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At the Window


Eva sighed and laid her spoon across her plate. Could the man ever cook. They'd started with hors d'oeuvres, then worked their way through pan-fried sea bass with glazed baby vegetables and a pear and walnut salad over a bed of spring greens before finishing up with a ginger mousse.

Eva helped Eric carry their dishes to the sink and then moved to the living room to look out the window. She was impressed despite herself. His flair with food showed creativity and his effort in preparing it made her feel special. She'd never, ever, had a man cook for her before.

And this apartment was something else, too. Compared with her studio on the Upper West Side, this place was palatial. She looked out floor-to-ceilings windows at the Hudson River slugging its way toward the ocean.

She heard him sit on the couch behind her and sipped again from her third glass of wine, the warmth of it feeling its way toward her fingertips. They'd danced around the attraction between them all night, and she knew it was now or never. She'd come with the intention to seduce, and she would not give in to the jitters. No more taking the easy path, especially not with Eric. Tonight, she'd take what she came for.

She just needed a little help first. Eva tipped up her glass and felt the last of the wine slide down her throat.

Eric forced his attention outside to consider the view he'd come to take for granted. They'd talked a lot over dinner and he'd been both pleasantly surprised by her knowledge of politics and amused by her fierce opinions on everything from free-range poultry to Oscar night togs. She knew exactly what she liked and why, and clearly stopped at nothing to get what she wanted.

He smiled in anticipation. Right now, he knew she wanted him, and the knowledge had him hard as a rock.

Their conversation at dinner hadn't been blatantly sexual, but her ingenious little double entendres had him caught between laughing and wanting to take her right there on the table.

Eric looked over to study her soft profile as she took in the view from his windows. Hell, the dress itself was enough of a come-on. And while he loved all the teasing, he was more than ready to move beyond the word games to some more serious play.

His eyes flicked once again to the view outside the window before coming back to her. From his vantage point on the couch, he definitely had the better view. Like the night they'd first met, her very fine legs were showcased by a very short skirt and very high heels.

Eric smiled, remembering his own reaction when she'd taken off her coat in the foyer. He'd fantasized about seeing Eva in red and there she was, draped in scarlet from head to toe. Even her lipstick and polish were a deep, rich ruby.

He felt his blood quicken in appreciation of the view he had now. Barely draped in scarlet, he amended with a wicked grin.

Her hair was piled high on top of her head and he let his eyes caress her back, bare past the waist. He couldn't wait to get his hands on all that smooth skin. He'd yet to touch her once tonight and the anticipation was quickly building to a breaking point.

He watched as Eva shifted her weight to her right hip and widened her stance just a bit. As if the dress itself wasn't enough, Eric thought on a silent groan. She was deliberately provoking him, the little minx.

He felt his cock twitch against his fly. Her skirt was so short that her current pose almost threatened full exposure.

Almost, but not quite.

Time to do something about that.

Eric got up and dimmed the lights before moving toward her. The view was great from the couch, he thought, looking again at her long bare legs and silk-covered ass as he approached, but he'd rather have all that skin within reach.

Eva could almost feel his eyes on her skin and fought down what she was sure was a full-body flush. She seldom wore her hair up and felt naked with her back fully exposed.

But she'd worn the dress with exactly this purpose in mind, she reminded herself. She'd seen the way his eyes devoured her all night. He'd been polite and attentive, but the tension beneath the surface was palpable.

She wanted him. Her body remembered the feel of his lips on hers and she shivered at the thought of how much more he could give her. She intended to get what she could from this encounter.

She felt him behind her now and almost shivered when he took the glass from her hand. She held her breath as he leaned over to put it down out of reach. The air was thick with tension and Eva felt her knees go weak as his shadow rose again over her reflection in the window. She felt a rush of pleasure slide through her even before his hand reached her.

His fingers slid from the nape of her neck to come around and cup her jaw, his touch light.

"We had some unfinished business," he said, his voice soft and matter-of-fact as he turned her head to speak directly into her ear. "Didn't we."

It wasn't a question, and Eva felt a hard tremor slide through her at his tone, remembering his kiss in the park. The kiss that changed her world.

He intended to have her now. That much was crystal clear, and Eva felt herself blush again with the full force of her desire for him—for this.

She was more than ready. She'd already made up her mind to play, and play hard. And it was starting. Finally.

