tagIncest/TabooAunt Tess

Aunt Tess


In near desperation Faye Monroe called her youngest sister Tess. She was attempting to find accommodation for her son Harry for all of June while she and husband Alex toured Europe.

Faye, who lived in LA, said it didn't suit Tess's sisters Beth and Rosemary who lived in San Jose and Sacramento to take him.

"With your sisters and husbands both living in small apartments with children, I can understand their reluctance to take Harry for longer than a couple of nights. Alex and I are taking mom with us so that bed option is out."

Tess said happily, "Yes sure mom, no problem. I don't know what Fiona will say but it will be okay. Steve will be down south for most of June supervising construction of his company's new plant."

"Oh will it really be okay with you and Fiona having a 20-year old college guy staying without a man in the house? I'm thinking of your neighbors."

"Our neighbor keep out of our hair, and we virtually snub them so no problem."

"So it's all right then?"

"Certainly. How's your sex life going darling?"

* * *

Tess met Harry at Hector Airport and almost didn't recognize him. In the two years since she'd last seen him he'd grown taller and was beginning to muscle up. Faye had said he was playing college football so had a non-stop fitness program to follow. As for the spots on his face that Fiona had complained about when they were last together, they were gone along with his teen years.

"Hi Aunt Tess. Where's Fi?"

"Just Tess will do. She left this morning for Florida. Her boyfriend's grandparents invited her to accompany him there."

"Then it's just you and me?"

"Yes darling, sorry about that. Your boring old aunt will try to find some young people for you to socialize with. I guess some of Fiona's friends will not have gone away although the young tend to believe North Dakota is not the place to spend summer."

"They'll be too young for me being around Fiona's age. I imagine she's looking forward to starting college?"

They were walking to collect Harry's bags. Tess said firmly, "Don't be too set in dating only females your age darling. You never know what you might be missing."

"What an older woman like you?" he grinned.

Tess's almost tripped over her feet thinking this was going to be easier than she'd expected.

"Mom and grandma sent their love. They left this morning. They'd decided to fly to Montreal and stay three days because they'd not been there before. Will you be okay with just me in the house? I mean what will your neighbors think?"

"Yes I'll be fine. I'm your aunt Harry."

"Yes I know that and you know that?" he said, glancing at her and then she was aware his focus had settled on her breast. She smiled secretly. It had been worthwhile hitching them up uncomfortably high that morning.

Harry unpacked in the guestroom thinking if Tess updated her clothes and wore decent make-up, he could be tempted to have a go. But she had meager sex appeal and because of her personal neglect looked as old as his mom despite being seven years younger.

They got through that evening and the next day and evening without reducing themselves into mutants. Surprisingly Harry proved to be a both a good listener and talker and shared some of Tess's interests, just a few. Her quest to learn of his interests stopped when he looked at her steadily and said, "Drinking with the guys, partying and having great sex."

She wanted to tell him how could anyone extract the benefits of creative socializing from those activities but refrained, vaguely remembering they may have come close to her priority interests at his age although she would have expressed such interests more delicately.

"How many times a night do you and Uncle Steve have sex?"

Tess's mind appeared to switch off. Blood pounded her head and her fingers curled spontaneously and she was sure he'd said how many times a NIGHT. God who had sex that often? For years Steve had been reduced to slipping between her legs three times a month, perhaps four times if they'd been out drinking and lust seized them, er he'd yawn and say what about it and she'd nod and would say providing he didn't take too long because she was sleepy.

Harry was talking to her again. Her mind resumed transmission.

He said, "I was just interested. You don't have to answer or wring my neck for being impertinent."

"Usually three times."

"Jesus," he snorted and sounded impressed. At that point she realized she'd meant to add a month but somehow that had filtered out of her intended confession. But no she didn't want to add she meant a month and having him switch off.

"But I also lie."

He grinned and she laughed and knew that had concluded that conversation with no harm being done.

"Do you masturbate?"

"No," she shrieked. "I'm off to bed."

God the only other person to have ever asked her that question was her mom when Tess had been in her teens."

The nerve of the asshole. She should have slapped his face.

Next morning Tess was standing at the bathroom doorway nude and bent wide at the knees, playing with her pussy and brushing her teeth with her free hand while watching 'Breakfast' on TV across the room. Harry came in with coffee.

