Auntie's Panties


"I'll get it." Jake said to his girlfriend, responding to the sound of the front door bell. He was stunned, however, when the image on the other side of the glazing became reality and Jake came face to face with his Aunt Phoebe.

"Hallo Jakey. How are you?" she said as she bustled into the house. She gave him a peck on his right cheek. His senses were dusted with her perfume. That very same perfume. "How many years has it been? My you haven't changed a bit. Bring my cases in there's a darling." He watched as his Aunt continued into the lounge. He heard the sound of his girlfriend Brenda greeting this unexpected visitor. He was stunned. Robotically he went to the end of his path to retrieve two large suitcases and took them on into the house.

He placed the cases at the foot of the stairs and made his way into the lounge. His Aunt sat beside his girlfriend and was chatting away like they were old friends. He sensed nervousness in Brenda that he knew to well. His Aunt Phoebe was a woman with a strong will. She made many people feel uneasy in her presence.

"I don't wish to impose my dear," said Phoebe to Brenda, "but as I was in the area I thought I would pop in and see my favourite nephew. My how long has it been? It must be almost five years since we were last together." she said now looking straight at Jake. He suddenly felt his strength wither.

"Now how about a coffee whilst I get to know your girlfriend better." Jake looked to Brenda who's body language was making it quite clear that she didn't want to be left alone with his Aunt. "Run along Jake there's a dear."

The conversation over coffee was mainly driven by his Aunt. Jake was wary of offering to much and Brenda seemed over powered and unable to construct a sentence. But it became apparent to both that Aunt Phoebe intended to stay for a while.

Brenda began preparations for the evening meal which gave Phoebe her cue to be directed to the guest room by Jake. She walked on ahead of Jake he noticed how elegant her legs still looked even though she was now the wrong side of her mid forties. He dutifully carried the two cases up the stairs and placed them on the guest bed. Fortunately, Brenda's house proud nature meant that the guest room was in good order. Jake didn't dare to think what his Aunt's reaction would have been otherwise. He made a quick check of the en suite and turned back into the guest room to find his Aunt had already opened one of her cases. It was adorned with an assortment of rich and decorative lingerie. "Help me put this away," she prompted.

"I should really be going back downstairs." His Aunt moved towards him. Jake felt himself flinch.

"Brenda can wait. I have your attention now. Now, lend me a hand darling." His Aunt handed him two of her silk slips and he placed them into the open drawer. She handed him a few more articles which he also placed in empty drawer space.

"You've done well in attracting a girl to spend her life with you. Does she know your little secret?" Jake stopped and looked at his Aunt. "Oh Jakey, don't give me that look. Your secret was always safe with me. Oh your mother knew of course. I told her. I think that's why she didn't tell me when you moved away. Of course, your mother soon paid the price for her indiscretion. She tried to play the domme to me. The poor thing, I suppose that's what attracted you to Brenda."

"What...I....?" Jake stood looking at his Aunt, his mouth grasping for words, his hands laden with silky lingerie.

"Brenda is so like your mother Jakey. Oh, but of course you knew that she was femme, why else would she have got together with you. You're perfect, a cissy and a femme."

"That was before. That's no longer me."

"Oh I beg to differ. Why yes five years is a long time. You might like to think that you have grown out of it, but honestly Jakey with the right direction once you've had the taste it's like riding a bike."

Jake looked stunned. Thoughts and images from a previous time came flooding back to him.

His Aunt had been his babysitter. His father had left the family and his mother needed to earn money to pay the bills so worked long hours. So his hours were spent with his Aunt in her big house. He couldn't remember when it first started, but she had made him wear girl's underwear and spend the day in dresses from an early age. 'Her precious little one.' As he got older he began to question their time together, but his Aunt's hold was too strong and his mother did not care or did not want to believe his stories he reckoned. Questions then turned to confusion and as his body began to develop he found that rather than be ashamed he became highly aroused wearing the satins and silks that his Aunt gave him to wear. In the end he found he wanted to make excuses to be with his Aunt rather than not. And then without warning his mother decided that they were to move away from his Aunt. But his natural needs were so great he would often dress in his Mother's clothes, but without the attention of his Aunt it was never the same. The thrill was not the same.

And then one day his Mother came home unexpectedly and caught Jake in her clothes. Rather than become upset she merely comforted him, but not as his Aunt had done. Jake's mother told him that she had moved away from his Aunt because she knew what his Aunt was making him do. 'Making him do.' He thought about that phrase. Was she really making him play 'dress up' in the end? His confusion returned and after many discussions with his mother he began to realize that wearing men's clothes was more appropriate than wearing women's. His mind slowly began to re-align. But the seed had been planted. Even he knew that. And its dormancy would only last as long as it wasn't nurtured.

