tagMatureAunt Tina Ch. 1

Aunt Tina Ch. 1


I hated the thought of staying with Aunt Tina. She had always seemed so distant and aloof. She was mom's older sister and had been single for over 10 years. Her husband left her for a younger gal and had moved away. She never seemed to date and in fact seemed prudish.

Mom was going on a business trip and I was to stay with Tina for a week. Being it was summer before college and I was 18, I had no school so I planned on lying around a lot. She'd be working so I would have the days to myself. It would give me the opportunity to indulge in my favorite pastime, masturbating.

The first night was uneventful. We had supper and then watched a movie. Upon retiring to bed, I retrieved my porno mag. The pics were hot and the stories always did the trick. Careful to be quiet, so as not to wake Aunt Tina, I jerked off and then fell asleep.

Aunt Tina was gone when I awoke. Stumbling to the bathroom to relieve myself, I was greeted with a surprise. The clothes hamper was open and there on top was a pair of her panties. Not the plain white ones like I had assumed, but to my surprise a black pair.

I felt myself harden as I picked them up. Sniffing them, I noticed a musky odor. I immediately wrapped them around my large cock and began stroking. The feeling was great as the silky material slid up and down my prick. Heading to her room, I got very excited.

Searching her drawers, I found my reward. In her top drawer were her undergarments. There were panties of many different colors with bras to match. I never realized her conservative wardrobe hid a pair of 38dd tits. There were also garters and stockings.

I was in heaven as I sifted through the drawer. Hid underneath it all was videotape. Curious as hell, I hurried downstairs to see what was on it. Hitting play, I stared in awe. There before was a mature lady sucking off a young guy.

She sucked him off while I stroked my hard shaft with Aunt Tina's panties. The feel of the fabric was extremely pleasurable. The feeling only fueled by the thought of Tina now as an object of lust, not that of a prudish aunt. As I slid her black panties up and down my pole, I fantasized it was her sucking my cock.

Just as the hot mature lady was getting the guy on the screen off, I felt it. The familiar feeling that indicated that my impending climax was near. The sensation started deep in my groin and radiated outward. My balls tightened as the seen faded. Then the young guy was shown sucking on the actress’s nice tits.

That's when it hit me. My hips bucked as ribbon after ribbon of my jizz erupted from the swollen tip of my throbbing cock. Aunt Tina's black panties were soaked with my spew. I noticed my hot sperm oozing through the thin material. Laying back in exhaustion, I turned my attention back to the video.

I imagined myself in the video. Instead of the sexy, mature woman being pleasured, I envisioned Tina instead. All I could see was auntie's tits being sucked by me. The taboo about the incest entered my mind, but it only seemed to fuel the lewd thought. She did seem to have something for younger men, if the video was any indication.

Removing her soaked underwear from my penis, I noticed it was getting hard again. I had only softened slightly and already ready for round two. I quickly went to Aunt Tina's room again. Rummaging through her undies drawer, I selected a very satiny, very slick pair of white panties. Brushing them over my groin, my prick pulsed in anticipation of what was to come.

I was suddenly inspired to try them on. They felt very snug as I pulled them on. Flattening my stiff dick against me, I positioned the panties in place. They hugged my cock so snuggly, that is the 6" that they covered. Running my hands over my ass shivers raced up and down my spine. Moving around to the front, I trembled as my swollen head pulsed, a drop of precum oozed from the meaty tip.

"What the hell are you doing?" she yelled from behind me, my heart jumped to my throat, my body frozen in terror. "Wearing my panties and watching my private movie. I can't believe you. I come home early so we could go out to lunch. Then I find this, and you in my room, wearing my panties. Not here one full day and you are already demonstrating what a naughty boy you are. Turn around and face me."

I was horrified. What did I do this for? Sure it was great, but now? Now I was humiliated beyond belief. What was I to do? How was I going to talk my way from this predicament? I wasn't, no way. I remained statue-like, unable to move.

"I suggest NOW," she barked, causing me to turn suddenly, my head dropped in shame. "Better. Now what would possess you to do such naughty acts with Aunt Tina's private things? I should call your mother tonight and tell her want kind of boy she has. Want do you think of that, oh and by the way, look at me when you speak."

I was still staring at my rock solid prick, the drop of precum still glistening on the tip. I was in disbelief of my sustained arousal, given my current situation. The thought of her telling mom scared me like nothing else. I'd never be able to face her again, let alone maintain our great relationship. Watching the precum drip onto auntie's panties, I lifted my head. as the drop caused a spot to appear on the white silk.

