Aussie in LA


This is a story about my first encounter with Carmen Lopez and her friends. Carmen is a beautiful 19-year-old Latino girl with long brown hair, very skinny 36DD breasts and a super tight arse.

We met while I was visiting Los Angles in a coffee shop, when she spilt a hot cup a coffee over me. She was wearing a pair of short shorts and a very tight fitting tank top, which highlighted her very hot body, very well. As she only lived around the corner, she invited me back to clean up. Once inside, she told me to take off my shirt and she put it in the wash. When she came out, we went into the lounge room and sat on her leather couch and started talking about Australia, where I lived and why I was in LA.

Our conversation headed towards my sex life in Oz and I informed her that the girls where too easy there and weren't as hot as she is. This is where things got interesting. She climbed over me and sat on my lap with her legs either side of me and I placed my hands on her arse and gave a gentle squeeze. She started to kiss me and I opened my mouth to accept her probing tongue, while her hips grinded into my responding cock. I reached up a played with her large breasts through her top, and then slipped them under to fell her naked tits. She then took off her tank top off to reveal her huge tits and I started to suck and play with her nipples, I sucked on one while twisting the other between my index finger and thumb, then switching.

After what seemed like ages, she climbs off me and led me to her bedroom. Standing at the end of her bed, she undressed me. She slowing kissed my chest going down slowly until she was level with my crotch. She unbuckled my belt, undid my jeans and pulled them and my boxers down revealing my huge 10-inch cock. She kissed it softly down its length and back to the head before swallowing the entire length into her hot mouth. I grabbed the back of her head and guided up and down my shaft moaning softly. I could feel my balls start to tighten and quickened the movement of her head on my cock. After about sixty seconds, I held her head down on my cock and blew a load down her throat and some dribbled out from the corners. She pulled off and swallowed the load and licked me clean.

She got to her feet and led me to the bed, where I climbed on and laid on my back. She climb on top and with my hardening cock only inches from her pussy, she kissed me passionately. I could still taste myself in her mouth, which made my cock grow harder. I could feel it touching her pussy and arched up to enter her, but she pulled away. She spun around and sat with her pussy inches from my mouth. I reached up and played with her clit making her moan in pleasure. I grabbed her hips and lowered her down onto my tongue where I licked her slit and sucked on her clit. I slipped a finger into her arse as my tongue turned circles on her protruding clit. I inserted two fingers into her cunt and played with her g spot. Within about thirty seconds of this pleasure, she slammed her cunt on my face, grinding it against my mouth and nose, my finger disappearing up her arse, her moaning getting louder and louder and finally coming in waves of orgasmic pleasure. When she caught her breather she climb off and lowed her pussy towards my waiting cock.

She grabbed my cock and guided into her pussy. Her pussy was tight and it took a couple of ins and outs to get the head in. When the head was in, I bent my knees so my feet were flat on the bed, grabbed her hips and slammed the full length into her wet and waiting pussy and she let out a load moan in pleasure. I pumped her harder and harder and her moans became louder and louder, her huge tits swaying in front of my face, her pussy lips contracting around my shaft and finally screaming out in pleasure as she orgasmed again and again. She lent forward and kissed me as I continued to fuck her, her huge breast squashing into my chest, I grabbed her arse and fucked her harder and faster as my balls tightened and pumped stream after stream of cum into her hot and sexy body. She collapsed on top of me as my cock shrunk down after its hot exercise, when it popped out of her tight cunt, cock a pussy juices spilled out onto my balls and thigh's. She climbed off me and went down and licked up our mess.

She got up and told me she was going for a shower, if I would like to join her, I could.

I walked into a huge marble bathroom with a shower big enough for three or four people. She was already in the shower washing her pussy when I climbed in behind her. My cock was growing quickly as I reached around her, kissing her shoulder and neck, one hand massaging her tits and the other replacing her hand on her pussy. My fingers found her clit and squeezed and twisted it causing her to moan. She reached behind her and pumped on my cock, making it grow harder. I grabbed her hands and put them on the wall and spread her legs open wide. I grabbed my cock and run it along her slit before pushing it into her tight pussy. I pumped her a few times before pulling it out and rested it against her virgin arse hole. I pushed it in slowly causing her to gasp in pleasure. Once the head was in, I held onto her hips and pushed it slowly all the way in. I reached around her and played with her clit as she cried in pain and pleasure. I stop and asked if she was all right and she pushed her arse into me as a signal to keep going. I pulled my cock almost all the way out and slammed it hard into her arse in one monition. She screamed in pleasure so I pumped her harder and faster while massaging her clit. She screamed as she orgasmed and I pumped faster until my cock exploded into her arse filling her with cum. I pulled out and she turned around kissing me and pulling my tight, my hands resting on her arse.

