tagNovels and NovellasAuntie Mabel Ch. 25

Auntie Mabel Ch. 25


Sarah watched as Diana walked over to Steve and whispered in his ear. They both left the room and went outside, Sarah waited a few minutes and followed them out.

She walked quietly to the tack room, and peeped in through the small window.

Diana was talking to Steve and then was kissing him.

Steve was enjoying himself; he loved music and had always wanted to be a DJ.

He was just selecting the next record, when Diana came up to him and asked him to follow her outside.

They had both been drinking, and he was hoping that this could be fun.

She took him into a room that was full of horse stuff; it smelt quite nice in a leathery sort of way.

There was a chair in the corner, and she asked him to sit down.

'I would like to thank you Steeve, for this wonderful present.

This is the first and only present that I have ever had, and I will treasure it always.

You are a very nice man, I knew that if you were Jonnys friend you would be nice, but you are even nicer than I imagined.'

Steve was listening carefully, her Italian accent sounded strange in his ears.

'I want to thank you for your kindness to a poor servant girl,' said Diana undoing the buttons that held her summer dress closed.

Steve saw what she was doing, and the gentleman in him should have told her to stop.

His cock however told him to shut the fuck up, and see what transpired.

Diana felt very strange; she liked Steeve and would have fucked him without a second thought.

She owned very little in this world except her body, and tended to use it to pay for what she wanted in this life.

She relished his eyes on her as she unfastened her dress.

She was wearing bra and knickers, so she wasn't naked as the dress slipped to the floor of the tack room.

She sat on his lap and kissed him slowly, using her tongue as she had been taught over the years to inflame him.

Steve's erection was getting painful, as he found himself with a semi naked woman sitting on it.

His hands went to her heavy breasts; that he had admired when she was running across the car park towards him.

She reached behind herself, and released her breasts from the confines of her bra.

They spilled out in front of his face, large and firm.

He was stunned at the size of her nipples; they were the size of his thumbs.

His basic animal instinct was to suckle on them, and she closed her eyes in pleasure as his mouth encompassed her nipple and he sucked hard on it.

Steve was a tit man and he was in heaven, he buried his face between her large breasts and kissed as much of them as he could.

Diana could feel his hard cock digging into her arse; she really wanted to bend over for him so he could fuck her juicy cunt.

Sarah had forbidden this, so Diana stood up and pulled down her panties in front of Steve's incredulous eyes.

He had a perfect view of her naked hairy cunt; he had once seen something similar in a girlie magazine.

Diana was so hairy that it was as if she was still wearing her panties.

Her hairs covered her cunt and ran up to her belly button.

Sarah stood outside in the dark, looking at her slave perform as ordered.

She saw Steve stand up and hold Diana in his arms, as she stood naked in front of him.

She saw Diana's hands freeing his cock, until it jutted out aggressively from his trousers.

After kissing him passionately on the mouth Diana slipped down to her knees in front him.

Sarah heard him gasp in pleasure as Diana's mouth closed on his throbbing cock.

He groaned out loud as she sucked him hard, running her mouth up and down his quivering shaft.

'Fuck me Diana, this is fantastic, I have never been so turned on by a girl in my life,' he gasped as waves of pleasure ran through his body.

Sarah watched as Diana played with his heavy balls, as she sucked on his cock.

Diana had sucked men off hundreds of times; she was an expert at cock sucking.

She felt when Steve was going to squirt his cum into her mouth.

As he moaned in his orgasm she removed her mouth from his spurting knob, and directed his jets of hot cum between her large sweaty breasts. She gently rubbed his shaft, milking him of every drop of cum until he had to sit down on the chair again as his legs gave way.

'Did you enjoy Diana Steeve?' she asked, as she got dressed.

'Good God, did I enjoy that? I'll fucking say so; I have never been sucked like that before.

You sucked the cum right out of my balls Diana, thank you so much.'

Outside in the dark, Sarah had been rubbing her clit as she watched Steve squirt his cum over Diana's tits.

As Steve groaned in orgasmic pleasure, so Sarah orgasmed in her knickers, as she watched his jets of cum splatter between her slaves breasts.

Diana made no attempt to clean his cum from her body, but led him by the hand back into the house.

Sarah leant exhausted against the wall of the tack room, her knickers were soaked in her own cum.