"I'm sorry," I stammered, noticing she was now only a couple feet from me, her gaze locked on my midsection. "Please no. Please don't tell my mom, please Aunt Tina. I'm so sorry, I'm sorry. Please, I'll do anything, just don't tell her. Aunt Tina, I'm begging you."

"I can't believe you," she retorted, still looking at my rigid staff. "Here you stand, in my panties, dripping your nasty secretions from your swollen penis. Wasn't it good enough to soil these black underwear first, while watching my private video? All this and then you have the balls to ask me not to tell your mother. Yeah right and your erect penis sure doesn't seem sorry."

I squeaked, "please Aunt Tina, please don't tell her. I am really sorry, please don't. If you don't tell, I do anything you want. Aunt Tina, I'm sorry, really sorry. I'm begging you Aunt Tina, please, please, please don't let her know."

"The only thing sorry about you is your sniveling," she chuckled, as she let her hair down. "Do anything, huh? It is apparent that your maturity level was passed long ago by the size of your penis. A man with half of what you got would be out having sex instead of getting caught by his auntie. An auntie who has a solution to the current dilemma."

I stood in awe as she kicked her shoes off her stockinged feet. Removing her jacket, she opened her shirt a button at a time. When done, the dark blouse parted enough to show a little cleavage and green bra strap. Next she reached to her long skirt's zipper and undid it. Slowly pushing the conservative dress down, she stepped out of it. Her long shirt covered the tops of her shapely, toned legs, clad in those black stockings.

"No need to be overdressed," she said, opening her shirt to reveal her glorious, bra-covered globes. "Did my video turn you on? I bet you watched it while using my black panties to masturbate with. What did it feel like to watch her have oral sex with him, as your large penis was enveloped in my worn panties? Did you make it to the breast scene before letting your huge dick soak my panties with your sticky sperm? Have you ever hand a blowjob like that before?"

Shaking my head no, she stepped closer to me. Green panties, to match her bra, and a black garter flashed a few times as she approached. Slowly her hand reached out and softly rubbed my pantied prick. Running her finger up the whole underside with her fingernail, she stopped just shy of the exposed head.

"Have you ever had a blowjob?" she inquired, prompting me to nod a negative reply once again. "How would you like for your Aunt Tina to suck your huge prick. Would you like that? Would you like to have me kiss it and then suck on it until you climax. Yeah, I was sure you would."

Removing her blouse, I gasped in joy. Her huge melons strained against their tight confines of her lacy green bra. Her massive chest slimmed a little to a pair of hips, clad in a black garter belt. The straps fell over her matching green panties, gift wrapping her womanhood, and pair of sheer black stockings were attached below.

"Let's go downstairs and watch the blowjob scene together,” she whispered in my ear, a hand slapping my pantied ass. "You can tell me if I'm as good as she is and I can be reminded of how to do it. You see, I haven't given a blowjob for years. In fact, it's been five years since I've had sex at all."

I began heading downstairs with her right behind. My mind raced at the recent turn of events. Not only did it look like my aunt would tell mom, but it seemed likely that I was to lose my virginity. Aunt Tina sure didn't seem prudish anymore.

Positioning ourselves on the couch, we began the video at the start. Aunt Tina stared at the screen and refreshed her mind on her intentions. Licking her lips, she looked to me and smiled at my rigid staff. As we watched, I felt myself getting harder.

"For me?" she asked, bending over to flick another dollop of pre-jizz with her tongue, sending electricity through me. "Mmmm, so sweet. Now I bet you want me to start sucking your beautiful cock. To feel my lips drawing you into my mouth, inch by inch. Would that make you feel good?"

I blurted, "YES! YES!"

"What a response," she said, sitting up and fast forwarding to the breast scene. "First though, you must do what Aunt Tina wants. What I want is for you to suck my titties like the video. I want you to give me the same treatment as he gives her. If you do, you will get your first blowjob."

She betgan rubbing her bra-encased tits, as the video played on. Releasing her massive breasts from their confines, she began massaging the whole area. Grabbing my hand, she placed it over her boob. Placed over mine, she guided her hand over her mountains.