"Harry!" she screamed in shock, standing petrified.

"Sorry, I should have knocked," he said. "I see you are doing your morning exercises. Nice tits. I'll leave your coffee beside your bed and get breakfast underway."


"Yes?" he asked, turning to look at the toothbrush being held in one of her two hands shielding her vulva, perhaps thinking that was an unusual place to have teeth.

"Promise me you'll never tell a single soul you caught me like this?"

"Sure Jess I promise. It's no big deal. Women who claim they don't do it are liars or else are selfishly denying their bodies."

"Get out of my bedroom Harry."

"Sure but don't forget to finish off what you were doing."

Tess sat on the bath shaking. Christ he hadn't turned a hair and had seen her with three fingers in her vagina. She'd never be able to talk to him or even face him again.

Ten minutes later Tess walked into the kitchen intending to say she'd simply being straightening curly hair down there and he was never to go into her bedroom again.

"Oh hi, you are looking calmer than I expected," he said, pulling out her chair. "Please sit and have your juice while I make you an omelet. May I ask why don't you clip your pubic hair?"

"I-I have thought about it often. Steve suggested a couple of times that I should remove all that hair."

"I prefer it clipped."

Accepting that once again her control of their conversation had been lost, Tess sighed and said, "Seen a lot of clipped and shaven pussy have you?"

"A bit. It began at college when I was plowing my way through the females in my class willing to be with me but this year there are four female lecturers that have been keeping me happy, and some other guys also I suspect. Three of them clip but most of the female students shave either completely or almost so."

"Well that makes you experienced."

"Has mom told you I often clip her and shave the edges?"

"What! God she's your mother."

The redhead grinned, creasing his freckles and made Tess feel such a fool when he said, "Yeah right." Of course he knew who was his mother.


Tess couldn't go on.

"It's usually on a Sunday morning when dad is at golf. Mom will call out "Clip time" and that usually provides a welcome break from my studies. She'll be ready for me, lying on a towel on the bed with her legs well apart. She always has a top on."

"God well that's something."

"When I finish I usually lick and finger her until she comes."

"Do you... do you...?" Tess croaked.

"No she refuses to let me push my dick into her or to even allow me to unzip."

"Oh you poor boy," Tess said sarcastically and was horrified when he said did she want him to do it to her."

"What?" she croaked.

"Clip you," Harry said, flipping the omelet expertly, placing on the grated cheese, chopped tomato and parsley, and folding it and serving.

"God this is better than I do an omelet."

"Those female tutors I mention are all great cooks, one of them has worked in the kitchen of her parents' restaurants since she was twelve."

Just as Tess forked her first taste of omelet into her mouth Harry said, "If you want me to fuck you just indicate your interest."

Tess's eyes bulged but she thought it indelicate to scream at him with her mouth full. Harry grinned at her and left the room. God he was acting like a man rather than a 20-year-old kid.

He returned dressed for running. "I don't eat before I go running. I think you'll be a good fuck as you move well and don't carry much extra weight. How old are you?"

She answered on auto, "Thirty-seven."

"Oh same age as my lecturers Patricia and Annie. Both of them are married."

Stunned, Tess watched him smile and wave goodbye.

"Bye," she managed.

God he probably had a pole-sized cock to attract sexually active lecturers. No way would he get that up her but then she remembered that was contrary to her intention.

Tess made the beds, not wanting to think of him, but that only made her think of him. She'd decided to allow him to clip her pubic hair but had scolded he was not to lick her. Her next thought was how long was his tongue.

She groaned. She had intended to fuck him but the plan was for her to make the play.

Harry returned from running, all hot and sweaty.

Tess got straight into it.

"Harry I'm your aunt, a married woman and no way..."

"I'm only twenty Tess. Imagine being fucked by a guy seventeen years your junior. It will be something to remember long after Uncle Steve no longer engages in sex with you."

"I... I..."

Tess couldn't think of what she wanted to say.

Finally she managed, "Go shower you oaf and don't think of me if you touch your dick."

She was appalled she'd added that last bit. Why was she attempting to rile him? Oh god, the grin on his face meant he knew she was saying what she didn't mean.

He entered the kitchen and she served him scrambled eggs, not wishing him to look at her version of an omelet.

"Oh what perfect eggs, with no sign of excess liquid. Thank you. I am privileged."