She shakily pulled them off, and used them to wipe between her legs.

She left them on the grass to be picked up tomorrow, and stumbled slowly back to the house.

She was buzzing with power, and by the time she walked back into the room she was at her most confident and urbane.

Steve and Diana were now definitely a couple, their entire body language had changed and they were constantly touching each other.

Doreen had been steadily drinking, and Sam had realised that his wife was a happy drunk.

The drink released her from her inhibitions, and she became the happy young girl she once was years ago.

Sam eventually asked Sarah, if Doreen could lie down on one of her beds until her head cleared a bit.

Sarah showed him a spare bed and Sam settled her down, kissing her face before turning off the light and rejoining the party.

Sarah called Diana into the kitchen.

'Have you been a good girl Diana?'

'Yes miss.'

'Show me.'

Diana opened the front of her dress, and showed Sarah her cleavage. Steve's cum was still beaded on her breasts.

Sarah rubbed her finger in it and put it into her mouth, his cum tasted salty.

She bent her head down between Diana's breasts, and licked them clean.

'Well done Diana, I just have one more task for you tonight, then I release you to do what you will until the morning.'

Sarah whispered in Diana's ear, and then went to rejoin the party.

Doreen was still happily pissed as a newt; she was floating in and out of a drunken doze.

She could hear the party going on downstairs, and was humming along to the music.

She felt the bedroom door open and close, and someone crawled onto the bed with her.

Sarah had put the light out, so even when Doreen opened her eyes she couldn't make out who had joined her.

Only when a hand slid up her leg, and worked its way into her knickers did she guess it was Sam.

'Fuck off Sam you oversexed fucker' she giggled.

The hand ignored her, and she felt the insistent push of fingers into her cunt.

Fuck it she thought I enjoyed this the last time, why not in Sarah's bedroom.

She felt quite wicked letting her husband play with her cunt, whilst the party was going on downstairs.

She opened her legs, and hands pulled down her knickers, her legs were opened even wider and she felt a tongue licking between her legs.

'Oh you dirty fucker, you know this embarrasses me don't you?' she whispered,

The tongue continued to lick around and between her cunt lips, until she was moaning with pleasure.

'I need your fingers again you dirty bastard,' she gasped as her juices started to flow.

Two fingers were thrust into her wet cunt, and began to finger fuck her.

The drink had stripped away a lot of her inhibitions, and she felt her orgasm approaching rapidly.

'Ohhh I'm going to come, I'm going to Aggggggggg,' Doreen covered her mouth with her hands, as she screamed softly in her passion.

As she lay there gasping for air, she felt a softness pressing against her face.

It wasn't until a large firm nipple was pushed between her lips, that she realised she was in bed with a woman.

Her instinct was to suck on this lovely big tit, and she did just that drawing it deep into her mouth.

She realised that she wasn't at all disgusted at being played with by a woman.

Remarkably her cunt seemed to be burning with lust, as she sucked hard on the lovely soft breast.

She still couldn't see who it was, and quite frankly didn't give a fuck.

She had never felt so relaxed in her life; it wasn't just the drink.

Doreen realised that she had never felt completely happy making love to a man; she really didn't like doing it.

However since realising that this was a woman, she had totally relaxed and opened her legs as wide as she could.

She wanted to allow this mystery female's fingers, deeper access to her burning cunt.

'Fuck me again, fuck me again, I want to come for you again.' She begged, thrusting her cunt hard against the probing hand.

Her buttons were undone, and her breasts lifted free from her bra.

She felt long hair brushing her face, as her nipples were gently sucked into the womans mouth.

Waves of illicit pleasure rolled over her body, she found herself coming again as her nipples were gently bitten by female teeth.

In the midst of her second orgasm, she felt a finger slipped up her bottom. This was so naughty, filthy and degrading, that her cunt exploded with juices, and she was thrust into a mulitipule orgasm that convulsed her body with its power.

Tears of joy were pouring down her face, as she buried her face between the tits of her unknown lover.

The woman knelt over her face and lowered her cunt onto Doreen's mouth.

Doreen buried her face into the womans cunt hair, and greedily sucked on the protruding cunt lips presented to her.

She licked and sucked as her orgasm contined to rack her body.