Eric released her jaw but she didn't move a muscle. She knew he'd felt the heat that washed through her at his words, and she was strung taut with anticipation of his touch.

She saw her flushed cheeks and wet, open mouth through half-closed eyes and was stunned by the wantonness of her expression. There was no doubt she was liking this. A lot. And the thought of how she looked to him made her even hotter.

Eric ran a slow finger down the bare length of her spine and her shiver followed him down over red silk to trace the curve of her butt. Her skin flushed again as she gasped and arched a bit.

Eva turned her head the slightest bit more to look at him over her shoulder and knew as she did that her eyes carried the same faint plea she'd seen in her reflection only moments before.

He held her gaze but didn't touch her again and Eva felt as if her skin had come alive. She knew it was ridiculous, but she had the sudden feeling that she'd die if he didn't touch her soon.

"Put your hands on the glass," he said quietly, his voice rough. "High."

The command sent a jolt of pure fire through her and she closed her eyes briefly to compose herself before looking at him again.

They were in full view, she thought, controlling a panicked little spurt of pleasure. While there weren't any apartments facing his, she would be on display in front of a wall of glass.

Looking at his eyes now, she saw a savage pleasure there and knew he wouldn't back down. He stood behind her, patient, waiting. Not asking again.

Not asking at all.

Overwhelmed with her desire for him, Eva closed her eyes and turned her head back toward the glass as she slowly raised her hands.

Her fingertips jumped at first contact with the cool, hard surface, and she pressed her palms down, gathering every ounce of self-control she had not to turn around and settle for something less threatening but infinitely less exciting.

This was what she was here for. Her pulse went wild as she held the pose for him, feeling his gaze slip over her body.

"You're beautiful," he said, his breath hot, like phantom fingers on her sensitive skin. "No one will see you but me."

And still he didn't touch her.

She could feel her body trembling now, aching for his touch and poised on the cusp of desperation.

"Spread your legs wider." The demand sent a gush of heat between her legs, soaking the scrap of silk nestled there and making her painfully tight nipples even harder.

Moving slowly on unsteady heels, she felt cool air rush between her thighs and swallowed hard on her excitement.

Eric reached out to brush the hem of her dress, and her thighs clenched hard. He was so close, but still he didn't touch. Instead, she felt the silk slide over her skin in the lightest caress possible as he inched her skirt up.

Oh. My. God.

Her breathing reduced to a sharp pant now, Eva stood still while he pulled her skirt all the way up to drape it over the uppermost curve of her bottom.

She'd never felt more exposed, or more aroused, in her life.

And then he stepped back.

It was all Eva could do not to move. Embarrassment mixed with intense excitement to swirl like a fever through her veins and she could feel herself literally shake with need.

His eyes were on her and she burned again with the knowledge of her exposure to him.

She watched his reflection as his eyes moved over her. He took his time, and she felt herself get even hotter under his scrutiny. She could almost feel his gaze, like a possessive touch.

When finally his eyes came up to meet hers in the glass, his smile was dark and wild, and Eva felt her own lips curl the slightest bit in response.

And still, she stood there, not moving a muscle, legs spread. She was hotter than she'd ever been, and she beyond shock now at her own abandon. She heard him approach and arched again in blatant invitation, hardly believing her actions even as she tensed in anticipation of his touch.

Was that really her, she wondered, burning with the heat of the moment, watching him in the glass. She never made such needy little noises. But she was breathless and desperate for the feel of his hands—for anything, really. He had her exposed and whimpering and yet she'd never felt more sure of anything. And she knew with sudden certainty that she couldn't wait another second.

Eric growled and the sound went straight through her. Just as she thought she might actually beg him to touch her, his right hand slipped inside her dress from the back and he reached up to tug on her nipple.

Eva let out a greedy moan and let her forehead rest against the glass. His hand was covered by her dress, but somehow she felt even more exposed like this.

He seemed to read her mind. "Easy access," he said, his voice strained with need. "Isn't that why you wore this dress?"

She moaned again, unable to answer as he brushed her ass with his left hand then hooked a finger beneath the string of her thong.

Her body heat was steaming the glass and she'd lost her view of the city below them.

"And this sexy little thing," he said, tugging up on the thong and drawing a strangled gasp from Eva as it dug into tender, engorged flesh. She ground back against his hand in search of greater contact and turned her head to the left against the cool glass.