"Ahhh, yes feel my nipples," she moaned, drawing me nearer. "Feel how hard they are? Aunt Tina loves to have her nipples manipulated, so why not begin. That feels so nice. Feel my nipples grow as you excite them? Squeeze them if you like, actually auntie loves it, so do it. Ahh, I love it. Have you ever felt such breasts on any of those young girls?"

"No," I replied, rolling her rubbery nipple between my thumb and forefinger. "Yours are only second ones I've touched. The first time was by sliding my hand up her shirt and under her bra. They weren't near as big as yours, and she only let me do it for a few minutes. I'm not sure if I even felt her nipples, if so they weren't anything like yours."

"Well, you are in luck," she stated, her hand on my head, drawing it towards her large orb. "Not only will you get to rub my tits and nipples, with no bra one, you are also going to get to suck them. How would you like that? I sure ain't going to making you stop after a few minutes either. No way I'd let you stop that soon. See auntie's boobs. Tell me what you think."

"Oh, Aunt Tina, they are beautiful," I spoke, drinking in their beauty with my eyes. "Your aureoles are the biggest I've ever seen. Wow, and so dark. Your nipples look delicious, may I suck on them. Let me show you how much they excite me."

"You already have shown me how excited I make you. Your large dick poking out of the panties you're wearing indicates such. My panties look so nice clinging to your hard cock like they are. Come on now, kiss my titties. No not the nipple yet, you aren't ready for that yet. See you have to prove to auntie you deserve more before she'll consent. Disobey me and your mother finds out, be obedient and you'll find out more about Aunt Tina and her cravings and needs."

Kissing her breast all over, except the large dark circle, I moved to the valley between the two melons. I let go of the hardening nipple I held and continued on the other one. Tina seemed to enjoy as her hands were running through my hair. The scene on the screen still showed him sucking the actress's breasts. My cock ached for release, both from the imprisoning panties and another climax.

"It feels wonderful to have someone playing with my long neglected tits. Auntie has always loved having her nipples sucked and fondled, but I've never had enough of it. As I've got older, I find my tits require even more attention when I'm masturbating," she said.

Masturbating? Is that what she just said? I couldn't believe that Aunt Tina masturbated. I never really thought about it before that, but I never really thought about woman playing with herself. Did they all do it? How does a woman make herself orgasm? How often do they do it?

She must have sensed my questions, for she continued, "yes, that's right, Aunt Tina masturbates. Did you think only horny young boys played with themselves? Most women do it, for many they can't achieve climax any other way. More than once, I finished myself off after not being satisfied by the guy. Why not go on and kiss my nipple."

Hotter than ever, I lightly touched my lips to her protruding nip. She quivered as I made contact, prompting me to do it again. She grabbed my head firmly and held it in place. I then began kissing her large aureole, which was darkening more. She then repositioned my head by her other one.

"That's it, show auntie how much you like her boobs. Kiss my nipples and keep rubbing the rest of the breast. Ahhh, I missed this so much. Go on and suck it, suck Tina's nipple you naughty little boy. Yes, yes," she gasped, as I inhaled the rubbery nub into my mouth. "More, more, suck my titties you little pervert. Harder, suck it harder."

I sucked in earnest as my hand tweaked her other nipple, still growing. My first time sucking titties and my Aunt Tina's of all the surprises. My cock pulsed as I kept sucking the firm knob between my lips. This was better than I ever imagined it would be, much better. Letting go of the big nipple, she directed me to the other one.

"Suck me, suck Aunt Tina's hot nipples," she said, her chest beginning to rise and fall faster. "Oh my, yes, yes, I love it. Show me how sorry you really are about jerking off in my sexy black panties. Yeah, suck my tits you perverted little boy. Prove to me why I shouldn't tell your mother about your dirty acts with Aunt Tina's personal things. Grab the other one, grab it and squeeze."

I inhaled the one in my mouth deeply and grabbed the free one between my thumb and finger. Pinching gently, she gasped. Sucking faster, I kept kneading the exposed nipple, firmly and with increasing speed. I wanted more, needed to have more. I was hornier than I had ever been and wanted to cum very badly.

"Come on now, give Aunt Tina what she wants," she gasped, as she held my head tightly to her bosom. "It's never felt so good to have my boobs sucked. In fact, better not get any ideas about stopping, not until I've had enough. No wonder I've always loved this scene. My tits have never received attention, as long as hers have, but today they will. Agghhh, that felt great. Do it again, nibble it, nibble auntie's hot nipple. Harder, harder, more."