The woman's arse was within reach of Doreen's tongue, so she kissed it and tried to stick her tongue into the small opening.

The effort was too much for her over stimulated body, and she collapsed onto the bed surrendering to her orgasm as it ran its course.

She was left exhausted but delightfully happy, for the first time in her life.

She realised that what she had been missing was another woman.

Doreen was a closet lesbian, and had only now realised it after almost twenty years and a son.

A soft mouth kissed her gently, and hands replaced Doreen's breasts back into her bra.

With a last loving stroke of her hair the woman left her, and Doreen heard her going downstairs to rejoin the party.

She lay there quietly, her orgasm was still happening and she gave herself over to the exquisite feelings it engendered.

Who the fuck was that woman? there were seven suspects, she dismissed Sue and Jane immediately.

She thought Mabel was a bit of a tart and she wouldn't trust her within a mile of a man, but had it been Mabel in bed with Doreen her hair would have given her away.

She had no idea about Diana, or this Jazz woman.

However she knew for certain, that Alison and Sarah were definitely lesbians.

It must have been one of them, she determined to ask questions when she went downstairs.

She would find out who the sneaky bitch was, and this time it would be Doreen sticking her fingers up mystery woman's cunt.

In the meantime she slid her hand between her legs, located her swollen clitoris, and rubbed herself back into her ongoing orgasm.

Her knickers seemed to have disappeared somewhere, but she didn't give a fuck.

Diana met Sarah in the kitchen, and handed over Doreen's knickers.

'What happened?' asked Sarah.

'Jonny's mother is a lesbian miss, she has only just now discovered this thanks to you,' replied Diana.

'Interesting news, well done Diana,'

Sarah lent back against the kitchen door blocking it from opening.

She lifted her dress up to expose her naked cunt to Diana.

'Lick my cunt, then kiss Steve as soon as you return to him, I have tasted his cum from your breasts, its only fair he tastes my cunt from your mouth.'

Diana dutifully knelt down in front of her mistress, and licked Sarah's juicy cunt thoroughly.

Steve was surprised and pleased, when Diana kissed him deeply on the mouth when she returned from wherever the fuck she had been.

'What have you been drinking you naughty girl, it tastes nice whatever it is,' he said hugging her tightly.

Sue was still feeling guilty about sucking John's cock, she loved her husband and decided to try and square her conscience but giving him a treat.

Over the past weeks since she had been fucking Mabel, Sarah and her daughter Jane, Sue had allowed him to fuck her up the arse.

They were now more open about sex with each other.

Obviously Sue hadn't told Bill about her extramarital adventures, but she had explained what she liked best in bed.

Bill for his part had finally admitted to Sue that he liked to tie her up, and also he liked to be tied up as well.

He also wanted to try out spanking, and all the other fetishes that he had read about in adult magazines.

Since Sue had been liberated, she was quite keen to try these things out herself.

Especially spanking her husband's arse; that really appealed to her.

She took him to one side and whispered

'I've been a naughty girl Bill, I need a good spanking, follow me.'

Bill followed Sue out to the Stables; he was really enjoying his wife lately.

She had re-ignited his sexual interest in her, and he was eager to try out anything she suggested.

The Stables were some way from the house, and quite private.

Although there were horses in residence, Sue took him to an empty part.

Sue really did feel guilty about what she had been doing.

Alison asking to be whipped; had struck an answering chord in Sue's soul.

She was guilty of adultery and incest, and worst of all knew in her heart that she couldn't stop.

If Bill needed to whip her for his pleasure, it was the very least she could do in recompense.

Bill watched with interest as Sue looked around the stables, she collected a few reins hanging on the wall, and an old riding whip.

Walking back to Bill she handed them to him, and then went and knelt on a chair with her bottom towards him.

'I need you to tie me to this chair and beat my naked arse with that whip,' she said looking over her shoulder at her husband.

Bills mouth went dry, 'Are you sure about this Sue?'

'Yes Bill, I'm very sure.

I want to see red marks on my arse in the morning, so don't be gentle with that whip.

If I think you have whipped my as hard as I need, I will let you bugger me afterwards.'

Bills cock was rigid with desire, as he listened to his wife asking to be whipped.

His hands were shaking, as he tied her to the wooden chair with the leather straps.