We got out of the shower and dried each other off and went into the kitchen, naked and made something to eat. I sat at the table watching the hottest girl in the world move around the kitchen. Her huge tits' bouncing softly on every step and my cock was growing hard again. She went to the fridge and bent over to look for something and her pussy lips poking out between he legs. My hand was moving up and down my cock when she turned around and saw what I was doing. She came towards me and straddled my lap, my hard cock going straight into her still tight pussy. I sucked on her tits and grabbed her arse as she bounced up and down on my cock. Her pussy tightened around my cock as we both orgasmed together. She stayed on my lap and we kissed softly, when the doorbell ran.

I left for the bedroom for my clothes and she went to answer the door, butt naked. I just managed to get my boxers on when she came into the room with her friend, Sabrina Spellman. I stood up to meet her. She was wearing a short mini skirt with a split up one leg to her panty line, a tight t-shirt and no bra as her tits and nipples were visible through the thin, white material.

Carmen, still naked turned to Sabrina and kissed her softly while playing with her huge tits. Sabrina returned the favour and played with Carmen's pussy inserting three fingers into her pussy. I couldn't believe my eyes as I pulled off my shorts. I walked behind Carmen and fondled her breasts and reached up under Sabrina's skirt and ran my fingers along her pussy lips. I inserted two fingers and she was as tight as Carmen and very wet.

Sabrina pushed her hips into my fingers and started fucking herself with my fingers. I pulled my fingers out much to Sabrina's horror and quickly stripped her of her clothing and directed her to the bed. I told Carmen to lie on the bed and spread her legs wide and Sabrina to get on her hands and knee's with her face in Carmen's pussy. I positioned myself behind Sabrina, as she leaned forward and licked and played with Carmen's wet pussy. I guided my rock hard cock into Sabrina's wet and very tight pussy and forced it in, in one, forceful push until my balls slapped against her clit. She let out a load moan of pleasure and went back to Carmen's pussy, who was moaning softly.

I slammed my cock in and out of Sabrina until I felt her pussy lips contract around my cock and we orgasmed together, me filling her hot cunt full of cum. I pulled out and told Sabrina to turn around so Carmen could munch on her cum filled pussy. I positioned myself in front of Sabrina's mouth and Carmen's pussy. I picked up Sabrina's head by her hair and put my cock in her mouth where she happily gobbled it up. After a few pumps, I pulled out and shoved it into Carmen's pussy causing her to squeal in shock. I fucked her hard and fast for a few pumps and pulled out back into Sabrina's waiting mouth.

We kept going on like this for about five minutes until I covered Carmen's pussy and Sabrina's face with cum. This caused Carmen & Sabrina to orgasm together and we all collapsed on top of each other. After about five minutes, the girls moved off each other and I lay done between them, and wrapped my arms around them and their legs over mine. I can still feel their wet pussy against my thighs. We all fell asleep

I woke up to a wonderful surprise early the next morning, Sabrina was still asleep with my fingers in here pussy and thumb on her clit. She was moaning softly and Carmen was sucking on my cock. Her head was bobbing up and down. I was close to cumming so she must have been doing it for a while. I felt my balls tighten and I blew a load into her hot mouth moaning loudly in pleasure. This, of course, woke Sabrina who was moaning loudly and she orgasmed on my fingers. Carmen came over and munched up her juices. I turned and kissed Sabrina and played with her tits, squeezing her nipples. Carmen climbed up on top of me and kissed me and I could taste Sabrina in her mouth. Sabrina grabbed my cock and forced into Carmen making her squeal in delight. I fucked her hard until she came and the girls switched places. I fucked Sabrina hard while Carmen played with my balls and playing with Sabrina's tits and kissing her. Sabrina's pussy tightened as she came, making me come, filling her hot cunt.

Sabrina then informed us that she had to go to work and got dressed. Carmen and myself kissed and hugged her goodbye and she went on her way. We went for separate showers before Carmen got ready for work. I got dressed and was about ready to leave when the doorbell ran, again. It was Carmen's younger sister. She lived next door with her parents and was dressed in a school uniform. Carmen informed that she was a teacher and we walked to her school, where I left her with the best fuck of my life.

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