He tugged again, rubbing his thumb against the tiny embroidered dragon at the apex of her cheeks. "Was this for me, too?"

She felt his breath against her ear and struggled to hold herself together in the face of his steady tug and release.

"Answer me," he said quietly, pulling again on her nipple in tandem with his rhythm down below.

She felt herself start to rock her pelvis in time with his tugs and forced out a tortured "yes," not caring that he controlled her so completely with only two points of contact.

And with his voice, she thought, frantic to hear it again.

He slid his fingers down, still beneath her thong, and reached between her spread legs to feel the wetness there.

"I imagine this is for me, too, then," he said, spreading the moisture around before pushing a finger up inside her and pinching her nipple, hard.

She heard the satisfaction in his voice and expelled her breath on a long, drawn-out moan. His fingers pumped in and out with the motion of her hips, and when he withdrew his hands, she whimpered again.

She was desperate to feel his touch, desperate to touch him ... desperate just to see him. She turned her head more to look at him from heavy-lidded eyes and saw his features taut with the same need she felt.

"What do you want?" he asked, moving his right hand from her breast to thread his fingers in her hair and force her head back more for a scorching kiss. And still only his mouth and hands touched her.

"I want to touch you," she said breathlessly when he pulled away.

Eva started to turn toward him, but he reached out and placed her hands firmly back on the glass before running his palms down the length of her arms and body to settle on her ass again and then leave her.

She heard a zipper, then the sound of foil being torn and she tensed, but still he held back.

His hands reached back around beneath her dress, one to a breast, one down her belly beneath her thong, and he squeezed.

"This dress will live in my fantasies forever," he said, his voice tight in her ear. "To the outside world, we're just a couple enjoying the evening view together." Her thighs clenched again as she felt him pull aside her thong and nudge himself up against her slick entrance.

"You want to touch me?" he asked, his voice hard with strain now.

Again he squeezed both hands—pinching, pulling—and again she felt her body tighten in response. She was so ready. She couldn't take another minute of this. Another second.

"No." She choked it out and arched against him, trying desperately to stay in control.

"Good," he said, then slammed inside and slid two fingers down around her clit while he pulled hard on her nipple. His rhythm was furious, and Eva came to a screaming climax within seconds, overwhelmed by the fury of their joining.

She braced herself against the glass as he came right behind her, his face reflected in a silent scream of ecstasy.

Then she was caught up in his arms as he lifted her feet off the ground and backed up toward the couch. He sat, bringing her down on top of him and folding himself around her.

When her heart had slowed its frantic pace, Eva moved her head to the side and looked up at him.

He was smiling drowsily down at her. "Not bad for the first time, huh?"

She laughed, still a bit breathless and not used to the feeling of him still inside her. "Much, much better than not bad," she said, sated and content, completely boneless.

They sat tangled on the couch for long minutes, his hand caressing her leg, eyes closed in utter contentment.

"More wine?" she asked finally, pulling herself off his lap and adjusting her thong with an embarrassed little blush. "I'll get it."

"Sure," he said with a chuckle. "I could use something to drink. There's a nice Chardonnay in there." He smiled lazily up at her.

Eva crossed to the kitchen and found the white in the fridge. She poured two glasses and stopped a minute to collect herself before heading back in.

Resting her palms on the granite countertop, she let her head fall forward. Sex with Eric had been a nearly transcendental experience.

She raised her eyes to find her image in the glass on the cabinet doors and had to close her eyes against the memory of her reflection in the windows when he drove her over the edge.

Finally, she opened her eyes and picked up the glasses. She was going back out there to get as much more of him as she could before she'd buckle down and do what she really came here to do.

Checking her reflection in the glass of the cabinet doors, she headed back out to the living room.

He looked up when she entered, and Eva smiled before moving toward the couch. He looked relaxed, his broad shoulders loose, pants still undone, his legs splayed with hands resting lightly on his thighs. Slightly rumpled and extremely sexy.

She settled down beside him and handed him a glass, and he looked at her for a second before taking a sip. His eyes traveled from her mouth down over her breasts and thighs to follow the length of her bare legs before coming back up. She felt her breath stop and her nipples tighten as his gaze stopped there.

"You know," he said, very seriously, looking back up at her eyes, "I've yet to see the rest."

She smiled at the twinkle in his eye and leaned in to graze his lips in a butterfly kiss.

"That's what the bedroom is for."

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