God what a Casanova going on about scrambled eggs like that. She's been making scrambled eggs since she was six.

She blushed and said it was her pleasure.

"Go grab a pair of scissors and comb, a towel and a hand mirror and a pillow. I'll do you here on the table because you would be nervous being with me hovering over your bared pussy on your bed."

"No I wouldn't... er yes I would. Yes out here will be great. I remind you the deal is you clip me, but only to clip me."

"I'll have full view of your pussy?"

"I realize that."

"And I am your nephew."

"For goodness sake Harry, do you or do you not wish to clip my pussy?"

"Yes of course. Off you go and return smiling. You are not unique. All women I've ever seen undressed have a pussy."

That comment appeared to calm Tess. She returned smiling, having removed her skirt and panties and placed on to the table the items he'd nominated.

"Here, let's kiss to get you really relaxed," he said, placing an arm around her. Tess turned and raised her lips and was kissed, beautifully. The kiss went on and she could feel her resistance melting. God she was allowing him to lead. But he dropped his arms and stepped back.

"Please remove your top and bra."


"Because I want to take a good look at your tits."

"I prefer them being called breasts."

"That's fine but I have my preference."

Tess removed all of her clothing and sighed, "They droop."

"Of course they do Tess. You are thirty-seven and a mother."

"Thank you for that sensitive comment."

She went in backwards to the table, having no wish for him to eye her anus.

He grinned as she took her weight on her hands and wriggled her ass on to the table.

Harry grabbed the pillow and handed it to her.

As Tess lay on the pillow she sighed in relief thinking at this stage in the bedroom he would have been testing the springs. She was uncomfortable but almost felt safe on this table.

"You're in a great position to be fucked," he said. "On of those lecturers I mentioned, Annie, climbs on to her hands and knees on her office desk and has me chew around her asshole while I finger her."

Tess almost threw up in horror at his bluntness. She knew he was goading her, attempting to see how far he could push her before she broke and lost her temper.

"Oh how lovely for Annie," she said, trying to sound calm. "Please get on with it."

Harry clipped away. Tess knew she was becoming aroused and her nipples were a dead give-away. She was also sure her pussy was beginning to drip.

"I can smell your arousal."

Omigod. Just how upsetting could a guy get? She closed her eyes and slowly began giggling. Yes giggling.


She opened her eyes and stared at him. Your touching me is arousing me. At first I worried about my nipples hardening and you noticing that and then I worried about dripping a little. I had totally overlooked any muskiness and until you embarrassingly made a big thing out of it."

"There's nothing that should be embarrassing. It's just your body behaving perfectly normally. I really like your tits and have noticed they haven't pancaked although you are on your back. You appear in good shape and ought to fuck well."


"You'll have the fitness to put effort into it right through to climaxing."

"It's tiring putting great effort into it when on your back."

"Who fucks on their back?"

Tess who was never fucked any other way licked her lips. She decided to give him the green light: "I've decided to let you have what you want from me."

"Let's discuss that marvelous offer tomorrow. You must think carefully about it overnight."

Tess marveled was he only twenty?

After checking on progress with the mirror for the second time she said, "I haven't worked out what to say when Steve expresses surprise finding I'm clipped down there."

"Tell him it was a wet day, we had nothing to do, so I suggested I clip you."

"Are you insane?"

"Very well, please tell me your more convincing explanation?"

Tess giggled. "Oh god, me being clipped and you living alone in the same house as me. What else could he think but you have been sleeping with me?"

"You could try this one, that you went to your beauty parlor and was clipped to give him a welcome home surprise."

Tess appeared interested and finally said, "Yes, that could be very convincing. I won't need to wait twelve hours to fully consider my decision."

"Tough because nothing happens if it happens before tomorrow."

Tess looked at herself in the full-length bedroom mirror and smiled when she saw the alternative to an unruly bush, not that she'd been overly hirsute. Good boy, she thought, feeling modernized. Oh yeah she sighed. Her body maintenance activity had just increased although it would be a fairly insignificant new chore compared with keeping her vulva fully shaven. What had just happened would rate as one of the most unusual experiences of her life. She couldn't wait to tell her friends and her daughter... oh yeah?

