with some towels from the backpack, the caretaker walked in. He looked like he was trying to muster up something to say. We stopped what we were doing and waited for him to say something. Myra turned toward him showcasing her big tits. His eyes instantly riveted toward them and he seemed to forget what he was going to say.

"Would you like to fuck me?" Myra asked him. His inhibition left him in no time as she bent over the sink, offering her hairy cum-soaked pussy to him. He could not get his jumpsuit off fast enough and nearly fell as his feet got tangled. The old man's skinny dick went in her and he wildly humped her cunt. He came in about ten seconds. He held on to her hips as he stuck his dick in as far as it would go.

"Thanks, honey," Myra said to him as he moved backwards. She gave him a sweet kiss on the cheek and we continued wiping her off. The caretaker just stood there leaning against the wall with his withering dick hanging down. He watched her bodily charms as we cleaned her up. Myra pulled a pair of panties out of the backpack. She stuck the entire panty up her pussy and then slowly pulled it out.

"Here's a souvenir for you," she said tossing the panty to the old man. He leaped at it and immediately brought it to his nose; deeply inhaling her freshly fucked pussy juices. His dick began to rise again. Seeing this, Myra knelt down, took it in her mouth and gave this guy the blowjob of his life. He sputtered a few more drops in her mouth as he came a second time. His knees gave way after his second orgasm. I picked him up and took him to his room. I put him in his chair naked as a jaybird. Myra brought his jumpsuit and underwear in and dropped it on his desk. He looked like he was in shock. She took his head and lifted her boobs to engulf his face. I thought he was going to have a heart attack as she smothered him.

Myra finally let him go and he slumped in the chair with a goofy smile on his face. I took her hand and we walked out of the rest stop together. She was still naked and I had put my shorts on. Horns blared and lights flashed as we neared our car. Myra waved to all the truckers and got in the car.

She sat nude and exhausted as we drove back home through the dark night. "We must do that again," she softly said. I agreed.

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