Sliding her hand down her belly, she moaned loudly. Glancing down, I saw her rubbing her pantied twat. Her hips began moving and her breathing more erratic. Running her fingers over her covered crotch, she held me closer to her heaving chest.

"My god am I hot," she spoke, her voice shaky. "I've never gotten so horny by just having my breasts sucked and played with. Keep going young man; Aunt Tina needs you to. I never believed it when I heard of women cumming by just having their boobs sucked, even though I wanted to. Now, I want it more than ever. Ohhh, auntie is so wet. My twat is on fire and dripping in anticipation. And to think, it hasn't even been played with yet."

Pressing down more, she tensed up. I kept licking her succulent nipples, while one hand slid lower. Her belly quivered as my hand slid over it. Reaching the edge of her lacy, black garter, her back arched and she went rigid.

"Yes, yes, I cumming," she yelled, her arm smashing my face into her mature bosom. "Pinch my nipple, suck my tits you naughty, little pervert. Feel Aunt Tina cum and don't you dare stop your sucking. Yes, yes, yes, feel this sexy, mature vixen as she cums. Arrrggghhhhhh. . ."

Her tense body began spasming as it hit her. Wave after wave hit her, me still in her strong grasp. Feeling her relax, my head was released slightly. Her breathing began to slow and her body began slumping back. Her grip on my head released and she raised her lower hand.

"That was great," she whispered, holding onto my hand near her crotch. "I can't believe that my nephew just sucked my tits until I came. The first orgasm I've had with someone in five years and it was because of you. Because of you giving my breasts the attention they have never had. Here, see what you done to your Aunt Tina."

With that she lowered my hand to her panties. I could feel the heat through her moist panties. Trembling, I tried to touch her more, but she pulled it away. Then she put her damp fingers to my lips, allowing me to smell her musky scent.

"Taste me," she instructed, slipping her fingers into my mouth. "Taste Aunt Tina's juices. The juices that no man has tasted in a long time. The juices that resulted from your auntie's climax. The one you gave her with that eager mouth of yours. The same mouth, which is going to bring Tina the attention, I've craved and desired. That's it, suck them clean. I see that your cock still needs its release. Tell auntie, do you still want that blowjob."

"Yes,” I blurted, her head dropping to my lap, with her pushing me back.

Flicking her tongue over the swollen tip, she licked up the huge glob of precum that still remained there. Running her fingers over my pantied sac, I shivered. Her fingernail once again scarped my cock's underside up to the sensitive tip, causing me to jump.

"Mmmm," she replied, licking her lips. "Your huge cock looks so fucking sexy. Just the thought of it exploding in my awaiting mouth has me excited. The way you soaked my black panties with that sweet jizz of yours makes me wonder how much you still have in these large balls. Take off my silky underwear and show me how you stroked that splendid prick earlier."

Lifting my ass, she helped slid them off of me. I desperately wanted that blowjob, but I wasn't about to whine about it. Knowing I wouldn't last, I took the silky garment from her and placed it over my aching pole. I began stroking slowly, just in the middle to try to prolong the encounter.

"Wow, you look like you enjoy that. I've never seen a man masturbate live before, nor with a pair of silky panties. Your big cock is close to erupting into Aunt Tina's pussy covering, isn't it? May I?" she asked, wrapping her fingers around my throbbing tool. "My gosh, so thick and hard. Lay back and let Aunt Tina jackoff this huge cock. How does it feel to have your horny aunt stroking her slippery panties up and down your lovely, young prick? That's it baby, cum for Tina, show her what this marvelous prick has."

The sensation started deep in my groin and grew outward. My sac tightened as the pressure increased. Her hand kept stroking my pulsing manhood as I readied for the orgasm. I stared as her swaying tits as her hand kept pumping. Cupping my balls, her hand went faster.

"That's it, show Aunt Tina that you are sorry for doing this earlier. Ohh, you are so close aren't you? That's it, cum for Tina," she said just as the first jet was blasting from my solid tip. "Yes, that's it. Cum for your auntie and show her how hot you are for her mature, sexy body. The body you were thinking of when you soiled my other pair."

Her hand kept pounding away as blast after blast left my covered cock. Wave after wave rushed through me, my hips bucking violently. Exhausted, my head feel back as the last drop oozed into her soaked panties. O laid there and panted as she squeezed my balls firmly and stroked me one last time, from base to tip.

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