After dressing and doing her hair properly Tess went to the kitchen and found Harry leaning back on his chair with his feet on the table reading the newspaper. She was about to ask him to remove his feet from her table but instead pictured herself on her hands and knees on the table and Harry chewing her ass. Omigod, the scumbag had told her about that so she'd think about it! She went up and pulled his feet off the table and said "Coffee?"

He replied please and added she had a pretty good butt for a woman of her age.

Tess ignored that, relieved she hadn't slammed him over the head with the breadboard. Her age indeed! The insinuation of that comment suggested she was ancient. That switched her to thinking about having sex but her conscience yelled don't do it because it would land them both in trouble.

"Why aren't you running this morning?"

"Because I'm on light routine over summer and run only every second day. I'll find a gym nearby this morning."

"Come with me to my gym; it accommodates both male and females."

"Oh so that explains why you have a fairly tight butt and good weight control."

"Yes perhaps. Oh while I remember, I'll be having lunch with three of my girlfriends. Do you wish to join us?"

"No thanks, they'll only want to fuck me."

Tess sighed... oh the confidence of youth.

"I'll prepare you a chicken salad," she said, thinking probably Imelda would have quietly asked him for his mobile phone number.

Imelda arrived at 12:15 on the way to the city and had diverted as usual to call for Tess. Tess saw her pull up and thought Imelda was never early except today. Usually she arrived at 12.35 or even later and would toot and Tess would run out. She had to stop Imelda coming in.

Tess grabbed her handbag and said goodbye and Harry looked at her and grinned.


"You've forgotten lipstick."

"Oh damn. She ran to the bedroom but it was too late. Imelda was already entering the kitchen by the time Tess returned holding her lipstick tube.

"Oh hi."

"Hi Tess, I'm early today. I've been early all morning."

"This... this is my nephew Harry. Harry this is Mrs Amoretti."

By then Imelda was fully into the kitchen and could see Harry.

Harry stood and smiled and Imelda said throatily, "Well look at you."


"It means I'm impressed Harry. I just love red hair and lithe and yet muscular bodies of young men, not that I ever get near them. Um until now."

"We must go," Tess urged.

"No we are early. Go put on your lipstick darling. There is something I wish to ask Harry."

God what a whore, Tess fumed, surprised she'd labeled her best friend like that. Well Imelda was poaching, practically perspiring working hard to try to appear sexy.

Fixing a smile in place Tess returned the kitchen and said, "Come on let's go. Bye Harry."

"Yes bye Harry," Imelda said and practically purring added, "It was so lovely meeting you."

"Feel free to phone me anytime you wish Imelda."

God the bitch had screwed his phone number from him and had told him to call her Imelda. Tess was furious.

Walking to the car Imelda said, "Harry told me he's staying here all month. That means he's alone in the house with you. Are you fucking him darling?"

That improper question knocked the fight out of Tess. She wouldn't be able to fob Imelda off with a nothing answer.

"I wish but he's my nephew."

"It's already a sin to commit adultery darling so adding another scarcely matters."

Tess said submissively, "Are you aiming to explore his body?"

"Oh cute wording darling. You tell me to butt out and I will, although reluctantly. You are my best friend and so I respect your wishes."

"No go for it," Jess said, practically gnashing her teeth. "But remember it would be adultery."

"Being concerned about adultery has not worried me prior to this darling. Well off we go. I'll wait for a day when I'm home alone for at least four hours and will invite him over, providing that's okay with you?"

"Yes sure," Tess said as Imelda noisily shifted into the car's next gear. "But four hours... what would you do with him for such a long time?"

"Fuck of course should he decide to enjoy my fulsome hospitality. Guys of his age and fitness are capable of going all night if need be."

There was silence.

"Didn't you know that?"

"No," Tess squeaked.

Tess returned home at 3:00, Imelda driving straight off to be home when the youngest child arrived home from school. At 4:00 Tess drove Harry to her gym and enrolled him for a month and paid the fee, ignoring his protest.

As a female trainer took him round the circuit three whores surrounded them to be introduced to Harry. Tess was warming up on a treadmill and couldn't believe how tough it would be if she was to shield her nephew from all these cock-crazy bitches. Didn't they have their own guy or girlfriend to keep them fully satisfied? Obvious not and not even Imelda for that matter, despite being married to Hot Toddy as she and her other close friends referred to Imelda's hairy husband Todd.

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