He lifted her dress up, and draped it over her back to expose her arse.

She wasn't wearing any knickers, so she was naked and very vulnerable.

'Why aren't you wearing knickers Sue?' he asked puzzled.

'I took them off before I spoke to you,' she lied.

His innocent question reinforced her need to be punished.

She had to take her knickers off, because earlier she had been sucking John's cock behind the bar whilst Bill was chatting to her friends.

She had become so excited that she had cum in her knickers, soaking them so badly that she had to take them off.

Bill ran his hands over her naked arse; he felt between her legs and slipped his finger into her cunt from behind.

'I am a naughty girl Bill, whip me till I scream for mercy,' she whispered.

He took the whip and swished it through the air; he saw her flinch as she heard the sound.

His cock got even harder, as he readied himself to mark her soft white bottom.

Sue closed her eyes and braced herself.

Bill was unsure just how hard to hit her, so asked her to tell him "less" or "more".

His first stroke just stung her slightly making her jump, but didn't mark her skin.

'More,' she whispered.

He hit harder, the whip making a thwacking noise as it impacted on her bum.

That hurt, but Sue said 'More.'

He hit harder still, the leather whip cracked against her naked arse causing he to yelp in pain.

'Are you OK?' he asked.

'Ten more just like that, don't stop until you have whipped my arse ten times regardless of any noises you hear from me,' she ordered.

Bill now knew how hard to hit her, and commenced with enthusiasm.

As the whip smacked into her arse, it left a red stripe on her white skin.

He tried to vary the impact points, to spread the marks evenly across her naked bum.

After only five hits she was quietly sobbing with the pain.

He continued whipping her, until at last the tenth stripe appeared on her burning bottom.

Tears were running down Sues face from the pain of her whipped arse, and from the guilt of deceiving her husband.

'Stick your cock up my arse Bill, I want to feel it being stretched,' she sobbed.

'We'll save your arse for later Sue, I want your cunt now,' he said.

He stood behind her, and thrust his swollen cock straight into her cunt.

He fucked her hard and fast, every time his balls hit her abused arse she yelped.

This enflamed him even more, and he fucked his wife's cunt harder.

Hearing her whimpering; made him come quickly and she groaned in pain as he jammed his cock deep inside her, pumping out his cum into her cunt.

Satisfied he withdrew his shrinking cock from her cunt.

He was panting with the effort of whipping her, and then fucking her.

He was gratified to see his cum dripping out of her cunt, and running down her legs.

Her bum was well marked with angry red stripes, criss-crossed across her white arse.

Sue was in real pain, her arse was on fire and she couldn't move to relieve her aching muscles.

'Untie me please Bill,' she begged piteously.

Bill gave her a final slap on her arse with his hand, causing her to grit her teeth to stop herself from screaming.

He untied her, and helped her to stand up.

Her arse was far too sore for her to sit down anytime soon.

Despite her great pain Sue felt relieved; her husband had beaten her.

He didn't know why.

However the end result was; that she had been punished by the one person she had betrayed.

She felt better able to look at herself in the mirror now.

Sue promised herself that every time she fucked around, she would get Bill to whip her arse.

'I need a fucking drink Bill, I intend to get roaring drunk,' she warned as they walked slowly back to the party.

Bill was a happy man, another sexual fantasy had been realised and he fancied getting drunk himself.

Jazz was enjoying herself as well, she was the centre of attention and she loved it.

She found Alison and Sarah fascinating company; they were both very intelligent and knowledgeable women.

Jane was a straightforward sex machine, as Jazz could deduce from the type of questions she asked.

Jazz had to avoid answering most of these, because there were men present.

She whispered to Jane that when they were alone, she would be more forthcoming about her sexual experiences.

She really got on well with Sue; Jazz had never taken to someone as quickly as she had to Jane's mother.

Jazz sensed that Sue was a very deep person, and she looked forward to getting to know her much better.

She saw in Doreen a troubled woman, it was a shame she had to get drunk to relax and enjoy herself.

As for the men, John, Sam and Bill were sniffing around her like a pack of wolves.

They were all vying for her attention.

Only Steve was missing from this group, and Jazz could see why.

He was obviously smitten by Diana, and no other woman existed for him at the moment.

She noticed from her great height, that certain people and couples went missing for various periods of time.

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