At Zero


*** At Zero ***

At zero,
There was a sound.
So deafening,
It could be heard,
Around the world.
So loud,
It shattered,
Our beliefs.
And left us,
In despair.

At zero,
There was a silence,
So deadly quiet,
You could hear,
A heartbeat.
But, not a heartbeat,
Could be heard.
Not even an echo.

At zero,
The world was dust.
So thick,
You could not breath.
If there had been,
Any breath to take.
Any left,
To breath.

At zero,
A sea of tears,
To drown us all.
Burn us,
In their salty brine.
And Leave us naked,
To our fear.
On our grief.

At zero,
A nation came together.
A nation grieved.
Held one another,
In weakened arms,
And drew strength.
Enough to go on.
Maybe.......enough to heal.
In time.
In time.

At zero,
Where heroes perished,
And where born.
This, a solemn truth.
A cloud of monarch butterflies,
Suddenly appeared.
And flew into,
The smoke filled sky,
Like souls,

Set free.

In memory of September 11th. 2001
I will never forget.
© 9/02 Robert "BO" Golden
The last verse about the butterflies, is one of the many true stories you never hear about.

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