tagRomanceAthena Ch. 02

Athena Ch. 02


We spoke only for a few minutes. What I desired from her would not be accomplished in a conversation. Then she agreed to meet me for lunch the next day.

I woke early and dressed carefully. I wanted to make a good impression but not to come off as too preppy. I had made us reservations at a favorite restaurant where I knew they would not mind what I wore. So I slipped on a pair of Dockers and a navy cashmere sweater.

I had my car pull up out front of her family's Park Avenue apartment. The doorman stood aside as she swept regally out and moved right into my car as if she owned it...or perhaps me. She was dressed in her usual elegant manner...a Donna Karan dress and shoes, carrying a Coach bag and wearing Manolo Blahnik heels. She was beautiful. She was classy. And I wanted to fuck her bad. I mean I wanted to fuck her. But I also wanted to fuck her in a hard ruthless manner that could be described only as bad.

But first, lunch.

Our table was in a darkened corner and we ordered drinks as we looked at the menu. The nice thing about being rich and unemployed is you can drink alcohol whenever you want. And I did. But I did not drink to excess. That would certainly give Athena the wrong impression about me. Instead, I barely touched my drink until the waiter came to take our orders. I noticed Athena had had more than a few sips of hers but I shrugged it off as nerves. If she had a problem with alcohol, the tabloids would have told the world about it by now.

We talked of many things while we waited for our food. She was a well read woman which I appreciated. We had a great many things in common...a love of history, of fine wines, of travel and of great literature. By the time our food arrived, I felt we were becoming great friends.

Her cheeks were becoming flushed, I was not sure if it was from the alcohol or the company. Certainly the room was not overly warm. I laid my left hand upon her right thigh where it nearly rubbed up against mine in the narrow booth. She flushed more. I was pleased.

I left my hand there, motionless, for some moments as we continued to talk and eat. There were many things you can say about me but patience is not one of them. When the opportunity availed itself, I slid my hand between her parted thighs and let my thumb begin to gently rub against her hard clit.

Soon, I could feel the wetness building against my fist. She was not fighting me, not at all. Her body was slowly succumbing to my massage. I could hear her soft sighs of pleasure in my ear as she stopped eating and leaned in against my shoulder. I turned then to face her, capturing her lips with mine and sinking my tongue deep into her mouth.

The kiss quickly became hot, lips melted to lips as I continued to make small circles with my thumb against the hot hardness of her clit. Her purrs of pleasure made their way inside my ear and set a lovely humming vibration going within my brain.

My tongue danced with hers as I continued assaulting her body with my own, my touch light but demanding against her.

Faster, my thumb moved against her until her groans entered my mouth. Then, turning her in the seat so she faced me more directly, I moved my other hand between her thighs and pushed two fingers into her hot wet pussy. There I was with both hands between her glorious thighs as she whimpered into my mouth in hungry need.

I pumped my fingers in and out of her, feeling her wetness coating them swiftly, as my thumb continued to move against her. She was humping my hands now, eager to feel them in and on her, pushing her to the brink of excitement.

I did not care where we were or if anyone saw us. Apparently, neither did she as she did not make a move to stop me. Not even when I increased the pace of my hands and began to fuck her with deep thrusts of my fingers. She began to moan louder but not so loud as to draw attention. I knew she was only moments away from her release. I could feel the heat of her growing around my fingers. And so I moved faster, deeper, pulling my mouth from hers so I could watch her eyes as she came.

And she did. Fast and hard and nearly soundlessly, she covered my fingers with her sweetness. And as the waves of it floated over her, easing away the tension of her day and making her soft and pliable inside, I slipped my fingers from inside her and slid them into her mouth. "Suck them clean, Athena," I whispered softly only for her ears.

She nodded her head and soundlessly did as she was told, cleaning her cum off of me like a kitten. I smiled at her, pleased. She was just what I needed. Soft and pliable and easily led. I did enjoy submissive women.

"Finish your lunch. Then I am taking you back to my place and fucking you," I told her in a voice that said it was not an invitation but a demand.

She smiled and nodded her head, "As you wish."

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