And now he stood before his Aunt, his hands filled with her silken underwear, once again. He placed the next articles in an empty drawer. "Why you look flustered Jakey? Do you want to try them on? Wear them, like you used to?"

"No......more." She moved towards him stroking his cheek.

"Oh but yes Jakey, there will be much more. Now that I have found you again, we can carry on our little game. My, and you will be much more useful to me now that you are a little bit older. We can have you wearing much prettier outfits than in your younger days, now that your body has developed. If only slightly." Jake's mind began to race with a mixture of old excited memories and confusion and fear at their return. "Now let's see if we can't make you more comfortable." With which his Aunt unbuckled his jeans and let them slide down his legs leaving him with his jeans around his ankles and wearing his 'boxers'. "Oh these won't do. Take them of for me Jakey." Jake slowly began to step out of his jeans and then slowly removed his boxers and stepped from them as well. His Aunt grabbed his balls in her hand and Jake gave a painful gasp. "Gotcha." she said smiling. "Now we can't have you catching a cold can we." His Aunt shimmied up her skirt and slid her black satin panties down her stocking clad legs. She stepped from them and handed them to Jake. "Put them on." Jake looked at the panties without moving. His Aunt repeated herself, but this time her direction was a clear instruction. "I said, PUT THEM ON!" Jake's hand motioned forward and he took the panties from her hand and drew them up his legs. He could still feel the warmth of his Aunt within the material. His Aunt pulled the panties firmly around his buttocks and smoothing the material across his skin just as Brenda called them down for the evening meal. His Aunt kissed him on the forehead. "Put your jeans back on and follow me downstairs Jakey." Jake dressed and the two of them headed down the stairs to the dining room. Jake's cock was already rigid in the panties and he was certain that he was leaking pre cum.

The evening meal was a distant experience for Jake. His mind was wandering, returning to places it hadn't gone for so many years. To places he thought that it would never return. He battled with his own feelings. As he shifted in his chair he could feel the soft material caressing his cock and his bottom. His emotions electrified by what his Aunt would have in store for him. As each emotion washed over him he looked to Brenda who was deep in forced conversation with his Aunt. It was a pleading look. He knew that the brakes were now off and that it wouldn't take much more persuasion before he would be back under the control of his Aunt. He was weak. He wasn't a man in his Aunt's presence. She had made sure of that by carefully grooming him to her ways during his formative adolescent years.

When they retired to bed Jake was careful to change his clothing in the en suite, out of sight of Brenda. He secreted the panties in the laundry basket and climbed into bed.

"She plans to stay." said Brenda.

"Hmmmm, I know."

"Are you going to be OK with her on your own?" And then Jake remembered that Brenda was away with her work for the next week. A small part of his mind cried out, but he ignored its pleadings.

"We'll be fine. She doesn't bite after all." And with that the night caught them both.

Brenda had her bags packed by the time Jake had organized the breakfast. Brenda loaded the car and then came back into the house for a cup of coffee and some toast. They were both sat at the dining table when Phoebe entered the kitchen. She wore a cerise satin house dress under which a matching nightie was also visible. Her fluffy mules clip clopped across the wood floor.

"Hello my treasures, and how are you both?" Before Jake could answer Brenda gave a furtive look at her watch.

"Well I must be off. It was nice meeting you." She moved towards Aunt Phoebe to give her a kiss on the cheek and with perfect timing Phoebe switched her head to catch Brenda full on the lips. Brenda withdrew astonished and swiftly moved to Jake's side kissing him also on the cheek. "I'll call you tonight." With that she was out the front door and the car could be heard driving away.

"My she was keen to leave. I wonder why?" Phoebe laughed.

Jake sipped his coffee, his eyes focused on the table.

"Do you like my nightie Jakey?" Slowly he looked up and into his Aunt's eyes. "Well do you?" Jake nodded. Phoebe moved to the Venetian blinds over the kitchen window and drew them closed. She then stood beside Jake. "Feel my nightie Jakey. Fell how wonderful the material feels. How soft it is on your skin." Jake reached out and ran his hands across the material. He felt his cock begin to stir in his 'boxers'. Phoebe released the belt on the house coat so that Jake had easier access to the coat. After a few more minutes he took advantage and was rubbing the soft material against his cheek.

"I think we need to get you dressed properly don't you Jakey?"

"Yyyeeess." Jake's answer sounded almost like steam being released.

"Come, take my hand and let's have some fun."

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